Welcome to Fairy Tail!

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Welcome to Fairy Tail!

"Why are you even here, Natsu?" Lucy grumbled as her guildmate walked into the living room of her new home. She'd finally settled into her new apartment and she was already bothered by the pink-haired guild member. It just wasn't fair. Arms crossed over her chest in annoyance, she restlessly tapped her right foot against the floor while she waited for his answer.

Natsu shrugged. "You're with the guild now, Lucy!" he stated as if it was obvious. He stole a not-so-secretive glance at her generous cleavage. The arms pressing against her chest boasted their suppleness, squelching from the pressure. His eyes left her for only a moment to surmise the distance between them and the comfortable-looking couch in the room. It wasn't very far, he reckoned.

"So? What does that have to do with anything?" His eyes on her bust unnerved her. Perhaps even more chilling was his silence. The rapping of her foot increased its pace.

Natsu concentrated and stayed silent as he pondered, unable to pry his eyes away from the large, round objects hidden behind her shirt. Lucy yelped when he snagged her around the midsection to pull her down onto his lap on the couch. He gave her a toothy grin. "We should celebrate your entry into Fairy Tail!" Then he glanced down at her chest, his smile widening when he brazenly slid his hand up from her stomach to caress the suppleness of her bosom, much to her shock.

"Wha- what are you doing?" she shrieked as he touched her breasts all too suddenly. She wiggled against this grasp. Unfortunately for Lucy, when Natsu's mind was set, there was virtually no stopping him. Lucy's breath hitched and a bead of sweat trickled from her brow when his strong, callous hand began to squeeze and massage her tits with familiar caresses. This was not his first time doing something so immoral, of that much she was sure. Perhaps the Fairy Tail members were even closer than she thought? He poked her tit playfully, pushing against its weight. "They're really soft, Lucy," he observed, smiling at her. A reluctant moan left her throat as his forefinger and thumb rolled her nipple. "They're really nice," he insisted.

Lucy couldn't help but blush from his appraisal. Though flattering, it was quite embarrassing to have her body be so well received. Wait, why the hell wasn't she doing something to get his perverted hands off of her?! She needed to get his hands away from her!

"I want to see them up close, Lucy!" Before Lucy could register Natsu's words, her orange top was unzipped with the simple descend of his wrists. She gasped sharply as the cloth slipped past her shoulders and fell down her arms. Her body immediately felt the gentle breeze that floated through the room, but that was swiftly replaced with warmth as her flushed face stood ablaze with embarrassment from the sudden exposure of her breasts!

Lucy preferred not to wear a bra while at home, finding the encasing to press uncomfortably against her ample bust. Not like she needed a bra to begin with, Natsu thought, licking his dry lips as the uncovered mounds jumped into view with a generous wiggle. They were large but not overgrown compared to her taut physique, full but didn't sag, with perfectly-sized areolas in the middle capped by spirited, peachy tips. His eyes widened to match the fun bags he was leering at. "Wow…!"

"Wh… whaaat?!" Lucy's head shook fiercely in protest, but with a flair for the theatrics. Honestly, the entire situation seemed more like a game to her than genuine upset. "This is too sudden!" The squirming of her body only served to emphasize the springiness of her bosoms. They swayed enticingly from side to side for Natsu's enjoyment. "Kyaa!" she screeched as a pair of hands suddenly rose to claim them in eager palms. "Pervert!" She bumped her fist against the top of his head, but he didn't budge. He literally was quite hardheaded. That wasn't the only hard thing about him either, she quickly found out. His hardening member grew and poked against her ass while he played with her tits.

"They're so soft, Lucy!" Natsu gushed as his flitting fingers sunk into the springy flesh. Pushing them up, he marveled at the way they swelled. "Heavy too~!" He enjoyed the way they wobbled back into place when he dropped them. With his thumbs, he flickered against the sensitive tips. He chuckled while Lucy protested. She obviously didn't mind as much as she said, opting to stay in place while he played with her jugs.

His hands were so warm, almost sizzling against her breasts. "Geez...'' Lucy had to admit his large hands filled her ample breasts much better than she ever could during those lonely nights alone in her chambers. She grunted as he molested her tender bust, squeezing her breasts, jiggling the heavy knockers with his palms. Already, his treatment of her chest had the desired effect on her: her body was breaking out with goosebumps and her nether lips dampened her undergarment. Her legs squeezed together when she felt her crotch moisten with need. She winced audibly when he pinched her sensitive nipples. "You're way too impulsive!" she yelped with her cheeks profusely flushed.

