Multilayered Love

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In the Public Eye



“What’s my story again?”


Neirah heaved a heavy sigh and stopped their progression at the guild entrance. “Just a boring old guild master’s convention,” she reminded him. “Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a bunch of washed up wizards drinking, smoking and waiting to die.”


“Coming from a woman who still can’t walk straight,” he snorted bitterly. “I am not washed up.”


“Your words, not mine, Sweetie.” Neirah straightened his tie and gave it an encouraging tug to initiate a gentle kiss. “Mn, Daddy… Remember to keep this on when we get home.” She curled around the side of his face and gently nibbled at the underside of his chin, lowering her voice to a seductive whisper. “That and nothing else…”


Laxus smiled wickedly into their kiss when she returned it to his lips. “Yes ma’am,” he growled in approval.


The couple froze, silencing their intimate giggles when they caught the attention of Erza lingering nearby, pale and gawping at the spectacle with a traumatised sky dragon slayer close by her side.


Neirah cleared her throat and smoothed her palms over her husband’s dress shirt like she was banishing wrinkles that were never there. “There we go, all straightened. You should really ease off the liquor when you meet with the other masters. Such a handsome mess- achem…”


Laxus shot her a bitter side glance as she dodged her involvement in the spectacle.


“Uhm, Neirah? I hate to blow your cover, but the master doesn’t smell like liquor at all.” Wendy smiled sweetly and bit her tongue so not to offer her surprise for her stated truth.  


Neirah stilled, her vacantly plain smile trembling and cheek temperature rising about a hundred degrees as the pair passed.


Erza smirked and bowed her head. “A dragon slayer’s nose really is incredible.”


“Thanks, Erza!”


Laxus rolled his lazy gaze slowly towards his guilty wife. “Are you serious? How did you not catch that before she did?”


“Don’t patronise me!”


“D’I melt more than your knees?”


“Be silent! Why can’t she just go back to being twelve, damn it…”


“Please, this isn’t X792. Did you forget we’re married now?” He scoffed lightly and trailed her into the guild. “I can plant one on my wife in front of whoever I damn well please. It’s not like we have to sneak around and pretend we hate each other anymore.”


Neirah entered the bustling hall and immediately swung to face him, teeth bared for the impending conflict. “Oh, yea? Well, maybe I’m a little nostalgic.”


“Nostalgic? We walk into this hall all the time. Unless of course, you were insinuating you wanted to go for a couple rounds of bare-knuckles and brawn.” He smiled knowingly and pressed his lips to her ear from behind her. “But that’s a pretty guilty look for someone who’s just nostalgic.” He nuzzled into her kinky tresses as she fumed inoffensively. “Just remember how long it’s been since you’ve thrown down. Unless you want to be the one ending up on your back, I’d keep in mind that my prime’s still keepin’ these rowdy chumps in line.”


Neirah’s face was flushed more with arousal than actual anger by the time he pulled away from her nape. He’d made the seductive warning look so casual to anyone who might have caught a glimpse at their interaction, but her temperature was closer than anything to blowing their cover.


“Hey! The master’s back!” Romeo hollered in excitement.


The couple was forced to put a damper on their erotic banter after their presence was announced. Neirah smiled as greetings filled her ears, guild members new and old greeting her husband. ‘How could this possibly be nostalgic?’ She smiled and watched Laxus take in the progress Romeo was spewing in fragments, obviously proud of his latest achievements. ‘I remember a day when the guild would go graveyard just to see him walk through the doors.’ She smiled sadly and scanned the guild. ‘Or a certain flame wizard would leap out of nowhere with a celestial mage begging him to stop…’


It had been a little over a year that Natsu, Happy and Lucy had left on a personal vacation without returning. Even though Lucy had sent Levy a pretty light-hearted letter assuring the guild they were all ok, it didn’t make them worry any less. They hadn’t heard a peep out of them the whole time, in contact, council meetings or publications. It seemed odd for Natsu to be so far beneath their radar. She knew Lucy assured them the two would return when they were ready, but it seemed something had hung them up and she still worried from time to time.


She sighed dismally and followed her husband as he approached the bar, more than likely prepared to trade his soul for something to eat.


Laxus turned and overlooked the guild, trying not to let panic rise in his features as he did so. He took a deep breath and steadied his thundering heartrate. “Hey Mira, I don’t suppose you’ve seen my kid hangin’ out here lately, have you?” He posed the question casually, but he knew there was only one appropriate answer to it. If she said anything other than ‘Oh yes! He’s just over there!’, there would be hell to pay.


Mirajane giggled whimsically and set a freshly dried mug on one of the shelves behind Fairy Tail’s most glamorous bar yet. “It’s kind of cute how much you worry about your son. I’m proud of you Laxus, you’re really taking being a father seriously.”


Not the answer he was looking for. Laxus huffed out a sigh of defeat and dropped his head. “Yea, yea, everyone gets a kick out of daddy Dreyar. Have you seen the little hellion? You of all people should understand my concern when you look at the makeup of his blood.”


“Oh you two weren’t that bad,” she crooned whimsically. “There was always someone around to keep you in line.”


‘Yea, each other…’ Laxus’ gaze shifted sceptically before it had returned to the guild. “Not helping,” he assured her sternly. “Spill.”


To this, Mira giggled. He really was a worrisome father. “Gajeel and Levy took the kids for a walk not too long ago. They were getting restless waiting for you to come back.” Mira shifted her gaze perceptively towards him. “You’re a little… late.”


Neirah joined their company with a supportive smile. “Sorry, Mira. Daddy was dragging his feet. Long day, I suppose.”  


Mira smiled sweetly and moved to enter the kitchen. “I bet.” Laxus’ gaze immediately shot towards her from under his brow, his distrust festering as he perceived a passive-aggressive tone filling Mira’s singsongy voice for the first time in years. “But I do suppose it doesn’t help when you have to walk all the way there and back.”


Laxus’ expression dropped just thinking about transportation.


