What A New Outfit Can Trigger

BY : KISSRockette
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"What do you think?"
Keith Clay looked up from a paper he was writing, and smiled. Kirika had gotten a new outfit, and he loved it. She wore a pink dress with a dark pink bow, corset looking belt, and crissed crossed straps on her chest, a pink choker, and pink gloves. He loved it.
"Sexy." He said, his deep voice husky.
She smiled and did a little dance. That voice of his made her happy, and it always sounded husky whether he wanted sex or not. He went back to writing, and she grabbed a jacket, feeling cold. The jacket she put on, was of course, Keith's new jacket.
She then moved to him, and sat in his lap. He wrapped a arm around her waist, smiling as he kissed the back of her neck. She giggled, feeling him move his legs just right so that they weren't under the table, and felt his arms completely wrapping around her.
She felt so right in those arms. He was a strong man, stronger then what people thought where they couldn't see his muscles. She leaned back against him as he moved his kisses to her shoulder, being gentle.
"Keith!" She giggled as he got to the ticklish spot just under her ear.
"Let's go in the bedroom if you wanna do this."
He got up, and picked her up. Kirika giggled, and leaned against the comfort of his chest. She felt the movement as he walked down the hall and up a couple steps to get into their room. She giggled when he used his foot to close the door.
"Why do you close the door? It's only us Keith."
"Habit I guess."
She laughed, and kissed his jaw. He obvisouly had shaved that morning. He smirked, and gently put the woman down on the bed. Kirika looked up at the handsome man just as he gently took off his top. He had the body of a god.
She sat up, and put her hands on his hips, and moved him to her. She kissed his abs, feeling how the muscles would jump slightly. He put his hands on her shoulders, and looked up, knowing where she was heading for this one.
"In the drawer."
She reached over, and opened the black wood drawer, and pulled out a purple packet. She put it in her lap, and reached up, unbuttoning Keith's black jeans. She then pulled the zipper down ever so slowly, making him want to do it himself.
"Hurry babe."
Kirika smiled, and looked up at him, then down, focusing at the prize ahead. She got him situated, and picked up the packet. She opened it to reveal a grape flavored condom, and rolled it gently down his hardened shaft.
Keith bit his lips, being ultrasensitive enough, and had to feel something that nearly sent him over the edge already. Kirika lowered her head down, and took him in. The taste of grape filled her mouth, and she enjoyed it, completely endulging in the taste as she closed her eyes, and bobbed her head.
Keith groaned, his body lifting with pleasure.

He was over her, making her moan with great pleasure as he moved his body. Her hands were splayed on his back, and she was moving with him. Her hips rolled up, and she let him kiss her gently but hard. He smiled at her when he lifted his head.
"See? You thought I was going to be rough."
"I did too, you sometimes are Keith."
He smiled, and rolled his hips forward, causing her to gently release a moan and close her eyes. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she kissed his cheek before burying her face in the crook of his neck. He offered a slight moan, and she smiled, knowing she was pleasuring him as she had done so many times before.
He licked along her shoulder before kissing her neck. Gently, he sucked, making her neck take on a bruise like spot.
He smiled, and pushed in more, causing her to have her climax. She bit into his shoulder, and pushed her own hips up. Keith grunted, and held her body to him, spilling his own seed into her body. They were sweaty, and collapsed together.

Kirika pulled on her dress yet again, and went skipping around the house as Keith yanked on his jeans. He smiled at her, then pulled her to him, kissing her cheek.
"Only you babe."
"Yeah I know."
He kissed her again, then went back to the kitchen to continue his work while she continued to dance around the house.

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