I Will Always Be There

BY : KISSRockette
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The rain stormed through the night as Shun tucked a young girl into bed. His face showed the wear of stress and worry that had been inflicted for more reasons than one that day. He wiped tears from his own eyes, and sat there looking at her.
He got up, and walked down the stairs in his and his baby sister’s Suki’s home. He tried to wrap his brain around everything as he walked into the living room to see his best friend Dan, his friends Runo and Marucho, and his sister Suki all looking worried.
“I-is she ok?” Runo asked, clearly concerned.
“Yeah is she?!” Dan blurted out.
Shun simply shook his head.
“She’s cried herself to sleep.” He said, unable to think of anything to put everyone’s worries to rest.
He glanced over to see Marcy on her aunt’s lap, crying into the fabric of her bottoms. He shook his head…just how did such a thing happen? And why to poor Delacy?

~Three hours earlier~

“Come on Shun!” Dan yelled out as Shun beat him yet again in a game of simple cards.
“Dan you suck at this.” Runo told him while Shun simply smirked.
Thunder cracked above the house, and they believed a simple game was all it would take to curb their boredom. Apparently not for Dan.
“Let’s do something!” He whined.
“It’s raining! What are we going to do!?” Runo yelled at him.
“Guys come on.” Shun got up and cleared away the remains of a pizza.
He heard people knocking on the door.
He quickly put the box in the kitchen, and then ran to open the door. When he did, Marci ran forward, and grabbed him around the middle, crying hard.
He put his arms around her and looked up to see Shade with her hands on Delacy’s shoulders, both in the rain.
“What happened?”
“Ren’s dead…” Shade said.
His jaw dropped open, and he looked at Delacy. “Delacy…I-is it true?”
She only stood there. Marci then became angry. “She hasn’t cried once! Not a single tear! My mother is heartless!” Marci quickly took off, crying her eyes out and sought comfort with Runo.
Growling, Shade followed after Marci, not understanding why she couldn’t see how traumatized poor Delacy was. Shun went out into the rain for Delacy, and took her by the hands. When he looked into her eyes, he saw just how traumatized she was. The pain was quite clear.
“Oh Del…”
He gently pulled her inside out of the cold air. He got her into the kitchen and sat her in a chair, grabbing a towel from the laundry basket and draping it over her head to dry her off.
“Where are Shaun and Denzel?”
“Lena and Mason…” She mumbled.
After hearing just how bad she was hurt, Shun stopped, and got in front of her, hunkering down. He took her by the hand. When she looked up at him, it was obvious how much pain she was in, Shun felt his heart tear in two as he looked in those eyes. Sighing, he gave her a warm smile. “I’m not going anywhere Del…I promise I won’t leave you…”
Her eyes widened, and suddenly, Delacy begun to cry. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she sobbed and threw herself to Shun, who hugged her tightly.


“Shun…What happened exactly?” Suki asked her older brother, who only stood there.
“Ren was killed in an accident.” He said, “He was helping others with repairs that MagMel caused. One of the cranes removing debris let go of its load…Delacy was right in dangers way…Ren got to her in time to cover her with his body…but he didn’t survive much longer.”
Shun didn’t tell them that Ren told Delacy that he would always love her, no matter what.

Delacy turned in the bed, having the nightmare that would plague her for so long.
The Gundalian sky above her was showing it was nighttime, and she looked up. They were trying to repair what they could that Magmel destroyed. Ren was in charge of nearly everything, and the stress showed in lines on his face.
“Will you get it done?” She asked.
“Someday…I’m hoping soon. I hate seeing my home destroyed.” He said, looking at her while flipping the paper over.
“Yeah.” Delacy smiled as she decided to take some trash away from Ren and help out.
She managed to get so far when she heard the roar of a crane and looked. It was moving fast to her, and she went to move out of the way. Later on her way back with a soda for Ren, she saw it had stopped.
“What’s wrong?” She asked, standing directly under the scoop.
“Damn thing stopped working…” Ren growled.
Delacy sighed. They couldn’t get the top notched items. A creak and groan didn’t seem to bother them until a rumble did. Looking up Delacy saw that the scoop had leg go, and that the trash was flying towards her.
“DELACY!” Ren raced, hoping to push her out of the way.
He didn’t get to her in time but he covered her with his body, taking the damage for her. Blood dripped on her as it fell off of him.
He looked down at her.

The doctor left the room, and looked at them all. From Paige, to Lena, to Mason, all the rest, then Delacy and her family.
“I’m sorry. He doesn’t have much time. I wouldn’t let no one in so he can go in peace, but he’s begging for a woman named Delacy.”
Delacy slowly looked up, and got up at Shade’s urging. She walked as if she was dead to the room where he was laying. His body had taken the damaged that was meant for her.
She sat next to him.
“Delacy…I’m sorry…”
“I love you. I didn’t want you to get hurt.”
“Ren…It’s okay…” Suddenly, the urge to cry was gone, she couldn’t even produce a tear.
“I’ve always loved you, and I always will. No matter what.”
“I know, Ren…Take it easy…”

“…You can…go back to Shun, now…Okay?” Delacy felt her heart stop. Ren smiled. “Remember? You promised me…if anything happened to me…You would…go back…to him…”
“I don’t want you…to be sad anymore…I will always love you….Please…do this…as my…last…wish…”
Ren’s eyes fluttered shut, a single tear ran down his cheek, and the noise beeping flatlined. As doctors and nurses rushed to his aid, Delacy could only sit there, unable to process what just happened.

Suki and Runo were crying, and Shade was leaning against the wall, so pissed it was crazy.
“She just needs some time.” Marucho said, “We also need to leave her alone.”
Shun couldn’t take it no more, so he went into the kitchen and sat at the table with his elbows on the table and his hands together at his forehead. He suddenly slammed his fist down; thinking how could this happen again!?
Suki walked into the kitchen, Shade right behind her, and went over to her brother.
“You know, Shun...” Suki said, hesitantly taking his hand. “…Now that Ren’s dead…you can have her, you know. It maybe for the best…”
“How can you say such a thing, Suki!?” Shun snapped, looking at her indignity. “He just died! And she’s mourning! And you expect me to make a move on her?!”
“You idiot!” snapped Shade, angrily. “You’re the only one that hasn’t crooked yet! If you truly love her, you’ll stop being a damn pussy and actually be a man about the situation! She needs you and you need her!”

Later that night, while Shun laid in bed staring at the ceiling, he thought about what Shade had said to him. “You need to be a man about the situation! She needs you and You need her!” He soon began to realize that she was actually right. He had to be there for her. He had to help her move on. No matter what.

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