Professor Clay\'s Experiment

BY : KISSRockette
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The sun burnt Mira’s shoulders, but she didn’t care as she picked up the basketball for her brother, Keith Clay, a freshman in Vestal College. He was waiting under the hoop, picking at the flaking skin on his shoulder. Like Mira, Keith easily burned. Mira’s friends, Baron and Ace were on the other end with Ace’s wife, Cecili. Her own boyfriend, Trace, was standing next to Keith.
They were playing basketball, and thanks to Keith and Keith alone, Mira, Keith, and Trace’s team was winning. Baron was a complete idiot when it came to the game. He had shot the ball, hit the rim, and it hit him directly in the forehead, knocking him onto his ass.
Ace on the other hand was an excellent player, Cecili, not so much. Everyone was regretting putting Cecili and Baron on the same team. They had more accidents then Keith making dunks.
He was hit hard upside the head by Keith.
“Watch your mouth.”
He glared at the blond, and turned his attention to Mira at the wrong moment. She had thrown the ball, and it hit him directly in the nose, breaking it and spurting blood everywhere.
The three on the other end ran, and Mira rushed up while Keith stanched the flow. Trace tried to fight him off, but between five other people, he didn’t have a chance, and gave in to be taken to the hospital by Ace and Cecili.
Mira sighed, and looked at her brother with a guilty look on her face.
“Now don’t go thinking that Mira.” Keith said, her thoughts entering his own mind, “It wasn’t your fault. He was the one who wasn’t paying attention.”
In the meantime, their father, Professor Clay, had been staring out the window, his eyes on Keith. He had been researching something extremely taboo. Male Pregnancy. He knew Keith was gay, and was eyeing a boy in the country. Something he didn’t like. If he could only get Keith into the lab…if only, if only.

That night was slightly chilly as Keith pulled off his tank. His dick hard from thoughts in his mind. He couldn’t help it. He was only nine-teen after all. Gus was someone else, and he couldn’t help but think perverted like. Mind in the gutter they say.
He sat on his bed, and leaned back, feeling the cold air of the air conditioner on his bare belly. He looked down and saw his jeans tenting. He laughed at himself. Despite the fact he was horny, he couldn’t jack off. The heat wouldn’t let him as he wiggled out of his jeans. He laid on his side between the sheets of his bed.
About three hours later, Professor Clay cracked the door open on his son. He could see that Keith was in a light sleep, but not for long. He crept in, and locked the door. The air conditioner made enough noise to muffle his steps as he scuttled close to his son, but it didn’t do him justice as Keith suddenly sat upright.
His father didn’t say a word, and glared. Keith then knew.
“Dad is Mira alright?!”
He grabbed his son; put him in a choke hold to keep him from getting away. Keith fought back with surprising strength, clawing at his skin. He took the needle from his jeans and took the cap off with his teeth.
The moonlight caught the silver needle as he brought his hand back, and plunged it into Keith’s neck. The blond suddenly stopped moving, scared out of his mind to the point where bile rose in his throat.
Tears streamed down his face as he stood there, the room becoming blurry. Something sharp was removed from his neck, and he vomited onto the floor and his bed, splattering sick all over the sheets.
As he waited until his son was done, Clay put the needle in the trash can, and the minute Keith stopped vomiting, he picked his unconscious son up, and carried him out of the room.

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