Another Note: Crime Scenes

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Light can't help but feel like he's being watched whenever L's around, or even when he's not. It's one thing when the others don't trust him, but L? It doesn't add up. So after he rose from his slumber, he showered off then dressed, and chose the time between then and breakfast- while the detective slept- to rummage around in the bedroom. The desks are bare of anything other than notepads and pens, he even found loose candies; one drawer had a box of donuts. But nothing significant. This home seems little more than an extravagant Headquarters.

'I'm sure snooping will score trust points,' thought the nosy young man.

But he couldn't help himself and opening the closet door he unexpectedly found his gold and diamonds. The closet was packed with case boxes that are filled with beige folders. Light opened box after box glancing at the names written on the heading.

'Lauren Bates, Chaplin, Copy-Cat Killer, Augustine Hannon...' Light's golden brown gaze went from the floor to the shelf then the corner of the ceiling before the shelf. 'So many boxes with even more folders inside... It's amazing.'

The light around him dimmed, but before the snoop could decipher it as being clouds rolling through the sky from someone having snuck up on him, L tapped Light on the shoulder then spoke.

"Did you find anything interesting in there?" The detective inquired, a finger touched his smirking bottom lip.

Straightening from his stoop, and not bothering with the politeness of pretending he'd been caught doing something else, Light instead turned around and explained himself. "I was curious."

"About my past?" Wondered the detective.

L moved past Light and into the closet where he took a folder from the opened box; his gaze shifted to the box in the back that held the Death Note and information about the Kira case. He'd had the information sent to the house knowing it would go in its usual place, he hadn't bargained for needing to move it. Most people see the organized clutter, satisfied finding out that it's nothing but shut cases. It would seem a percentile ratio has come into play, that not everyone is satisfied just with overall forefront.

'It's harmless curiosity,' The detective told himself as he opened the file in his hand. 'there would be no danger if he discovered the notebook, since it's just a clone.'

And all names in the case files have been changed for security reason, so that was never a threat either. So Light could rummage through old cases all he liked. It effects nothing.

"I have to say, now I'm curious about my past myself," L went on saying. "I hear there's a birthday party documented from when I was six that they're still talking about."

"Ha ha," he set the folder back into the box then followed L out of the closet and over to the table for two. "Tell me about some of these cases," Light tapped the file on the table. "It would be nice to have an in-depth view of a case, so it isn't filled with holes from media reports."

Looking at the file, L smirked mischievously. "Maybe it should be another file, you're not ready for that one."

"Now I have to know about it," Light stood up from the chair, dashing away just in time to avoid L's swipe at the file in he'd snapped up.

The staff at the manor were buzzing about what went on upstairs in their boss's bedroom earlier in the evening. From the wait staff to the chef, their mouths never stopped moving. It sounded like an international conference was going on.

"Et tous ceux qui étaient dans la salle à manger ont pu les entendre." Whispered the main butler over his saucered cup of tea.

"Really?" replied the chef.

She was just hearing about what had happened during dinner service. According to the main butler, the entire dining room could hear the master and his lover having relations. It seemed impossible that anyone should overhear because she knows the home is, to a degree, soundproof. It must have been furniture movement. There was no way they could have heard voices.

"I for one am glad he's got something to do, to keep his mind off of Mr. Watari's death," said Duvernay in his native tongue. The rest of the staff spoke in English with their British accents, one other person spoke in Spanish and they all understood one another. "He was in a terrible state."

The other staff agreed with a nod and a murmur.

"We shouldn't be talking about master L, he didn't come here to be a spectacle..." The young man blushed. "But it is kind of exciting to see such a scandal."

"Scandal?" Duvernay wondered.

"Mr. Yagami used to be a serial killer." Said the upstairs butler, his Spanish accent melded with the English language as he says so, and he corrected himself by adding. "The serial killer."

"You don't mean?" He watched the Hispanic butler nod his head, his curly hair bounced with the movement. "Good heavens." Duvernay looked out the kitchen entrance up to where the stairs were, as though he could see the couple lying in bed after their romp. Were they a couple? That was it, much too personal and an invasion of privacy, he washed his hands of it.

