Multilayered Love

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Sweet Tooth



After a long and silent moment of consideration, and trying to tell himself it was for Neirah that he was advancing, he slowly found his way to the kitchen doorway. He peeked around the corner and his heart started to race. What he was hearing was not an act. It was much more. Soon, Laxus started to feel like Neirah had made the plans less for him and more for her. In fact, he would go so far as to say that he actually felt the sting of jealousy upon his silent observance.


The women were working on getting each other out of their outfits, everything but their boots, that was. He was thankful that they were night and day in skin tone because he strongly believed that if they weren’t, he wouldn’t be able to tell whose limbs were whose. Neirah’s teeth tugged at Mira’s corset to unlace it, Mirajane’s fingers sinking past Neirah’s boy shorts to where she could grope the woman’s athletic backside.


It surprised him that his wife was on top, but then, he wasn’t familiar with the hierarchy of demons. Both women were far from mortal, and perhaps a dragon would take the dominant position over a she-devil. Mira certainly looked the submissive as she arched her chest and let Neirah pop open her corset to free her breasts to the spill of vanilla icing that had obviously come before he had snuck a peek.


He started to salivate as he observed their equally as bright, soft tongues slowly dip past the other’s lips to share the sugar. There was certainly no modesty in their approach. His olive-skinned beauty had her voluptuous breasts smothered into Mira’s soft, creamy peaks, and even if Neirah had the larger cup size, in the end, Mira’s ivory skin wrapped around a hefty weight of her own beneath.


A shadow, and a light. Dusky auburn kinks tangling with silver ones. Small dark nipples to mid-sized pink discs. Lean, athletic curves to fleshy and gently rounded ones. But not everything was so different. Neirah may have been shorter than Mirajane by a bit, but both women were relatively fair in stature. And both sets of heavily sated bright cerulean eyes met his in the same breathless moment they paused to take notice of his presence.


Correcting his behaviour, as a dog, he quickly took a seat on the floor; his gaze darting to one side before returning to theirs in hopes that they hadn’t been able to comprehend his fumble.


Mira offered a breathy giggle to his arrival, looking back at him over her flushed breasts from the flat of her back. “Hmhm. It looks like you were right.”


Laxus couldn’t help for feel guilty as he watched his smiling wife turn and catch him staring at the weighted pant of Mirajane’s chest heaving heavy breaths beneath his wife. Nothing about what they were doing felt right. Not after they’d come so far. Marriage, children, he felt like he should be better than getting off to the sight of two women entangled in front of him.


Of course, leave it to the woman he married to pick up on the discomfort and make the first move. She climbed from Mira and slowly crawled to where her husband was lingering at the edge of the living room carpet, licking the drizzle of creamy vanilla icing from her lips. She gently nuzzled into his neck, the tender kindness so overwhelmingly comforting that he thought he might melt into her entirely. Always feeding, always each others strength. “It doesn’t feel right,” he whispered bleakly. “I just-”


Neirah smiled and gently laid her finger against his lips. “You’re still doing it to yourself,” she encouraged softly. “You can just watch if you want to.” She nibbled on her lip as she smoothed her palm over the bulge in his jeans. “But I think we both know you’re a little more hands-on than that.”


“Uh oh, did he eat all the cookies?” Mira purred and rolled onto her belly, kicking her ankles up above her head. She folded her arms, the swell of her breasts bulging beneath the pressure. “Bring him over here and let’s rub his aching belly.”


“No, the cookies are fine,” Neirah teased. “But there is no telling what sort of mischief he might get into if left unattended.”


Laxus almost curled his lips into a subtle smile as Neirah cupped his face in her hands. She was so confident, so willing to invite him in and accommodate his demons. She gently tugged on his collar to encourage him to enter the living room where they had already moved the coffee table back to accommodate their naked cuddles.


She reached out and took his leash from his collar and wrapped it around his wrists before threading it through the loop at its end. Upon binding him, she pushed him back against the front of the couch and crawled over the top of him. He wasn’t entirely restrained by the tension of her pinning the end of the leash between the couch and wall, but it encouraged his bound hands back above his head.


“He just wants a little attention,” she whispered seductively before placing a gentle kiss on his sternum. “He’s quite an affectionate boy, believe it or not…”


Laxus could feel his tension releasing with Neirah’s passionate kiss mingling with his tongue. It was familiar, comfortable. It helped to give him a little more confidence in such an outrageous situation.


His comfort was slipping when Mirajane straddled his lap behind Neirah so that she could kiss the brunette’s bare shoulder and fondle her breasts. “It’s so sweet of you to give him the attention he needs.” Mira softly swept Neirah’s long hair from her nape to accommodate her kisses, then, both hands were wrapped around Neirah’s naked breasts for a firm squeeze.


In that moment, Laxus didn’t even care that he was ‘bound’. He’d let his arms linger a lifetime above his head when his own desires were being facilitated by Mira’s touch. His tongue swirled behind tight lips as he watched the platinum-haired beauty pluck Neirah’s tight little nipples to the sounds of her gentle whines.


His body bucked as Neirah unintentionally ground against his hips, rocking searing heat against his eagerness. Her gaze narrowly fluttered open to his shuddering sigh before her fingers were balling in the material of his tight shirt. “Hmn, the poor boy is sweating,” she whimpered almost sadly. She traced the lines of his tattoo through the material that was showing through his nearly transparent shirt. Since dampening, it clung to every dip in his muscular torso and highlighted the hard nipples beneath with his arousal.


Mirajane sighed blissfully, licking a playfully delicate trail up the side of Neirah’s neck. “Fix it then,” she suggested confidently. “We wouldn’t want him to overheat.”


Neirah cocked an eyebrow towards her complacent husband as Mira released her dark breasts and kissed a light trail down her spine to where her hands wrapped around Neirah’s firm haunches.