Mirajane poured some hot water into a teacup in front of Neirah and let her dear friend bob the teabag a couple of times to colour it beneath the fresh stream. “Speaking of dragging your feet, could you drag them over here and help me reach something in the kitchen, Master?”


Laxus looked at Mira suspiciously before obliging her; definitely passive-aggressive. Mira had a way with honeying venom in a similar fashion to his wife. He had honestly believed that the reason the two clicked and got along so well is that they delighted in tormenting him. A dangerous thought without being separated in a kitchen alone with her and sharp objects.


Mirajane smiled towards Neirah as she ushered Laxus into the kitchen. “Don’t worry! I’ll bring him right back!” Mira crooned affectionately.


Neirah displayed her palms in surrender. “By all means, take your time,” she cooed trustingly. “Just don’t burn his bacon.”




Neirah fluttered her folded fingers bashfully. “Oh, nothing…”


Neirah took a seat at the bar and folded one leg over her opposing knee, looking out over the bustling hall. Moments later, she heard some fumbling, and then a couple crashes. She drew her teacup to her lips and furrowed her brow sceptically as she turned back to face the steady frame between her and the commotion. Not long after, Mira’s commanding Satan’s soul voice was seeping into her dragon slayer senses through the kitchen door.


“Mira?! What the hell-?!”


Sneaking around, Laxus?! How could you?!”


“What are you talking abo-?!”


“You will speak when spoken to! What is this about!? The guild? Your marriage?! I looked into the so-called conference you were attending and no such order was issued!”


“Crap, ok hold on!”


“If I find out you’re running around on your wife, so help me, Laxus! You have a son!”


“It’s not like th-!”


More crashing.


Neirah turned back towards the guild hall and casually sipped on the green tea provided to her on entry. She almost worried when the room went so silent on the other side of the door, but shortly after, her husband was exiting the room and adjusting his tie all over. He took a quiet seat next to his wife as she elegantly sipped her tea. From the other side of the kitchen door, Mira’s angelic humming resumed.


“So, Mira knows,” Neirah crooned quietly.


Laxus awkwardly cleared his throat. “Yeap.”


“Whoa, buddy! Long time no see!” Bickslow teased, dropping his palm solidly on Laxus’ shoulder. “How was your big bad conference, Master?”


“Uneventful,” Laxus quipped back casually. He wanted to be forced to divulge in as few false details as possible.


Mira smiled and danced behind the bar with lunch in her hands. Now that she was on board with the Dreyar schemes, she was ready to lend a hand. “And no wonder. There hasn’t been much action around here for almost a year since Natsu and Lucy left.” Mira’s smile became solemn alongside her guild master’s. “It’s been a while. I really hope they’re ok…”


“It is rather strange that nothing has become of them in the news,” Freed announced incredulously. “Wherever Natsu goes, a trail of destruction is sure to follow.”


“Well, maybe he’s matured,” Neirah defended over the brim of her teacup.


Silence filled their company for a long moment before laughter burst from the crowd and startled her to the point of her cup rattling in surprise against it’s leaping saucer between her fingertips.


“Yea right,” Bickslow crooned. “Good one, Nei.”


“Relax,” Laxus rumbled. He really did try not make it look obvious that he was guarding his plate like a starved dog defending its first meal in months. “I’m sure wherever he is, Natsu’s fine. And if Lucy’s stuck with him for this long, I’m sure she’s fine too.”


“Well, physically, at least,” Neirah teased.  


“Wow, Laxus, hungry?” A taunting Bickslow patted his master’s shoulder behind the man’s pale expression. “Just kiddin’, I’m sure your woman feeds you.”


Freed, taking advantage of Bickslow’s maniacal ruckus, leant towards Neirah in a shady manner, his gaze shifting alertly to make sure prying ears weren’t within a distance of picking up his inquiry. “Actually Neirah, I have been meaning to ask you for that book. Is it possible I could borrow it?”


The colour drained from Neirah’s face, her right cheek bouncing beneath a wide-eyed gaze. “Uh, erm, b-book? What book?”


“You know,” he insisted. “The one you and Levy-”


Neirah drew back balled fists and slammed them on the bar top. “FOR THE LOVE OF INFINITY, FREED, NOT HERE!”


Freed and Bickslow blinked back at their friend uncertainly.  


“So… when can I-”


“NEVER!” Neirah wailed.


Freed scurried back towards where Bickslow had hovered near Laxus, both considering using him as a human shield against the feisty infinity slayer. At the very least, it was comforting that Laxus didn’t so much as miss a chew in reaction to his wife’s outburst. “Dude,” Bickslow chimed. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen her that crazy.”


“You don’t live with her,” Laxus announced humbly behind a mouthful of lunch.


Bickslow watched as Neirah took repeatedly rapid sips of her tea, her colour bright and rosy behind a feigned relaxed expression. “What’d ya say to put her on edge like that?”


Freed shrugged. “She, Levy and I are amassing an Alra’Bekthian source in hopes to resurrect the language of demons for historians who have previously been unable to make the translations of their findings,” he sighed. “We were meant to keep the project on the low, but I didn’t know I would receive that kind of reaction for wanting to review the progress.”


Neirah watched Bickslow and Freed make their exit before her apprehensive gaze fell on her husband. “He can see souls, not read minds, right?”


“What have we learned?” Laxus rumbled edgily. 


“Keep it up, Daddy,” Neirah challenged.


“Dad! You’re baaack!”


Laxus tipped his gaze to where Gajeel and Levy had returned with his son, young Lilian in Levy’s arms lapping at a strawberry ice cream cone.


“I missed you!” Alex quickly padded a heavy-footed rampage through the guild in Velcro lightning bolt runners, beaming from ear to ear as he opened his arms to his father.


Laxus smiled and put his arms around his boy, hoisting the energetic toddler into his lap. “I was gone half a day,” Laxus murmured through his fond smile.


“That’s a long time! Like the very longest!”


Neirah laughed and swept Alex’s auburn bangs out of his face before leaning over the top of him and placing a hard kiss on his brow. “Half a day is a long time to be without Daddy, isn’t it?”


