Fate's Decree

BY : StarBudougnatos
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, I make no profit, yada yada, you all know the drill, only thing I own is plot and original characters

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha in any way shape or form and make no profit from this story. I am only doing this once, to cover the whole story, the plot is my own, other than that I own nada. Flames will be ignored, any other comments are welcomed, encouraged even. I don't know how long this story will be, it just popped into my head and wouldn't really go away.

... FD...

Kagome looked around the clearing she found herself in, her memories fuzzy at best as she attempted to remember what had happened. They had been fighting Naraku, she remembered that much at least.

Shaking her head she rose on unsteady feet, her head throbbing. Of course she would be having a migraine when she had no medicine for it. The lights were too bright, the birds too loud. She let her gaze wander over the plants near her, hoping for either some sign of what had happened, her friends, or hopefully something to aid with her pain. She wound up with nothing, but a familiar scent prickled at her nose as the breeze picked up, helping her perk up. If there was a hot spring nearby, maybe she would be able to find her friends.

At least, that was her hope. With a hopeful spring in her step, she followed the scent on the breeze, making a noise of excitement when she spotted the steaming water. At last! Something was going right!

She pushed away her concern for her friends, aware she had to take care of herself before she could worry about them. She shed her clothing and washed it, before hanging her school uniform over a low hanging branch to dry while she soaked. A soft moan escaped her as the hot water lapped around her, the heat giving her pale flesh a rosy color.

She closed her eyes as she settled on a rock, her hair floating gently around her with the currents as she absorbed herself into the serenity of her surroundings. Only then did she try once more to remember what all had happened.

The jewel had been completed, she remembered the burst of light that had happened when that happened. She and Naraku had both been after the completed jewel, each reaching for it... then what?

She groaned, her hands going to her head as she opened her eyes and stilled, her serenity sudden gone. There were pale pink and sapphire blue stripes swirling around her wrists, standing starkly out against pale milky white flesh. She pulled her hands away from her temples and noticed dainty claws at the end of each of her finger tips. Only then did she realize the long locks floating so peacefully around her were not raven black as she remembered her hair being but a pristine silvery white, reminiscent of a certain pair of dog demons she knew.

She stared down at her reflection, a startled noise escaping her as she stared at a face that seemed so familiar and yet completely foreign to her. Numbly she traced clawed fingers over twin stripes on her cheeks, her surprised gasp revealing petite fangs. Pale pink stripes rested on her eyelids like eye shadow and on her brow was a pale pink star with a deep blue tear drop in the center.The most shocking change though, was her eyes, one a deep emerald, the other honey golden.

She stared at her reflection for a long while, until the light began to fade. It was that that shook her from her shock, looking around, realizing she needed to get dressed and figure out what was going on. Her clothes were dry and she dressed hurriedly, deciding to put her sharpened senses to use as she sniffed the breeze, hoping for something, anything to give her a clue where her friends were.

She was surprised she could still feel her holy powers surging through her veins, seeming to dance with the strange demonic energy. Aware of how her reiki felt, she attempted to get a feel for the youki that now filled her alongside her holy powers, wanting to understand how she could wield both and not be constantly burning or writhing in pain.

She needed answers, she needed her friends, and above all, she needed her kit. Poor Shippo had to be insane with worry by now. She refused to consider him anything but whole and alive. Kirara would have ensured he made it out of the battle safely, she just knew it. She let out a low growl of success when she finally picked up a scent, hoping it was one of her friends as she followed it. Deciding to put her new body to the test she raced forward to find the source of the scent, hoping it was a friend and not foe.

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