“Boy, I hope I look this good after I have children, hmhm.”


Laxus heaved a heavy breath to his wife’s teasing and let a quiet smirk steal his expression. He certainly wasn’t hating the spectacle.


To his subtle encouragement, Neirah leant on all fours and gently peeled his shirt away from his chest, settling the snug material up around his collarbone. She knew the simple gesture was relief enough, but she couldn’t help but tease his dark nipples upon passing. “Much better,” she crooned affectionately.


“So much,” Mira agreed with a gentle giggle.


Neirah’s expression was suddenly becoming surprisingly exhilarated in front of her husband as Mirajane spread the woman’s thighs and slipped her tongue gently along her slit. The sight of Neirah’s euphoric grimace had his breathing uneven with arousal.


He clenched his teeth at the sound of Neirah’s moans, suffering her little claw marks as she fought the pleasure of Mira gently lapping at her moist folds. “Mmm, you’re so pretty, Mommy,” Mirajane teased whimsically. She gave her fingers a little twist as she slipped them into her friend’s body.


Laxus grit his teeth, desperately fighting the urge to make Neirah’s delighted expression really turn. ‘Give her all you can,’ he silently assured the woman pleasuring his wife. ‘You’ll never give it like me.’


“Oh, you’re so easily distracted.”


Laxus’ throat worked as Mira’s wry gaze met his. He tried to replace the looks of pleasure on his relaxed expression, but he gave up knowing she’d already caught him enjoying himself. It still felt wrong when she reached out and rubbed her free hand along the bulging outline beneath his jeans to the sound of his needy hiss but he couldn’t help but need the attention.


“You forgot about your puppy, Nei.”


Gathering her strength, Neirah rotated in Laxus’ lap, her back to him as she met Mirajane’s front over his legs. The women shared a coy chuckle before their lips had met once more and their fingers explored each other’s body. Mira made the move first, her dainty hand slipping between Neirah’s moist thighs. Laxus knew she’d slipped inside the moment his wife gasped in a gentle whine and hollowed her back.


His chest rocked heavily for breath as he watched her grind against his lap, against Mira’s fingers. He ground his teeth and considered reaching out to hold her, just so he could be even a small part of her bliss. But then he reminded himself that he was still in puppy-mode and should do as he was told.


Thankfully though, Neirah wasn’t entirely naïve to his tension. To his relief, she was reaching back behind her and releasing the clutch on his jeans to free him from the agonizing strain. At first, he was a little apprehensive. It had been a long time since he and Mira had fooled around, and he didn’t know how comfortable he was with being naked in the same room as her and his wife.


That was when his throbbing cock met the gentle rock of Neirah’s backside as she reverse-straddled his lap. For a moment, he just tipped his head back and enjoyed the ride, listening to the room fill with sweet little moans and weighted breaths. He was almost disappointed when it was over.


But the women had moved on from just fondling each other. 


He narrowly watched them adjust before Neirah was obstructing his view of what they were doing. All he knew from touch, was that it included the display of his attentive erection passed between the women. Even though he couldn’t see it, he knew the feeling of two wet slits kissing around the shaft of his cock, trembling fingers of moaning women fondling sensitive bundles of nerves to enhance their stimulation.


Unable to see around his wife as the women fondled each other’s breasts and clits, he jerked his head back and bared carnivorous teeth. He didn’t have to watch what was happening to know that it felt incredible, that it fed his ego. It was almost too much to bear as he was left to feel the beautiful women gyrating against each other’s stimulation around him; both hot, both wet. Neirah seemed a little clumsy as she followed Mirajane’s lead, but he could tell it didn’t bother her or cause her confidence to falter. Every now and then, he still heard the women share an airy giggle for his wife’s innocence. That she’d be willing to go so far was incredible enough. 


His body tightened in near disappointment when he felt the girl’s shift in his lap until neither remained. At first, he wasn’t going to question it, from a spectator’s point-of-view. Soon after, though, the weight was returning to his lap, to either side. And before he knew it, both sets of soft breasts were pressed against the sides of his shaft as the women kissed a breath away from the head of his cock. He was awe-stricken with disbelief at first, blinking sweat from his eyes as his body continued to tighten beneath their affection. He couldn’t believe that his beautiful wife was currently sucking on another beautiful woman’s tongue so close to his distended member.


Arousal started to push out the concern he once had for the matter as he ground his teeth and groaned in delight. ‘Fuck, I knew there was a reason I married this woman…’


He sealed his eyes tight as he felt tender tongues approach his shaft, their kisses getting sloppier as they descended. He knew they were going to do it, they were so close; sucking, teasing. He felt the moisture of one of their mouths leak over his shaft and he was ready to break. He had to remain calm, easier said than done. He had to remember that Neirah was still in control of when and what made him blow.


From what he could tell, the women in his lap were not going to make it easy on him either. He could tell they were moving slowly to keep his comfort in mind, but he had thrown decency out the window when the first tongue stroke landed against his skin – whoever’s it was. Now, he was cursing both little witches for taking their damned time.


His first throaty groan escaped him to the mingling of two swirling tongues flirting with each other around his arousal. Delighted that neither one of them mocked him for it, he chanced to watch it unfold in his lap. The regret was so instantaneous that it almost winded him. The visual stimulation shot straight to his groin and tightened the rest of his body alertly, but he’d be damned if he was the reason their games had to end prematurely.


He immediately dropped his head back against the couch and clasped his leash in his own hands to increase the bite of the rough leather in his wrists. It was one thing to have tongues lapping at the veins of his steeled phallus, but when one of them engulphed his length entirely, his whole body heaved on alert.


