New Found Brotherhood

BY : TheHorneyScorpio
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“Luffy what are you doing!?”

Ace had turned around to see Luffy shirtless as he was struggling to shimmey out of his pants by tugging on them with what looked like the force of a half awake body.

“Im getting really hot right now guys…”

Luffy had now removed his shorts and tossed them right on top of Shanks’ hat which was on the ground to stop it from blowing away. Luffy was left in nothing but his underwear which was showing a tent protruding from within, visible to both Ace and Sabo who was already shirtless and taking light sips of the sake straight from the bottle.

Why is my pee pee so hard? Luffy just stared at the new sensation going through his body as he looked down at his underwear to see his confined briefs stretching to make room for the new protrusion

“Sabo! Aren’t you gonna do anything about this!?”

Ace couldn’t believe how his new siblings were acting, especially Luffy getting naked shortly after gaining new brothers for life.

Sabo took one more sip while laying down on the grass to look at Ace with a surprising dazed look in his eyes

“Relax Ace, Luffy’s just too hot that’s all”

 As Sabo said that though Ace couldn’t help but notice the blonde boy stealing glances at the almost naked child who was only a few feet away, licking his lips as she gazed at Luffy, Sabo then returned his attention back to Ace who was seriously killing the mood right now

“If you don’t like Luffy getting comfortable then your gonna have a hard time being his new brother you know”

Ace thought about it for a minute and realized that this was gonna be something he would probably have to deal with seeing as now they were gonna live together. Maybe he needed to apologize to both of his brothers before this day is over to keep this new family celebration on a positive note.

While deep in thought, Ace was suddenly interrupted to see something quickly fly right past his face and land behind him. As Ace was startled his looked down on Sabo to notice that Sabo was now completely naked in front of him, realizing that his pants along with his briefs were flung away close to the pile that of clothes that Luffy had previously made.

“Sabo! Why are you doing this too!?”

“What?” Sabo said right after another swig of sake left his lips, getting comfortable by laying on the grassy field in full view of Ace as if nothing was out of the ordinary “Im getting hot too, if you want you could join us Ace”

Ace tried to shield his eyes from this new sight out of respect for his brother, but before he could cover them properly, he did notice Sabo’s penis was hard like Luffy’s, but unlike Luffy’s, he could clearly see it in its full glory, thankfully this part of the woods were secluded enough that no strangers would walk in on this “celebration” , at least not without making plenty of noise to alert them of any unwanted guests

“No Sabo, I don’t wanna get naked, even if it is getting a bit warm outside for me too”

“Awwww come on Ace, you should get comfortable too!”

Ace turned around to see Luffy naked like a jaybird too! With still a boner just like Sabo, Luffy was now running over to Ace and tackled Ace to the ground which made Ace and Luffy land right on Sabo making an accidental dog pile, knocking the sake bottle out of his hand.

Ace was not comfortable with the naked oreo he found himself in Luffy on top and Sabo on bottom, Sabo and Ace had accidentally lock lips when Ace tumbled down, all the while Ace feeling both Luffy and Sabo’s naked bodies and hard boners on his clothes, Ace’s penis was practically touching Sabo’s in not for the fabric between them, making things a bit more awkward for the black haired boy. As the two boys noticed what had happened, Ace tried to quickly remove his lips from Sabo’s as he tried to pick himself up. Though as Ace was trying to do this, it almost seemed as if Sabo’s lips didn’t want to let go of his new brothers.

“What is going on with you two!!!!?” Ace yelled looking down on the two naked boys who were obviously out of their minds at this point, as Ace tried to straighten out his feeling on the physical contact he just experienced, he noticed the Sake bottle that turned to its side with what looked like a big warning label on it, Ace picked it up to look closer at the label while his new brothers were obviously still lost in their current haze.

Warning, should not be consumed no more than 2 ounces worth within a 2 hour period or may cause spikes in arousal, memory loss, and abnormal bits of sudden warmth to consumer, should not be consumed by devil-fruit eaters else they suffer more severe fits of the previously mentioned side-effects.

So that’s why they're acting this way, Sabo figured as he looked down to see his brothers coming to from the tackle Luffy caused. Sabo drank a lot so he’s going through what Luffy’s going through, but Luffy is a devil fruit user, so he must be having it worse. When Ace looked down on his brothers, he had noticed that Luffy and Sabo were now kissing each other as Sabo was on top!