Neirah heaved a heavy sigh as she caught the sticky sight of melting ice cream on her son’s beaming face and in his tiny hands. She turned her exasperated gaze to Gajeel. “Ice cream, really?”


“What? I’m the cool uncle!” Gajeel denied that he sported chocolate cone marks on his own face.


“You’re his only uncle,” Neirah barked.


“Sorry Shads,” Levy mewled weakly. “I didn’t know you had already planned to take him out. When he figured out his father was running a little late he started to get restless.”


“He’s his dad’s kid alright,” Gajeel growled playfully. “Can throw a tantrum with the best of ‘em.”


Neirah stuck her finger in her big brother’s face. “Stop being a bad influence on my son.”


“Hey! I ain’t!”


“Well, you did tell him that hitting something would make him feel better,” Levy scolded.


“Is that what this is about?” Laxus rumbled, holding Alex’s sticky bandaged paw out towards them.


“Look, I haven’t done the boy thing. I figured if he got any of his parents in ‘im he could take it,” he snorted derisively. “I have a little lady on my hands who doesn’t need to throw a fit to get what she wants.” His tone immediately switched to an awkwardly terrifying form of raspy baby talk. “Isn’t that right? Who’s daddy’s little princess?”


“It’s like this all the time,” Pantherlily grumbled dismally. “He thinks it’s cute.”


Neirah drove her hand into her face with a defeated sigh as Lilian started to hum and coo in her mother’s arms. “You practically raised me for crying out loud and I threw tantrums with the best of them.” Neirah’s gaze humbled with her thoughts. “Come to think of it, you told me to punch something too.” Neirah rolled her eyes and returned to where her husband was sitting at the bar with a chatty Alex in his lap. “Laxus?”




“While we’re here, did you want to try and catch up on the morning's paperwork while Alex and I take out our anger on our cool uncle Gajeel?”






“Actually, if you two just wanted to call the day, there hasn’t been much action around here,” Mira hummed. “I’ve logged all the requests already and kept track of who’s out on what. Anything else can wait.”


Neirah laid her lips on her son’s head and smiled lovingly into his mane. “Did you hear that Alex? Who wants to go to the beach?!”


Alex’s sapphire gaze lit up excitedly as he looked back at his father. “Really?! Dad, can we?!”


Laxus closed his eyes and smiled his surrender. “Well, we do have ice cream to one-up.”




“Thank you, Daddy!” Alex crooned, giving him a sticky hug.


“Yes, thank you, Daddy!” Neirah mirrored, placing a gentle kiss on Laxus’ cheek.


“Ick! Mom, stop!” Alex demanded as he shielded his eyes from his parent’s affections.


Neirah immediately turned to glare at her brother. “I suppose I have you to thank for this too?”


Gajeel threw his arms up in defence. “Uhn uh! I don’t have a damn clue where that’s comin’ from, but I always knew I liked that kid! Gihi- ow!” He turned and pouted as Levy glowered at him and struck him upside the head, Lily giggling with a mouthful of strawberry.


“Alright, Alex,” Neirah sang. “Let’s go home and get our swimsuits!”


“I wanna ride on, Dad!” Alex brayed as he held his arms up to be hoisted away by his father.


Neirah had to bite back the need to agree with her son as Laxus leant down and scooped the boy up, settling him on his shoulders against the back of his neck. “And what do you say to uncle Gajeel?”


Alex thrust his ice cream cone out towards Gajeel and Levy with an elated smile. “Thank you for ice cream!”


“That’s my boy,” Laxus rumbled proudly. “Don’t drop it.”


“Ok, Daddy!”



The sun was bright and hot on the white sand as Neirah laid beneath it on a colourful beach towel. After three years of working to get her beach body back, she was ready to display it and showed no aversions to being seen in her elegant white two-piece. She loved how the colour looked on her tanned skin. With her hair bound behind her and sunglasses on, she was ready to soak in at least a couple hours before their son got tuckered out and asked to go home.


Neirah shifted her gaze to one side noticing that the man sitting next to her was being particularly conservative. She rolled over onto her tummy against her beach towel and lightly pawed at her husband's back. “Laxus, I healed your cuts, you know. You can take off your shirt.”


He rolled his sluggish gaze to one side with a dismissive scoff, removing his palm from where it had supported his chin. “Tsk, sorry for being cautious,” he muttered before sliding his shirt over his head with an exasperated grunt. “I’m watching my three-year-old build sand castles. The last thing I want on my mind is my crazy wife and her bedroom games.”


“Mn kinda kills the mood doesn’t it,” she purred. She sat up and rested her head against his shoulder, smiling as she joined him in watching their beaming son play by the water.


“It just… went by really fast.”


Neirah leant forwards and placed a delicate kiss on his cheek. “Oh Laxus, it’s not like he’s old enough to move out and start a life of his own. He still needs his daddy to look out for him.” Neirah laughed as Alex’s father looked out over the beach like he was overlooking his son’s wedding day. “You can brood over the silliest little things,” she teased lovingly.


“I’m just gonna miss it,” Laxus admitted humbly. “For once in my life, I feel like I don’t have to prove a damn thing. Everything I say and do in his eyes is right.”


“What do you expect? His father is his hero.”


“At first, I was worried about screwin’ things up.” He looked back at his son hopefully, a vision of his mother dancing in the rolling tide as it beat the sandy beach. “Now I realise that when you do things right, everyone wins.”


Neirah smiled blissfully and wrapped herself around his arm, clutching him affectionately to her breast. “I really do fall harder for you every day,” she declared proudly. “Hearing you talk like that makes my mommy senses tingle.”


Laxus cocked a brow and spared her a suggestive side glance. “What are the chances I can talk another one right into our lives?”


She leant into him and gently pecked his lips. “Mn, slim to none, Prince,” she teased. “You know the deal.”


He groaned rather bleakly. “Yea, but I’d like to be at least a little sane when the time comes…”


“Beggars can’t be choosers,” she chimed. She climbed to her feet and slipped out of his reach before bouncing a couple steps towards their son approaching the waves. Then she turned to face him with a delighted smile. “Come swim with us, Daddy!”


