Happy Birthday Kasumi

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It was early morning when Kasumi woke up, her husband Baron lying next to her. She had to take their kids to her brother’s, Ace, house. She sat up and rubbed her face, then turned her head to her loving husband lying next to her.
He was snoring softly, lying on his back. She smiled as she slid of the bed. She ran a hand through her mint hair, and looked over yet again at him. He had rolled onto his side, and was slowly waking up. Kasumi showed her teeth in a smile, and walked into the bathroom.
She stripped down to take a shower and turned the water on. She could hear Baron yawning and getting up out of the bed. The dresser drawers opened and closed. She knew he took his showers at night, and sometimes, when one or the other felt it, they would wait until the other one took their shower and shower together.
He got dressed and went in as she showered.
“Morning Kasumi!”
“You are always so hyper in the morning Baron.”
“Sorry, blame it on the fact I’m still young.”
“Oh and I’m not?”
“Well you turn another year older today!”
“Oh shut the hell up Baron.”
He smiled as he brushed his teeth, and then left the bathroom to wake his children up. She had just gotten out of the shower when Baron walked in holding a cooing Aaron. She wrapped herself up in a towel, and took the hungry baby. She sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the room, and bared her breast for him.
Aaron fed for a bit, and then cried for his father, who gently took him into his arms to allow Kasumi to get dressed. She put on her makeup, clothes, shoes and jacket, and went out for a cup of coffee only to find the entire house empty. Baron had left a note telling her that he had taken the kids to Ace and Cecili.
“That helps.” There was a backside.
He told her to go to Earth, and pick up a box from the porn shop Dan worked at. Kasumi’s eyes bulged when she read the word porn. She growled angrily at the paper. Did he write that when he held the baby in his arms?
But she figured she might as well see what it was that Baron had gotten…this time. She sat down and enjoyed her hot cup of coffee.

At nine that morning, Kasumi was doing the breakfast dishes. She was sweating from the heat of the water rising to her face and the hot weather combined. She wiped her forehead with her forearm, and opened the window, listening to the breeze and birds around their cabin. Baron had helped his father build the house himself, and she loved it.
She finished, and sighed, grabbing another cup of coffee and going out onto the porch swing. The cup was hot in her hand, and she set it on the thick porch. Kasumi stretched her arms above her head, feeling like she needed a nap, but she still had plenty of chores to do. It would only take her a couple hours all together.
She sighed, and got up, walking into the living room to fold laundry and clean. She had over five sets of laundry to fold, plus the house laundry. She began to clean when the phone rang. She answered it while folding her clothes.
She heard him laughing.
“Sorry Kasumi!”
“I will kick your ass I swear.”
“Did you go?”
“Not yet, I’m a bit-“
“GAH!” She dropped the phone and picked it up, “YOU MIND?!”
“Sorry, but I want you to go get it!”
“Alright, alright…Sheesh! I’ll go in a minute, let me finish my damn chores.
“Yeah yeah.”

Kasumi stretched her legs as she walked out of the brawlers’ headquarters. She scratched her head and headed off downtown, hoping not to run into anyone she knew. She considered herself lucky as she walked down the street when no one she saw knew her.
She walked in to see Dan.
“Hey Dan.”
“Oh hey Kasumi.”
“Baron wanted me to pick something up.”
“Yeah I got it. Wonder why here and not on Vestal.”
“No clue.”
Dan ducked under and handed her the box.

When Kasumi got back home, she grabbed the box cutter and went to her room, and sat on her bed. Baron was working with his father so he wouldn’t be home until late. The kids would spend the night with their aunt and uncle. She slit the box open, and pulled out three items. She pulled out a bed jacket, thong, and a leather cock ring.
When she looked at the receipt, she saw that the ring hadn’t been part of the present, and that Dan must have thrown it in. She shook her head as she looked at the cute little outfit. Baron definitely had her in his mind when he bought it for her. She decided a shower was in order, but first, the rest of her chores.

The entire home was cleaned from the kids’ room to her room, the bathrooms and other rooms. She plunked down on one of the chairs in the den, and sighed. She looked over at the bedroom where she saw the box and its contents. She chewed on her lip, thinking about a shower but she still had to make supper.
Just as she stood up to get it started, Baron had sent her a text.
I’m bringing home some pizza for us to share tonight, don’t cook supper!
Kasumi blinked and shrugged.
“Works for me.”
She nuzzled into the couch again, and killed her time by watching TV until it was time to take a shower. She got up, and took her shower, being careful to do her hair and what not. She figured that Baron wouldn’t want her to make dinner if it meant taking time out of their time to do it. Wrapping a towel around herself, she sat at the vanity that her mother had bought her, and started to do her hair and makeup.