The chef was setting food on the plates for L's and Light's late dinner, then she set it down on a tray. "Take these upstairs, and please don't be nosy about it." A silver cloche is placed over the plates of food before the tray is lifted from the counter and handed to Javier Primera, the upstairs butler, to take to them.

The young man gave a thumbs up that he'd be discrete and not try to linger in the bedroom or assess the positions in the situation. He'd do his job as he's trained to. But before he could step into the hallway he was struck frozen by masters Mello and Matt exiting their bedroom. They were in such a hurry their steps were almost thunderous like a stampede, and Javier could tell they were headed for the lord of the house's bedroom.

The pair had arrived back at the home in a bitter state. Duvernay offered them repast but they didn't so much as glance in his general direction, much less say 'no'. They just moved up the stairs and into the room that they seemed to prefer sharing. Javier turned at the doorway with wonder in his blue eyes about if he should continue upstairs with the food or give them their space?

The rest of the staff were at a loss, throwing their hands up in the debate.

"Just hand me the tray, novice." He took the tray from the young man. "I'll deliver the dinners. You all clean up for the night."

"Sir!" They replied with a straightened back in lieu of a salute.

Mello knocked on the door before shoving it open; his charge was stopped by the horrific sight before him. It was equivalent to seeing your parents having sex, only this was much, much worse. Intimacy. The kind where one looks differently sounds different, and where one is different in the private company of each other.

Mello held his cringe when seeing L and Light in suspended animation of L trying to retrieve a case file folder from the serial killer's hand. But the part that disturbed him is that L wasn't reaching with conviction and Light wasn't holding it away in the same. They're smiling and looking playfully into each other's faces, until noticing the blond then they dropped their stances.

"Mello?" L stuffed his hands into his pockets then strolled over to the intruder; the need to retrieve whatever it is that Light's holding now gone and he's back to being the mysterious World's Greatest Detective, rather than a man in a relationship.

Matt hung back not wanting to just throw himself inside as Mello did, and from the pause in the doorway, he knew he was right to linger behind. But when hearing L speak he then followed his boss inside.

"We saw our guy," Mello declared while taking a seat comfortably at the computer desk with one leg on the floor and the other thrown over the arm of the chair. Two can play at this game. If Light wanted to behave like he wasn't an outsider or not a stranger to L, he could as well. "But he was either too quick or he pulled a fast one on us because we were practically at his heels... but by the time Matt and I cleared the exit, he wasn't even an after-image."

Matt rummaged through the desk for pencil and paper, while Mello informed them about what had happened, then he scribbled furiously across the blank sheet turning it around after the finishing touches were made. "The kid was almost right, but the unsub actually looked like this," he's pleased to see the surprised look on their faces, it's the same one he and Mello sported when the killer had paraded before them like it was a fun game of tag. "Not exactly Frankenstein is it? That or he likes playing dress up. ...She got the hat right, though."

"Baron Samedi?" Light took the notepad. "Why would anyone dress like that to commit murder? There has to be some kind of significance to it." He hands the pad over to L. "Does Near know? Was he with you guys?"

"No. He left the country to see to another job," Mello explained taking the notepad back from L. Mello left out the part where he doesn't plan on telling Near. "We were at the club when the guy just raised his glass to me, when I locked eyes with his- or with his sunglasses anyway- he bolted."

Light grabbed his chin in thought. "So he knows that we- specifically- are investigating, and he followed you?"

"I'm positive he doesn't know where we're staying," Mello answered though he's looking at L when saying this, "he found out where we were going because of Gevanni's computer. He hacked it and overheard our conversation about wanting to go to the club."

"Is the line still there?" Light asked Matt this, knowing that he's the genius techie in the house.

"Couldn't risk it. He hadn't done it, but if he tapped into more than the audio feed, he could track the laptop and find the address. The computer's debugged and protected now." Nodding his head in the direction of the exit, he added. "The back door I used to send him a virus could get us back in, but I really think we should leave it alone if he could still mess with the audio even after I gave him a virus."

Matt wasn't one to toot-his-own-horn, but he damn well knows that he is one of the best of the best when it came to technology. The unsub must have gotten back in from a different computer. He had only been in the process of encrypting Gevanni's computer, he could have snuck by when he left the screen for the bathroom or to get something to eat. Not to mention that little break he took to catch up on his gaming. It was a slow day, he's allowed breaks.