Is was an observation that Natsu would wear with pride! The observation was an astute one. Especially in this situation. Gingerly, Lucy felt one hand slither over her inner thigh, his hot breath fanning her neck as his hand disappeared under her skirt and crept up to the apex of her legs. "Natsu…" she breathed softly. She felt her heart beat rapidly against her chest. Her hand came up to latch onto his arm and pry him away from her leg, but halted as she came halfway. How had this man she met just the other day already made her this complying? Yes, he was handsome in an untamed sort of way, but she did not sleep with every handsome man she came across. Unwittingly, her legs parted for him to move in between as he reached the top.

Natsu could feel the heat radiating from her damp panty. But when it came to touching the wet fabric, he stopped. "Wh- what's wrong…?" he heard the panting blonde ask as he distanced his hand from her panty. He grinned wildly and coiled the stiff nipple still in his possession; a sign of what was to come. Lucy yelped as he seized her skirt and hoisted it upwards to expose her damp undergarment.

Lucy gulped from the uncovering. Tits out, legs spread wide, and undies unveiled. Her large, brown orbs watched knowingly as his hand came up to her tight stomach. It wasn't hard to guess the wild man's next move. His middle and index fingers played with her panty's waistband until she felt him slip through. Her lips parted to protest, but closed before she could utter anything even resembling an objection; all that escaped her mouth were the fast breaths of anticipation.

Natsu could feel the neatly-trimmed tuft of blonde as he scraped past her pubic region. The heat emanating from her crotch radiated against his skin. She stuttered that he should shut up when he joked how wet she was. Of course, she wasn't the only one excited. His hardened cock had been throbbing with desire ever since the introduction of her wonderful jugs! But alleviating that area could wait for now. There was still much to be done with the succulent blonde sitting on his lap.

Lucy whimpered as his fingers brushed against her sensitive folds. Though anticipated, the first real touch of his fingers against her drenched lips still came with great satisfaction for her. His other hand still played with her tits, squeezing the full, soft skin of her chest. "Natsu…~" she moaned his name as he teased her, sluggishly caressing her tender labia. His fingers quickly became saturated from her leaking sex. Natsu moaned as her body rocked against his groin while he tickled her loins. She could feel his hard member grind against her as she twisted her hips.

With index and middle finger on either side of her petals, he parted them. He knew what she wanted, even if she didn't have the will to ask him. "Ahn!" the blonde yipped when his finger suddenly punctured her, hands balling into fists at her sides. Her walls clenched him tightly in affirmation of how much she wanted him. There wasn't much room to stretch, boasting her tightness, but that didn't stop Natsu from managing to probe a second finger in. "You're so tight…" he uttered in disbelief. She was perhaps even tighter than he remembered Mirajane to be the first time they slept together!

Lucy nodded hesitantly at his compliment, though her lips twirled into a small smile at his admiration for her. Perspiration dripped down her head. God, when was the last time she had felt this heated? She felt his fingers curl inside her depths, searching for a very specific spot. She sobbed loudly when he found her g-spot and mercilessly assaulted the famed area. "Oh god~!" He had her squirming in that moment; her body shook atop of his lap, her breasts shaking against his mauling hand, while his fingers spiraled inside her. Before she knew it, her own hand had come up to her erect clit and twirled hastily.

"Huh?! What are you…?" For all of her supposed unwillingness, Lucy sobbed a lot harder than she would've thought when she was suddenly unstuffed as Natsu receded from her snatch and his mauling hand left her chest. She was surprised at how much she wanted his fingers back inside her orifice. Even more surprising was to be urged off his crotch. "Aaaagh!" Lucy yelped when she was thrown headfirst onto her couch.

It was Natsu's first real gander at the girl's ample butt. The wonderful cheeks stood projected out for his pleasure. But the real marvel, of course, were the dripping petals below, arousal leaking down Lucy's thighs; he licked his lips in anticipation for the wonderful treat presented to him.

Natsu was hungry for her. Her juicy lips looked so inviting to him. He crouched down behind her and clutched the delightful, supple cheeks tightly. So round and pliable, they reminded him of her wonderful knockers, though with a little more mass. His thumbs extended to her folds and stretched them for his viewing pleasure; his cock throbbed eagerly, pre-cum leaking down to the floor. With the full roundness of her ass facing him, he dove in for his meal.

