Happy Birthday Kailani

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The alarm went off and Keith slammed his hand down on it, rolling onto his side and yawning.
"Kailani...time to get up.
Keith smiled as he rolled out of bed, his tank top slewed a bit to the left as he yawned and stretched. He ran a hand down the back of his head, trailing his fingers through his long blond hair.
"Hey Kai! Come on!"
Kailani groaned and rolled out of bed, standing there naked. Keith smiled as he went to get dressed. While rummaging through his jeans, he found a medium size box wrapped in purple and silver paper. Kailani's birthday present.
Kailani turned sleepily to him and he tossed the gift to her.
"Happy birthday!"
She smiled as she tossed it onto the bed, and pulled a pair of panties on and one of Keith's long shirts, then went out to the kitchen to start breakfast and coffee. Keith slowly got dressed, and then went out, wrapping his arms around his wife.
"Watcha making?"
She smiled as he got a couple plates, knowing that the kids won't be up until later. He sat down after pouring himself a cup of black coffee, and then looked over at her as she put cheese in the omelets. He yawned one last time, and looked around.
She finished and served them both breakfast, sitting down to eat. They ate mainly in silence, chirping up every now and then to say something then went back to eating. Keith finished first, not shocking Kailani as he always was the first one to finish.
He waited until she was done, then whisked their plates away and set them in the sink. He poured her another cup of coffee and sat back.
"What do you have planned for today?"
"A bit of cleaning, food shopping, and whatever."
"That's it?"
"For now."
Keith looked at his wife. It was the same thing every day, but he never heard her complaining. She was happy as she was.

Keith left for work and Kailani checked on her children. Mason and his brothers had stayed in the basement like a camp out. The oldest was easily seventeen. He was stretched out on an air mattress with the youngest next to him.
She checked on her girls next. Bella and her sisters were lying in her bed as she gently closed the door. Kailani went about her chores, cleaning here, scrubbing there, cooking here, and baking there. By the time she was done, the kids were having lunch, and running off to mess around outside.
She sat in the wicker chair in the living room, sipping a cup of soda when Keith called her.
"Hey." She said, looking out the window.
"Watcha doing?"
"Oh nothing, just sitting here having a soda."
"Have you opened your present yet?"
"Not yet."
"Well open it soon as you can."
Kailani smiled.
"Why? Did you get me something naughty?" She teased.
"Maybe." He easily teased back and she growled at him in a joking manner.
He laughed on the other end, told her he loved her, and hung up. Kailani smiled as she pressed the off button on the phone, just as her son Mason walked in with Roshel Grit.
"Mom, I'm going up to Roshel's.
"Domino here?" Kailani asked.
"Yeah, mom's in the car. Roshel answered, and Kailani sped out.
She had a lot to be thankful for to the white haired Vestal. She had carried a son for her, and birthed him. For that, Kailani was forever grateful to Domino, and her best friend.
Kailani laughed as the blond handed her a present.
"Aw Domi..."
"Don't make me change my mind."
Kailani opened the box to find a new pair of dark blue jeans.
"Oh, I like."
"I thought you would. They were on sale and I grabbed myself a pair, but figured you would like a pair too."
Kailani gave her a hug, smooshing her face against Domino's breast.
"Ok you."
Kailani smiled as she pulled away and the kids got into the car. Domino got in and smiled up.
"Happy birthday twit."
"You and your name calling."
"I can't help it!"
"Obviously not."
They laughed and the other sped off, leaving Kailani home alone.

