Happy Birthday Aria

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It was muggy out, and hot enough to keep the Grav family inside their cold house. Gus had cut his hair recently and it was up to his neck. Aria had tied hers up in a bun on top of her head to keep it out of her face and up off of her neck.
She fanned her face with the book she had wanted to read, but was too hot to even open her eyes. She felt a hand on her shoulder, cold, and it moved to her neck where both hands wrapped around her throat.
“That feels nice.”
She knew whose hands it was. Gus had his hands around her throat after sticking them under cold water. He massaged her neck, and listened to his kids run up and down the stairs. He wanted to reach out and put them in a pool or something.
“Why don’t we take the kids to my parents? They will love the lake today.”
“I would too.”
Gus smiled and nuzzled his wife, then went out to round their children up. It took him ten minutes, and he sent them to the car to wait for him.
“I’ll be back shortly. In the meantime, there’s something in the basement that needs tending to.” With that Gus turned on his heels and left. Aria blinked a couple times, and looked at the basement door.
“What the hell did he leave for me to do…he knows I hate it down there…” She sighed, and grabbed the flashlight.
She hit the damned thing against her palm, and it turned on, and sauntered down the stairs. Cobwebs glinted in the flashlights beam as she found what he was talking about. It was a box standing in the middle of the steps with a note written on it.
She shook her and went down, picking it up. It had twine around it to keep it shut, and she shook her head, smiling. Gus had come from a country life, and still showed more than half those traits. She took it to their bedroom and went back to the kitchen to put the old flashlight away and to grab the kitchen scissors.
She sat cross-legged on the cool bedspread, and cut the middle, causing it to fall to the sides of the box. She reached in, and pulled out a birthday card. She smiled as she read it, and placed it just so on the bedside table.
She then pulled out a black cat costume with ears, and a black and silver rabbit dildo. She fell back and laughed.
“Gus would!”

She had showered and changed into the fluffy kitty costume and wiggled her ass to make the tail move. She loved the one-piece that showed her thighs, and sat down on the bed to wait for him. To make herself to look more catlike, Aria had put no shoes on, and no gloves. Just the outfit and as she was.
Gus opened the door and went in.
“Aria I’m home!”
“I’M GOING TO SLAP YOU, YOU PERVERT!” She yelled down with a smile.
Gus smiled and headed up.
“So you found it!”
“Kind of hard not to, it was in the middle of my walking area.”
He smiled and picked her up as she walked to him. Gus walked to the bed, and gently put her on it. He noticed she already put away the toy, and looked at her. He got onto the bed with her, and smiled. He moved to lie next to her.
“Where’s your toy?”
“Where the rest are.”
Gus rolled his eyes and got off the bed, getting the toy himself. He also grabbed a small tube of lubrication, and she sat up, fixing her cat ears. He took them off her head and kissed her. She felt a little shocked, but wrapped her arms around his neck, and allowed him to pull her close.
She felt that country air about him, and put her hands on his shoulders to push him away when he tossed the toy and lube onto the bed, and yanked the strings in the back to take off her costume. She gasped when it fell off, and he picked her up out of it.
Placing her on the bed, Gus looked down at her, and she saw that same lusty look that she did when she first met him. He grabbed the toy and the lube, and she saw that he wasn’t going to wait. She readied herself fast as she could as he grabbed the toy and put lube on it, spreading it around until it was fully lubricated.
He spread her thighs apart and pushed the toy in. She gasped out as it filled her, and gripped down for his hand. They interlocked fingers as he gently thrusted the toy. He hit a button, and it started to vibrate. He pushed it in far as he could, the vibrating attachment hitting her clit.
She moved her lower back and ass a bit, and then settled where she knew she could feel the vibrations better. Biting her lip, she found she couldn’t look at him in the eye. She had become shy on him. Closing her eyes, Aria arched her back as he slowly moved the toy.
Gus got up and quickly started to strip, trying to keep a good grip on the dildo in his wife’s pussy. He managed to get completely naked without stopping the toys vibrations or thrusting. By now Aria was crying out softly, and moaning loudly. He knew she wasn’t far. He ran his hand up her stomach, cupping a breast and kissing her.
He got over her while thrusting the dildo and keeping her from moving. He licked her lips and she opened her mouth, granting him access. He kissed her deeply, holding her against his body and finally pulled the vibrating rabbit out of her body, and tossed it aside. She was shuddering.
He smirked as he put her legs on his shoulders and gripped her hips. He slowly pushed in, causing her to arch her back and widen her eyes. Her hands on his hips tightened, digging in. She wanted him to move faster, but didn’t see that happening. She knew he was meaning to be loving to her. Gus held her down, and slowly started to move his hips.
She moaned a throaty noise, and held onto his hips to direct him. With each thrust, he delved deeper, searching out her sweet spot. To her, it seemed like he wasn’t trying. Perhaps he wasn’t, but dammit she wished he would thrust faster!
“Gus…You’re teasing me…AGAIN!”
Gus laughed as he kissed her, his short blue hair moving to cover their mouths. He used his tongue to drag along her lips, taunting her to open. She opened her lips enough for his tongue to slide in. He got over her as if he was doing pushups, thrusting his hips into her. Aria pressed her breasts against his chest as she kissed him gently, allowing him to continue.
His arms surrounded her, making her feel safer than she ever felt. There was just something about this blue haired Vestal that made her heart shoot into her throat and beat hard as ever. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and pulled him close. His arms around her tightened only slightly, and he kissed her gently, pulling away for air.
Aria giggled as he panted, nuzzling her. He kissed her neck and breathed in and out through his nose, drawing in her scent. He brought his arms out, and resumed to looking like he was doing pushups over her, rolling his hips into her. She moaned out and arched her back.
“Gus more!”
He moved his hips faster, rolling them. He locked her where she was, thrusting fast into her. Aria screamed out his name, arching her back and scratching his shoulders. Gus cried out feeling the scratches, and glared down at her.
“Sorry.” She said, smirking.
He moved faster, hoping to get her hands away from his sore shoulders. He gave a hard thrust, and she screamed again. Her legs tightened around his waist and he looked at her, smirking.
“What’s wrong?”
Gus rocked into her, kissing her, holding her face to his. They kissed as they rocked together, showering each other with love. He gave a groan, and grips the sheets in his sweaty hands. He swallowed and rested his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.
He kissed her passionately, holding onto her. She felt her hips jerking, and knew he had prolonged her orgasm. His own moved and he groaned into her mouth. She felt something hot shoot into her, and scratched him again.
Aria giggled and kissed the tip of his nose.

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