Laxus shook his head, not overly enthused with the invitation, but despite that, he listlessly crawled to his feet. His family made him smile, and if nothing else, he’d move heaven and earth to see the favour reciprocated.


“Mom! Momma look! I made a castle!”


Neirah scooped her boy up in her arms and nuzzled her nose into his. “You sure did! And it’s beautiful! When can we move in!?”


Alex giggled frantically as he squirmed in her arms. “Mom’s silly! Daddy can’t fit!”


Neirah wrinkled her nose before tickling her son’s neck with it. “And you think your mother will? Are you calling your mother little?!”


“Mom! Stawp!” Alex sniggered hysterically, little hands desperate to shield him from her kisses.


“You really are your father’s son,” she concluded proudly before setting him back in the sand. Alex gave a startled shriek and started to run towards the waves to escape his mother’s affectionate display.


“Ah! Dad! Dad haaalp! Mom’s gonna get me! She’s coming to get me!”


Alex was moments from his toes touching the waves when his father snagged him right off the sand and into the air. “She can’t getcha if I’ve gotcha.” Laxus’ smile was gentle as he watched his son’s arms stretch out and his beaming smile disappear the moment his tanned figure eclipsed the sun.


“Higher! Weee!”


Neirah smiled and ran to the shore, avoiding the water as her husband carried her son into the rolling waves. “Oh no!” She held her hand to her cheek to holler. “He’s taken you into the water where moms can’t go! How will I catch you now?!”


“Ha-ah! Mommy can’t catch us! Look! She can’t go into the water or she’ll melt!”


Laxus grinned back to the shore as his son kicked out from where he sat on top of his wading father’s shoulders.


“I guess I had better go get your aunt Juvia to help me catch you when you’re in the water!”


Alex’s expression grew mortified as he flailed against his father’s grip. “Nuuu! Run! Dad! She’s gonna get aunt Juvia! Get out of the water!”


“Don’t think I can, Champ,” Laxus admitted calmly. “Dad power’s runnin’ low.” That was the family-friendly version of him admitting that G-ratings and G-cup bustlines in bikinis were impossible to sync.


Alex clung to his father’s head as the two fell backwards into the water. “Ah! Falling!”


Neirah laughed brightly as she watched the two crash into the water. As soon as her son surfaced he was paddling his way as fast as he could to the shore to avoid her summoning his overly-affectionate aunt. “Keep kicking!” She encouraged. “Wow, look at how fast you’re swimming!”


She almost panicked when Alex let out a startled shriek, but that was when she realised his father had caught him by his toes just as he approached the shallows and captured him.




“Ack! Dad! Lemme go! We gotta get out!”


“Nope,” Laxus denied. “I got put under your mom’s spell and now I gotta keep you in the water until her backup shows up.”


Alex burst into hysterical wails of humour and fear as the ticklish boy squirmed to try and escape his dad. “But Mom doesn’t have any magic! She can’t put a spell on people!”


Laxus growled lightly and trapped his boy between his chest and two strong arms. “Who said she needed magic to put spells on your old man?”


Alex wriggled and twisted until finally, Laxus released him and the youth paddled his way to shore before storming the beach with a cry of freedom. “Quick! Stay away from the water!”


Neirah shook her head with a smile as her sopping husband joined her side. “Great, now the whole beach is going to think that there are sharks in the water.” She turned and watched the water roll over her husband’s face as he wiped the droplets from his eyes with the back of his wrist. “This is all your fault.”


He snorted derisively. “Wouldn’t be the first time I caused an epidemic of panic in this city.”


Neirah purred affectionately as her gaze grew seductive. “Mm, you look so handsome when your hair’s all wet and messy.” She was moments from cuddling and petting him when she touched his skin and quickly recoiled. “Ah! You’re cold!”


“And wet.”


Neirah retracted her touch timidly. “Nope, that’s ok. I’ll be attracted to you from afar. Reptile wife needs heat.”


Laxus’ expression grew wicked. “Sure you don’t wanna hug? ‘Cause now you got me thinkin’…”


Neirah shrieked and chased after her son. “Run faster Alex! Mommy lost control and now your father's on a rampage!” The two shrieked in sync and padded through the sand.


“No WAYYY! What a rare sighting! Mother Neirah in her natural habitat! So COOOOL!”


Neirah’s whole body stiffened before she mechanically turned to face an in-your-face reporter who had lasted way too long in his industry.


“Over here!” Jason demanded from a circle awash with blinding flashes. “I can’t remember the last time Sorcerer featured a bikini shot of the kingdoms last dra-”


Laxus’ expression was grizzled with impatience as he raised Jason up out of the sand by his backpack strap. “It’s also been a while since Fairy Tail’s controversial new guild master was in your bad books,” he growled. “If you want to keep it that way, I suggest you take a long walk off a short pier.”


“Coool!” Jason raved as he snapped a couple shots of Laxus despite being hoisted from solid ground. “It’s so rare to see Fairy Tail’s Master doing normal people things!”


Laxus growled predatorily. “Is drowning papparatzi considered normal nowadays?”  


“Yeesh, why don’t you just take him out and drop him off it?” Neirah groaned. “Jason, we’re kind of trying to have some family time here. We don’t need you documenting the entire afternoon.”


“I can be quiet!” Jason reasoned. He squirmed out of Laxus’ grip with a skill level supporting the assumption that he’d had a lot of practice and leapt conspicuously behind a beach ball. “You won’t even know I’m here!”


“Momma! Look! I found a seashell!”


Neirah closed her eyes, her expression dropping grievously as she walked away from the enthusiastic reporter. “Laxus?”




The beach lit up with golden sparks that caused a sooty Jason to demand that they were way too cool. Dismissing him left the young family to spend the rest of their day unhindered by his nagging presence.



“Goodnight, Daddy.”


Laxus smiled down at the lump beneath Alex’s navy astral comforter as it barely spoke the exhausted words loud enough for him to hear. “Goodnight, Alex…”


“I love you.”


His smile broadened as he got cheeky with his youth. “You love your mother too, don’t you?” He teased. “Maybe we tell your mom you love her too?”