The jeans fit like a glove, and she smiled as she looked in the mirror. Her eyes fell on the bed in the mirror, and the silver and purple present. Keith always did have a way of choosing things, and she went to it, and ripped the paper off like a child.
It wasn't very big, but it held the items he needed. Opening it, she saw two packages. A box with a woman wearing heart shaped pasties with tassels on her breast, and the other was a clear box with wording, and what looked like a purple realistic penis. She took to laughing as she unwrapped it, and held it up.
It was made out of silicone, something Kailani knew was extremely safe for her body, and Keith's as well. She laughed as she went to the bathroom to wash her new toy. She felt along it, seeing that it was ribbed, and licked her lips. As she placed it on the counter on a soft fuzzy towel to dry, she looked at the pasties.
They were white heart shaped things, with tassels hanging down and sequins covering the fabric. She looked up to see it was already noon, shocked that it was already late in her day. She wondered about the pasties, and seeing as the kids wouldn't be home until late that night, she decided to go ahead and put them on.
She peeled the adhesive tape off the backs, and pressed it to her nipples. She pressed down to make sure they would stay, then turned and looked in the mirror. She thought she looked good with new jeans and the pasties.
Since it was a hot day, she decided to walk around her house like she was. She finished her chores by three, and sat back down on the couch. Without realizing it, Kailani fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was being carried.
"Calm down Kai." A deep voice rang in her ears.
It was Keith. He laid her on the bed.
"You fell asleep. Go ahead and continue resting, I'll cook tonight." He smiled.
"You sure?" She asked sleepily, forgetting what she looked like.
Keith's hand ran down her side before bending over to give her a kiss, then leaving her to sleep. He walked to the kitchen, and started to cook supper. He soon finished, and went to wake her up, only to see her looking so vulnerable.
The rapist in him yelled out to come forth, but he fought it. He couldn't do that to her, not on her birthday of all days. He bit his lip as he went to her, and sat next to her. He stroked her naked belly, and smiled down at her. She was so pretty, and very, just very and oh so vulnerable.
He bent over, kissing her softly on the lips. She barely moved, and he smiled. She was just so pretty. He couldn't do it no more. He wanted to take her. Slowly, Keith started to remove her jeans. He slid them down her hips, kissing the skin that bared. He looked around for the dildo he got her, and got up, wondering where she put the damned thing.
He found it in the bathroom, dry from its bath. He took a hold of it correctly, and walked over to her. He grabbed her ankle and pulled it aside, spreading her legs. He took a hold of some lubrication from the bedside drawer, and slathered the dildo with it.
He reached down, and spread her lips apart, pushing the toy in slowly. He was careful of her eyes fluttering as he pushed it in deep, then pulled it out and pushed it back in, thrusting the toy. Kailani moved her head, but never woke up.
He moved it, watching her facial expressions. She would twitch her face every now and then, but never woke up. She blushed in her sleep, and sometimes gave a little moan. She put her hand by her mouth, and moved her head. She went to roll over but he stopped her.
He waited for a minute, just to see if his quick reaction would wake her up. He smirked when she didn't, and continued to fuck her with the toy. His fingers started to become wet from her juices as she became more aroused.
Kailani slowly begun to wake up, but would soon fall back to sleep. She didn't even feel the thrusting of the dildo. She began to tighten around the toy as he shoved it into her hard. Kailani offered a moan in her sleep, her breasts bouncing gently.
When she came, she jolted awake, crying out.
She panted from the orgasm, and looked at him. He had that look in his eyes. That rapist look. He forced her back, ripping the toy from her and throwing it across the room. His hand grasped her breast, and ripped the pasty from it. She cried out feeling the adhesive rip from her.
He bent and bit the nipple as it hardened, making her cry out more. She bit her lip as he sucked hard, drawing it into his mouth more. He bit one more time then removed the other one by ripping it off, and taking it into his mouth. Kailani cried out once more.
"Alright Keith! Fine!"
The blond smirked as he pulled away, licking his lips. He forced her shoulders further into the bed as he straddled her closed legs. He reached down and took his dick out, holding onto her as he spread her legs, moving slightly. He held them up, and pushed in hard.
It was then Keith snapped back, and face palmed. Kailani smiled and pulled him down to her.
"You and your multiple personalities."
"Oh shut up."
She smiled and kissed him as he begun to thrust. His hips rolled into hers and she held him tightly to her. Her legs wrapped around his body, and he smiled. He kissed her gently as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding her against him. He moved his head to her neck.
Kailani moaned as he moved his hips faster, wanting to please her. He kissed her as he moved enough to pick his hips up a bit more. He rolled them, making her moan at the feeling. It wasn't the same in and out feeling.
She arched her back, lifting her ass up off the bed as she done so. Moving his head back to her neck, Keith gently sucked and kissed her skin, causing a mark to begin to appear. He continued until the mark was dark purple, and she looked at him.
He smiled down at her, his teeth showing. She held his shoulders, kissing him quickly to surprise him. Keith was indeed surprised, but kissed her back, closing his eyes as he held her close to his body. Little grunts from him told her that he was close already.
She smiled as she made him pull out, and held onto him.
"Don't go so fast, you know you don't last long when you go so fast Keith."
"Yeah I know."
Kailani smiled as he kissed her, and brought his hand down to help finish the job. He pushed his fingers up in her, feeling how wet she was. He moved his hand fast, making noises as he kissed her. His tongue glided along her lips, making her open her mouth. She felt his tongue stroking hers, and became instantly hornier.
She rolled her hips against his fingers, and he smirked. He felt himself twitched and moaned in want. She smiled around his tongue and sucked on it, making him really want her. She pulled away, and left him pretty much hanging.
"You know it."
He smirked as he took a hold of his hardened sex, and drove it into her. Kailani cried out, and gripped his hips. He gave her powerful thrusts, and in return, she gave him cries and screams. Her hands soon fisted his jeans, trying to keep him from thrusting any longer.
Kailani finally came again and screamed his name out to him, making him impossibly harder. Keith drove himself deep, knowing he was reaching his limits. He held her tightly in his arms. His entire body was ravaged with pleasure, and he finally came, crying out. His body was shaking as he held onto her, and gently rolled over.
He was smiling at her, but he was falling asleep. Kailani smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, then got up to finish her daily chores.

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