"Oh my god…~" Lucy ducked her head onto her arms as he began dining on her from behind. With his thumbs spreading her lips, Natsu wasted no time delving into her depths with his tongue. She felt his oral muscle spread her walls, crawling in and out of her like a thrusting cock while her corridor undulated around him. "You're getting so deep…" His oral assault quickly left the blonde writhing and gasping. Her full ass shook enticingly around him. His nose teased her sphincter when he tried to dive his tongue in as deep as he could. She spread her legs farther apart for him.

He muffled something against her muff resembling a "You taste great, Lucy!" before he went back to his task. She tasted so sweet! It left him craving for more. By now, his tongue left no area of her folds untouched, slathering her whole area with his spit as he lapped up her juices. At times, he'd move all the way down and skid over her clit, much to her audible enjoyment. He was truly doing a thorough job down there!

And then it was over. Just like that.

Lucy whined as tongue and fingers left the voluptuous blonde. Behind her, she could hear the sound of something unbuckling. She didn't have to turn to know it were his trousers. This was probably a good time to tell him to stop. Oh, who was she kidding? Though far too bashful to admit it to a man she did not know long in the grand scheme of things, she did not loathe what would come next; she welcomed it.

Natsu moaned as his cock was released from its tight confinement. "That's much better," he uttered blissfully. He clutched his cock, groaning from the stimulation of touching his sensitives nerves. He was far more worked up than he'd thought…

As Lucy turned her head, she gasped sharply at his length; eight inches of hard flesh stood erect, ready to puncture her tender flesh. "Not bad, huh?" he teased her. Was she really ready to take that in? It seemed to be too late for regrets now. He came back behind her and lined himself up with her snatch. Before even touching, he could feel her slickness. As his musky tip graced her snatch, doubts filled the blonde's head, but by then she could already feel him apply pressure!

Pressing her lips inward before they yielded, Natsu's tip crawled into her hidden hole; Lucy moaned lazily as he split her. She could feel him twitching inside her as he crawled up her tight snatch. He took his time as he enjoyed his voyage, reveling as the tight, warm embrace took hold of his cock. The voluptuous beauty was one worthy of conquering, and he would relish every second of it. He groaned as he bottomed out, and Lucy could feel his tip tickling the entrance to her womb. "You're… really tight," he complimented, gulping audibly.

He felt so big inside of her… His wide girth spread her wider than all who came before him. She worried she might not be able to handle it. "Go slow, okay?" Lucy requested, her trembling voice betraying her concern. Propping herself up with her arms, she turned her head to the side to see him nod at her appeal. She released a lazy moan when Natsu started to carefully rock his hips, nudging Lucy forward, and the blonde knockout responded by pushing back to reclaim his cock all the way to the hilt. Again, he slowly shoved his hips forth, and again, she tardily anchored him back inside her. It was a tempo both could enjoy as they got used to one another.

Natsu would respect her decision to start leisurely. It was not the first time a woman needed a moment to adapt to his length and width. For now, he enjoyed the sluggish moans and wails from the recipient of his thrusts. Her full mounds proudly presented their suppleness as they joggled with each hump, no matter how small. From her sides, he could see them sway back and forth, matching the rhythm of his thrusts.

He started drooling as he focused on her jiggling bosoms, but he wouldn't bother wiping his chin dry. Eyes glued to her sides, he felt an animalistic urge to see more. He wanted her big, heavy knockers wobbling erratically to his thrusts! He clutched the blonde's wide hips tightly, fingers clinging into her skin, his intent clear. Perspiration dripped down his steaming body while he tried to keep himself in control. He knew he had to respect her wish to move slow and steady, but his lust was rapidly clouding his judgement. Seeing those large, fluttering mounds… She was probably used to his prick by now, right?

"Oh my god~!" Lucy sobbed loudly as he upped the pace, her knuckles turning white as her grip on the furniture tightened. Her entire body jolted forward from the unexpected force! You're too rough! Slow down a bit! Is what she wanted to say, but as soon as she opened her mouth, all that left her throat was a long series of wails that had her gasping for air. She felt his balls smack against her clit each time he clashed with her, which brought a new sense of pleasure for the stacked mage. Her heavy breasts swayed beneath her, her sensitive nipples rubbing against the rough texture of the couch, generating even more pleasure for the busty blonde. Perspiration glistened her body, sweat from heat and exertion matting her blonde locks to her skin. Underneath her crotch, a wet imprint had appeared on her couch due to something other than sweat. "Kyaa~! Natsu!"

