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Shadow browsed the shelves at the drug store, looking for a snack to munch on. He found a candy bar and an energy drink then took them to Shun.
“Ready?” The Ventus brawler asked.
Shadow nodded, not wanting to talk. He didn’t want to alert anyone to him. Not many people knew about Vestal, and it would be hard to explain why he didn’t look like them. Many girls already were noticing his muscles and his tanned skin, but due to sunglasses, they couldn’t see his eyes, which were not human at all.
Shadow only had three colors to his eyes. Red, dark red and a near pink color. He just couldn’t show anyone. His sister Asa had said she had a problem with her eyes that could be passed through birth when asked, and thankfully people believed her, but would they keep believing if he showed his face?
Shun bought the items and they left the store.
“You know, not many people will notice.”
“Not many?”
Shun shrugged.
“Like Vestal, some people here are more likely to be observant than others.”
“You don’t say?”
Shun hit his shoulder and they continued walking down to meet up with Dan and the others. It wasn’t common for a lot of people in this day in age to see two boys walking hand in hand, so they didn’t. It was hard for them to not hold hands with each other. They gave each other a glance, took a sigh each, and continued on.
Shadow took his drink from the bag and opened it, taking a long sip.
Shadow handed it to his boyfriend who also took a sip, then spat it out.
Shadow laughed out, his tongue hanging out. Shun shook his head and smiled. They were nearly to the headquarters.
“Why did you guys build a headquarters here on Earth?”
“Don’t you guys have one on Vestal?”
“No. There are not enough of us no more.”
“What about Ace and Cecili?”
“Eloped. Raising kids now.”
“Mina and Volt?”
“Keith and Kailani!”
“Married and raising kids.”
Shun looked at him.
“You Vestals move fast don’t you?”
“Oh fuck off.”
Shun smiled wide as they walked through the doors.
“AW WHY DID YOU BRING THAT!?” Dan Kuso yelled out.
Shadow took offense.
“Just because-“
“Don’t start!” Shun yelled.
He didn’t need another fight breaking out. It was bad enough Dan nearly hit Shun for just being gay. Then again, he suspected that Kuso had a slight crush on him. Shadow and Dan glared at each other until Khloe rushed in, knocking her uncle over onto the floor.
The blond laughed as Shadow stood up, and attached herself to his back.
She nodded her head quickly and Shadow sighed, and carried her up the stairs. Shun watched with amusement.

