One Year Anniversary

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It was their first wedding anniversary, and Amisha really didn't know what to do. She was currently on Earth in Beau's home, sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of water.
"I just don't know Beau...I have no idea what to do."
"It's your wedding anniversary, I'm sure there is something you can do. Anything you can think of that he would like?"
"What do couples normally do on that day?"
"Have sex." He took a sip of his Pepsi, not really noticing Amisha spitting out her water.
"You asked..."
Amish quickly clammed up. That was true, she did ask. Should have known that answer would be said.
"So what do I do?" She asked him.
Beau thought for a minute, then he got an idea, chugged down his soda, grabbed his jacket, and hauled her out the door.
"W-where are we going!?"
"To a shop!"

Amisha looked around the lingerie store, blushing hard. She found a cute white babydoll that she wanted to get. It came with a white robe and white thong. She quickly got it, thanking Beau for bringing her even though she was embarrassed, and allowed him to put in her coordinates to get back to Gundalia to Nurzak.
She found herself walking along the hall to get to their home. She normally found herself skipping along the halls, happy as she could be, but this day she was quite nervous. Amisha unlocked the door, then locked it once she got inside, took the bag to the room and placed it on the bed. She went and got showered.
While Amisha was in the shower, Nurzak had arrived home, and respecting her and also preparing a gift for her, he stayed away from the bedroom upon hearing the water rushing in the tub.
He quickly threw away the receipt and packaging before getting the damned necklace set in the box that it came with, and looking behind him to see if she was there. When he didn't see her, he put it down, quickly ordering take out since he knew the two of them had to have been too busy to cook or even think of supper.
He then put the phone down, rethinking things and decided to make home made macaroni and cheese. He quickly got to work.