Lucy had never been fucked this hard before! Natsu fucked like he behaved: wild and ferocious! With every smack of his hips, she was propelled forward! She tried to control her breath when he leaned forward to snatch her rocking tits in his hands; his fingers sunk into her supple skin. Lucy couldn't support their weight for even a second and dropped down, her flushed head ducked as her ample knockers swelled against his bustling hands. He kept himself firmly inside her while he enjoyed her supple flesh, opting to move his hips in quick, short thrusts. It allowed him to keep himself deep inside of her.

"Aaaagh~!" The blonde hollered as he curled forward, nibbling her earlobe. How did he have her screaming so loud?! Taking her right hand from her marvelous tits, he cupped her cheek and guided her to his lips to silence her, claiming her panting mouth. Her bright eyes widened as his tongue rolled into her mouth to combat her own, muscles clashing in heated skirmish. She'd now willingly let him claim her mouth as well. Just who was this man?

Natsu's released a loud, enthusiastic howl when he broke the kiss. "You're amazing, Lucy!" He wanted more; fuck her even harder! Grabbing her wrists and shackling them behind her like they were the reigns of a horse, he hoisted the blonde up. "It's like you try to suck me in each time I pull back!"

Lucy squealed as her upper body rose, back curling backwards. "Ahn~!" The new position allowed for deeper penetration into her soaked depths and a heightened sense of submissiveness for the nubile blonde. "Natsu…!" He began to smack into her with an effort that had the hiccupping blonde almost hyperventilating. The tempo was difficult to maintain, but he'd hold on.

"Aaagh~! Ugh~!" Lucy was a sobbing mess whilst she endured his eager jolts into her depths. Sometimes while thrusting, the edge of his intrusive piston would rub against a certain spot that had her weeping and her body trashing. She felt her orgasm rise up with each passing second! Dribbles of effort dripped down her twisting body. Though she wanted to use her hands to please her rocking tits or the erect clit just above her spread lips to coerce those looming sensations, her hands were literally tied. Spiraling her hips against his bobbin cock was all she could do, and she did so with wild abandon!

"I'm…~! I'm…~!" Lucy's entire body was trashing, tits shaking wildly. She felt the mindboggling sensations surging through her body. She was so close! Just a little more! She tried pleading him to keep going, but all that left her lips were long strings of moans as the fiery mage fucked her senseless. As if knowing just what to do to leave the blonde crying to her god, Natsu pried his hands away from her wrists and seized her swaying jugs before she could fall over. He mauled the springy flesh with wild abandon, pinching the firm, pink tips with his fingers. With his hands caressing her sensitive bust and his thick girth grinding against her slick walls, she was done for. "Natsu…~! I'm cumming~!"

As if she needed to tell him! Her walls crashed down around him, trying to keep him in place. But even with her corridor tightening down on him, he kept up the pace. He surged through her constricting walls, groaning each time his groin smacked against the wonderful cushions of her supple ass. Her butt cheeks were flaming red from the many clashes with his crotch. As were her sensitive tits as he molded them firmly with his bustling fingers.

Lucy was lost to the world, safe for the wonderful sensation rushing through her entire body. With her simmering body drenched in sweat and her eyes tightly shut, she roared wildly, her heavenly-high pitch echoing through the entire room. Her hips coiled fiercely around the fiery mage's thrusting cock, basking in her climax. She was squirting over his cock. She'd never cum this hard before! His intent to keep swinging his hips only heightened her senses and prolonged her astounding release. With the feelings he bestowed upon her, he was ruining her for all other men!

Natsu kept fucking the busty mage, even when the sensations of her release ebbed away. He could feel his balls rising, but he had the will to continue for a while longer. Lucy hadn't learned to immediately recover from an orgasm, especially from one so tremendous! Her entire body felt numb. The fiery mage surprised her when he retracted his hips to the point she suddenly felt unfulfilled. She'd expected him to keep thrusting until he was shooting his pearly seeds into her snug depths, but he seemed to have other plans. The blonde couldn't keep herself up for even a second. She fell forward, jugs smothering against the couch when they collided with the furniture. She breathed in large, heavy puffs as she tried to regain her composure, but she was a fool if she thought Natsu would allow her a respite.

