Summer Loving

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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"Let's see...Yamato do you have the confirmation pulled up?"
"I'm getting it dear."
She looked at him over to her two children. Akemi was an adult now, but she had a two-year-old brother who she was holding on her hip and pointing to various items. She turned back to her husband, who had his hand low enough for her to see his phone. They pulled up the confirmation, both for tickets to an amusement park, and the hotel. 
"We do have an interconnecting room...right?"
"Good...I trust Akemi but I want to be close in case anything happens to Hiroyoshi."
He smiled down at her, then put his phone away after the train rolled into the station. Akemi quickly went over, not wanting to get pushed over while boarding with her brother in her arms. The madness that ensued was insane, leaving the family to be separated for a tad bit until Yamato found his way to the girls and his son. They sat together, talking a bit here and there.
"Are we visiting grammy and grampy?" Akemi asked.
"Well yes."
Miki looked around, noting how full it was. In a way she was glad that Yamato was so large, he stood out easily in case she ever needed to find him. She smiled up at him, then took her sleepy two years old. Hiroyoshi slept against his mother's shoulder, thumb in his mouth and blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Yamato also smiled, looking over at his eighteen-year-old daughter. He then looked up and around, then took his seat. 

"Gampy gampy!"
John spread his arms out as he hugged his granddaughter and grandson, lifting Hiroyoshi up in the air, laughing. Miki approached her father, happy to get a hug out of him. John held his hand out for Yamato to shake, smiling at his son in law. He was excited to see his eldest and her family. 
"I take it the ride was alright?"
"I threw up on the plane!"
"Oh dear."
John sweatdropped.

"So you're just staying a couple days then?" John asked his daughter.
"Yes, then we'll visit mother for a couple  days, check into the hotel and then hit the amusement park."
"Sounds like a fun time! Same one I used to take you kids to?"
He smiled, remembering how the girls and his son loved going to the amusement park and would make memories with their own children. 
"Too bad they don't have that one attraction no more."
"They don't have a lot of rides and attractions."
She looked up at her father, then sighed.
"I'm so tired lately...I forgot what it's like to raise children..."
John laughed, knowing what she meant. 
"Yeah but you have fun."
"So...about Hiroyoshi's apparent airsickness..."
"He had too much milk..."
Smiling, John gently ruffled her hair before allowing Miki to head back to her old bedroom to where her husband was most likely waiting for her. She first checked on her children, both sleeping in their beds. She then went up to see her husband.

"Are we nearly there yet?"
"Akemi don't you dare start!"
The new adult smirked from the back seat next to her brother. Yamato took a deep breath, smiling at his wife from the passenger seat. He looked back at his children, then forward. Miki on the other hand, behind the wheel, kept her eyes on the road. 
"Oh this is better, least it's not the States."
Yamato instantly started laughing, along with his daughter. They clearly remembered Miki trying to get the upper hand driving on the wrong side of the road. Heading to her mothers, Miki braced herself. She hadn't been able to get down to Britain to see her mother since having Hiroyoshi. Lynette had only ever met him once, and it was the night she flew down to Japan upon hearing that Miki was in labor.
She took a deep breath and pulled into the drive. 

"He's big..."
"Blame his father."
Lynette smiled, not daring to say a thing abut Miki's short stature. She knew how badly that was a sore spot for her daughter. She hadn't seen her grandson for two years now and was more than glad to see him at this time.
"How's Akemi doing at the prison?"
"I've never seen someone complain that much about toddlers."
Lynette laughed. She gave her daughter a hug. Sure she wasn't hers biologically, but she was still her child. Sometimes she wondered if she had simply waited and gotten pregnant naturally as she did with Miki's other sisters, would Miki herself have been the same?
Miki yelled something out to her daughter about her son, then shook her head, making Lynette smile. She sat on the steps next to her daughter.
"So John said something about going to that park we all went to?"
"Yeah, thought Hiroyoshi may like some of the ones for younger children his age."
"Too bad that one there is gone."
"I know it."
"But they do have more fun ones, went there last summer, and this year there's a new ride coming out, maybe Akemi will like it."
"Akemi prefers the weird ones..."
"By weird, you mean fast and high, thrill rides."
"I swear she's been on every roller coaster in Japan...and Britain!"
Lynette laughed, tears streaming down her face after hearing Miki go off. She couldn't help it. 
"Your sisters will be here tomorrow."
"Still only tolerate your sister?"
"After that fallout? Yes."
Lynette looked at her two grandchildren from Miki, knowing how these things normally worked. 

