Giving Yoko Confidence

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The snow drifted softly to the ground as Himura Yoko watched, standing on the dojo's porch. She clenched her kimono around her tighter, her long brown hair out of it's normal ponytail. She watched the drifting snow blow with the fragile wind, and she thought. And thought. And thought. Haruka had experience where Yoko didn't. Haruka knew how to please men. Knew what they wanted, knew what they desired. And she didn't.
Looking up, Yoko got a face full of snow.
Yahiko laughed and ran away, knowing Yoko would probably grab her spear and go after him. She acted like she was about to beat him stupid, yelling at him and shaking her fist at him. It wasn't until a hand gently settled on her shoulder did Yoko finally stop screaming herself hoarse. She looked over her shoulder to see Kenshin, just barely visible in the darkness.
"Yoko, what are you doing out here? It is freezing!"
"I'm sorry Kenshin. It just looked pretty and peaceful."
"It did not sound peaceful it did not."
"I know. Yahiko."
Kenshin nodded, and smiled. He took her by her hand, gently leading her into their home. She looked over her shoulder to see if she could see him, but apparently she couldn't. She did see, however, Haruka and Sanosuke, her brother, standing in the hall.
"Is everything ok?"
"Yahiko." Kenshin simply said.
Nodding, Sanosuke pretty much understood. He smiled at his sister. She had only just recently married his best friend Kenshin. He had confided to Haruka that he rather have Yoko married to Hitokiri Battousai than to a random person. Haruka held a book in her hand. Kenshin pulled Yoko back into the room. The four of them rather stay together, especially on such cold and windy nights.
Yoko cuddled against him once they laid down, hoping for warmth. He gave some to her.

"Yoko can you help me?" Sanosuke called out, trying to get something down from the roof.
No longer having a Zanbato, Sanosuke would enlist the help of his sister.
"What is it Zanza?"
"Help me, the roof is groaning under all that weight from the snow."
Yoko put a slippered foot on Sanosuke's interlocked fingers. He suddenly raised them, throwing her in the air. Yoko did a flip and landed on her feet on the roof, slipping and grasping some tiles to keep her up.
Kenshin looked up at the roof with wide eyes as Yoko was going nuts to get the snow off. His eyes bulged out of his head, and soon became small when Yoko hit him with some snow. Kenshin quickly wiped it off and she jumped down.
She smiled at her husband and brother. Kenshin finished getting rid of the snow and looked at her.
"I wish you would be careful so I do."
"I'm sorry Kenshin."

It was snowing again, flakes of the cold white wet snow fell to the ground. Sanosuke and Yoko stood outside, watching it in normal clothing.
"It's cold." He said.
"You don't say Zanza?"
He shot a look at her, glaring at her. Then he simply thought it was a stupid thing to say because Yoko would retort back. He should have known. Smiling to himself, Sanosuke looked up, seeing the night sky littered with the snow. Arms snaked around his waist, and for a minute, Sanosuke thought they may have been his sisters.
"Come back in Sanosuke, Kenshin has the blankets pulled out and I made soup!"
"HARUKA COOKED!" Sanosuke and Yoko ran inside.
Haruka sweat dropped and followed, knowing full well the siblings preferred her to cook than Kaoru. She went in, seeing the seething look on Kaoru's face, and quickly left. She didn't want to deal with her and ran to Sanosuke. He looked at her before seeing Kaoru. Understanding, he wrapped an arm around her and helped her carry the food out to the area where they ate. They had just settled down when a argument between Kaoru and Yoko went off like a rocket.
They were screaming and fighting, Yoko grabbing her spear and Kaoru a shinai. It took Kenshin to keep them apart, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Megumi and Haruka knew better. Kenshin sweat dropped, but smiled as he pulled his wife away from the girl with the fake sword, making her sit next to Haruka. The group ate in peace. After a small snow ball fight, Yahiko left with Megumi, both going their separate ways once they reached the road.
The dojo was locked and closed for the night. Yoko allowed Kaoru to at least put a braid in her hair for the night, then she went out in search of her husband. She found Kenshin in the bath, fixing it.
"Want company?"
"If you like."

