Multilayered Love (2018 Rewrite)

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Nothin' But Time

(R-Restricted || Canon || Developmental Romance)



“I knew I was screwed the moment she called me sir.


I guess it was the way she said it. She sounded hopeless, desperate even. I felt like she was beggin’ for my help and I didn’t even know she was in trouble. And I wanted to... Help her, that is. Just the way she said it...


It’s funny how easily a girl can play a guy.


I guess it was my fault for falling for the innocent card when I knew all along that the woman playing it could kick my ass. Then again, I probably could’ve done without admitting that I liked the pain. Not that she really meant for it to hurt the first time, but you know how girl’s get when you make ‘em whine. Not to sound like a dog or anythin’, but I know the type. It seemed like the only type a guy like me could reel in.


But she started different.


Because I loved her, and if she wanted to be on her back, I’d put her there. Believe it or not, I’ve always been a pretty easy guy to please and it was kinda nice havin’ someone give a damn for once. Well, in between all the other crap. Yea it hurt, maybe a little more in the head than anythin’, but I chased her around the damn continent like a pup tags after his kid.


I was her bitch from the start.


And I was stupid in love. Out of my fucking mind stupid. You wanna talk about a ten-minute man, well, all she had to do was look at me the right way and I was done.


So done.


She was so damn small and precious to me. Even if she was one tough customer, that one day stuck.




So nervous and... delicate, even. Like a flower. She’d never been held by anyone else. She didn’t let them see that side. Dangerous or not, when you hold a woman in love, she’s different; like a whole ‘nother person. And she was mine from the start ‘til the end. I was so high on her that first night that I worried I’d turned her off the whole thing like the big hulking brute she always razzed me for bein’. I mighta got a little cocky when she bit back, but I can’t be takin’ the blame all the time. She starts this shit herself.


Turns out, after all that worrying, all I did was break her in. I kinda had a feeling that night that I’d be gettin’ in way over my head. She was way too proud to just take what I gave her. Once the innocent cult kid got a taste of what she’d only heard about from her pals, well…


I was done…


Fast forward a few years later. Remember how easy it was for me to get off on her love? Yea, that night left us with somethin’ a little extra.


Well, he’s not so little anymore.


His name is Alex.


He’s three and change now, and every type of payback I ever deserved. 


But it wasn’t the type I needed.


See, bein’ Fairy Tail’s ninth master isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Large and in charge, it gets old real fast. You’re expected to be better than the morons you used to chum with. When everyone else is barking, someone’s gotta hold the leash and be the common sense that most of us didn’t come with. It’s boring, stressful, a real pain in the ass if you get what I’m sayin’. But even if it was the last thing I wanted, somebody’s gotta do it. Why the old man thought it’d be a good idea to make it me, tsk, who knows. Point is that cleanin’ up after my own kid was enough. I didn’t need to inherit the rest of em’ from the old geezer.


Speaking of morons, since our kid came along, I guess our sex life became some sort of hot topic. Like it’s any of their damn business… I guess old reps die hard. Dunno what brain dead idiot started claimin’ that the action had died down between us. If nothin’ else, I wasn’t done at one. Bein’ married with a kid, master of the kingdoms craziest guild, Wizard Saint, sure I was busy. But never too busy to give my woman what she needed.


Er… what I thought she needed – somethin’ about apples. 


Seriously, I’m getting’ to the good stuff…


I got time.


So, one day, Neirah takes Alex to her brother’s place and gets talkin’ to Levy. Y’know, mom stuff and all that flowery bullshit. Well, I thought that’s what caught em’ up – it’s not exactly every day you take your kid for a playdate and end up coming home with a book on submission.


Or maybe it is, I don’t know – not a mom.


I guess it turns out those two like to get a little freaky in the sack, though I coulda guessed as much. Anyone into old nuts’n’bolts has gotta have a freaky side. I mean, I guess I expected that she was a pushover, but I didn’t really see her as the type to let the tinman take over like that. Even I could tell her that was a bad idea. But whatever, none of my damn business.


See, for me? I guess I got hooked on bein’ a family guy. It seemed like it was every other day I was tryin’ to get her out of her clothes and into the mood for another kid. I guess I got jealous of the rust bucket’s little girl, and when I asked his baby sister to make me one of my own, I got shut down pretty hard.


Tsk, I don’t even know why she’s so against having more of ‘em. I told her on our wedding night-


(Not drunk)


that I wanted at least, ok well by morning it was around half a dozen or so… I’ve never even heard of a pregnant woman who had it so easy. I literally spent weeks prepping myself for the late-night cravings, the dramatic outbursts, being beaten senseless by a dragon.




Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. If it weren’t for the belly, I would have almost sworn it was a false alarm. I swear it was harder on me than it was for her. The point is, that sex for me became about two things:


Her, and however many little hers she’d be willing to make me.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that our sex life was dull, because trust me, that woman does some crazy things to me.


Not crazy thing TO me, I mean makes me feel crazy things and shit…




Right, the book.


Tangent. So, she brought home this book from her sister-in-law’s. I guess at first, she wasn’t gonna show me but that night, work was long, guild was loud, I was ready to try and convince her for that little girl… again.


That’s when she pulled out this book.


She lit up like a Christmas tree, but keep in mind, sheltered cult kid. She didn’t grow up on this shit. Me?


I’d seen some stuff…


Between the porn and whores, from about thirteen ‘til marriage, there wasn’t a lot she could put in front of me that I wasn’t familiar with.


But like I said, totally a family guy now.


So, I humoured her, and she told me that if I wanted a little girl, I was going to have to work for her.


Whatever, she must have pretty much figured out that I got crazier about her as time went on, so why she was nervous to cut a deal is beyond me. I’m easy. I was wrapped right around her little finger. It wasn’t that I didn’t love her when we hooked up because I did. She was everything I expected out of love.


But looking back on it now, I wonder how our paths ever crossed much less kept overlapping.  What I feel for her now makes the love I knew then seem weak.


Like me…


So anyway, we flipped through this book, pretty quick because half of the stuff in it made her all giddy and embarrassed.


Pretty standard stuff; rope, whips, leather. Honestly, it was pretty mild from what I’ve seen, but hey, if she wanted me to pin her down and gag her, I would.


Now I know what you’re thinkin’, lazy, right?


Yea, I’ll do whatever.


That’s kinda the thing about being bitch whipped.  And trust me, I was that long before any whips found their way into this house.


Remember how I mentioned the type of payback I needed?


Yeah, I’m getting there…


Y’see, I’ve done shit I’m not proud of. Even the shit I had no control over, it always made me feel like something I didn’t want to admit that I was.


A fucking animal…


I mean, I guess everyone can get a little primal when they’re hot on someone, but it seemed to fuck me right up beyond what a pretty casual guy like me’d consider normal.


The drinking, the smoking, the whoring, anything I’d ever needed to numb myself to this fucked up world-


It was nothing compared to her.


Wasn’t long before she became my ultimate sedation. Nothing mattered but her. The way she smelled, the way she screamed, her taste – for fuck’s sake if I ever got busted for drooling between her thighs she’d never let me live it down.


I was a sucker for all of it.


But worst of all, it was that hour or so a night that she had those claws of hers beneath my skin. She’s got this weird thing that she gets embarrassed when I try to get her to tell me what she wants. So instead? Yea, just like that. Those claws come out and the next thing you know, I’m havin’ to explain the scratch marks on my ass.


That didn’t bug me though.


What did, was how good it felt. Even when she really cut loose and lost her head, just that little bit of pain. It felt like payback for all the time’s I’d hurt her. And I’d hurt her… It felt like the redemption that just loving her couldn’t bring me.


The first time she bit me, I moaned like a bitch.


Our ‘dull’ sex life was about to get us busted in my office and she isn’t exactly quiet. But every now and then, I’m capable of getting her so hot for me that the only reason I don’t have more scars is because she’s got a way to patch me up when we get out of hand. I figured, if there was a way that gettin’ a little rough with her was gonna make her fight back, I’d do it… just to hold onto that feelin’.


Fuck would I…


She’s been fightin’ me since the day we met. That’s probably one of the reasons I was so hung up on her. This bighearted tiny little fucking firecracker and all she wanted to do was kick sand in my face.


It burned me up.


It still burns me up; every time she flashes those fangs.


Sometimes I go outta my way to screw up; here, at work, anything just to get her to start. She can be such an abusive little cunt and I love it…




I love it…


Just because we have a kid and a happy marriage doesn’t mean shit. And I’m still coming up with more reasons to love her.


Anyways, about the stupid fucking book; I agreed.




So, if I want my little girl, I’ve got to work for her.


All this time, I thought it meant I was going to have to work for my wife, learning all these complicated roping patterns and tricks to get her off. Turns out she knows her lazy lover just about as well as I need her to.


I fucking love her…


So much…


Why am I telling you this?


Well, it seemed like the only productive thing to do with my time at the moment.


Not a lot left to do when you’re bleedin’ out on the bedroom floor, bound, gagged and blindfolded for the better part of your morning.


I love my wife…


I love what she does to me…


Flowers… It’s on her skin, in her hair…


It’s the first thing I smell when she gets home.


And this time,


she brought strawberries…”

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