Miki flopped back on the bed, finally having arrived at their destination. She looked over at Yamato, seeing him standing in the door that connected their rooms. He smiled at the kids before shutting the door and looking over at her. He smiled as he sat on the bed, gently rubbing her lower leg. 
"Everything ok?"
"Yeah, just tired."
"Well then, I know how to wake you up." He said, getting up on the bed fully and making his way up to her head. 
She raised the arm that was over her eyes, smiling at him. 
"What are you planning?"
"Nothing in particular."
"Sure it's not." She rolled on her side, wrapping an arm around his ribs. 
He smiled at her, resting his head on his arm. He rubbed her from shoulder to wrist, pulling her in for a kiss. His lips met hers, opening slightly to passionately kiss her. She cuddled up to him, being able to scoot herself nearly directly under him. He chuckled, moving his lips to her earlobe. He bit it, smirking a bit and pulling. She moaned softly, her hands on his shoulders. Turning her head, she pressed her lips against his. She fully wrapped her arms around his body, pulling him close.
His hand gently tickled her exposed skin on her belly. He slipped his hand up her shirt, grasping a bra covered breast. She looked up at him, then flicking her eyes down to the growing bulge in his jeans. She brought her knee up, using her leg to rub up against it, making him gasp and moan. He snuggled her, keeping her under his tall frame. He licked her lip, hardly asking to slip his tongue in. She wrapped her arms around his neck, using her knees and legs to squeeze his hips.
He could tell what she wanted, but he wasn't willing to give it up. He let her hands start to wander, traveling down his sides. She managed to get down to his tank, slowly pulling it up as her nails lightly scratched his skin. He enjoyed the feeling, adding it to the pleasure he was already feeling. He only broke their kiss long enough to remove his top, resuming it nearly immediately. Sometimes he just couldn't control himself, she was too much. Her fingers traced over the chiseled abs that he trained for every day.
She enjoyed his fit body, knowing how hard he worked to have it. Then again the man loved to train, and she absolutely enjoyed the fruits of it. Although it wasn't just Yamato's body that was enjoyable between the two. She too had quite the fit form, one he wasn't quite done fondling. She growled at him when he stopped the kiss once again, removing her t-shirt and bra before resuming. His hands trailed down her sides, feeling the taut skin beneath. His fingers felt the slightly raised skin of the stretch marks left behind of her two pregnancies with his children.
His lips lingered over hers before slowly kissing down her jaw line to her throat. She moaned as she felt his hot lips against her skin. His chest pressed against her breasts, hiding what little she had. The two strands of black hair that he had mixed in with her dark brown. She ran her hands over his waist, pushing them down until she was cupping his length through his jeans. He couldn't help but grind against her palms, his length hard and ready to go. She blushed hard, feeling him doing such a thing. 
For a couple who had been together over twenty years, they weren't that adventurous. She figured it was time to end that, she was thirty-nine for all things holy! Miki went ahead and used one of her hands to lift her skirt, letting her panties show. She angled her hips, wrapping her legs around his waist, allowing the friction and pressure to provide her pleasure. She gasped out, surprised at the feeling it gave her. He noticed as well, continuing with the grinding. He felt himself twitching, thinking about slipping out of his jeans. 
He gave a final suck on her neck, leaving yet another dark bruise in its wake. She gave a disappointed groan when he sat up, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. Quickly Yamato removed them, getting back into their position. While he had done that, Miki had quickly scooted out of her skirt. The bulge in his underwear pressed against her, leaving her blushing and moaning slightly as she felt the pressure against her clit. His lips and tongue against her breasts weren't helping either. 