“You’re being so well behaved,” Neirah crooned sweetly upon her return to his lap. She straddled where Mira generously sucked him back, her naked haunches thrust high into the air as she pressed her breasts against his chest. “I’m so glad you started to see things my way.”


He was moments from quipping back at her when his parted lips quirked to one side to watch her raise a dark claw to his chest.


“Oh my,” Mira crooned sweetly. She smiled bashfully as she swirled her soft tongue around the pulse in his fully attentive erection. “He certainly enjoyed whatever you just did. Do it again and I’ll squeeze him extra hard.”


Laxus snapped his teeth together and groaned, watching as Neirah slowly split his skin beneath her nail from his sternum to his navel. If the women were to start playing good vs evil, he almost certainly thought that Mira would be the demon of the show. That considered, the way her hot mouth sucked him, and her soft hands fondled the tight sack of flesh between his thighs, she was his angelic relief.


Neirah smiled and took a tight hold of his hip in one hand as the other retracted a long claw to trace delicate circles on his pectoral. “I know what my baby likes,” Neirah crooned affectionately. She took the opportunity while Mira was swallowing her husband’s girth to rouse a pleasure centre of her own.


She smothered her breasts into his chest and plunged her tongue past his ear, twisting one of his dark nipples between her lean fingers. She hazily watched him part his lips to moan, curse, bark; whatever it was, it never made it into audible articulation because he was snapping his jaw together instantly to deny it with a shrill hitch in his breath.


Laxus panted his eagerness, trying to remain focused on the two sets of poison seeking to erode him. He winced when Neirah sank all four fingernails into the back of his neck, the nip so deep he knew that she’d retract them bloodied.


“And you know what I like,” she whispered venomously in his ear. He winced as she jerked him towards the nipples that had been pinched swollen by Mira’s teasing. “So give it to me…”


Mira was so aroused by the accelerated moans and laboured breaths of the room that she reached back between her thighs and sank one finger into her damp entrance. She purred gently against her target’s cock as she pressed it to the back of her throat, amusement filling her to the way it jerked alertly in her grasp for her itch on his trigger.


Neirah reached out to his hands and quickly unbound them, too thrilled with his subtle touches to slow down. “That’s it, good boy,” she mused proudly. She threw her head back in delight and pressed her chest into his eager sucking, one of his hot palms finding her second breast. She heaved heavy breaths, one hand capturing his head and drawing him in. “Oh yes!” She cried. She breathed out a sigh of bliss, burying ten strong claws into either side of his chest before her expression twisted demonically and she raked the deep digits down his front; her elated moan piercing the room.


Even through a mouthful of flesh, Laxus’ agonisingly euphoric groan was rumbling eagerly between them with his greed. Now that they had his attention, he couldn’t deal with their languid speed. He needed more, and he needed it immediately. He winced and flinched when Neirah reached out and captured his hand. He opened one eye and tried to assess the situation and that was when he felt her shove his hand against the heat between her thighs.


He could feel the moisture leaking over her soft folds as she encouraged his touch. He was gentle at first, but her desperate cries were encouraging him to shove two thick fingers straight up inside her until her swollen lips kissed his knuckles. He tore away from her breast with a fierce growl and panted cool, fresh air before repeating his brutally abrasive pump between her thighs. He curled the digits inside, working the thick creamy substance from inside her and over his fingers.


Mira’s muffled whimpers were shrill with her surprise when Laxus’ palm dropped solidly on the back of her head and forced her to pick up her pace against his lap. Mira had always been skilled when it came to taking him deep, he wasn’t going to let her slack just because it had been a few of years. At first, she thought about denying him, but that was before his fingers were kneading her scalp and jerking on the roots of her hair with his need. He had obviously surrendered to them.


Laxus tore away from one of Neirah’s nipples to firmly clench the opposing between his teeth, her cries far from modest. His groan was equally as desperate the moment that Neirah lunged forward and snapped her teeth together against his collarbone just above where she had left his shirt balled up.


His head fell back instantly as he let her grind against his fingers, his expression heady and anxious as he hollowed his back, lurching into two types of stimulation. “Fuck,” he couldn’t help but grunt. He peeked at both women for just a moment before he was sick of playing the pampered pet. If he didn’t stop soon, he was going to break the rules all over their beautiful naked bodies.


Neirah squealed as she was thrown to the side, knocked right off his lap and onto her back. To this, Mira alarmingly raised her gaze to Neirah from what she was doing. Concluding that Laxus had dismissed her, she quickly turned to face the man for the first time since she’d gone down on him, her pale cheeks colouring with a soft blush. He certainly wasn’t the nervous boy she’d recalled earlier that evening.


He cocked a brow towards her as he glared down over the bridge of his nose. “You always were a fucking tease.”


Mira whimpered as she was torn from his lap, and in her fumble, she toppled chest first onto the floor with her haunches still raised in the air, a puff of exasperation on her lips. He tore his shirt over his head before tossing it aside and in hindsight, he probably should have used it to dab the perspiration from his brow first. But Laxus wasn’t about to lose the opportunity to get his revenge, and as soon as he adjusted on his own knees, he hooked his thumb into Mira’s snug entrance from behind her. Her head instantly flew back with an elated whine and bright, rosy cheeks as he fondled her stimulated clit for a quiet moment of consideration beneath the middle knuckle of his forefinger. Finally, he’d gotten her under control and replaced his thumb with two thick fingers.


Immediately after, he shot his gaze towards his little wife trying to scamper away with a playful giggle. Laxus immediately caught her by the ankle and dragged her across the floor on her back next to Mira. “Not so fast,” he demanded huskily. He groaned hungrily as he devoured her lips in a fierce and thirsty kiss before his tightening chest allowed him to release her. “Spread your fucking thighs.”