Ace was nothing short of shocked as he saw Luffy and Sabo, his new siblings, exchange saliva like it was their last days on earth! Both boys had their eyes closed but they were making out like they’ve done it for years, all the while their bodies were pressed up together as if trying to make diamonds between their stomachs. All the while, Ace caught a glimpse of tongues wrestling each other before disappearing between two young pairs of lips.

Ace tried his hardest to not stop these two from doing what they were doing, but then he remembered that this was simply a result from the Sake, and rather than trying to separate the two from this….embrace, Ace though maybe it was better to not get involved with this little act and simply wait for his brothers to come to their senses….of for them to run out of energy, which didn’t appear to be the case in the next couple of hours with the way they were ferociously kissing each other.




For what must have been ten minutes, the two boys haven’t even shown signs of slowing down and have only stopped once to flip Luffy on top, yet still with the same vigor from when they started, Ace simply stared at the show the whole time all the more being a bit turned on by this display in front of him. Ace had settled in a position away from the couple that gave him the best view of their butts and balls touching each other as they grinding their bodies against each other. Despite seeing them naked only a handful of times before this, Ace could easily tell the younger pair of balls from the older pair, even without the slight changes in skin color. Seeing this and the activity in front of him had made Ace almost a bit jealous of the fact that he isn’t a part of it, yeah it may be wrong that they’re his new family, but there’s a chance that they wouldn’t even remember this is the warning label on the bottle was any indication.

Ace was broken from his silent viewing when he saw Sabo move off of Luffy and stood up before the young boy gasping for what must have been his first breath of fresh air from when they started, his penis standing at attention as it did from earlier. Luffy, completely unsurprised by Sabo’s actions simply picked himself up and stood on his knees looking up at Sabo with a loving gaze mixed with confusion, the effects of the alcohol still in effect while his penis was still just as hard as Sabo’s. Luffy had taken a good look at Sabo staring down on him and watched as Sabo grasped Luffy’s head with one hand and brought it colliding to his naked hip. Luffy didn’t even struggle or react when Sabo did this and Luffy’s eyes meet Sabo’s penis. On what must have been pure instinct, Luffy opened his mouth and slid Sabo’s penis into his mouth as Sabo guided him to it.

Ace couldn’t believe how they were acting right now and if he hadn’t known any better, he would have said they were possessed by naughty demons. Ace also couldn’t believe how Luffy devoured Sabo’s penis as if he was trying to extract candy from it. During Luffy’s eager efforts, Sabo’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed the work Luffy was doing to him, all while humping luffy’s head while still gripping Luffy’s hair for dear life, yet Luffy didn’t even acknowledge the almost violent hair groping or face humping on behalf of Sabo.

Seeing all of this happen before his eyes had only made Ace even more horny as he felt his pants grow tighter from this constant stimulus.

Well if we wont remember any of this, then why should they have all the fun without me?

Luffy wanted me to join in, and Sabo wouldn’t have argued, even if its just the Sake going to their heads they sure are having a good time.

Well, this is a party after all…

Ace took one last look at the Sake, with over half a bottle left given their toast from before and Sabo’s drinking and took two whole gulps of it before placing the bottle down. Ace also made the decision of taking of his clothes in order to be more comfortable when the sake kicks in, as well as to feel less awkward being the only clothed brother in the group. As Ace placed the clothes away, he began to feel the Sake work its magic as his penis felt almost aching to him, and he looked at his brothers, which were now laying on the grass with more longing, he especially grew jealous of Sabo for hogging Luffy and his enthusiastic efforts all to himself, time for that to change….


With his own boner now freed from its confines, Ace made his way to the couple and pulled Luffy from his work, an audible pop was made when Luffy was removed from Sabo’s penis.

Luffy had taken one look at Ace and with the same dazed expression, he had at the start and said in a noticeably happy grin “Ace your gonna play too?”

To which Ace replied with “Yes Luffy, what are brothers for?”

To this, Luffy’s grin got even more cheerful as Luffy gave Ace a hug, their boners making contact before pressing against each others bodies.

The hug lasted a good two seconds before Ace felt something press against his back until a pair of arms reached behind Ace and held Luffy.

“Glad you could play Ace” Sabo said, his voice suddenly having a lot more shuddering effect to Ace, though most likely from the Sake.