“L…love her… too…”


Laxus slowly closed the door behind their tuckered-out tyke and hoped that Neirah’s sharp senses could hear his gentle coos from their bedroom at the end of the hall. He entered their room to the smell of vanilla and sandalwood. If just for the night, he had his wife back.


“I hope you heard your son.” As his wife fussed in her dresser, he folded his arms across his body and gripped at the edges of his shirt, peeling the sand and ice cream logged mess from his chest. “He tried.”


Neirah brushed by her husband and placed a delicate kiss on his cheek. “I heard,” she gently assured. “And as much as I love daddy Laxus, I don’t need his chest tasting like my three-year-old’s sticky fingers.”


He cocked a brow with impish intent. “That implies you’re gonna be kissing it.”


Neirah’s smile remained gentle but there was a dangerous glint in her eyes as she leant her freshly showered body into him, looked up, and placed a gentle kiss on his chin. “I don’t taste with my kisses, Prince,” she assured him seductively.


He groaned his anticipation and tipped his lips to her gentle peck. “I thought I had my wife for the rest of the night?” He rumbled sceptically. “Should I be worried that you’re lighting a bunch of candles?”


“Mn, liked that, did you?” She purred affectionately, twirling herself under the lazy hold she had on his fingers. “No, I did say that. I promise I’ll be gentle with you until dawn.”


She twirled away from him, her satin nighty swaying around her hips. He allowed himself a peek at what was underneath and was pleased to see that nothing was confined.


Neirah tipped her weighted gaze over her shoulder with a smug little grin. “You want to do baby-making things to me, don’t you, Daddy?”


Laxus groaned and flopped a clean towel over his shoulder. “Silence, woman…” His irritated growl was met with triumphant coos at his back that only made his body ache more feverishly.



After his shower, Laxus strode down the hall towards his bedroom with a towel secured around his hips. They may have put their son to bed at seven, but with how trying his morning was, topped with the sun he’d soaked up during their beach date, he didn’t know if he would last much longer than his boy. He growled defiantly to himself with the very thought. ‘Pros and cons of fatherhood, I guess.’


The hand he’d rubbed against the damp roots at his nape paused as he raised his gaze to one of his ties wrapped around the door handle of their room. He eyed it with intrigue for a moment before reaching out and slipping the silk from the knob. ‘Pros and cons of marrying a fucking psychopath…’


He slowly palmed the door open to see her waiting for him, sprawled diagonally across the bed. He held the tie out in his second hand, giving her a wry look of disbelief. “Do you honestly think our three-year-old is gonna get this?”


Neirah giggled whimsically and rolled onto her back, giving the hem of her nighty a playful twist. “I wasn’t marking the door,” she assured him musically. “Remember what I told you back at the guild?”


He cocked a brow in amusement. “Seriously? You can’t save this for one of those kinky bedroom adventures of yours?”


Neirah crawled up on her knees to meet his approach. “You say that like you don’t enjoy my little games.”


He smiled down at her and let the silk of his tie pile up on her pouty expression. “You were hard on me today,” he chided. “Save it for a time you want to leash your pet. I don’t think putting a leash on me now is going to help spread a little love.”


Neirah shook the material from her face and placed a gentle kiss on his bare abdomen as he stroked her tousled auburn locks, ends still damp from her own shower. “So, in other words, you want me to be the good wife,” she purred.


“Could I be so bold?”


Neirah closed her eyes and smiled against his navel as she drew her hands to his hips and captured the ends of the towel tucked around his waist. “Could I?” Without waiting for his reply, she tugged his moderation free and left him naked in her midst.


His words quickly followed up her actions when he crawled onto the bed with her to the beckoning curl of her index finger. “Certainly.”


Neirah emitted a melodious giggle and wrapped her arms around her husband as he crawled onto the bed over her lean figure. “Mmm, you smell nice,” she purred. She buried her nose against the side of his neck as he dipped towards her collar to place languid kisses on her chest.


“It’s amazing what a shower will do,” he sassed.


Neirah’s fingers crept back and teased the damp roots of his hair, chomping down on her pouty lower lip to contain her delighted squeals. “Mn, soon,” she assured herself. “When my handsome guild master succumbs to his primal instincts, I will unleash my sexy beast upon these sheets to ravage me.”


Laxus rolled his eyes and bopped his brow against hers. “No more reading before bed,” he growled. “Puttin’ crazy ideas in your head. But y’know, if you want me to act like a dog, all you needed to do was say so.” 


Neirah squealed under her breath and squirmed out from underneath his tongue slowly lapping at one of her erect nipples beneath her satiny nightgown. “No, bad,” she demanded. She rose his gaze from her bust with an impatient pout. “I don’t want you to play the part. I want you to feel it.”


He curled his crooked half-grin to one side. “I feel like a dog sometimes.”


Neirah shook her head and gently stroked her fingers through his hair. “Not what I meant,” she whispered. “I want you to need me so badly that it scares you.”


“I guess saying that I’m like that every day probably doesn’t hold much, huh?”


She shook her head. “No-go.”


Laxus flopped onto his side along with her and hooked his finger beneath one of her nighty straps. “I think your playin’ with fire here, Sweetheart, but I guess if I like it I shouldn’t complain.”


“Laxus, you can’t honestly be afraid of letting go and giving in to temptation for just one night.”


“That’s the funny thing about losin’ control,” he rumbled sternly. He tugged her right into his chest and fell onto his back beneath her comforting weight. “You never know if you’re gonna get it back again.” He offered her a small smile as he stroked her hair back from where it fell past the face that was staring back at him from above. “I don’t have time for crap like that anymore. I’ve got you, Alex, the guild. Remember what happened last time your crazy husband lost control?”


Neirah rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t even there and I feel like I was,” she groaned. “Have you ever noticed that the only person that still talks about that is you?”


“You say that like you think it doesn’t still scare the hell out of me to think about.”


Neirah settled herself on his lap and looked down at his candlelit features solemnly. “Laxus, I thought we’d gotten past this.”