He was surprised when he looked down to see his wife coloured, in the slightest, to match Mira. It generally took a lot to make Neirah blush. Then again, he very rarely spoke so lewdly with her, and never in front of anyone else. The pace that trembling thighs opened wasn’t swift enough for him, so he hastened it with a hot palm. When she obeyed, he jerked her small hand towards his shaft to suggest her stimulation before slamming a matching set of fingers into her body alongside Mirajane’s.


He expanded his chest with a deep breath, watching little beads of blood bubble between the slits in his chest. For a minute, he just watched the women writhe, whining passionately against each other. That was when a wickedly triumphant smirk was curling his lips.


Mirajane purred her arousal as she found her breasts dangling above Neirah’s lips, her nipples being sucked strongly beneath an eager tongue as both women were filled with enthusiastic fingers. It was almost more than she could handle.


Laxus took the tension between Mira’s legs and the quivering of her channel into consideration before jerking his fingers from her body. Clearly, it had been a while since Mira had been with a man. She was far too quick to trigger, from what he remembered, at least. “Fuck that,” he growled. “If I can’t come, neither can you two.”


Neirah didn’t seem pleased with his sudden bout of control and quickly corrected his advance. “I think you might be mistaken, Rover,” she warned him sternly with piercing amber eyes.


Laxus grit his teeth and rolled his eyes before flopping a limp Mirajane onto her back. He hissed an exasperated sigh before looking down at her shy smile and tracing her parted, quivering lower lip with his thumb. It reminded him of the encounter she had boasted to Neirah and made his breath catch in an amused scoff. “Looks like the tables have turned.”


Mira gasped as Laxus swiftly dipped his teeth to her nipples and gave the cherry coloured nubs a stern twist before kissing down her body. She was assuming they were to take each other’s pleasure with the way he inverted himself over the top of her, but once his tongue was at her navel, he dropped to one side and rolled her over on top of him. Strong arms and small women made everything so much easier. The position left her facing Neirah… with her wet cunt in his face.


Neirah had boasted his tongue.


Mira’s eyes shut, and her whines grew laboured with exhilaration as she spread her thighs for the strong lap of Laxus’ tongue, a sensation she’d never known until that day.


Neirah watched as Mirajane tried to reach towards reciprocation before wincing and raking her fingernails over his abdomen instead. Neirah knew all too well the crippling pleasures that came from such a position. Mira was as good as out for the count.


To this, Neirah advanced and knelt alongside them to take her husband’s thick erection into her mouth, stroking all she couldn’t contain in its hot confines with a constricted grip. 


At the same time that Laxus’ body pulsed with ecstasy, he was also filled with relief. It would be ten times easier to ignore his need to reach orgasm when he was so preoccupied with the bodies against him. It didn’t take him long before one hand found the curves of Neirah’s backside and he plunged his fingers back into her. He had to admit, though, he was dangerously close to losing it the moment that Neirah squealed her surprise around the head of his cock.


He used his second hand to spread Mira more immodestly over his face, his teeth raking over her blushing pink clit as he prodded at her tight opening. As badly as he wanted Mira to attest to his skills, it was a lot easier for him to access Neirah so thoroughly. Regardless, he’d put forth the effort for as long as he needed to distract himself from the gentle vibrations of Neirah moaning around his cock. To further the distraction, he thrust his second set of fingers inside Mira’s tight channel to a swift pump and tried to convince himself that her scent and taste were just as welcoming as his wife’s.


It wasn’t long that Mira was spread over Laxus’ face and penetrated that she was seeing stars, a gentle and blissful moan escaping her with her completion. It took a lot of restraint not to let his name meet her lips, but she tried her hardest to keep from moaning it in honour of her friends’ marriage. If they were going to play together for the night, the three of them had an unspoken responsibility to keep from plunging too deeply into their games.


With a loud moan, she collapsed against his wounded chest with her naked rear-end thrust in the air. In response, Laxus groaned and shooed Neirah away from his hips in order to return Mira to her back. He did so with a parting slathering of his tongue, a slow and deep pump of his fingers to milk her pleasure. He lowered his lips to her ear with a playful grin before his breathless whisper was bragging his trick. “Woof.”


With Mira painstakingly satisfied, he turned his hot attention to his little wife. ‘Damn, I love it when she blushes like that…’


Neirah moaned as she was all but pounced on, her weight pinned solidly beneath his. All he wanted to do when he took his uncomfortably rigid shaft in his own strong grip was plough into his wife’s beautiful wet cunt until he spilt every bit of his completion inside her. But there was something he wanted more.


He dipped his dark rasp to her ear as he rumbled his demand. “I played your game, jumped through your hoops...” His humid breath was so hot that he could see the steamy cloud break between them. “Let me come,” he begged.


Just for the sheer force of hearing him talk so brutishly demanding for the second time that night, she moaned and gently bobbed her head with a frail smile. With a hungry groan, he covered her lips with his, grinding his aching erection against her swollen slit to the sound of her muffled whines. When she became too aroused to maintain a practical kiss, he released her lips to suck on her dark, engorged breasts and milk his own release from his cock. It came shortly after Neirah threw her hands around him, one hand jerking on his roots while the other sank sharp nails into his shoulders to drag.


He groaned and arched his shoulder into her touch, directing his relief to the swell of her breasts and her trembling abdomen. After a whole day of watching her beautiful body dance around him without reward, it felt incredible to finally reach his peak and be allowed to boil over with contentment.


He sat back on his knees and took the two moaning masses into consideration, raking tense fingers through his hair as he panted ragged breaths. He couldn’t help but offer them a wry snort of amusement as he reached out and gave his unbearably tight collar a tug. “What’s next?”



“Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?” Laxus couldn’t help but straighten and steady his panting breaths to preserve his superiority. He looked at Mirajane who he’d left splayed across the kitchen table in a single boot. She sat half upright, half-conscious, with her flushed features perspiring frantically as she struggled to keep her eyes open. His wife was straddling a chair, her arms folded over the back and chin resting on them. She couldn’t keep her eyes open.


Laxus scoffed triumphantly, a sardonic smile on his lips. “I gotta say it feels good knowing that I got a dragon and a demon in the palm of my hand.”


Mira mewled softly and wriggled her single set of toes. “How on earth did I lose a boot?”


“I lost both of mine,” Neirah added meekly.


Their detachment made Laxus’ blood boil. ‘That’s ok, I wasn’t trying to gloat or anything.’


“I’m so dizzy, I almost thought I saw your puppy stand on two legs like a human.”


Laxus paled, his skin crawling as the women conversed.


“You’d better sit down then,” Neirah assured the woman tenderly. “Because dogs crawl on all four legs.”


Laxus caught the warning in his wife’s gaze and it made his heart race. It reminded him, as he took a knee, that he was never really in control.


“He’s been such a good boy,” Mira crooned affectionately. “Come here good boy so I can pat you.” She lowered herself from the kitchen table and took a seat next to her friend as Laxus approached. Despite his bitterly unamused expression, he let the She-Devil ruffle his hair in an affectionate stroke. “Hmhm, you’re right. You’ve taught him so many cute little tricks.” A giggly Mirajane wrapped her arms around Neirah’s neck and placed a sloppy kiss on her collar. “We should give him a treat.”


Neirah swooned and nuzzled into Mirajane’s silver roots. “You know, I have a whole plate of cookies and he’s incredibly food driven.” She rolled her soft gaze towards her husband. “Perhaps we could teach him some new tricks; like how to stand on two legs like a human.”


“Ooo, how fun!” Mira chimed.


“Here,” Neirah offered quietly. “Stand there.” She kept her gaze on Laxus’ defiant expression as she circled the kitchen and retrieved her bowl of icing and a plate of cookies. She wove her hips in circles, careful to nearly brush against his sensitive nerves every time she did.


Mirajane giggled her enthusiasm as Neirah gave her rosy rump a squeeze and kissed her neck through her smile. “How do we teach him?” She crooned. “With cookies?”


“And icing,” Neirah purred. “My puppy has a wicked sweet tooth.”


Mirajane bit her lip with anticipation. “Does he now?”


Neirah nodded and took her wooden spoon from her mixing bowl. “Buttercream frosting is his biggest weakness.” Neirah watched Mirajane’s fair skin tremble erotically as she knelt in front of her, took her spoon and began to drizzle a trail of frosting starting at Mira’s bare toes. She traced the spoon up the same calf before crossing to swirl around the opposing thigh. After refuelling her sugary syrup, she slipped the spoon right up between Mira’s thighs to coat her silver cunt with the sweet sauce.

She slid her tongue past Mira’s teeth, the two moaning into their deep kiss as Neirah continued to coat the woman in a trail of tasty treats. She ended by parting their kiss and smoothing a trail with her spoon right up Mira’s throat and over her chin. 


Laxus narrowly restrained his elated groan as he watched Mira part her lips with two lazy fingertips, her little pink tongue tasting the white frosting she’d captured from one of her breasts.


“So good,” she moaned.


His throat worked dryly. She might not have been his wife, but she was beautiful. It was clear that even though she seemed restrained that night, she’d had a pretty good idea of how the festivities would go down. They were way too in sync to be making it up as they went. His torment had been crafted and scripted long before they’d all met in his kitchen.


Neirah leant against Mira’s side with a couple cookies in hand before kissing a slow trail down the side of her lean figure. She slowly lowered herself at Mira’s side and licked lazy circles around her hip. “Keep your thighs nice and tight,” she instructed.


Mira’s body tightened as she wove it in a seductive manner and obeyed her host. “Like this?”


Neirah smiled and poked her tongue between the ‘V’ in Mira’s pinched thighs to tease the sugar from near her slit. She retracted her tongue to the sound of Mira’s breathless sighs before sliding a cookie in her place. “Perfect…”


Neirah turned to face her anxious husband with knowing eyes, a lusting smile on her lips. “Come,” she commanded. She pointed her fingers to where Mira’s pretty feet started the weaving treasure trail. “What’s this?” She crooned. “Is this your favourite treat?” Noticing the diluted expression her cautious husband was offering her, she moaned and slid her tongue back between Mira’s thighs to smear the frosting she knew he wanted. “Come and get it, Puppy,” she purred.


Laxus was grateful that he didn’t have far to crawl to make it to Mira’s feet because it was humiliating enough for him to have to do when they were alone.


“That’s it,” Neirah encouraged. “Almost there…”


He ground his teeth as he watched her stand, moving predatorily around his crouched figure. ‘You’ll get yours,’ he thought bitterly.


He flinched at Mira’s feet when he felt his wife give his naked rear a squeeze. He was moments from turning to reprimand her when the woman before him flinched and started to moan.


“Come here, Puppy,” Mirajane mewled timidly. “Come get your treat.”


Laxus’ gaze dropped to the beginning of the trail his wife had left. He knew what they wanted him to do, but it didn’t make it any less difficult. He slowly lowered his head, his lethargic gaze flickering as he numbed himself to the sound of his pride shattering. It could have been worse. They could have made him lap water from a bowl or chase a ball. He should have considered himself lucky, he supposed.


Mirajane didn’t react nearly as passionately when his tongue met the top of her foot, not like his wife would have. He began to follow the trail, tasting every sugary goosebump that raised in the woman’s skin as he moved. He could hear them chanting praise as he lapped Mira’s snowy guild mark clean of the frosting, but all he could think about was getting to his cookie.


