Kuroko’s Lowest Dream, Come True

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It just happened; Kuroko’s lowest and dirtiest dream came true. Kagami and Aomine were getting affectionate with him. They almost adopted him as a pet in that calm and peaceful warm spring afternoon.

The hot news permeated the whole high school in matter of days. It was a news bomb, but didn’t spread like that. Instead was an apparent and almost obvious truth that just was, and was assimilated by everyone. Not many loud comments, no approbation or refusal really. Just normality and maybe some healthy jealousy.


Daiki and Taiga just started going out, as a couple. They didn’t come out, made it public or anything. They just met at the end of the training sessions and matches, or at the end of classes and went out for a drink or to go running. You could feel there was something more than friendship, something subtle and adult. Complicity smiles, sportive touches, and playful mutual caring.


The two hottest and most manly individuals Kuroko knew just paired up in the loveliest and most sexy relationship he could imagine. In fact nobody could stand against it. They were the coolest and strongest in their respective high schools, now united in an unlikely ally. Too and Seirin ace players friends and not only friends but lovers? That would be weird when competing in opposite matches.


Nevertheless, Kuroko was excited, afraid, happy and anguished at the same time. And if something was about to happen, he was up for it, all in him just craved and praised whatever could go on with those two. The mere fact of being with them and sharing their time it was already a triumph for him. He had been sickly obsessed with these two for separate, and now, his two basketball and friendship heroes just teamed up for love.

Minutes ago Kuroko rang the bell of Kagami’s door. Kagami opened him and let him pass.  Kuroko’s excuse for his visit was he left his jacked last time they met, and also, they had to maybe talk about their training plan and strategy for the next matches. “If I prioritize Basket – as I should- it’s not a good idea to talk about strategy in front of Aomine, our enemy… nevertheless for this time I won’t interfere and go along with Kagami” – Kuroko thought.


Kagami: Hey Kuroko! Please, come in.

Kuroko: Thank you Kagami.


Kuroko entered and effectively – as he expected- saw Aomine sitting on Kagami’s couch. His heart raced even faster, and he didn’t really have a rational explanation for so much nervousness. After all, it was not of his concern. Kagami was with Aomine, and his relationship with Kagami hadn’t changed much. Only they just met slightly less because he was spending time with Aomine. But their teammates and friends friendship was the same. Well… was it? What had changed was him. He had been secretly crazy for Kagami since they started training together, and spending time with him was enough to comfort him. There was always the possibility something else would arise from their friendship. Now, with Kagami going out with sexy superior human being Aomine, there was nothing left for him. Just the regular high school life that couldn’t comfort him the same anymore.


Aomine (with the usual husky voice and intimidating gaze, but now especially kind): Hey Kuroko. How are you doing?

Kuroko: Well, and you?

A: Also well, here spending the afternoon playing some videogames.

Kagami: Do you want something to drink or eat? We have chips, cola, beer…

Kuroko: No, but thank you.


Kagami gently pushed Kuroko in as he said:

Kagami: Come on man! Get comfortable and sit. We’ve known each other for a long time now, you even more with Aomine. Now sit in the couch and devour snacks while you watch TV as you usually do!

Kuroko agreed cordially but deadpan and sat next to Aomine in the couch.

Kagami: Kuroko, I have your jacket. You forgot it last time you came.

Kuroko: Yeah, thank you, I come for this. I also come to talk about our training, but maybe it’s not the best time for that.

Kagami: Yeah, we definitely have to change some things, but not today that we have the enemy in house.

A: Don’t worry you guys, I’ll just wait here and pretend I don’t listen to anything.

Kagami: Very funny, but I don’t buy this.


Kagami came with Kuroko’s jacket, “Here you have it”.

Kuroko: Thanks.  Now I guess I’ll go. We can talk another day.

Kagami: Wait a sec. Stay for a while. We can have a beer, or play videogames. We were playing a dope game!

Kuroko: Fine then, I’ll stay.


Kagami sat to the other side of the couch, with Kuroko between Aomine and him. Kuroko got a cola and started drinking and eating chips while watching Aomine play.

A to Kuroko: Are you sure you don’t want to play?

Kuroko: You know I’m not a big fan of virtual games, though I like to watch others play.

A: Yep, little Kuro is a man of customs.


The time passed and Kuroko felt a bit misplaced, and as always and as he knew it, it was his fault. He was too reserved and interacted too little. He brought his “shadow” discipline to every aspect of his life, and that wasn’t optimal. He also found that Aomine and Kagami were a little bored and had no plan. It was Sunday and they had lunch together (the dirty dishes and empty delivery packages were still on the table), next they went to the couch and watched TV or napped and not much later Kuroko arrived.

Aomine was a total beast, but when he wasn’t in the game or in a bad mood, he was a peaceful giant, someone who didn’t get nervous easily. He was getting tired of that game and started touching playfully Kagami, at the other end of the sofa. Kuroko noticeably realized it, but he kept with his expressionless self and ignored it. The phrase “the fire burns inside” was especially true for Kuroko, who had to be in the verge of an indignation breakdown to show his emotions and act. Kagami got flushed and awkward. He was uncomfortable to show or receive affection in public and of course, in front of Kuroko.