“I couldn’t let you keep him for yourself now could I” Ace replied with a small grin. Ace heard Luffy giggle as he heard Sabo give a soft chuckle as he removed himself from the hug, slapping Ace on the butt, and then walking away from the hug as he sat down next to the bottle of Sake, grabbing the bottle and taking a swig as he settled to get more comfortable.

Ace knew this meant Luffy was all his for the next few minutes and he couldn’t wait to get started. Luffy and Ace’s hug ended and Ace walked over to Sabo, take the bottle from his hand, take chug from the bottle without swallowing, and then hand the bottle back to Sabo. Ace walked back to Luffy, grabbed him by the back of the head, and then slam his mouth to his for a kiss. As Luffy opened his mouth to receive Ace’s tongue, Luffy felt a small wave of Sake hit his mouth as they remained kissing.

This should keep him going for my turn. Ace thought as he felt Luffy swallowed the remaining contents while also making out with Ace.

The kiss lasted about a minute, then Ace laid Luffy down on the grass to gaze at his new playmate, and his new brother. Gazing at Luffy while drunk of Sake gave Luffy’s body more definition, and to it more lust. Luffy was skinny despite his appetite, and his penis was small, but that was to be expected for his age. As luffy was breathing, he saw his tiny body move up and down to fill his lungs and also to show his rib cage to remind him of how young he was. Ace then gazed down on Luffy’s balls which were still small and yet delicious looking to Ace, but not now he thought. Ace then laid down next to Luffy and did the exact same thing Sabo did as he moved Luffy’s face to his crotch. Again, Luffy made no struggle as he immediately put Ace’s penis into his waiting mouth. For what felt like hours, Ace was thrown into the ecstasy of pleasure from his little brother, as Luffy sucked his dick like his life depended on it.

No wonder Sabo didn’t want to stop Ace thought as his hips automatically began to move on their own and bump against Luffy’s face, all while being wrapped up in the young an inexperienced tonguethat was working wonders on his older brother. Ace had a wonderful view on the naked black haired boy doing his best to make him happy with his mouth and held onto the childs head of hair as he was closing in on big finale. In the corner of Ace’s eye, he had noticed Sabo walked behind Luffy who was on all fours and gave his small rump a good yet soft smack which Luffy accepted with even more desperate cocksucking, all the while, Sabo giving a good wink to Ace as a means to thank him for joining in on the fun to which Ace responded with a big grin. As Ace could feel his climax edging closer and closer, Ace was able to get a good look at Sabo in nothing but his birthday suit with a new drunken vision of lust. The short haired blonde was skinny like Luffy, but not nearly to the degree of his younger sibling. Sabo’s muscles were well defined for a kid his age, and that’s what Ace like the most about him. Looking a bit south from Sabo’s chest, Ace noticed the decent length of Sabo’s penis which was cut, and dangling for his brothers to see with no shame attached, making his small balls look bigger than his own even though they were average for a child like himself, all smooth and hairless as they were.

Seeing Sabo mixed with Luffy’s still determined efforts was the final straw on the camel that set Ace off into his orgasm. Ace held Luffy in place while holding his head in place, while Ace practically raped his younger brothers mouth with a quick few thrusts before removing his cock from his brothers warm mouth, sitting down and hugging his brother as he aid in post ecstasy from his generous efforts. Luffy responded to this sudden burst of affection by wrapping his arms around his older brother and listening to the rapidly beating heart and panting breath of Ace which helped to serve as a bit of a lullaby which made Luffy pass out on Ace’c chest and off into blissful sleep from so much activity. Ace noticed Luffy’s innocent snoring as a sign that he was done for the day and deservingly so. Ace placed his now sleeping brother onto the grass and watched his new sibling regain his energy from all his hard work. Seeing him under the warm sun and naked as the day he was born made him look even more cute than he already was, though Ace would never admit it verbally. As Ace was lost in thought, Sabo decided to sit down next to the finished brothers and hand Ace the sake bottle which Ace accepted and took a drink from as they both laid down and admired their sleeping brother.





Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of what I hope to be a slightly longer series (maybe more?) Constructive criticism would be appreciated and maybe a few suggestions on what I should tackle for the later chapters. I apologize if I made any grammatical errors along the process of this fanfiction and I hope it goes over well for you all!

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