His gaze shifted up Mira’s body as he sat up and ran a strong hand up the back of her trembling thigh, holding her tight to where his tongue approached the cookie. He diverted his gaze when he was assured that she wasn’t watching him and he slowly peeled the cookie from between clamped muscles.


It melted in his mouth like all his wife’s cookies did; the smooth vanilla crumbling away and leaving a sweet taste behind. He closed his eyes with a blissful sigh as he washed it down with way more icing than he should have had in a single day. He was grateful that he wasn’t the calorie-counting type.


He took a fistful of her rump before capturing one of her legs and splaying it to the side so he could capture all the melting globs of sweetness, something that made the woman’s colour deepen. 


“Good boy,” Neirah praised. She took another cookie and placed it between Mira’s teeth. “Almost there.”


Mira moaned behind the cookie as she tipped her head back, ready to receive the slow lick approaching as he completed the trail to his final prize. She felt him approaching, her gentle moans accelerating as his taste tickled her pulse.


That was when he paused, long enough that Mirajane’s brow knotted and she was forced to spare him a glance. It was hard for her to read, and the thought made her stomach churn. He didn’t look peaceful, but he didn’t look tormented. If she had to conclude anything, she felt like he was ashamed for enjoying any part of their evening. For a long moment, as she stood before him, she was afraid that he wasn’t going to take the cookie waiting in her mouth. She immediately felt the sharp pain of guilt.


Neirah smoothed her hands around his hips and breathed venom against his spine through her smile. “Do it,” she commanded softly. “We’re committed.”


It still felt wrong. Part of him was glad it was Mirajane. He trusted her, and for the most part, she trusted him. They were all close, they all cared about one another. But another part of him wished he held no attachment to the woman before him; a faceless stranger that he never had to see again. It was hard to know what she was thinking because Mira lived solely for the people around her. She never once thought about herself. If she was in pain, would she tell them? He couldn’t help but fear for their situation if she still harboured some sort of affection for him. Most of all, he felt bad that as she stared back at him over top of the cookie with glossy, passionate cerulean eyes, he couldn’t force himself to feel anything in return.


Neirah smiled as he dipped down and retrieved the cookie from his partner, her heart fluttering positively as he obeyed her without a fuss. She returned her playful face and clapped, cheering for their accomplishment triumphantly. “See, I told you!”


Mira opened her tender gaze and smiled. She reached up and gave his cheek a playful rub. “You’re right, what a smart boy!”


If nothing else, Laxus was relieved that her humour had returned after the tense moment had passed.


Neirah snickered beside them and popped an ice cube behind her lips. “I take my training very seriously,” she crooned.


Mirajane was a little startled when Laxus took her up in his arms and brought their lips together into a fiery kiss. He fell back against the counter where Mira rested her knees, her hands crawling over his chest as he sank his fingers into her soft backside and tugged her close to his torso.


Neirah didn’t waste any time from there as she knelt in front of her husband beneath Mira’s shadow and wrapped her hands around his thick shaft. She worked the edges of her ice cube smooth in her mouth for the duration of a few strong pumps of her wrist before tasting the tip of his cock and swirling the smooth cube around the swollen tip.


Laxus flinched in his technique and hissed his surprised arousal between kisses with Mira. The first thing he wanted to do was tangle his fingers in his mischievous wife’s hair and control her passion, but he had to remember that he was part of the reason Mirajane didn’t topple to the floor. He groaned frustration and returned diligently to the kiss, shifting one hand from beneath her backside to where he penetrated her soft body and began to stimulate her with his fingers. 


Mira began to moan more pleasure than she could contain behind their kiss, so as her head fell back, he found her bright nipples and indulged. They were easily twice the size of Neirah’s cute little buttons and fifty shades brighter. They easily flushed with arousal, her skin reddening with every harsh nip. She had pretty breasts, and they were luxuriously soft. When he was younger, he was certain no one could have breasts that were more beautiful than the She-Devil’s.


He groaned against the soft peak as his wife relieved him of the cold for a moment to raise her tongue to Mira’s wet slit. She started to lick the moaning woman passionately with an icy tongue as the steady pump of her hand warmed her husband’s mighty girth.


Neirah sighed as she climbed to her feet and joined the affection, her kisses falling on her husband’s shoulder blade. “I want a turn,” she suggested sternly. At first, his chest swelled with pride to the thought that she was becoming jealous of Mira hogging her husband. Sweet revenge. “How about you go sit and behave for a while.”


And his ego deflated. Laxus ground his teeth impatiently as he withdrew his fingers from the trembling woman. “I was so close,” he hissed under his breath.


“Not my priority,” she sang sadistically. “I’ll give you what I want when I want. But right now, I want Mira.”


Laxus narrowed his gaze bitterly on his snarky little wife before stepping away from the counter and dropping Mira onto the unsuspecting woman. “There, she’s all yours.”


The girls started to giggle feverishly as they toppled to the floor in a heap. They didn’t bother watching the dejected man sulk away because somehow, they knew he’d forgive them.


Laxus sat on the kitchen tiles and cracked his head back against the wall, raising one knee to support his arm as he sighed and tried to steady his working nerves. They always gave him just a little bit and then took it all away. It was driving him insane.


In hindsight, he probably shouldn’t have opened his eyes again.


The facing girls had intertwined in each other’s lap, each had their right leg on top of the other’s and their left against the floor tiles. They had pressed their engorged breasts tight together and were in the middle of a sloppy, immodest kiss.


His hand flinched at his side, instinct desperate to see the unresolved sexual tension released beneath his own palm to the sight of their mingling. As if his wife could read his thoughts, she parted from their kiss and encouraged both of their glossy, sedated expressions to meet his.


“You can touch yourself,” Neirah encouraged. “And when the time comes, you have my permission…” She whined, and her expression faded into her pleasured grimace as Mira leant down to suck on her caramel breast.


