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“Let’s make a deal,” Issei said. He had spoken the same words before, but this time, his intentions were...slightly less noble.
[Absolutely not,] Ddraig said.
“Hey, I haven’t even asked yet.”
[I know what you’re gonna ask. The answer is no.]
“Hey come on, just a little help.”
“You know, I’m gonna be quite famous.”
[So why would you need my help then?]
“I wonder what I’ll be known for,” Issei continued, ignoring Ddraig. “Maybe...the Oppai Dragon. The Perverted Sekiryuutei, or maybe-”
[Hey. I still have some pride, I’m a Heavenly Dragon once feared by near all of creation. God himself-]
“Dragon dragon Oppai Dragon-”
[Stop that.]
“I don’t think so, Ddraigy. I’m gonna be famous as the-”
[Alright alright, I’ll do it.]
“You’ll help me?”
[I’ll help you get laid. But after that, I hope the blood goes back to the right head and we can focus on battling the Hakuryuukou.]

“Issei? Could you rub some oil on me?” Buchou asked, her tone seductive.
She was sunbathing on her belly with her top undone. Due to the sheer size of her chest, he could see an overly large amount of skin, which caused an overly large amount of blood to rush towards-
Focus, Issei. Calm down.
“Y-Yes, with pleasure,” he said, way too enthusiastic.
[I really don’t see how you need my help,] Ddraig commented drily.
Just wait a minute, this will go wrong, as usual.
He kept rubbing oil over her lovely back. Even though he was clearly done, he did not intend to waste this chance to touch her.
“Hey Issei,” she said. “Would you like to oil my chest?”
The words echoed in his head. Such a beautiful phrase. His cheeks got hot.
[If I’m not mistaken, she just asked you to touch her chest,] Ddraig said. [How are you still a virgin?]
“A-Are you sure?”
He could practically hear the massive facepalm from Ddraig.
[Of course she’s sure, idiot, now go touch her breasts. -But don’t be too rough, you don’t want to scare her.]
“Sure,” Buchou said, as if he needed more convincing. She flashed him an encouraging smile. “You love girl’s chests, don’t you?”
“Yeah, more than anything in the world.”
“Well then, Buchou said.” She prepared to turn around, but…
A soft sensation invaded him from the back.
“Ara ara,” Akeno kirred. “Why is she getting special treatment.” Her tone was extremely seductive.
[You can leave the stuttering out, baka. And the -san as well, or didn’t you notice there’s a topless girl hugging you from behind?]
My confidence seems to have leaked out. If I had some to begin with.
Will you, die for me?