"Tired already?"

Lucy was turned around before she could respond. She watched him mindlessly; he was drenched in sweat, boiling in heat with a big grin brightening his entire face. His lips smirked haughtily at her frazzled form, teasing her to keep up with his drive. How was he not completely spent? Not to boast her own ego, but a man should be exhausted after bedding a busty beauty like her! Her heavy tits rose and fell with each labored breath as she recovered from her orgasm.

Natsu gulped audibly as a drip of sweat fell from her head, landing between her giant knockers. The circumference of her glistening jugs had contracted into peachy tips at the center. Her cleavage was so deep, he considered. His cock pulsed with pre-cum as he eyed her large bust. He sauntered towards her, rubbing his scorching hands with greedy intent.

Lucy's breath hiked from her shackled throat when she felt something warm rush between her sensitive bust. His cock surged through her cleavage. He felt so hot against her breasts… Her mounds were glistening from sweat and exertion, which helped him move through her bust, as did the remaining traces of her release still lingering on his dick. When she looked down, the head peeked out from between her knockers, resting slightly below her chin. She could smell the pungent pre-cum dribbling from the tip in steady streams. She wondered if she should lick it, but the cockhead sheathed back between her mounds before she could make up her mind.

Natsu huffed and puffed as he fucked her tits the best he could. Though he tried to keep himself in control, it was hard with her mounds so squished; they jiggled with every change of his hips! Naturally, with so much pliable flesh, it was hard to keep hold as he thrusted. At times, his fingers would peel into the soft skin as his hands slipped. The harsh handling of her sensitive bust felt nicer than expected, but Lucy had to admit that it stung when she felt his nails sink into her skin. "Be careful," she threatened.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"Geez…" Taking pity on the him, Lucy brought her hands to her tits and kept him in a tight embrace; the pink-haired mage moaned approvingly. "You could have let me rest a bit..."

Now free to use his hands to balance himself, Natsu latched himself onto her shoulders before he continued to rock his hips. Steady at first, he reveled in Lucy's expression; her brown orbs were glued to his cock, licking her lips as his tip appeared from her bust before sheathing back into her cleavage. Each time it came up, it'd release another batch of pre-cum, which would then ease onto her chest. She liked the feeling as it helped ease his passage. Her mesmerizing, curious gaze on his dick excited him, beckoning him to fuck her jugs harder. He could feel his balls lifting.

Lucy winced as she felt his grip on her shoulders tighten and his thick prick surged between her mounds. The combination of sweat and juices still allowed her tits to grant safe passage to his member, but it did start to chaff a bit. She hoped he'd be done and cum soon. One look at his heated face and lidded eyes told her it'd wouldn't be long now. Would he spray his load between her breasts or would he prefer to stain her face in white? Either way, she welcomed it. Heedlessly, her fingers sought and found her stiff nipples, pinching the peaks for enhanced stimulation.

"Ahn~! Lucy!" The moment was finally there for Natsu. A sense of completion dawned over him. Cock surging up through the blonde's succulent bust, he released his seeds with a drawn-out groan. His sperm splattered her face; hitting her underneath her right eye and then just beneath her nose. He was way too excited, she though as a batch of white hit her chin!

God, this release was mindboggling! With every throb, Natsu felt himself release his pearly globs. He claimed her supple breasts in his hands, juggling them around his firing member. It helped shield Lucy's face from further harm as her ample, full skin endured rope after rope of his seeds.

Lucy could feel him release between her bosoms, coating her jugs in his spunk. His grip on her breasts was strong, tightly clasping her flesh. His jizz felt nice against her chest, soothing her reddened, tender skin. Cum dribbled from her nose into her agape mouth when she groaned from the sensations. The thick liquid dripped onto her tongue; she didn't detest the taste as it graced her taste buds.

When he was finally done, Natsu released his hold on her bust; Lucy released a relieved sigh from having her delicate flesh free from his grip. He took a step back, admiring his handiwork. Her face and tits were covered in his cum, dripping down her body onto her couch. The blonde failed to notice in her winded state, breathing in and out in large, heavy puffs. Each time she exhaled, droplets of white fell down her tits. Natsu was impressed. She'd managed to keep up with him for a good amount of time. With endurance like that, she'd fit in at the guild just fine, Natsu thought.

Oh, that reminded him!

"Lucy!" The blonde's eyes shifted to him in recognition. "Welcome to Fairy Tail!"

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