He took one nipple in, wrapping his arms under her, propping her up. He heard her moaning, hearing as her voice went higher with each moan until she let a cry out, trying to force him from her core. He could tell by the way she became wet, feeling it through her panties that she had come.  He heard her voice as she came to a normal breathing rate, her cheeks tinted rose. He kissed her lips, his hands reaching down her sides to slip the now wet panties off of her body. He slipped his own underwear off, still hard and raring to go. 
He sat up, enough to see her body. Her thighs and lips glistened, swollen with her arousal. He used his fingers to spread her apart, seeing a little bit of liquid come out. He licked his lips as he stroked himself for a moment. A few pearly drops landed on her lips before he could push in, making her gasp out then clap a hand over her mouth. She listened intently, hoping that the kids were asleep.
"Miki, the room is soundproofed, remember?"
She looked up at him, seeing that calm smile and those lustful black eyes. She let him kiss her, his hips starting to move, thrusting his cock deep inside of her. She gave a cry, feeling him fill her. Miki raised her hips, her legs wrapping around his waist. The deeper he went, the fuller she was, making her moan loudly and beg him for more. He groaned, enjoying the sound of her voice begging him. He heard her normally soft but strict voice as a high pitched moan, arching her back under him and blushing. 
He was most certainly glad that only he saw this look on her. A smirk, unusual for Yamato, spread across his lips. He enjoyed that look, enjoyed those noises. He could hear them, hearing the sounds they made as they moved together. Groaning, Yamato pressed his lips to her throat, letting his teeth nd tongue drive her crazy. She wrapped her limbs around him, keeping him close to her, giving him no other way to move than to grind. She moaned out loudly when the stimulation provided hit her clit, making her back arch nad her legs tense up. 
His name slipped her lips, making his eyes widen. Yamato nearly lost himself then. He pushed himself up, using his hands to rest on as he moved his hips, breaking free from her arms. He couldn't control it anymore, it was way too much for his entire body to handle. Pleasure sparked up and down his spine, through his thighs nd hips. His deep voice gave her a moan, voicing his pleasure. She let a cry out, arching her back, feeling her body reacting strongly to her quickly upcoming orgasm. 
He continued, his cock hitting her spot and making her scream. His body moved, enjoying that screaming. He reached down, picking her legs up and draping them over his shoulders, nearly folding her in half. She couldn't keep his hands off of her body, but oh boy didn't she need them elsewhere. Her hands rested on her breasts, playing with her nipples as he moved, giving him a show. He groaned, more than aroused. Much too sensitive. 
He kissed her full on the lips, rocking against her. Miki bit his lip, trying to grind her teeth. He yelped, quickly pulling back and watched her. Her body writhed, showing just how close she was, trying to hold it back but she wasn't able to. He felt something wet and warm spread down his thighs, then looked at her, seeing her blushing. He smirked, reaching down to rub her clit, causing her to holler out as she doused him again. Panting, he knew his own was coming up. He bit his lip, trying to stop it but he couldn't, he came quickly and strong. 
She felt him filling her, feeling him pull out. She felt it leaking out, knowing the bed underneath them was wet. 
"Yamato...where are we gonna sleep?"
"Other side fo the bed, or so I would assume." He laughed, waiting for a moment before he could move and not fall.
Once he was able to slowly move around, he helped her get cleaned up, knowing she was too tired for a shower. They cuddled on the other side of the bed, still naked. 

"This section would be good for Hiroyoshi."
"Then I'm going into the thrill rides area," Akemi said, happily pointing in that direction.
Miki and Yamato shrugged, smiling. While Akemi ran off, Yamato and Miki opted to just stay in the children's area for their toddler. With the sun shining, they headed off to enjoy themselves. 

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