Haruka and Yoko cuddled under a blanket, hoping the guys weren't stupid enough to actually set foot in the blizzard.
"You don't think Sanosuke would really throw Kenshin into the snow, do you?"
"Oh my..."
Sure enough, when the boys came in, they were soaked, Kenshin appearing to have fallen in the snow.
They grudgingly went. Once that was settled, Haruka turned to Yoko, seeing a look on her face.
"What's wrong Yoko?"
"I...I don't think Kenshin wants me..."
"Of course he does!"
"Not sexually..."
She looked at her.
"What do you mean?"
"I-I want to do things that I know will please him..."
"H-how to please him..."
Haruka finally understood. Yoko wanted to be able to please her man more than she thought she was now. She gently faced her, hoping to get her to understand that with time, she would get better, and not be so self conscious. She started to talk to her about her days in the Red Light District. Told her what men enjoy and even, some women. Yoko's jaw dropped at this.
"G-girls like..."
"Some do, some don't."
"B-but if...if anyone else knew..."
"That's the thing, in the Red Light District, no one cares as long as you get what you want."
Yoko shook her head, but even she was curious as to what it be like to be with a girl. She sighed and hung her head.
"I won't be able to do it, I've taught myself to fight with a spear and join the army with Zanza..."
"Oh Yoko, you just don't have self confidence is all."
"I-I have p-plenty!"
"Not for anything sexual."
Yoko sighed, knowing that Haruka was right. She let herself take the blanket as she fell back onto the hard floor, groaning out.
"It's no fair! You can do great things to Zanza, I can't do crap to Kenshin!"
Haruka looked at her.
"Oh come on."
Haruka helped her up, brushing the imaginary dirt off of her arm.
"I'm sure if you put your mind to it you can manage what you really want to do!"
Haruka looked at her. She grabbed her arm, pulling her to her. The only way to get Yoko to raise her sexual self confidence was to show her what she could do. She quickly started peeling away her yukata. Before Yoko figured out what was going on, she was pretty much naked. She jumped and looked at her, jaw dropping. Haruka also dropped her jaw, she didn't realize Yoko wrapped.
She reached up carefully incase it was a wound, after all, Yoko couldn't be bigger than she was, right? Haruka found she was wrong, and realized why Yoko wrapped. She was simply too big to wield a spear in the fashion she did. She just sat there, and Haruka couldn't help but wonder if Kenshin knew of this, he must.
"Don't ask."
She nodded and looked at her, making sure that Yoko could see her hands. The brown eyed girls eyes followed her hands to her breasts, holding them as she squished them. She could see stretch marks, and marks from the bandages. She gently caused the other girl to whimper a bit in pain, but soon it was quiet, nearly held back moans. Haruka gently took a nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking kindly. She wanted to show Yoko that there was nothing to fear from her curiosity and wants.
She managed to use her legs to spread Yoko's, who was blushing red and panting. Nothing was between the yukata and skin. She wanted her to feel this. Wanted her to know that it was ok. Her folds were slick when she played gently between them, hoping to find her pleasure zone in both areas. She slipped in a finger, feeling her wetness enclose immediately after, gripping her tightly inside.
She quickly shed her own yukata, sitting naked near the other girl. She gently stroked her breast and sucked on the other, using her other hand to jab at a bundle of nerves inside of her. They hadn't heard the door open on it's track, or the light sounds of muffled feet stopping suddenly on the polished wooden floor. They didn't see the men standing there until a shocking minute when Yoko had opened her eyes.
It seemed that Haruka was the only one not affected by the shock sifting through the four bodies in the room. She only simply sat there.
"W-What..." Sano started, his eyes wide.
Kenshin on the other hand, started forward, gliding like a ghost in the death land of a battle. His violet eyes wide and staring at Yoko's chocolate ones. He had become aroused and hot by the site he had seen. He didn't know she did that.
He knelt in front of her, a flicker of Battousai in those Rurouni eyes. She made to cover herself, but with his god like speed he stopped her, grabbing her arms and chin, tilting her head to look at him. He had captured her lips in a heart stopping kiss as Sanosuke approached Haruka, who was looking at him, wiping the drool off her lip.
"She was self conscious." She told him before he even asked.
"Yoko, self conscious?" Sano looked at his wife, unable to believe his own sister could be self conscious, "But, she's the most...she couldn't be!"
"You would be surprised. Someone who is self conscious isn't likely to say it, now are they?"
"No...I guess not...And it's not exactly an area I would know of for her, is it?"
"Far from it."
She smiled up at him, not even moving to her pile of clothing. He felt aroused from this. Having been in the Red Light District, Haruka knew this area, Sano, on the other hand, have been in there, but haven't seen such things.
Haruka had an idea. She could up her confidence even more. She took ahold of Sano's jacket, and ripped it off of him as the other two were just about completely naked. She wondered if her and Sano could possibly catch up. She tore his jacket off, making him nearly fall on his knees as she ripped at the bandages. Sanosuke had to grab her wrists to prevent her from nearly cutting his stomach with her nails.
"Calm down!" He told her.
"Help me." She nodded to the now naked kissing couple on the floor.