A knock on the door quieted them and the main butler slid the cart into the room and over to the small table. He said nothing as he set the table for the late diners, then he left the room closing the door softly behind him.

Light could smell the slices of roast lamb and a dollop of mint jelly on the side in a dish, the buttery scent wafting from the creamed spinach pie with fresh herbs wasn't bad either. He moved over to the table but kept himself engaged in the conversation while he dined. L wasn't as polite and emersed himself in the delicious spread of chocolate french horns piped with clotted amaretto cream, laying over a bedding of sweet cherries that had been lit on fire before serving, then dressed with thick white chocolate drizzles.

Mello and Matt watched from the distance at L dunking torn chunks of pastry through the cherry juices that leaked free during their flame bath. The man looked like he could die happy; Mello blinked from his stupor then continued with the conversation.

"We also cracked the ciphers," he flicked his hand to Matt telling him to give the sheet of paper to Light. "It was so simple it's almost laughable."

The comment was rightly used, because when Light looked it over he could have laughed. How could they have missed it? He knew how. The numbers were throwing them off for more of that 'misdirection' the killer loved so much. But it was simple Wheel-of-Fortune.

"He dresses as a God of Death who decides who lives or dies," Light missed the held breathes upon his saying this, "but he wants to be noticed... Why hide your face? It's so inconsistent, what's this guy really after? Attention? Or is he simply a sociopath?"

Matt spoke up then to say. "He definitely knows what he's doing, a psycho wouldn't take the time to kill then leave messages at the crime scene."

"Perhaps," L drawled out lazily as he watched a strand of white chocolate thinning out from the chunk of pastry pinched between his fingers. "there's something distinctive about him, more than the accent of his voice that would give him away?"

"A scar or even a missing eye?" Light mused after setting down his fork. Unless the guy was so ugly there would be no mistaking him even in a room full of goblins, then it could only be something too big to hide even with make-up.

"The Baron Samedi?" Mello repeated looking at the photo.

"His description is all over the place, but the whole of it is that he takes the lives of people scheduled to die... Kind of like a living, partying, Judgement Day." Matt turned off his phone that he was checking the internet on, reading off the content to them. "Samedi loves drinking rum, smoking cigars, womanizing... Not exactly the enforcer of fear, until the time comes then he reaps you and drops your corpse into the coffin he drags around."

"There was no coffin." Commented Mello standing from the chair.

"Maybe we're not on his list- that's assuming he has one." Matt shrugged a hand.

L stood from his seat, finished with his dinner, and he steered Mello and Matt to the door. "I'd like a word with the two of you, please."

Confused, but compliant, they follow L from the room. The scuffling detective walked down the few stairs out of his bedroom and down the hall away from the door. Mello thankfully didn't bump into him when he stopped moving, though he was following closely enough.

"This case is beginning to sound familiar." L said when turning to face the pair.

"I know what you mean, it's exactly like the second Kira in some ways." Mello agreed, "to dress like that... If Baron Samedi's legacy is being implicated in this situation, then we could figure it towards the second Kira's abilities. Those victims could have been slated for death by some other means, a break-in, or a sick and stalkerish employee..." He was referring to the victims in the hotel.

"We certainly have no way of knowing it, because the victims have nothing in common outside of look-alikes."

"What if that's the catch?" Mello pondered out loud. "What if the lookalikes are a hidden meaning that the case should look familiar to us? What if this is another Kira case?"

L bit at his thumbnail and when dropping his hand into his pocket he looked over to where his bedroom is, not surprised to see a ghostly shadow beside the slightly opened door. "If it is another notebook case, then I'll leave the country and leave you to your work here. I don't need to tell you that certain persons can't be around the situation, the risk is too high."

Mello scoffed over that statement being one of the year's. Crossing his arms, he couldn't help having a daydream of a horrible revisit of the paddle ball that is the Death Note. Anyone, good or bad, could get their hands on one and use it for their own devices. But who would recognize them to the case and then throw it in their faces?

"L?" Mello paused and looked over his shoulder. "Was Amane's body found?"

"Yes, put in the morgue and autopsied." Replied the detective. "She was very dead and buried."