“Your nipples are so dark and cute,” Mira crooned affectionately. “Just like candy.”


Neirah barely managed to open one eye and smile back at her husband. He was within arms reach away and hard with anticipation. It was something most men only dreamed about, and even if she was sure that night wasn’t his first rodeo, she knew that he would never forget it. It made her happiest to know that she could facilitate such a taboo fantasy, and she wanted him to have the freedom to enjoy it.


With her encouragement, Neirah laced her fingers in the woman’s hair and steadied her against her swollen mounds. Once she’d gotten used to Mirajane’s gentle sucking against her chest, she curled her fingers between their tummies. She lowered her palm against Mira’s soft abdomen until she could curl her fingers beneath her and penetrate her.


Mira’s breathing faltered, the corners of her mouth damp and glistening with saliva she couldn’t be bothered to swallow. She had always been an erotically messy lover. He couldn’t help it, and since he’d been given permission, his hand slowly found its way to his erection.


The sticky girls kneaded each other’s flesh, tongues flirtatious and timid as they explored each other’s sweet-and-salty skin. Their heavy breaths and moans continued to escalate uncontrollably. Soon, Mira had surrendered Neirah’s breasts and moved her palm between the olive-skinned beauty’s thick thighs.


“I should have… brought toys…”


Laxus winced with the power of shivers stealing his body, arousal swelling in his loins. ‘Fuck, Mira…’ he silently reprimanded.


Neirah moaned and nibbled on the fair woman’s neck. “It’s so much better with a man inside, isn’t it?”


‘Not helping!’


Mira’s skin flushed as she narrowly parted her eyelids to watch Neirah’s pleasure flicker in her expression. “Yea,” she whined.


Neirah smiled back at her hazily before drawing their lips together in a fierce and passionate kiss. Moments later, she parted their embrace and shoved Mirajane to the floor. She sucked on her perky nipples for a moment before her kisses led her south.


‘Do it,’ Laxus silently encouraged. ‘Lick her…’


And she did. Neirah parted her friend’s labia and smoothed her tongue along the inner channel in just a manner that her husband had a full view of her lewd actions. His chest ached as he pumped his hand over his shaft, his throat dry and body tight. His pain increased when Neirah raised Mirajane’s soft, meaty thigh and hooked it over her shoulder so that she could open her up to her touch.


That was when he noticed something strange about the way Neirah was watching her friend. Something curious was sparkling behind the woman's sombre gaze as she observed the way Mira closed her eyes and writhed. It made him slow his touch as he started to ponder her thought process. By the time she turned and faced him, he would have sold his soul to be wrong about his conclusion.


She missed it, the feeling of his cock inside her. As she slowly watched his hand stroke his own shaft, her mouth watered, and body ached to have him hip-deep inside her. She knew anything she felt, he mirrored and amplified. But they were committed. They weren’t to bed each other until the moment was right, and the moment certainly wasn’t right…


For them.


Laxus shook his head as Neirah reached out and grabbed his collar to jerk him towards them. “That’s the line,” he warned her. “I’m not crossing it.”


She grabbed his hand and dragged it between Mira’s thighs, encouraging him to stroke her. “I’m not asking you,” she assured him.


Laxus looked down to where Mira was whining with sexual tension, the thigh around Neirah’s shoulder trembling as the brunette kissed it. “Command it all you want, you can’t make me do it.”


“I’m not commanding you,” Neirah whispered against Mirajane’s inner knee. She narrowly opened her glassy eyes and looked back into his defiant expression. “I’m begging you…”


Laxus looked back at her squarely, his heated strokes subsiding inside their writhing target.


“I want to watch,” she admitted desperately. She had to find a way to make it sound about her and not about the concern she had for his unfulfillment. “I want to see what it looks like from the other side.”


“There’re other ways to do that!” He quipped back sternly. “I’m not fucking another woman while my damn wife watches.”


Mira sat up among them, her touch gentle as she wrapped her hand around his obliques and diverted her gaze. She had known that Neirah would try something like she had started. Neirah hadn’t told her, but when Mirajane was asked if Mira was willing to lay with the woman’s husband, she reluctantly agreed. It seemed important to the dragoness. Mirajane had thought that Neirah wanted Laxus to have an outlet to relieve tension after months of abstinence, but when she saw the humility flush the woman’s face, she knew it was something deeper.


“You’re right,” Mira squeaked. “There are other ways.” She smiled softly and closed her eyes, her hair floating around her naked figure as she released a calm essence of magical energy.


Laxus lingered with a wide and vacant stare as the woman he was pressed against became the one of his dreams… the one right by his opposing side.


Mira opened Neirah’s eyes and smiled back at him sadly. “But we’re already right here.”


Laxus slowly shook his head. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me…” It was weird before, but he was just about ready to clock out.


Neirah reached out and grabbed his hand before he could retreat, her own trembling. When he turned to face her though, her gaze was diverted in mortification and her body flushed with shame.


It broke his heart.


He wanted to ask her why, but he knew why. She had seen him suffering, seen the way he yearned for her and she wanted to make it easier without breaking their rules. They weren't to sleep together, but even if Mira could take her form, it would never be the same. It was relief without strings. Something he’d been desperate for…


Up until that moment.


He slowly released his wife’s hand and let his expression soften. Without another word, he turned to wife number two. His throat worked, his heart racing as she smiled back at him hopefully, a mirror of every kind of alluring his wife was capable of being. Mira had learned his wife that night and had been for a long time to be such a convincing copy. He didn’t dare to watch his true wife’s enthusiasm soar when he neared Mirajane’s ear, his hand shaking as he stroked back honey scented auburn locks.


“Change back,” he whispered desperately.


