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Jennifer "JJ" Jardell steppe into Interspace to find her boyfriend Ren. They had just started dating and she was trying to find him. She retraced her steps to the office where Ren and Marucho were normally at, passing some Vestals along the way. The only reason she knew about them was because of Ren.
One happened to catch her eye as she went by, a green haired woman who simply turned to see who walked behind her, then returned talking to her friends. JJ continued on, finding the main control with no problem. She knocked on the door.
"OW!" Ren's voice cried out from behind it.
The sound of small feet running to the door and the sound of the door knob turning made JJ sweat drop but smile as Marucho opened the door.
"Hi Jennifer!" He said, a large smile on his cute little face.
"Hey Marucho! What happened to Ren?" She asked as she stepped in, seeing Ren glaring at his hand.
"Well...your knock kind of scared him." Marucho fixed his glasses, "So he accidentally dropped the hot coffee on his hand!"
Ren sighed and smiled at her as he shook the hot liquid from his dark skinned hand. Being Gundalian had it's perks, this was one of them.
"Makes you glad you're a Gundalian huh Ren!?"
"You're telling me..."
JJ giggled as she set her bag down and ran to him, throwing her arms around his body. Ren kissed her gently as Marucho checked the screens over again. She watched as he ran from one end, to the other, and unlike Ren, he had to nearly hop up to see what was going on in the upper screens.
"Marucho, I can get those!" Ren said.
"No! Go hang out with Jennifer!" He said, focusing on the screens.
Ren rolled his eyes as he took JJ out of the main office, walking around Interspace. They enjoyed a quick bite to eat at the cafe, talking with friends, and walking around secluded parts of Interspace while laughing and talking. They returned to the office to find the entire group there, and nothing good was coming of it.
"We've seen that ship in Vestal...that thing Zenet took Mina's form." The blond said, pointing at the look alike next to her.
"So one can take the form of other people...but can't act like them?" Shun asked her.
"Did I fucking stutter?"
Shun growled. JJ had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. There was no doubt she was slightly scared of Cecili, but she couldn't help but sometimes laugh at her attitude. She stood next to Ren, seeing how all the brawlers were slightly tensed. She was unsure why.
"Then who is messing with us!?" Dan yelled out, upset.
"Calm down Daniel." The look alike said, "We know kids are going missing."
"You're a kid!"
"Actually, by all rights in Vestal I am an adult. As is Cecili and Shadow."
Dan glowered at her. JJ had heard the rumors of kids disappearing from Interspace, but they always turned up, just...not like themselves. She was slightly scared, in the age range herself for that kidnappings. She tugged on Ren's arm.
"Ren...I want to go home."
"Alright. I'll walk you then." He said, hoping to high hell he wouldn't get lost.
Ren gently took JJ out, walking her through Interspace, past a group of the alleged kids who came back. She got a good look at them, seeing their blank eyes and bakugans. Fear took over her as she fought to keep from running away, allowing Ren to walk her to her home.

"We're here." She told him, standing at a large home.
Ren couldn't help but do a double take at it. It was huge. He got a call on his Bakumeter.
"I'll be right back." He said as he smiled, then walked down to the end of the driveway where he took the call.
"Zenet what are you doing!?"
"Miss Kazarina wants that girl you're with!" Zenet said, a large smile on her face.
Ren glared at her.
"A-Are you crazy!? No!"
"I said no!"
The view changed to Sid, another Gundalian.
"You get her down here! If not then the emperor will have a few words to say for you and you go back in that darkness!"
Ren growled as the screen went blank, knowing that if he didn't do as asked, he would go back to that horrid place. The girl he loved...or that horrid place...
It was such a hard decision. He took a deep breath. He didn't even have a choice and he didn't want to be there again...Ren walked back to her, put his hands on her shoulders, tears falling from his eyes as he squeezed a spot, knocking her out.

"DAMN IT REN! STOP THAT!" Sid cried out, having to hold his friend by his waist as Ren tried to get into the lab.
If only he made the decision the minute he got the call...he hated this, he didn't want her to be hurt.
"LET HER GO! GUNDALIAN DAMMIT LET HER GO!" Tears fell off his face as he tried hard to get to her.
The struggling soon cost Sid some time to stay awake since Ren kicked him hard enough in the balls to knock him out. He ran to the door, but Kazarina had already hit the button to close it.
"NO!" He cried out, banging on the door with his fists.
He continued until his energy wore out and his true form showed. Lena, sorry for him in a way, helped Jesse pick him up by his arms, and take him back to his room.

He was shaking so hard with anger that he couldn't stop as a knock sounded on the door. He looked up at it, angry from head to toe as Zenet opened it.
"Done!" She sang out as she brought in a very emotionless JJ.
Ren wanted to kill her for that, but he only stood up, grabbing JJ and leaving the minute he had his hands on her, taking her back to an extremely frantic Interspace. He hid in the shadows as she walked out, unable to face those who he was forced to make JJ leave behind.
"JENNIFER!" He heard Marucho cry out, unable to watch the scene.
He quickly moved, hoping that he wouldn't catch anyones eye, but of course, the ninja saw him, but didn't say a word. He looked back towards JJ, the rest of the group forming behind him.
"JENNIFER!" Marucho cried out, trying to shake her.
"Marucho you are not doing her a favor!" Cecili cried out, grabbing him by his shirt and throwing him.
Ace sweat dropped, putting a hand on Cecili's throwing arm.
"Calm down Satan." He said.
She glared at him as JJ took a bakugan out of her pocket.
"Brawl me."
Mina was the one who stepped forward, determined to put a stop to the children going missing.

Mina fell to her knees, for the last time after a brawl. She was panting hard as Volt calmly walked to her, the only one who didn't have to fight to keep Marucho in his spot. He put a hand on her shoulder.
"You can't help them all. Look at what you are doing to yourself Minmin."
"I know I know..." Mina said, tears filling her eyes.
It took a lot of her energy and strength to knock JJ down. She hated to do such a thing, but she hated what was happening to the Interspace that she helped Marucho build with Ren. Speaking off...where was that boy?
JJ fell to the ground. To keep Marucho from seeing, Shun ninja'd himself over, picked her up, and brought her back. As they gathered around, they knew something was off. Volt helped Mina back, who held her shoulder.
"Lay her down. I'll take care of her."
"You can barely take care of yourself Mina." Shadow said, pulling his injured sister away as from the shadows, Ren bowed his head, tears in his eyes.
He didn't want this...why did he have to be forced into such a situation?
He turned on his heels, walking and transporting back to Gundalia, where his emotions took a turn for the worse.
Shun let Khloe at least take away the Bakumeter and Bakugan from JJ before carrying her to the office. Thankfully not everyone followed, he didn't want to look like a parade. Kiara and Dan looked at each other, then back at a group of kids who were missing.
"Um...we got company." She said.
"Yeah, and I don't think they want Shun taking Jennifer away. You up for some brawling there?" Dan smirked as he held up Drago.
Kiara gave him the glare from hell, but she held up her own Pyrus Bakugan, not wanting to back down. They had to protect JJ.
In the room, Shun laid her down as Khloe quickly found a bowl and cloth, filling it when Mina entered the room.
"Kiara and Dan are brawling..." She said, taking the bowl and tending to JJ.

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