“I’m just sayin-”


“No,” she interrupted. She sat back and straddled his lap while looking down at him seriously. “If this is going to be a problem, I don’t want to do it.”


“Do what?”


“This. Playing games, revisiting painful memories.” Neirah sighed in defeat. “I don’t want to hurt you, hurt us. I just… I think about how much I missed out on when we first met because I was too busy hating you to indulge. I remember that one night before Infinity Dragon disbanded, so much unrestrained passion…”


Laxus sat up against her and captured her pouting chin sternly between his fingers. “You’re where the rumours started, aren’t you?”




“About our sex life being dull?” He heaved a frustrated sigh of defeat when her cheeks lit up like crimson lights to his insinuation. “How many times do I have to tell you not to talk to Cana about these things?”


Neirah groaned lightly and turned away. “At least one more, I guess.”


“Well? Spill.”


“It’s just… I love you, more with every day. And I can feel that, when we just lie here like this, or make love. You’re always so tender.” Neirah brought her hands to her face and whined shrilly. “I know it must sound crazy. How stupid can a woman be to jeopardise the feeling of being cherished every time her husband lays with her… but… I hear things, from others and… I remember the one time I had the kind of explosive passion they brag about. But ever since Alex…”


“Alex has been with us since the first night we spent together.”


Neirah looked back at him meekly. “Exactly…”


Laxus diverted his gaze and rubbed the back of his neck. “Cana told you that kids kill the fire, didn’t she?” He didn’t have to watch Neirah gently bob her head to know the answer to that question. “No wonder it was so hard for me to talk you into another one.”


Neirah quickly reached forward and clasped his hand in hers as it retreated from behind his back. “It’s not like that, Laxus, I promise. I’m going to try to give you the little girl you want, and if we don’t get her right away, maybe we can try again.” She smiled back at him tenderly. “And it’s not just about us and our fire. It’s about you too. I just can’t help but feel like you’re still holding back, making yourself into something you’re not because you’re still afraid to hurt me.”


“Well if you weren’t so damn small…”


“Laxus… we’ve been over this…”


“I know I just-”


“Look, if you want, I’ve already lit some candles and… well, we can try for her right now. I swear… It’s not that I don’t love what you do I just-”


Laxus drew in a deep breath as his lips met hers and he lingered tight to them for the duration of his languid exhale. He parted their touch and drew a deep breath before puffing it out exasperatedly. “It’s because of me that your life ended just when it started…”


Neirah rolled her brow from side to side against his. “Laxus, please don’t talk like that. My words are coming out all wrong. You have no idea how much you and Alex mean to me.”


“No, I get it,” he assured her tenderly. He smiled back at her and pushed back her dark curtain of hair repeatedly, just enjoying the feeling of the silky strands playing between his fingers. “The day you finally got rid of your past, and all those creeps after you, Alex was already on his way. When everyone else was hookin’ up after the war, we were already parents.” He was relieved to see her relax like she’d taken comfort in him being on the same page as she was. “I’d been screwin’ around my entire life, but yours didn’t really start until those freaks were six feet under.”


“Thank you,” she whispered lovingly.


He never really knew what she was thanking him for when her past was resurrected, but it never interrupted the gentle kiss he’d always lay on the top of her head. “Tsk, hey, if nothing else, I can stop feelin’ like an old man for a couple hours a day.”


“Laxus, you aren’t even thirty yet.”


“And I feel about sixty,” he chided. He nuzzled into her neck as her affectionate giggles filled his ears. “What I’m gettin’ at is that we’ll do this your way. I can’t deny how good it feels to be married to a woman so crazy about me that she’d care to go this far.” He leant back and looked down at her tenderly. “Worst case, I snap and my dragon of a wife beats some serious sense back into me.”


Neirah lurched forwards and gently covered his mouth. “Laxus, please…”


“Neirah, you can’t keep hiding this from him,” he corrected sternly. “You’re a wizard. You don’t think that maybe one day he’s gonna find out and wonder why you never told him? Your lucky all your running around in that swimsuit today didn’t help him with that conclusion.” He sighed and lowered his kiss to where her golden guild mark glistened on the olive skin of her left breast in the candlelight. “I just don’t think it’s fair…”


Neirah shook her head. “We’ve been over this. I don’t want a single stain of my past on his future. He doesn’t need to know he has Ryverika in his blood, that his mother was hunted down by a dying race. Maybe when he’s old enough to understand, but that kind of pain and suffering isn’t for his generation to bear.”


Laxus sighed. “I know you’ve got the guild backing you, but I still think he deserves to know… At least that his mother is a wizard. You can use all sorts of tricks. You could say you’re an elemental wizard or a healer. He doesn’t have to know that those are just party favours to your real power.”


Neirah smiled up at him sadly. “And if he gets older and ever cares to ask why his father took a non-wizard as a wife, I’ll tell him the truth. It’s just never come up.” She reached out and laid both hands on the sides of his face. “It’s like you said, when you do things right, everyone wins.”


He gently reprimanded her with a subtle tip of his head. “I’m just not sure it’s right…”


She leant into him and gave him a gentle kiss. “That’s not your concern right now,” she affectionately assured. She took his hands in hers and laid them against her body as she shimmied in his lap. “What is, is how you’re going to spend the one night you’ll have with your wife before the demon comes back out again.”


A wicked gleam flashed in his gaze as he considered her suggestion. “Maybe a little payback’s in order…”


Neirah purred and dropped her arms down around his neck with a confident wiggle. “Oh? Are you going to tie me up and spank me, Daddy?”


“Tempting. Keep that up and I might,” he quipped back. He licked his thumb and forefinger before reaching out and snuffing one of the candles out on the nightstand.


Neirah’s expression immediately dropped. “Wait, ok I won’t do it again. Laxus just-”


Laxus caught her wrist to keep her from scurrying away, folding one arm around her waist as he jerked her back into his chest. “Relax. I could do more damage with my hand against that pretty little ass of yours,” he assured her swiftly. He released her wrist and slid the spaghetti straps of her gown over her shoulders, letting the loose satin whisper over the curves of her breasts to expose dark nipples, pert with arousal. “It’s not nearly as bad when you aren’t pouring it into fresh lash wounds.” He took care to whisper the remainder of his sentiment harshly against her earlobe before catching it between his teeth.