Shun sat on the bed, and looked around. Shadow wasn’t back yet, and he was starting to worry. They had only started going out, what if he changed his mind?
When Shadow walked in, Shun looked up.
“There you are!”
“What’s wrong?”
“N-nothing…I just thought…”
“Thought what love?” Shadow sat on the bed cross-legged.
Shun looked at him. Love?
“Just a name.”
His eyes casted down and he sighed. Shadow got the gist, and went to him. Shun looked at him.
“Do you love me?”
“Of course I do.”
“Prove it.”
Shadow grabbed Shun by the back of his head, and forced him to kiss him. Shun’s eyes widened as their lips touched. He wasn’t expecting that. Shadow pulled him close, kissing him gently. Shadow grabbed his arms, and pulled them around his body.
Shun was pulled closer, and felt a groan building in his throat. Shadow held him so right. He licked his lips after, and Shadow pulled him close until Shun’s chin was on his shoulder. Arms wrapped around his body.
Shadow’s lips found his neck, and he sucked. He wanted to leave a mark behind. He needed to. Shun gave out a sounding gasp, and moaned out his pleasure. Shadow couldn’t seem to stop himself. He raked his nails down Shun’s clothed back, tearing lines in his shirt.
“Shadow Prove!”
The white haired one smirked, and then suddenly ripped the cloth from his body. Shun cried out, falling onto his back on the bed. He noticed a cut from Shadow’s nail on his shoulder, and looked up at him. Shadow suddenly sat up, and begun to take his clothing off. Shocked, the ninja quickly went to move, but he himself stopped. Shadow had his hand on the waistband of his light blue skinny jeans.
Shadow broke the fly and button, ripping them down his legs. He gulped. Shadow advanced on him quickly. He was starting to regret asking him to prove it. Shadow pounced on him, pressing their lips together. Shun found himself breathing hard through his nose, trying to get air. When they broke apart, Shadow continued the kiss on his neck.
Shun looked up at the ceiling, waiting to be taken. He didn’t realize how much he wanted him, but jeez, the boy could have been at least gentle.
“Dammit Shadow!”
“Could have been easier on me…”
“Where’s the fun in that!?”
“You’re Crazy!”
Shun full out laughed. Shadow was just simply crazy. The Vestal ripped the rest of their clothes off.
“Lube or no lube?”
“I don’t care.”
The smirk on Shadow’s face made Shun wish he said lube. Shadow forced his legs up, and he squeezed his eyes shut. But it seemed like Shadow wasn’t going to be that terrible. He pressed a digit to his entrance and pushed a finger in. Shun gasped out, and then groaned.
The other laughed as he prepped his human lover. Shun squirmed a bit here and there, but moaned and groaned left and right. His back arched and he looked down to see that they were both hard. He looked away.
Shadow chuckled, and pulled his finger out. Shun gasped slightly and readied himself. He felt something large push into his cavity, and he groaned. Wincing slightly, the ninja closed his eyes. Shadow got over him, and slowly started to thrust. Shun didn’t’ want to look at him; he knew he would lose it if he did. He swallowed and bit his lip.
Shadow smirked as he saw this, and made Shun’s legs go farther past his hips, slamming into him. Shun gave a cry, and finally looked at him. Shadow wore a smirk a mile wide on his face.
The Vestal thrusted more, giving Shun what he obviously wanted. The ninja couldn’t help but give into his body. He gave up trying to resist in any possible way. His entire body completely relaxed, and he felt pleasure beyond pleasure. He let out a moan, and arched his back. He put his arms around his body, and kissed him.
Shun nodded as Shadow continued to thrust into his body. Shun cried out, tears appearing at his eyes. He held onto him as the other picked up the pace. His body handled it well, and he arched again, wanting him to hit a spot. He needed him to hit that spot.
“Shadow please!”
“Please what?”
Shun didn’t respond, but blushed and looked away.
“Beg for it.”
Shun looked at him.
Shun’s eyes widened.
“Come on.”
Shun sucked his bottom lip in.
“Please Shadow.”
“What do you want me to do?”
Shun bit his lip.
“H-hit it…”
“Hit what?”
“M-my pr-prostate…”
“Say it again!”
“Hit it!”
“WOULD YOU FUCK ME ALREADY!?” Shun said, sitting up with Shadow still in him.
Shocked, Shadow moved his head back, looking down with surprise at Shun. He actually had told him what he wanted.
“Alright then.”
He begun to move, searching out his sweet spot. He realized he had slightly brushed it when Shun gave a different type of moan. He licked his lips, and pulled back, angling himself and hitting his spot. Shun gave a cry and his eyes opened wide. He drooled as he cried out, closing his eyes again.
He moaned and groaned with pleasure, crying out when it was needed. He brought his arms up by his head, and bent them. He gripped the pillow his head laid on, and closed his eyes tightly. Licking his lips, Shun arched his back a couple times, feeling rather close. He moaned out his pleasure.
“Shadow…Imma come!”
Shadow smirked. He slammed into him, making the black haired ninja release onto his own chest, his eyes wide with lust and passion. Shadow followed shortly after.

Shadow watched him sleep, his mind twirling in the darkness of his brain. He signed, and shut his eyes, seeing his lovers face in the throes of pleasure. When he opened them again, he saw the same face, only asleep.
He didn’t want to sleep yet, but he knew he had to. Shadow got up, and under the covers with the other one.

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