He didn't have to ask if blood work was done on the body, enough people had seen her jump from the bridge, the rescue workers had gotten there in time to fish her out before she sank low and deeper to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen again. No. It couldn't be Amane. She wasn't in the water long enough to be bloated just long enough to have drowned.

"I can run a background check on Amane's friend, the one that was questioned for helping her mail the tapes." Matt jumped in.

"That would be a good idea. We don't know how much she was in on what was happening with Miss Amane." L watched the shadow move from the door; leaning forward he whispered. "The house has cameras, but mind your words from now on in concern to the case."

"Right." Mello touched L's shoulder to show him that he understood.

L looked down at the touch then over at the person who'd done it. A small smile crossed the detective's lips then he touched Mello in the same.

"While I'm at it, I'll pull up the video feed from the club," Matt raised the goggles around his neck and placed them over his eyes, it was going to be a sleepless night tonight. "Maybe we can see our guy's movements after he left the club."

"Good night. I'll see you at breakfast; we can eat together." L walked back to his room, closing the door.

Mello felt good from their talk. Light wasn't included. And though the door had been closed to the bedroom, it hadn't been closed to them metaphorically. Draping an arm around Matt, he marched them towards their room.

"I'll get some coffee sent up." He gave the techie a push into the bedroom then walked downstairs to the kitchen for the caffeine fix to keep them on their toes.

0 0 0

Near walked into the manor from a successful job and now he could use a good days rest, but he was distracted by the sound of conversation and... death? Screams of agony filled the air followed by retaliation battle cries. Walking into the sitting room he sees Light and Mello having a cup of coffee while jotting down notes and talking about the case. The majority of the sound was coming from the large flat-screen television against the wall in the room, where Matt and L are playing some horrific shooter game.

"Would you like something to eat, master Near?" Duvernay asked, appearing behind the young detective; one of the other members of the staff removed the younger detective's bags and took them upstairs to his bedroom.

"Something light, a sandwich and some carrot sticks." Replied Near turning away from the scene with a yawn to his palm. Jet lag was never fun.

"What would you like to drink?" The butler then inquired.

"A glass of milk, thanks."

"As you wish." With a curt bow, the butler left the room to retrieve Near's repast.

Gevanni followed Near up to his bedroom closing the door but leaving a crack. "What do you think that was about?"

"I imagine they're operating on lack of sleep as well." Replied Near stripping from his usual attire to change into something clean after a quick shower. "The whole scene seems a little out of place; check the police records while I shower, maybe there's been some progress with the case." He doubted Scotland Yard may have found something they'd missed, but it was worth a shot to look, and anything was a leg in the right direction.

Gevanni snuck a peek at the free show then opened his laptop; the one he brought with him for the other case, not the one that had been hacked. He grimaced at the post-it stuck on the screen that had a little doodle of Matt on it, smoking and giving a peace sign to him with the words: 'Clean' printed in the haze of smoke.

'Youth. Though to be fair they're not much away from my age, but oh what a couple years difference makes in comparison.' His green gaze traveled to the bathroom where shower water was running. 'Then again, Near's younger than all of us, and he's three times more mature, save aside the thing with toys.'

A knock on the door got him up from the seat and he allowed the upstair's butler access to their room to drop off the food for them. He hadn't made any requests so he would be partaking of the same meal Near had asked for.

'I could really go for a burger,' he thought as he bit into a roast beef sandwich, 'a sandwich and carrot sticks seems more like a school lunch packed by mom.' He took a sip of his milk wishing it was a beer or wine.

"There's still hot water if you're planning on showering in here." Commented his boss, as he departed the bathroom.

"There's enough hot water to bathe the army if they all shower as quickly as you had," He smirked at the vacant blink his comment earned from Near.

Gevanni turned his eyes away when Near seated himself across from him in the armchair in his usual manner of one leg bent to rest a foot on the chair and the other remaining down, foot on the floor; the lower part of the Turkish cloth bathrobe left nothing to the imagination. But the agent politely kept his vision on the screen- most of the time. But when his boss reached for the glass of milk causing the loose tie to come undone around his waist, leaving him utterly exposed to him, Gevanni excused himself from the table. Taking his laptop over to the couch he sat down at a safe distance in the safe zone.