“Do you have to do it on such a sensitive area…?”


“Are you going to keep quiet, or should I find you something to bite?” Laxus smiled in triumph when his little wife settled against the side of his chest, the heavy rise and fall of hers the only indication that she was nervous. “That night four years ago that you keep bringing up is pretty fresh in my memory too,” he assured her. He gently picked up the candle he’d extinguished moments before, lowering his voice to a dull whisper. “This is the one place you like it rough.”


Neirah whimpered her arousal as he clasped his free palm tightly around one of her breasts, kneading her flushed nipple coarsely between his fingers. She tipped her head back against his shoulder with a settling sigh. “I was pregnant with our son… my body was on fire…”


He grinned smugly against the back of her head, indulging in the sweet scent of sakura blossoms on her freshly rinsed hair. “Your body’s always on fire beneath mine.”


He was glad that his hand was already hallway to her face when the first drops fell, because moments after she had comprehended the sting of their presence on her generous mound, she was caught between a moan and a yelp loud enough to surely startle their toddler awake down the hall. He quickly raised his palm to cover her mouth, reminding her to exude her exasperation quietly if they were to continue. He allowed the spilt drops to cool on her flesh before his whisper met her ear. “See? Not so bad.”


Neirah tipped her head back out of his grip and drew a deep breath to puff her chest into the light around her. “It just startled me,” she assured him frailly. “I’m ready this time, do it again…”


Laxus groaned against her ear with his hunger and filled his palm with the breast avoiding the wax to be spilt. He could hear every tender hitch in her breath just having it beneath the pressure of his palm, but the sound almost completely vanished when he judged the next drops to roll over her skin. He found his tongue rolling slightly over his bottom lip as the cooling trail of his offence neared her nipple. That was where she’d need it.


It was true she had prepared herself for the feeling of the hot wax on the swell of her breast’s top side, but in the time it took the searing liquid to cool over her erect nipple, her body was thrashing more vocally that either of them anticipated.


Laxus released the candle to the floor beside them and pushed his wife onto the bed beneath a hungry kiss to stifle her moans. Laboured breaths commingled until she had regained her head again. “Do you want me to stop?” He breathed out eagerly.


“Did I light enough candles to accommodate another round?” She wheezed passionately.


“You always go crazy with the candles,” he assured her in a rushed, heady breath.


“Then don’t stop.” He didn’t bother putting the wick out on the second candle as he brought the little flame between them. Her heavy gaze watched the flicker intently as she propped herself up on their pillows and offered him her naked chest. “Careful not to get it on the bedding,” she mewled.


“Tsk, wives…” He gently tugged her nighty from around her waist and dropped it over the side of the bed. “That implies I’m going to go easy on you,” he near growled. He knew if he left the candle burning, the wax would take longer to cool, but she could take it. She was his dragon, and he loved to hear her moan.


He caught her next couple of moans behind his kiss before he reconsidered that a flame between them might be something better monitored with attentiveness. Instead, he laid his kisses on her rosy skin, her opposite breast still clenched tight in his free palm.


Neirah arched into the painful bite with a gentle hiss and clasped his head strongly beneath her fingers. “I’m sorry I did this to your open wounds…”


“Fuck, don’t be,” he growled sternly. He slipped her untouched nipple behind his teeth for an affectionate squeeze. He didn’t have the presence of mind to gush about how hard it made him suffer beneath her hand.


His heavy gaze roamed upon surrender when he caught the sight of her guild mark beneath cooled drizzles of wax. His hungry expression softened thoughtfully as he set the candle back on the nightstand and coddled his wife beneath him with his face pressed against her wounded skin.


“I miss seein’ this every day,” he murmured softly, starting to peel away the cooled wax from his lover’s bust. “You hardly ever come to the guild anymore…”


Neirah moaned and encouraged his affectionate kisses as they nurtured her tender skin. “You come home to me every night, Laxus. It’s not like we’ve grown distant.”


He placed a particularly languid kiss on the golden wings of the fairy wrapped around her heavy breast above her heart. “You’re still a Fairy Tail wizard…”


Neirah took his face in her hands and raised his gaze. “This conversation’s becoming tedious…”


“I know,” he groaned. He rose over her body to place a delicate kiss on her lips.


“Then stop brooding and kiss it better.”


He couldn’t deny how intoxicating it was when she was hot and bothered by him. It filled him with a sense of pride, that he could be the one to make the shrew squirm. So, like he always had, he obeyed without a fuss.


His kisses made her moan and clutch his head to her breasts. “A-ah too hot,” she whined passionately. “Your tongue is so hot.” He was the embodiment of trying to drink lukewarm tea after making the mistake of taking the first sip when it was still boiling. The uncomfortable sensation made her squirm. “Wait, stop. I’ll be right back.”


“Neirah, damn it-” Laxus watched in impatient horror as Neirah’s naked body fell into the shadows and skittered across the floor out the door. “Fuck, all it’s going to take is one time our son’s sneaking cookies in the middle of the night and we’re going to find out he can see shadows or something…”


Neirah reappeared at the foot of the bed with an amused snigger. “His father is the only one who sneaks cookies past bedtime.”


“That was one time,” he growled.


“And I consider it a compliment to the chef,” she mewled. She crawled onto the bed and reached out to him. “Now open your mouth, Cookie Monster.”


Laxus shifted an unamused gaze her way. “Watch it, woman…”


“Oh please, you have so very few pet names. Forgive me for indulging.”


Laxus looked down to where she had laid a cold wet substance in his palm on passing before she dropped back to the bed with an exasperated purr. “Ice?”


“I told you your tongue was too hot,” she announced during a restless writhe. “Now come back over here and finish what you started while mommy takes care of you.”


He watched her fingertips roll over his thigh towards his erection before he was quick to inhale her frosty offering. When his woman knew what she wanted, there was no denying her.


