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The very idea of having a baby this way was an emotional rollercoaster. Lynette's hands shook as she watched them insert a thin tube into the woman's core. Satomi breathed deeply, being the biological mother. She looked up at the nervous woman, tears lining her eyes, and took her hand, smiling. She knew they would work together, Satomi to carry and deliver the baby, and Lynette to ready herself for many nights of being a mother, and nursing. 
"Alright, we're done. Please stay laying for about fifteen to twenty minutes to give the sperm time to work."
Nodding, Satomi smiled and gave Lynette's hand a squeeze.
"Come back in about a month, and we'll see if you're pregnant."
Lynette nodded. One month, in one month time she and John would find out if they would finally have a baby, a little one to start their family.

For a month the couple worried and pondered, soon receiving messages from the woman that she was ill, tired, having constant heartburn and that her breasts hurt. All signs pointed to pregnancy, and when the time came to take the test, Satomi invited Lynette over as John was working. 
"A-are you sure?"
"Well no, but I still haven't been feeling well. I think it happened, but we'll find out in about 30 minutes." Satomi said, holding up a small pink box, "If it's blue, I'm pregnant."
"...What is not pregnant?"
Lynette nodded, giving her the go ahead to take the test. For the next thirty minutes, the two played a game of cards, talking about where they were from.
"Japan's a big place. Full of life and fun, heritage and culture."
"Britain has it's spots, but Japan sounds like it has more."
"That's what I said about Britain. My father traveled everywhere but China, we don't get along with China."
"I wonder why."
"It's time to look."
Lynette took a deep breath, keeping her back turned and her eyes squeezed closed. She heard the footsteps go, then come, then a hand on her shoulder.
"Lynette, look!"
She opened her eyes, immediately bursting into tears at the blue vial in front of her. 

Appointments at the clinic was every so often, but even then John would make sure he was there, watching his child on the screen every appointment. Before long they heard the heartbeat, making both Lynette and Satomi cry, his own eyes welling up, however nothing could compare to finding out the gender. They all stared at the screen, trying to find out. 
"Oh, it's not behaving."
"...Baby is not a it." Satomi grumbled.
The nurse glared at her, but the couple smiled. The nurse, fed up, took a deep breath, and continued trying to get the baby to move. After a little push, the baby finally moved its legs, revealing that it was a she. 
"It's a girl."
Excited, the three begun to talk amongst themselves as the nurse cleaned the probe, and printed out the ultrasound, handing it to Satomi, who quickly handed it to Lynette. When the nurse left, the Japanese woman looked up at the British couple.
"Please, I know I'm only carrying her for you, but I only have one request. Please give her a Japanese name. Give her something that's from her heritage. I understand she's part British, but she's also part Japanese."

Finding a name wasn't as easy as Lynette thought, but she finally found one. Following the wishes of the biological mother, she picked a name out and showed her husband. 
"That's cute." He said, peering at the name, "Miki Monroe huh?"
"I like it."
"I do too, and Satomi will like it!"
She nodded, smiling then wincing. The journey was something else. Not only did Satomi carry and would deliver her daughter, but Lynette would take medication and pump in order to be able to breast feed her baby, and Satomi said she'd donate the milk as long as it came in. Lynette sat down, beginning the pumping once again. John looked over, and smiled, in awe at the amount of work this woman he loved was doing for their baby.
He looked down at the paper work,and breathed out. Lynette sighed, looking out the window next to her. Soon she'd have her little girl. Soon, but not soon enough.

At eleven in the morning, Lynette and John received t he message that Satomi was in labor. They rushed over to her house. John kept time, and Lynette let Satomi lean on her.
"Contraction..." Satomi said, letting John time it, waiting a little over ten minutes before repeating.
"It's not time." Lynette commented, biting her lip, they were so close.
By the time it was two eleven, Satomi was registered and sitting on the birthing ball, bouncing slightly. Lynette was still worried, and impatient. She swore the Japanese woman had said she was having contractions, and now here she was moments away from having the baby. Tears fell down her cheeks, but it was Satomi who comforted her.
"Everything is fine. This was my choice to help you two."

Lynette fluttered about, watching as the other woman struggled to push the baby out. She wished it was her laying there, giving birth to her daughter. She sat down in a chair offered by a nurse, watching. She kept her hands up by her mouth in a nervous manner, hands on her shoulder comforted her. She reached up, holding John's hands. They were worried, needlessly worrying. 
For a moment, Lynette felt like speaking up until she saw the woman sit up, bearing down hard as she could. She couldn't let up, feeling as if the contraction was never ending. She couldn't let up, unable to even try. She felt a burning sensation, felt as she tore delivering the infant. She gave a gasp, then sigh of relief as the babies shoulders came through, the rest being a breeze. She fell back onto her rear, gently bringing her legs out as they remove the baby from her, the cord leading back to her. The doctor offered to let John cut the cord as they cleaned out the babes mouth and nose. 
The little infant screamed, crying as her airways were freed. Satomi felt her heart tug at the sound, but she knew she had to give this child up. After all, she didn't get pregnant and carry her all for herself, but for a infertile couple. The doctor, confused, looked at the parents, then at Satomi and asked, "Who is holding her the first time?"
Lynette took a deep breath, replying, "Satomi will. She did carry her, it's the least we could do."

Taking Miki home was a absolute joy. However Lynette found herself tired constantly as the babe would wake her every few hours to nurse. At first she had a hard time latching on, but after a consultation appointment with the lactation consultant, they got it. She happily walked around a bit with the baby attached to her breast, holding her finger as she nursed. She smiled at her, hearing the clear signs that she was getting milk. 
Lynette sat down in the rocking chair, slowly rocking back and forth, soothing her child as she finished and moved to burp her. She rocked, eyes closing slowly as she held Miki on her shoulder. The baby curled up, happily warm and full of milk, never once realizing the circumstances of her birth.

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