Smirking, Near commented on the hasty retreat of his subordinate. "My mistake, I really should exercise better decorum."

"Would you, please?" Replied Gevanni light-heartedly but utterly serious as well. "Isn't it enough that there are cameras everywhere, but you have to make it seem like it's my fault I want to get in your pants."

"Isn't it? By law, I'm just a minor who doesn't know what he's doing."

Gevanni swallowed down the sickening feeling in his stomach that bubbled to the surface. He can't go on being manipulated by someone younger than him, then teased about giving into his baser needs.

Stacking his carrots, then Gevanni's, into a pyramid, Near asked. "Did you find anything while going through the police reports?" An orange stick wavered at the peak of the tower then it moved away from the pile to the young detective's mouth.

"Nothing new on their end."

Looking at the stack of letters resting on the table beside the door, Near left his seat at the table to retrieve the mail. "This is interesting?"


"Looks as though Matt and Mello came to the same results of the ciphers as we had." He turned a scrap of paper in his hand showing it to Gevanni from the distance.

It was either left by the pair as a 'welcome home' gift or a 'nyaah-nyaah, we solved it first' should Near's team not have gotten there as they had. He supposed it depended on whom left the paper. Near got his revelation on the plane home as he played Scrabble between the seats with Rester. It was the score point number over the letter that had him thinking about Wheel-of-Fortune which brought the ciphers to mind. Puzzle solved.

0 0 0

Ian was so overjoyed by the luck he had today. The sun is shining brightly in the sky, there are clouds but none threatening rain with gray tones. They're all puffy and white. All his little friends are having a ball in the bounce house and playing Duck-Duck-Goose; his best friend Nathan is enjoying the food set out on the table; his dad is doing the grilling.

The birthday boy was enjoying candy from his party favor bag when his mother called all the kids to her, so they could play a game of Hide-n-Seek. He loves the game! He was never found, and always found his friends whenever he was the seeker.

"Ian, would you like to start out as a hider or seeker?" Asked his mum over the noisy bunch.

"Ummm, hider!"

"Alright, Paul you can seek first." Clapping her hands she then said. "Okay, everybody run and hide you've got 'til twenty- let's move!"

The kids scrambled to their feet and bolt around the park for hiding places. The game went on for a good hour until the birthday boy finally took a turn for seeking. He called out names of his friends as he found them; he roared with laughter as he chased them to base; but there was one kid missing out of twelve. Ian knew Bryan was good at hiding, but he hadn't expected him to be this good.

"Where aaaare yoouuu?" He taunted. Looking around him he sighed.

A gust of wind tugged a nut from the tree above his head causing him to look up. He thought he'd see a sneaky squirrel laughing it up; as only a seven-year-old could imagine. But what he saw was a boy.

"Hey! Are you here for my party?" He called up to the child. The boy looked a bit older than him, maybe 10 or 11-years-old, but Ian's friendly and wouldn't exclude a kid from the festivities just because he doesn't know him. "You can come on down; if you're playing the game, this means you've been found out."

The older boy doesn't move, he just sat up in the tree looking down at him.

"Are you all right?" Figuring the tree top kid was afraid to climb down to a degree of paralysis, he scuttled off to go get his mother.

When the two returned he pointed the boy out.

"Come on down, then!" She called up to him. "I'll help you, don't be afraid."

But the wind beat her to it, knocking the paralyzed child off his perch and into the waiting arms of Ian's mother.

"Poor thing's frozen stiff." She declared. Holding him out at arm's length her eyes went wide at the sight of him, and she let out a scream heard round the park.

The gathered kids looked on screaming as well at the sight of a young boy, whose eyes have been burned out...

0 0 0

"I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that Ellis Quimby's project is to be kept a secret from the police, as well as the press. It'll give it a life it doesn't need, and lead to more killing than is necessary." L was saying to the trio, who're on their way out of the living room to relocate to the dining room for lunch. They've had enough fun and games for one day, at least, Matt and L had. Light and Mello had been going over notes though sitting together the two weren't in a companionable company.