Amisha got out, hearing someone humming and moving about the kitchen. She quickly dried off, put her hair in a bun for the time being and threw on the white baby doll with robe and thong. She sat down at her vanity, putting on makeup to match her little outfit.
She curled her hair around her face, hoping to create a sexy look. She messed with it a bit, trying to give it a wild edge. Sighing and hanging her head after working on her hair for nearly fifteen minutes. When she got the look she hoped she wanted, she stopped, sitting there.
She bit her lip, hoping to please her husband of one year better than she had before. This was a special day, shouldn't the sex be special as well? She heard his footsteps in the hall, and a knock on the door.
"Amisha? Are you decent?" Even after a year of marriage, Nurzak still respected her well.
"Y-yes..." She was nervous, as nervous as one could be as she slid her feet into her old wedding shoes of white heels.
She slid behind the door, hoping she could do this right as Nurzak stepped in. The smell of something cheesy entered the room. She figured he had to have made supper in order for that smell to be there.
"Amisha?" He had his back to her.
She knew it had to be now. Amisha, shaking slightly, slowly shut the door, allowing it to click loud enough for him to hear. He looked over his shoulder, then turned around, eyes wide as he eyed his bride of one year. He could see the fabric moving as she shivered slightly.
"H-Happy A-Anniversary?"
His jaw dropped as she tried sashaying her way over to him.
"Where did..."
He put his hands on her hips, looking down at the little outfit he knew he could easily tear off her body, something he desperately wanted to do, but he couldn't just do that, she appeared frightened.
"What is the matter love?" He pulled her to the bed where they sat down.
"I-I don't know what to do..."
"O-our an-anniversary..." She appeared ashamed.
Nurzak now understood.
"You don't have to do anything." He took her in his arms, allowing her to rest on his legs.
She wrapped her arms around him as much as she could, nuzzling into his body. He wrapped his around her, warming her.
"So...does this look good?" She asked, looking up at him.
"Yes, yes it does." He said, peeling the robe off of her.
It was so delicate and small, he was sure he would have really ruined it if he tore it from that body of hers. She felt the air kiss her skin as the fabric left her arms, pushing herself against him more for that missing warmth.
Nurzak couldn't help but smile when he felt her do so, deciding it was time to get ready for bed. Kinda. He got up and laid her down, quickly undressing. Supper was left forgotten. She watched as he finished, getting onto the bed to help her undress herself from the little white items on her body.
Once she sat naked on his body, he quickly helped her get comfortable quickly under the blankets, cuddling against her. He was quite a bit larger than this little flower, but they didn't care. Size or age never mattered to them. He cuddled up to her, feeling her writhe under him due to pressing against her.
"I'm sorry!"
"It's ok." She said, making a cute swirly eyed face.
Nurzak chuckled as he rolled her over onto her back, getting over her. She didn't feel the least bit threatened as he put his hands on either side of her body, knowing that he couldn't lay on her, not with his body size. He bent his elbows, leaning down to kiss her. Amisha's arms and legs wrapped around his large frame, kissing him quickly.
She suddenly wanted him now, more than she did before. With her legs around his waist, Nurzak just couldn't go anywhere. He sweat dropped as she gave him that one little look. He just couldn't say no when that look appeared. He gave a hard thrust, causing her to cry out as he slammed in.
"ACK! I'M SORRY!" He said, forgetting his damned strength.
"I-it's ok."
He waited until she calm down, moving her hips slightly to let him know he had to start thrusting or she probably would hurt him. He moved his own hips, thrusting slowly to please her. She felt his length moving, quieting herself, or hoping that she was.
He knew she wasn't. She was nearly as loud as she normally was, little moans escaping her mouth as her eyes shut tight against the pleasure that pounded her body. Her legs curled up to her arms, holding onto her knees as he moved within her. Her upper body would move enough to make her sweat.
She panted as he begun to pick up speed, sitting up on his knees, thrusting into her body. Her little body compared to his. Her back arched as she put her arms above her head, grasping the headboard. Her fingers tried to dig in as he hit something already.
He continued, a hand finding her breast and holding it in his palm, feeling how it curved in his hand. Her nipple hard against the middle of his blue hand. Her own dark skinned hands moved to rest on his forearms. Her fingers squeezed his blue skin until it became dark blue.
"Ow!" He said, looking wide eyed at the marks she left behind.
"Normally that is my job." He told her, sweat dropping as he inspected the blue marks.
"Eh heh heh." She sat up on him, wrapping arms and legs around his body.
Nurzak looked down at her, sweatdropping. He allowed her to use her limbs to try and move herself, nuzzling him on his shoulder all the while. She rested her head there, allowing him to grip her bottom and move her himself. The feeling of his shaft in her body drove her wild as she nuzzled him more, blushing and smiling.
Amisha allowed her legs to be out a bit, allowing him to take control again as she fell back, feeling him thrusting in her. She rolled onto her side as he let her, burying her face in one arm while having him hold a leg up and holding her hand. He could see her fingers clenching at the bedding, feel her clenching at his shaft from the inside.
He gave a small groan, moving to slightly be over her as he continued thrusting, allowing Amisha's leg to be pressed up against his chest as he used his arms to steady himself, watching her. She couldn't watch him. She just couldn't, not with this amount of pleasure driving her insane.
Nurzak lifted her body up just enough for her legs to simply fall apart, holding her in the air with his one hand. She tried to bury her face but managed to only tangle her hair and twist herself slightly.
He had pulled out during her little movement, and quickly pushed back in, making her cry out. She shivered in his hands as he let her lay back down, thrusting quickly to help them both to orgasm. She could feel it moving, throbbing, and thrusting, trying to bury her face again.
When she finally got her face in the crook of her arm, she raised her hips up, shivering and shaking in his two hands. He could see it, his eyesight trained to see the obvious and least obvious. To a normal eye, it was slightly not obvious.
Her voice was telling him just how far she was into it. One of his thrusts, he knew, had caused her to shiver and shake like this.
Amisha gave a loud cry, climaxing hard and shakily as she tried to cling to whatever it was her hands could possibly grasp, not even knowing if she was scratching him, grabbing the sheets or even herself. Pain shot through her breast, telling her she grabbed her right one.
"Amisha!" Nurzak gave a cry, grabbing her hand and taking it lightly away from her black and blue breast.
He examined her for a minute while thrusting softly, hoping that she didn't cause no damage to herself. Once he was satisfied, he continued, feeling the feeling she had only moments before creeping up on him. It only took a few thrusts into her clenching cavern to make him grunt and release.

Amisha sweat dropped as she used a knife to scrape the stuck on cheese off into the trash. Nurzak had the water boiling to soak it.
"Here you are."
"Thanks." She put the dish on a steady spot, her counter, and poured the boiling water into the pan to let it soak and hopefully make the pan easier to clean.
"I forgot about cheese sticking." He said, sweatdropping.
"It's fine." Amisha simply smiled, for more reasons than one.

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