Neirah arched into his cool tongue with a blissful sigh. “Mn, much better…” In response to his obedience, she reached between them and slid her palm over his hard shaft and gave him a tight squeeze. “Poor boy,” she moaned and arched her nipple into his chilling sucking. “It’s so easy to please you. It must be excruciating to be denied your wife’s body.”


Laxus released the ice from behind his teeth and smoothed it over her raised flesh with his palm. “Not all her body,” he announced optimistically.


Neirah purred erotically behind his cool kiss, her body hard and sensitive beneath the chill. She reached between them with her free hand and stole the ice cube he was using to skirt around her dark areola. As soon as he had abandoned their kiss, she popped the remaining ice behind her seductive smile.


She ignored his faltering expression as she pressed back against him and smoothed her cold tongue over his chest. “Your tongue might be my favourite part of your body,” she crooned playfully. Their gazes met for a moment before she was sharing the frigid sensation with him in a sloppy kiss. Upon parting with the shrinking crystal behind her lips she offered him a seductive smile, pressing his chest back towards their bed. “Put it to good use.”


He was a little confused as to what he was supposed to put to good use, his tongue, or the chill her kiss had left behind. That was when she mounted him and her naked curves straddled his chest as she dipped her head into his lap.


He immediately flexed forward with a surprised hiss. He wasn’t surprised that she had decided to slide her lips around his cock, but the cool glide of the ice mingling around him with her tongue was certainly an unexpectedly delightful sensation. Once he’d taken her adjustment into account, he had insinuated her purpose.


Neirah blushed with the immodest spread of her thighs beneath his palms as his cool tongue lapped at her damp flesh. She used to tell herself that it was for him that she acted so crudely but over the years, she had become so vulnerable to his tongue sliding against her that she would gladly bear the humility.


She tried to remain focused as his tongue parted soft folds. She always saw the position as a challenge. Each of them struggling to pleasure the other one to the point their technique surrendered. Usually, his intensity was always the one to cripple her, but she could tell by his weighted breaths, eager groans and flexing body beneath her that the remaining ice in her mouth was her ally in the battle.


He loved her taste, her scent, her sounds. It had amazed him just as much as her that he hadn’t pinned her up against a wall, at home, at the guild, in the market, anywhere just to claim his fill. But then, he supposed, he wasn’t going without the pleasures of something hot and wet hugging his cock. Well, today he was. Her mouth was sopping as she squeezed him, but the salivation coating his rock-hard shaft was cold as winter.


He seethed hard breaths to try and keep himself from groaning beneath her. The last thing their three-year-old needed was to believe a wild animal had broken into his parent’s room that night. After the second time his body had unintentionally bucked beneath her, he had to slow her down and regain control over their amorous activities.


Neirah moaned around his girth when he thrust thick fingers up inside her. She felt herself unintentionally grinding into his pressure, her body just as eager for a true union as he was. She was brought back by the warming of her mouth and the fact that her ice had almost completely dissolved. She wasn’t going to let her last breath of life be wasted by her defeat.


She repositioned the smooth chunk and slowly smoothed up the underside of his shaft, careful to swirl its remaining life around the head of his cock while it lasted. To her delight, she felt him falter, and catch a hoarse groan behind ground teeth. To this, she quickly jerked away and panted from behind a triumphant smile. “Not yet,” she demanded breathlessly. “Not until I say so.”


Laxus completely jerked away from her body, collapsing back on the bed with his hands covering his face. “Fuck, you’re kidding.”


“You know the deal.”


“Neirah, you said not tonight-”


“I never said your wife was always kind,” she reasoned. She smiled her victory as he whined beneath her and flexed his hips hungrily into her advancement. “It usually takes longer for me to finish you like this. You must have liked my ice trick.”


“Fuck off,” he pleaded desperately. “For the love of-”


Neirah silenced his raving by sucking on the engorged head of his cock and stroking his wet shaft with a suffocating strength. She paused only a moment to remind him of her conditions. “Not until I say.”


He wanted to snap back at her with ‘or what’, but after what he’d experienced that morning, she had housed a little more of a sadist than he had anticipated. Over the years, she had learned his body. She knew when he was close, and played him to the final note every time. But adding a condition that forced him to try and deny himself completion when he needed it was excruciating. It was certainly unkind of his usually loving wife.


He reached out and clasped the back of her head, forcing her tongue down his shaft, but in the same instant, he was wondering why the hell he was helping her get him off when she still hadn’t given him permission. All at once, he’d forgotten why he was second-guessing himself. She was his wife and she loved him. Sure, they were progressing into a kinky lifestyle in their spare time, but it wasn’t like he had to worry about the punishments she spoke of being overly harsh when they shared a home, a child, and a guild full of nosey friends.   


He threw his head back with a heavy breath and jerked her moaning mouth to his hips until his entire length was buried behind pretty, swollen lips; forcing her to swallow his powerful release to save the bedding she was so concerned about.


His fingers trembled in the roots of her hair as he laid back on their bed and counted the stars behind tightly sealed eyelids. A wonderful conclusion to some intimate cuddling. He heaved a shuddering sigh and relaxed as she climbed off him. “That; was incredible.” He could almost feel the tension thickening in the room, an eerie sensation forcing him to open one eye to her. She didn’t look nearly as sated. “No…?”


Neirah cocked her head robotically to one side. “You didn’t wait for permission…”


Laxus shifted his gaze swiftly away before returning it in hopes that her demeanour had reset. His confidence faded completely. “I- you sure? Could’ve sworn you said-”


“I issued no such command.”


Hello, dragon wife. “Nei- are you serious? I couldn’t help it. Can’t you just take it as a compliment?” He watched her rise with a dismal groan, his heart racing anxiously for the thoughts of what was to come.


“Fine, tonight, I will.” Neirah laced a robe around her hips as she headed to the bathroom to re-brush her teeth. “But the next time my claws come out, they’ll remember this.”


Laxus watched the door shut behind her, his heart racing and his gaze vacant as he stared at her retreating backside for a long moment. “Well, I’m screwed…”

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