"By the way," Matt began walking backward as he spoke to them, "the video feed is some bullshit, because I couldn't find it. They must be on VHS which means I have to retrieve the tapes." He shrugged a hand. "I can only hope the footage hasn't been gone over by now. I'll be back in an hour or so..." That said, he parted through their trek to the dining room to make his way to the garage.

Mello was not about to spend the afternoon lunching with Kira, but he was interested in spending some time with L, so he endured the unwanted company and took his seat at the long wooden table.

Taking a seat on the right of the head of the table where L seated; Mello reached for a candy bar in his pocket, even as the maid began setting their plate before them; snapping off a bite he chewed the rich Norwegian chocolate bar that stood airborn from the break past his lips into his mouth. He tries to be inconspicuous with his staring at the detective; the man wasn't easy to talk too much less start up conversations with. Light didn't seem to have a problem with it, as he said in a casual manner.

"Could you maybe have more than a fruit salad for lunch?"

The new agent raised his brows when L's appetite allowed him to pause and look at Light with wonder over his sanity to ask such a question. If not a fruit salad than what exactly was he supposed to eat?

"Look, this cob salad is delicious... and it's sweet corn." He held the loaded fork over to the detective. "Have some."

L blinked at his significant other then looked over to Mello. "How has Matt been since he left the hospital?"

"Good. I'm making sure he's not overdoing it with the meds... I don't even think he needs them anymore." He took another snap from his candy bar. "Once in a while I'll catch him spacing out, but he gets it back quick enough."

L nodded a response.

Light couldn't help thinking about his own injuries, and the tremble in his right hand where the bullet tore through it. 'At least Matt had been harmed in action, I was shot by a fool.' Light's trembling hand balled up into an angered fist.

"L, could you tell me some stories about Wammy's before- back when it was just you, A and B?" He didn't wanna thank Light for the opening, but it was good that it was there.

"Wammy's before?" His index finger went thoughtfully to his lips. He didn't know where to start. He'd actually lived very isolated within the house. It was his choosing. "Mmm..." Droned the detective's deep voice.

Television Reporter: "A macabre birthday party has gone on in St. Giles Hills park, where a child has found a young stranger hiding in a tree during a game of hide-n-seek. The sobbing child reported that he called up to the boy, telling him that he was seen but when the tree-top boy didn't move, he called for his mother believing the boy was stuck, and afraid to come down."

The three watch the television, that had been turned on before they'd entered the dining room as all televisions in the home are when the detectives and agents move about. It was one of the official rules for the help.

Mello could have kicked the murderer. Couldn't they have some solid home time with the detective and not always be out on the field weeding through the messes he's made. Realizing luncheon was over, he grabbed a brownie from the serving tray on the sideboard to eat on the drive to the park.

'I'd rather take a bike, but God forbid pretty-boy learn how to drive.' Though he doesn't really blame Light too much, since you have to drive on the other side of the street. It could really jack up even the most seasoned of drivers. He had the luxury of riding bikes to get his traffic legs.

"You go on without me, I'll wait here for Matt." Light said continuing with his meal.

Nodding, Mello then left the dining room. 'Thank you.' He said to the wind.

"Liiight," L drawled while sorting through the whipped cream coated fruits for a specific one to partake of. "I hope you're not staying here because you're allowing Mello to intimidate you?" He slurped the cream from his fingers once a large winter melon slid past his lips. "Mmm." He voiced his pleasure.

"Hn. Hardly. I wanted to stay and help Near's team today," replied the new recruit. "I figure I could divide my expertise and knowledge between both investigative teams."

"That's fair reasoning." Opening wide for a chunk of pineapple, he nearly gagged when Light shoved a spoonful of salad into his mouth in the fruit's place. L made a disgruntled tone but reluctantly chewed and swallowed the bite.

Light smiled smugly over his payback for L's comment. That the detective would even think he'd be intimidated by anyone was laughable.

0 0 0

Light walked into Near's room after cleaning off the whipped cream flung at his face from L's retaliation over the cob salad. The detective could be so immature. A five-year-old behaves better than him. The agent got a sense he was intruding on something when he found Near getting out of bed with nimble fingers carefully doing up the buttons on his white shirt. But he has just gotten back from a trip and could have just finished napping.

"Near, the unsub was stalking Mello and Matt last night at a club they visited," He said before any awkward explanations could be exchanged about the state-of-undress.