When Baron got home that night with a couple boxes of pizza, soda and fries, Kasumi was sitting on the bed, nervous. She always was when she wore a new negligee. She knew even if it was Baron that picked it out, it still may have looked terrible on her.
“Kasumi?” Baron called out, being met by Starry, the blue eyed husky they had.
The puppy clawed at his legs in a greeting.
“In the bedroom!”
Baron gave the puppy a pat down and went into the bedroom. She looked sexy in a purple bed jacket that was slightly frilly with kimono sleeves and lacy thong. She had something leathery in her hand, and he got a better look.
“Did ya get a new bracelet?” He asked.
Kasumi hung her head and handed it to him.
“Um. I think Dan added a little something into the package…”
Once Baron got a good look, he realized it was a cock ring that snapped. His face made Kasumi laugh.
“Yeah, you can kill him later.”
“Why not now?”
Kasumi laughed and stood up. She wrapped her arms around Baron’s neck, and let them lazily dangle. She nuzzled him and rested her head on his chest. His arms surrounded her, and she felt peaceful and happy and safe in his arms.
He nuzzled her and kissed her forehead, being gentle with her. He always was, sometimes rough when she wanted him to be, but he was always gentle to begin with. He moved his lips to her own, and took them. Kasumi blissfully shut her eyes. Her hands came down and rested on his chest, kissing him happily.
He gently kicked her legs out from under her and caught her. He gently laid her on the bed, and smirked at her. She smiled as he attacked her neck, kissing and sucking all the while untying her bed jacket. He slowly took it off, leaving her in the thong. She wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him close.
He kissed her as he pushed against her, and then stood up to strip his clothes off. He moved fast and was back on the bed yanking on her thong. She lifted her ass up enough to allow him to take it off of her completely, but she needn’t to. The skimpy little outfit tore the minute he stretched it in his hands.
Baron sweat dropped as he held the torn outfit in his hands, and Kasumi took the opportunity to snap the ring around the base of his shaft. Baron looked down, then at her.
“Every. Single. Time.”
Kasumi laughed and pulled him down on top of her. He felt larger, fuller, and bigger. He pushed her legs back, making her ankles touch behind her head and thrusted in. Kasumi felt that he was larger, and it was slightly more pleasurable.
He slowly moved his hips, feeling how his cock was blocked from ever losing its blood and him from coming. He kissed her, closing his eyes and being loving. She felt so safe and loved in his strong arms. Baron’s kisses were unlike any she had ever had from a man. He wasn’t like other people and a year to two years younger than her.
Baron pushed himself up on his hands, thrusting slowly, then sped up enough to cause her pleasure to increase. She moaned out, rolling her hips up to meet his thrusting. They moved together, smiling, petting, and kissing.
Baron would talk softly to her, raise her libido with him. She would softly sigh or moan at his phrases. They kissed, their arms wrapping around the other. Their kisses were soft and gentle. He gently flicked the tip of her tongue with his, and licked down to her breast. He sucked on a nipple as she clamped slowly around his shaft.
He knew he should have come already. Baron licked his lips, the pleasure higher then he could possibly grasp.
“I need to come!” He blurted out.
Kasumi laughed. It was just so cute but sexy. She kissed him under his chin as he lift his head. She wanted to pull him down, wanted him to drive himself fast but knew that he couldn’t.
His moaning was starting to drive her crazy, and she was reaching another orgasm. Licking her lips, Kasumi pulled him in for a kiss, holding him while her hips jerked with her climax. She wanted to snap her legs shut but he needed to release first.
“Baron! You forgot!” Kasumi said, realizing her husband completely forgot about the cock ring around his shaft.
He looked down, and sweat dropped. He let her reach down and unsnap the buttons, and he suddenly felt the need to come, and come now.
He began to thrust his hips fast and hard, wanting to come. No, not wanting. Needing. His voice told her just how far he was. When he groaned and laid on her, she knew then he was releasing. His moans told her how much as she laid there with his body on top of hers.
He kissed her lightly.
“Have fun?” He asked her.
“Tell me when I don’t…”
Baron smiled, and kissed her.
“Happy Birthday you goof.”
He rolled off of her and she smiled.
“If I’m the goof. You’re the fool!”

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