He sighed. Sano didn't know exactly what to do. He finally gave in when she asked him another time, allowing her to strip him down. He looked over to see the other two already together. He was unsure when that took place, but was soon reminded by his memory that Kenshin had god like speed. He still could recall that battle to mind. He found himself being pulled to the floor, but all four stopped, hearing something.
Kenshin's violet eyes was round, wide, and his hand over Yoko's mouth, her tie in his other hand as he peered over his shoulder. Sano on the other hand was sitting up, kind of, Haruka in his lap and both were listening intently. All four could hear Kaoru moving about. They watched as lights went out from under the door, and her feet padding by. They all looked at each other, knowing how close they came into major trouble. After a few minutes, it picked back up.
Sano jumped when he felt Haruka put her hands on his shoulders , smiling at him. He had only blinked, and upon opening his eyes he was already sheathed. Yoko on the other hand, was flushed red, eyes and mouth trying to stay closed, her hands acting like she was trying to push her own husband off, but her nails dug into his skin. Kenshin slightly hoped that the digging of her nails wouldn't come through his skin, but Battousai the Manslayer did.
Perhaps it was the amber flashing in the violet eyes that worried Sanosuke when he saw it. But Haruka, whose arms were wrapped tight around him, hadn't seen it. Nor did he say it. He didn't want the Battousai to realize people knew he was there. Hearing his sisters cries was not what he was used to.
"What's wrong?" She whispered in his ear.
She nuzzled against him, his arms wrapping around her body gently. He soon started to like what was going on. He gently curled around her, best he could anyhow. He didn't want to slip out of her. He gently nuzzled her, feeling someones hand brush his leg. He knew right off it wasn't his wifes hand. He didn't dare chance it incase his sister didn't realize it. He was worried she was aware of it. He finally chanced a glance, seeing his older sisters fingers just inches away from his bare thigh. It definitely had been her.
He was unsure if he should swat her hand away or not. She seemed to be having a bit more fun then he was. Of course, Sano quickly wanted to compete. He took Haruka and flipped her onto her back. She was surprised, but of course, catching Yoko's eye it was obvious. They were competing. Again. She figured it was best to let him get it out of his system. He took her legs, putting them on his shoulders and thrusting back in fast as he could.
Once Yoko saw this, her eyes widened and she became fierce. Too fierce and it scared the Hitokiri side of Kenshin as she suddenly roared up. Kenshin unfortunately fell back, hitting his head off the not so polished floor, his tie snagging on a splinter. He quickly made a mental note to take care of that soon as he could. His hair came down and he felt like a shaggy done with it messed up and sticking out in all directions.
Course she didn't seem to care. She was just as determined as her brother. She rode him fast and quickly, surprising him with her speed. Both Haruka and Kenshin were slightly scared that they would kill them by fucking them. Kenshin secretly hoped his heart was in good health. Yet another mental note to ask Megumi for a check up. And perhaps get some form of money set aside just incase.
He was as fierce as she was, and Haruka couldn't help but wonder how far back this went, but if he didn't let up he would cause her to be bed ridden for days! Course it's happened before, but not by one person!
"OW OW OW OK YOU TWO!" Haruka yelled out, surprising both Sanosuke and Yoko.
They stopped long enough to look at the two they were with. Kenshin had swirls for eyes, and Haruka was giving Sano the worst look he ever seen.
"This isn't a damned contest!"
And with that said, they started back up. Haruka was about ready to take the chopsticks out of her hair and stab Sanosuke with while Kenshin may have well died from a heart attack if Yoko kept that up. Yoko was somehow giving off tiny noises, and Haruka recognized the noises and body movements as an oncoming orgasm. She watched him sit up, gently wrapped his arms around her while she shivered where she sat on her knees, hands on his arms. She watched as his red hair fell over both their shoulders, long enough and thick enough to cover even the front of Yoko's body.
She watched in slight envy as her sister in law cried out, her back arching and head thrown back. If Kenshin wasn't behind her, holding her hips and looking between them, Haruka would have thought that someone kicked her in the back. Sano on the other hand didn't even notice the other two. He was much too busy with Haruka. She felt shivers inside herself. She wanted to slap him if he kept ramming into her like that.
Just as she went to move her hand, she came without warning. Her back arched and she clenched around his shaft. Sano gave a grunt, trying hard to hold back himself. He found he was unable to, and came hard inside of her, painting her walls white.

Kenshin stood there, eyes bulging out of his head and his mouth open.
Sanosuke just stood there with a fish bone sticking out of his mouth, sweat dropping. Yoko was once again chasing Yahiko around the yard with her spear.
"UGLY UGLY UGLY!" He called to her, laughing as he ran around the yard.
Kaoru, for one, was actually enjoying herself. She never really liked Yoko, for more than one reason. Yoko was finally stopped by Haruka, who had to throw herself in the middle of the mess in order to stop it. Yahiko had a crush on her, and Yoko didn't want to kill her sister in law.
"Think things will change next year?" Kenshin asked, sweat dropping.
"Things will change when hell freezes over." Sanosuke responded.
Kenshin sweat dropped as Yoko started back up, chasing Yahiko around the yard.

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