Gevanni is on the couch with his laptop; he looks about as he usual does in his attire, he's just missing a coat and tie. But that's to be expected when you're not on site. Light remained standing as he spoke, unsure of whether or not he'd planned on staying in the room with them or gone back to work with L and whatever the detective would be doing for the day. He had no doubt that L would be busy because once the M's left their bedroom L didn't return to bed after his meal, as he had, the detective began work on his computer.

"And?" Replied Near walking over to the couch where he sat beside Gevanni.

"He was dressed as Baron Samedi."

"A god of the underworld, huh? That's certainly a far leap from a B-movie monster." Mused the detective. "But, I suppose from a little girl's perspective he could be seen as a Frankenstein."

Near recalled the appearance of the Baron being that of a patch-mouthed skeleton. But that isn't saying much seeing that there are at least five variations of its likeness, thanks to pop-culture. But it would seem the unsub is going by the New Orleans version based on the African appearance of the Baron.

"It doesn't help with the case exactly, but we, at least, know he walks around the city disguised that way if he's willing to hide his appearance, and approach a little girl like that, and also follow Matt and Mello around."

"Too bad we have no real lead to his victimology outside of twins and look-alikes; he's just picking people at random. It would have been clearer if all the victims were twins."

"Looks like we may have another misdirection in the case," Light looked at the television that's turned on the Channel 20 news station.

"I've already got Rester out there collecting evidence; if you'd care to join him, by all means." Commented Near. "Gevanni and I aren't doing anything pertaining this case until he sends his findings to us."

Light was being dismissed, that much was obvious. But he was already on his way out the door to join L.

At the nightclub downtown. Matt is watching the video feed from yesterday; the club owner stood nearby, watching as well. Nothing happened last night so he couldn't understand why the police would want to see their security videos. The red haired F.B.I guy wouldn't tell him the specifics, just flashed him his credentials and asked to see the footage.

A stream of smoke shot from the agent's mouth in the direction of the screen. Matt's brown gaze looked past the unsub to the bartender. "Can you give me the employee's name and number? I need to question him."

"He's not in trouble, is he?" The owner scratched at the part of his head that held hair, distress wrinkled his 40-year-old face. "Mac's our best bartender, he never does a thing." The man seemed to be grasping at straws over how to exonerate his employee. "He knows a fake I.D. when he sees one, and never lets a woman get pushed around."

Matt cast the man a 'spare me' glance. 'Why is this place so out-dated? I could have zoomed in if it weren't for the VHS.' Thought the techie. 'Duh.' Popping the video from the VCR he held it up for the man to see. "I'm taking this with me. Get your employee down here so I can talk to him before I leave- and don't tip him off, I'll be listening."

The owner looked spooked by the comment; now he knew he was going to be sick. What if his bartender has done something? Or was he in cahoots with this madman dressed as a skeleton? Would he be tried as an accessory of an accessory, or simply get a slap on the wrist? The man speed dialed his employee with a trembling finger, but his voice remained stable as he spoke.

"Mac, I'm gonna need you to come in for a while to help with a shipment. Rob's got a bad back, you know how it is?" He listens to his man then nods. "See you then." Hanging up, he looked at the agent. "He's not in trouble is he?"

"We'll see." Replied the techie.

He's been around Mello long enough in his lover's mob life days to know how to shake confessions from people. They only have to believe there's a problem and that they could be a party to it, and watch them squeal on each other like little piggies.

"You can go about your usual business here, but don't leave the building- and don't call this Mac of yours in private."

"I wouldn't have the time to, he lives a block away. He'll be here in ten minutes time."

Matt took a seat on a bar stool; tapping the video tape thoughtfully in his palm. He knew it was a stretch converting the footage onto DVD then uploading it to his computer, he wasn't sure what he'd find at a closer range but it was better to know the situation from every angle. Looking about, he noticed that the bar looked different with the natural lighting turned on and the lack of smoke screen, and half nude grinding people. Put up some shelves with books, it could even pass for a library- a library with a bar anyway.

As the club owner had said, Mac Hall showed up ten minutes from being called. The squared-off man had a big grin on his face as he stepped into the workplace, but his smile wavered when seeing a stranger sitting at his bar. Must be a newbie who needs the training to work the nozzles or some other meager tasks.