The awful memory resurfaced. 
He felt a strong surge through his body.
[Normally I wouldn’t block out your memories like that,] Ddraig said, [But I’m afraid we’ll get nowhere if I don’t. Now-]
“Hey, Akeno,” Rias stood up, either oblivious or uncaring to her topless state. “He wasn’t finished with me yet.”
“Buchou, O-Oppai.” He was almost finished by the marvelous sight.
“Hey, Buchou, would you mind if I borrowed Issei-kun for a bit?” Akeno said.
“You can’t have him. He’s mine!”
“Ara, Issei-kun,” she said, switching tactics. “Have you sucked Buchou’s boobs yet?”
“Uhm, not really.”
“Ara, poor boy. In that case,” her lips came very close to his ear. “I’ll let you suck mine.” She finished by nibbling softly on his earlobe, as if he needed a demonstration of what he could do to her. Soft sparks ran though his body.
With a loud explosion, starter block 6 vanished. Rias-buchou was enveloped in a scary aura now.
“Akeno, don’t you think you’re going a bit too far?” A crimson-black flame formed itself in her hand.
“Ara ara,” Akeno said, releasing Issei. She stood up straight. (Her boobs bounced a bit when she did). “If you want to settle it like that.” Lightning sparks gathered in her hand.
I could use some help now, Ddraig.
[Ok, now listen very carefully...]
You want me to do what?
[Do as I say, idiot.]
Okay then.
“Rias.” He spoke her name loud and hopefully, confidently.
They stopped arguing immediately. Both of them looked stunned.
Issei swallowed his fear. “You’re being very rude to Akeno-san. She was very kind to offer me to let her suck her breasts, something I haven’t heard you do.”
“I...but,” she pouted.
“Apologize to her for being so rude.”
I’m gonna get killed. You’ve doomed me, Ddraig.
[Calm down. Confidence is the key.]
He prepared to get annihilated by the Power of Destruction.
Rias looked defiant for a moment, but then, suddenly, her shoulders dropped a bit. She turned to Akeno and murmured an apology.
“I didn’t hear you,” Issei said, stern.
Ddraig, this is pushing it a bit far.
“I’m sorry I got angry, Akeno.”
Issei got a real kick out of the sudden power he had. Not only did he have two topless girls standing in front of him, but he had also prevented them from breaking down the swimming pool.
He looked at Akeno and raised his eyebrow.
“Uhm,” Akeno said, looking at Rias. “Sorry I tried to uhm,” she cleared her throat. “Cockblock you.” He could barely hear those last words.
“Good,” Issei said. “I’m going inside for a moment.”
This better work, Ddraig. I had a perfect opportunity there.
[If you reward them for behaviour like that, they’ll continue to do it.]
What do you think, I’m training some dogs?
[You wanted a harem, so you’ll have to manage it. Unless you let someone else do it, but that clearly didn’t work. Akeno defied Rias as head-girl, what does that mean?]
[That you’re terrible at managing them.]
Oh, then just say so.
“Issei?” It was Xenovia. She was dressed in a weird looking green bikini with golden strings.
“Oh, hey, Xenovia.”
“I was having some trouble putting on my swimsuit,” she explained.
[You could have offered her some help.]
You could have mentioned that sooner.
[How was I supposed to know?]
Well I didn’t know either.
“Anyway,” Xenovia said. “I was thinking about something.”
“Let’s make a baby.”
Uhm. What?
She pushed him in the changing room and closed the door.
“Since God is dead,” Xenovia explained. “I’ve decided to have a new purpose in life: kids. And since you carry one of the Heavenly Dragon’s, well. You don’t mind, do you?”
[If you dare say yes I’ll swear I’ll rip you apart.]
“Uhm,” Issei tried making a coherent phrase, or even just a word in general.
“I’ll take that as a no,” she said. She reached back and undid her top.
After going through so much trouble to put it on, such a shame.
Those thoughts were quickly driven away by the beautiful sight of her marvelous breasts.
“Unfortunately,” Xenovia said. “I have no experience with men. Since you are the expert in sex, I’ll let you take the lead.” She sat down on top of him. “I don’t mind how we do it, as long as you get me pregnant.”
[This is the part where you screw the shit out of her,] Ddraig commented. [You need step by step instructions on how to put it on?]
I think I can handle it.
[Be careful. It’s a lot lower than you might think.]
I know where it is.
[Sure you do,] Ddraig deadpanned.
“What is going on here?” a scary voice demanded. Rias-buchou stood in the doorway. She had put her top back on and crossed her arms. Scary aura leaked from her.
So, what now?
[Well, try…] 
“You mean your total lack of privacy?” Issei shot back.
Stupid idea.
That took her back a bit. “I-I’m still your Master and I won’t allow you to make babies with Xenovia.” Her tone was a lot less confident now.
Akeno joined them as well.
“Are you?” he summoned his Boosted Gear just as Asia appeared. “I believe it’s time you start calling me Master.”
Ddraig, you’re gonna get me killed.
[Stop complaining and do as I say.]
Her eyes got very dark after that.
“Everyone out,” she said, not taking her eyes of Issei.
No one seemed crazy enough to argue and two seconds later, they were alone. Rias closed the door.
Thanks a lot, Ddraig. Now everything is ruined. She might even spank me again.
[Just wait. In a few days she’ll ask you to spank her. If you do as I say.]
I did as you said, and look where it got me.
[I’m not done yet.]
Rias had put her bikini top back on, along with a very angry look.
[Now, tell her…]
“You’re too jealous, Buchou,” Issei said, Ddraig basically dictated him word by word now. “I need some freedom.”
“You question my authority too much in front of the others.” Rias-buchou said. “I’m fine with you having a harem,” She looked away, as if she didn’t want to admit it. “But I will be number one, let there be no doubt about that. If you’re having your first kiss, it’ll be with me, and no one else. If you’re losing your virginity, if you’re making babies, or if you’re...sucking someone’s breasts.”
“I wasn’t planning on making babies with her. You’re my number one, Rias, you’ll always be. But don’t go forgetting there are others as well.”
“Fine, if you stop being so dominant if the others are present.” She looked back at him, her look a lot more gentle.
“And if we’re alone?”
“Then,” she looked away. “It’s fine.”
“Just fine?” He came closer.
She felt wetness seeping in her bikini bottoms, and it wasn’t from the pool.
“You can,” she kept avoiding his eyes. “Ravish me,... if you want to.”
“Would you like that?”
“Yes.” They looked at each other now. For a long moment, she was silent. Then, slowly, her hands reached back and undid the strings on her bikini. The top fell to the ground freeing her lovely breasts. The rest followed soon after. She wanted to be completely nude for this.
“Issei, suck my breasts, please.”
He was more than happy to comply.

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