Kagami tried to stop Aomine misdirecting the attention.

Kagami: Hey Kuroko, have you seen what I did? I bet you can’t! (Referring to himself playing the videogame)

Kuroko: You did nothing special, and you are wining because Aomine isn’t paying attention, to the game.

A: Yep, that’s boring. I won’t make you out, but right now I want to get naughty with your bestie, Kagami.


Kagami stared crazy awkward at Aomine.

Kagami: So you prefer another game, do you prefer to go grab a ball and play some basket?

Aomine: Yeah darling, I want to grab some balls and play, but not basket. Hey, come on, both of you, chill a bit.

Aomine stretched to caress Kagami’s fire hair, and seizing the movement, he also caressed Kuroko’s hair. Kuroko’s almost died inside from the rush; Aomine was being so explicitly sexual and tender… he blushed.

A: Hey Kuroko, how’s your love life? You’ve always been good talking with girls, but I’ve never heard of you dating one. Did it come to you as a surprise Kagami and I being so good friends? If you know what I mean… cause now that I think about it, we haven’t really announced anything… we just sort of started dating, or at the very least, being closer friends…

Kagami put the hands on his head; Aomine was like an exaggerated more impulsive and cruel version of himself. How could he out of the blue be so drastic?

A: Hey Kagami, you also chill, we are all friends here, there’s some confidence!

Kuroko: To be honest, I don’t really know what to say. Just that it’s nice that you two are together if you like each other. Also, it shocked me a bit in the beginning, given that we talk often with Kagami and he never gave me a clue he likes men. But I can understand that and in any case I’m blaming him. Although we talk about many things, love and sex is something we barely or never comment.

Kagami: Ah… aah… Sorry Kuroko if you got upset. Maybe I should have told you before…

Kuroko: You can’t be blamed. Maybe I can. Being you two so happy makes me jealous and even angry with myself.

A: That’s weird. Why do you feel like that?

Kuroko: It doesn’t matter. Now I guess I should go.

Kagami: Wait Kuroko! What do you want to say?

Kuroko: Well, I also kind of have a thing for you.

A: Wait! For Kagami?

Kuroko: First, back in Teiko, for you. Then, when I came to Seirin and started training and meeting Kagami, for Kagami.

Kagami: Why didn’t you tell me anything?!

A: Oh hoho! That’s getting better for moments! Little Kuro liked dick since junior high! I always thought you were asexual like an amoeba.


Tears fell from Kuroko’s eyes. He was getting emotional, he was opening up to the guys he considered his heroes, the guys who he had praised and fostered by being their shadow. This touched up Kagami. Aomine remained unaffected, but emphasized with Kuroko, mostly because that would make Kagami happy.

Kagami stood up and got closer to friendly caress and comfort Kuroko, who now was standing up in front of the couch with Aomine and Kagami.

Kagami: Hey Kuroko, don’t cry, it hurts me. Now that you came out to me and that I formally also did to you, we can be even greater friends.

A: Hey Kuro. Don’t be ashamed or angry with yourself. If you like dicks, and more concretely our dicks, you don’t have to worry. I also like dicks, specially mine and Kagami’s. You are a very cute guy. You are in the basketball team, you are fit! You are going to get any dick you want! Have you ever sucked a dick? If you had told me you wanted to suck my dick back in Teiko Junior High, I would have totally given it to you. You were and are a super cute player. Fuck it! If you like our dicks, suck’em! No problem for me. Is it a problem for you, Kagami?

Kagami: What the hell are you saying Aomine? That’s crazy!

A: Yep, but so you are before a big dose of Ao-cock and until you cum.

Kagami: You are crazy? Where does this gibberish come from?!

A: Well, Kuro is crazy for some cock, and it just happens that he just confessed he liked and has liked our cocks the most. What’s the matter? We give him his favourite cocks and we get free blowjobs! Hey Kuro, you have seen our cocks hundreds of times; do you think you would like them? Would you?

Kagami: Aomine! Don’t be that rude! He was crying a minute ago!

A: Let Kuro answer and decide. Kuro, do you want to just leave the room and close back your repressed homosexually or do you want to leave the place being able to cross off one of your fantasies from the list?

Kagami: Why do you assume we are in his fantasies?!

A: My love, he just told us! If he liked both of us and likes man, he likes sucking for sure… it’s the first step in the faggot life. Let him answer.

Kuroko: I’m a bit overwhelmed by the situation… but given my options, the most rational and fulfilling one, despite its hardly predictable downsides, is Aomine’s second option. Frankly I’d love to taste dick. Your dicks.

Kagami: Wait a sec Kuroko! Are you sure? You can go, think about it and decide later. I don’t want you to regret anything, and even less I want to destroy our friendship. Plus, we have cups to win.

Aomine: Chill out Kagami. A bit of cock sucking can only improve a teammates’ relationship. Will tighten your bonds and bring you closer to the Winter Cup.

Kuroko: I’ve made up my mind. You already know my answer. Do what you want. As you please, treat me like the submissive piece of shit I am!

Aomine: Whoa, that’s another turn. Probably a predictable one though, don’t you agree Kagami?


/To be continued in a second chapter/

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