"Mr. Hall, I'm Matt Sadler with the F.B.I. I'd like to speak with you about yesterday night." He put his credentials back in his pocket. "You're welcomed to stay, Mr. Goffe."

"Okay, but if this is about that underaged girl- I swear I didn't serve her." Mac took a seat beside Matt.

The employee looked at the agent with suspicion. He doesn't look like any agent he's ever seen. Shouldn't he be wearing a suit and tie or something more official than tight jeans and fitted brown and black stripped shirt?

Noticing the look, Matt shifted in his seat. "I was off-duty but got called in for this." He shrugged a shoulder. "Last night you served a man dressed like a skeleton," Matt purposefully doesn't specify the Baron because he doesn't want it to go public. "Did he do anything out of the ordinary? What did he order? How was his demeanor?"

"I get a lot of weirdos in here, it's a nightclub after all- we even have theme nights." The man beamed a perfect row of teeth at the agent. "It was my idea, they don't usually do that sort of thing in the UK."

"You're not from here?"

"I'm an American; you may have noticed the lack of accent."

Matt had noticed that, but then the club owner doesn't have much of an accent either, though the man is for sure an Englishmen. He'd just assumed the bartender had lost his. "And the rest?"

"Let's see... He took his time looking over the selections on the shelf before asking me for rum." The bartender pointed to a specific bottle. "He was adamant that it be from that bottle... He had such a weird way of speaking, like he was trying to get a loogie out of his throat." The man became animated as he tried to imitate the unsub's way of speaking. "It was like.. it sounded like this," he cleared his throat before quoting the man. "Can hi get a hrum? From that bottle right there."

Matt looked at the bottle Mac Hall was pointing to. Climbing over the bar, he picked the bottle up and looked it over. What could be so special about this bottle than any of the others that were the same kind of rum? He looked over each bottle and they were all the same. Was it just a nothing sort of thing?

"It was kind of annoying how insistent he was about it. There was already a dark rum open, and when I reached for a closed one other than that one you're holding, he did this click thing in his throat and asked again that I use that bottle."

Matt again looked at the bottle. "I'm taking this as evidence," He informed the bartender, who threw his hands up as if to say 'he's never seen the thing before in his life'. It was good that he cooperated, it made his job easier. 'Tapes, liquor... I should stop somewhere for fish and chips. I can find one of those faster than I could find a burger place.'

"He was very relaxed except for that the insistence of the bottle, he didn't seem strange to me at all." Mac's voice cut through Matt's mental luncheon. "He sat and drank three shots before turning and watching the dance floor. He didn't talk to me beyond that, then he left in a hurry."

'That's when he was being chased by me and Mello.' Figured the techie.

"I think he might have some pretty deep pockets, too," recalled the bartender. "His cigar smelled expensive- you might know the kind if you looked it up- I never touch the stuff." He was referring to the fact that Matt also smelled like nicotine, which meant he as a smoker of some kind.

"Can you remember anything else?"

Mac Hall thought about it; his blue eyes spaced out as he stared up at the ceiling. "You ever meet someone who makes your hairs stand-on-end- even though they haven't done anything?"

'No.' Thought Matt in reply.

"Half the people sitting at the bar were watching the women dancing out on the floor, but this guy... Even something as normal as that seemed... awkward? I can't think of the right word, but it seemed like an act just to sit there. Isn't that weird, or is it just me?"

'Everything about the guy is weird.'

Matt took his leave of the place then went for lunch. That's when he got a call from Mello.

"We've got another body."

x x x

Commentary: If you wanna just be sickened and scared out of your mind, while somehow finding inspiration from it, you should see the horror that's befallen our Death Note. Some donk made it a drama, and it's... eeeeeeee. My beautiful Near has been ruined! And Light fans who don't like Misa will be seeing whatever they last ate because in this show Light is the one obsessed with Misa. Not cool. *sigh* The only plus is the interesting idea of Near making dolls of them and having D.I.D with them, that was cool. In the future, I'd play with that idea.

Thanks for reading, it makes my day knowing that you are. And if there are any mistakes, I'll fix them when I see them. Everything looks different when posted.

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