Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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“Khloe and Cecili.”
“Oh Ace stop.”
Ace stood there, fuming, his stomach rolling thanks to the baby. Baby, who was laying on the floor, mrowed and glared at the boys. They had disturbed her nap. She reached out, and swiped at Keith’s ankle.
He moved his foot away, and they heard a knock on the door.
“It’s only until they can find a place to live.”
Keith smiled, and opened the door, letting two red eyed, blonde haired females in. One taller then the other, and much more mature looking. This one, both Ace and Keith were slightly scared of. The other was a complete flirt.
“Hey Khloe, Cecili.”
Both boys hung their heads, sweatdropping.

Cecili and Khloe sat snuggled on the couch, giggling about something. Keith shook his head, laughing as the cat launched herself at Cecili, who had to get up and run to get away from the hissing spitting maniac.
“GET THAT DAMN CAT AWAY FROM ME!” She said, jumping over the coffee table.
Khloe sat there, laughing hard, holding her stomach when Ace came out of the bathroom from throwing up. He gagged, and went back into the bathroom, ducking down in front of the toilet before he splattered vomit onto the floor.
Baby heard him, and quickly ran to him, trotting on her four legs, and sat by his side, nuzzling his hip.
“Don’t tell me that cat actually has sympathy!” Cecili said, never seeing a cat do that before.
Khloe giggled.
“Probably! She is his kitty!”
“I’ll give you a kitty.”
“No thanks. Got one.”
Ace snorted, choking on his own vomit while Keith ran over, hitting his back and laughing. Cecili sat with her face in her hand.
The smaller blond giggled.

Baby nuzzled Khloe, who dragged her hand down the black cats neck, then back up, scratching lightly as the kitten purred.
“Why do we have to keep pretending to him?”
“Because if Ace finds out Keith got midwives to help instead of just a couple of people he knew…that mood swing is very quick to change.” Cecili said, her back to Khloe and writing something.
Khloe let the kitten run off the bed and down the hall to cuddle with the sleeping men in the other room. She went over to her friend, and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, watching as she sketched out Ace’s body, and how they were to deliver the baby.

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