Neirah’s expression dropped as Mirajane looked at her with her own face of failure and bowed her head as she reformed herself. Their plan had failed. They had honestly believed that once he got into their games, he wouldn’t think twice until morning. They were sadly mistaken. The two of them then flinched as Laxus reached out and captured both of their heads, drawing them in close to his. Then, he wrapped an arm around either of their figures.


“I’m not a good enough man to have women like you two in my life…”


Neirah shuddered and raised her helpless gaze to where he stared at the tile between them with a humble smile.  


He tipped his hands simultaneously against the back of their heads and mirrored the weaving of his fingers through very different strands of hair. “But I’m glad I do.”


Mira's cheeks flushed to consider how far her friend had come. Her own gaze weakened with affection as she shifted it to where Neirah’s expression was glossing with sentiment. ‘I knew they were close,’ she mused. She slowly turned to face where Laxus was smiling back at his wife lovingly. ‘But I never thought their love could have been this strong.’ She couldn’t contain her smile as she blinked her own tears from her eyes. ‘Neirah was willing to let him lay with another just to ease his pain, he didn’t even want to let me in the front door.’ Mirajane wiped at her tears as she smiled back at his diverted features. ‘Laxus… you’ve come so far.’


“I’m sorry…” Neirah whimpered meekly.


He bopped his head sternly against her brow and took her face in both of his hands. “No, but your gonna be. You already know this dog bites.”


Her expression warmed with arousal as he nuzzled into her hair and nipped at her flesh.


Mirajane smiled as Neirah started to giggle light heartedly beneath his tickling kisses. She slowly slunk away and considered tactically retreating from their home. She had wanted to help, but it was clear that they didn’t need it.


She didn’t get far. As soon as Laxus caught her shift in weight, he was snatching her arm and bringing her crashing down into his lap. He leant over her with a defiant growl before placing a firm kiss on her unsuspecting lips.


“I don’t think so, Sweetheart,” he sneered. “You’ve seen me in a collar and made a lazy man work for his damn cookie.” His sinister smile darkened ominously. “You’re not goin’ anywhere…” 


He worked his fingers against her scalp to steady her as he crushed her lips with his own in a fulfilling kiss. She may have been poison to his bright little flower, but she had meant well in helping her. Maybe it didn’t hurt her to know that he could never feel the same way about her that he used to, maybe it did. He couldn’t care in the moment he held the devoted women in his arms on his kitchen floor.


He was about to shift his attention to his wife when the busty brunette had crawled overtop of Mirajane and joined their kiss with a persistent curiosity. Maybe a wiser man would have taken the girls up on their cunning offer, but he’d never been very wise. He’d never been the type of man he was in that moment because he’d never realised just how blessed he was.


Their night was far from over, but the satisfaction he would take away from it wasn't entirely sexual. Though, for the most part, it might have been.


For the most part- definitely.



He still had the sensations in his head, the feeling of his collar being removed and Neirah’s hot wet tongue mingling with shower water to lick the discomfort away. It had been a while since the two of them had stayed up so late, and with another person involved, no less. He still hadn’t come down off his high and he sure as hell hadn’t stopped to consider how awkward the next morning at the guild would be. Neirah’s visits to the guild were few and far between, but he saw Mira every. day.


He couldn’t care less as he flopped back on his bed with a satisfied groan. The living room, the kitchen, the hall – they were all a sticky mess and a complete write-off after their night of amorous activities. He rolled a strain out of his neck, groaning when his fingertips disturbed his wounds. At least most of them he would be able to hide with his clothes, the ones that weren’t deep enough to justify Neirah using her magic to heal for him before bedtime. But no matter how adventurous the three got, they never made their way upstairs.


He smiled and looked towards his slumbering wife, exhausted from her reign. Their marriage bed had stayed just that, theirs. As promised with their commitment, she didn’t roll over to lick his wounds as his doting wife. She had hit her pillow and let sleep swiftly claim her knowing that she would have a tonne of house cleaning to do before Alex came home with his father the next morning.


He smiled humbly as he watched her breath rise the comforter over top of her naked body. It had been a while since he’d just watched her and stroked her hair from her sleepy smile. He knew better than to disturb his momma dragon, but he did chance a gentle kiss on her shoulder blade before snuggling up behind her in a protective spoon. He knew that she had really enjoyed herself during Mira’s visit, but he was currently enjoying his favourite part. He had chosen her for a reason; because no other woman could make his heart race in such quiet moments like she could.


He quietly tipped his brow between her shoulders, closed his eyes and smiled as he humbly absorbed her sakura scented presence into his very soul. Only one woman could be so thoughtful, could press such boundaries like the promiscuity of their marriage only to find him fall more deeply in love.


He wished he was poetic, wished he had sweet words to offer her even in her sleep. To his dismay, however, he was no romantic. He had never been, and she had never cared. She had a rare skill that took all the meaning of his heart from the simplest, clumsiest words. But, like always, he wanted to give her more, exceed her expectations, something he could humbly admit that he didn’t think he’d ever been capable of doing. Not like how she did. He really was a lazy lover, lingering on the modest and temperate. It had always been enough for him, but sometimes he wondered if it was enough for her.


He had never anticipated in a million years that Mirajane would be crashing on his couch as he clutched his loving wife in strong arms, but his playful little muse had arranged it. Something about her spontaneity made him want to give it a try. Because they never really dated, he’d never really needed to impress her, court her. Perhaps something a little youthful stirred within him and made him want to give it a try. Her entire purpose for rousing his inner demons was to see him act more inspired towards her, towards the conception of the child she’d finally convinced her they should try for, but perhaps it didn’t have to be a strictly carnal motivation. Perhaps this time, he could astonish her.


He smiled quietly to himself and surrendered poetry. He didn’t need to flower his words to see his point delivered. “My whole world…”


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