The Dreamers

BY : vakansu
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The Dreamers

[Discretion advised: homoerotic smut]

           A gentle rain fell from the bitter autumn night, covering London in a thick sheet of moisture. Huddled close together, patrons of the street covered their faces with scarves, protected their heads with umbrellas, or simply used a bag to shield the fog from their glasses.


           A looming figure in a black overcoat walked on the eastern side, a large black umbrella in hand, shielding most of his face. He carried a large white bag and nothing more, appearing to be on a mission for home. When he heard the gentle coos, his wrist tipped the large umbrella to free his gaze, glancing down to his right towards the source of the sound.

           Meow—meow! The figure turned right into the alleyway, his stark eyes of a pure cardinal ocher narrowing over his lenses at the source. A small kitten with a vibrant midnight coat huddled beneath the pathetic remnants of a lopsided cardboard box. Her face was turned away within the shadows of the soaked wing of the box, but her cries were audible and painful. She sounded lonely, possibly hungry. The man instinctively kneeled down without resting his knee on the wet cobblestone, reaching a black clad leather hand towards the kitten and pausing before her general vicinity.

           "I'm not going to hurt you." His husky voice nearly whispered, lowering the palm of his gloved hand a bit lower. "What's your name? I'm Claude." The little kitten turned her head towards his hand, staring at it for a long moment before inching closer, as if to inspect him with her nose. When his scent didn't offend her she neared closer, and a small pink tongue grazed over the leather material. Claude smiled. "Are you a girl?" He paused for a moment, watching the little one become accustomed to his scent. "Olivia?" The kitten glanced up at him then, gifting Claude with her piercing eyes of lustrous silver. He smiled, reaching down to carefully lift her up with his palm, opening his jacket and safely tucking her within his large breast pocket. "Olivia it is then. Let's go home."

♦ ♦ ♦

           Carefully placing the chicken into the pan, it sizzled with a crackling popping sound before another dash of salt, pepper, rosemary, and cayenne dressed the whitening seasoned flesh. A lid secured the meat while it began to cook, and turning around with the heel of his foot, Sebastian hummed to himself as he checked the wild rice and vegetables. Everything seemed to be in order, as this wasn't a particularly painful dish to make—something the chef could make within his sleep. He tasted a veggie, tipping his head and adding pink salt and a hint of garlic. He felt a little tug upon the hem of his pants, and glancing down he smiled as a white fur ball began to curl around his leg. "Braxton—daddy's busy," he hummed, gently tossing the vegetables, careful not to pierce them. He checked his watch—eight more minutes before he would need to check the chicken. "Alright!" Dusting his hands, he reached down to lift the longhair into his arms, cuddling his face near Braxton's and enjoying the soft fur. The cat purred deliciously as he snuggled with his owner, and Sebastian turned away from the kitchen to head into the living room.

           A free hand moved to graze fingers along Braxton's topcoat, and the cat purred in appreciation from the delicate, loving touch. Sebastian lowered the spoiled kitten into his little basket—a haven of a silky pillow and his favorite crochet nibble toy of a black spider, crafted by none other than his big daddy. Sebastian watched as the little thing curled back into his resting place, smiling and lowering to sift fingers through his white hair once more. "You stay here and let me finish his dinner."

♦ ♦ ♦

           It was too wet and cold to walk the rest of the way home with Olivia, so Claude decided to hail a cab. It dropped him off right outside of the cast iron gate, and he tipped the driver before exiting the vehicle. He quickly punched in the six-digit passcode for the gate, and it unlatched and revolved itself instantly, sliding open for the tall man to slip between its crack as it opened itself enough to secure a full vehicle. It waited for about ninety seconds before closing itself shut once more.

           Kicking off his shoes at the entrance, Claude shut and locked the front door behind him, tossing his keys on a small table near the door, and resting the umbrella on its drying rack. Carefully handling Olivia from his breast pocket, he shouldered the jacket and draped it over the coat rack to air dry, finally taking his first steps into the home. He immediately met the familiar scent of chicken wild rice—one of his favorite comfort meals—and smiled down at Olivia as she shivered in his large palm. Claude reached back for the large white bag, carrying her past the expanse of the oak foyer and deeper into the home, towards the source of the house's warmth. He heard the sizzling of meats, a thick waft of spices warming the atmosphere, and he paused before Braxton's little bed. The cat was much too overweight for Claude's taste and left dander all over the place, causing him to officially hire a cleaning service—or that fucking maid as Sebastian liked to call him: some twenty-something college dropout from the inner city that was a touch too familiar with his husband, thank you very much.

           Claude used his foot to gently nudge the cat below, announcing his arrival home. Braxton merely glanced up at him, those large sapphire eyes blinking once, before plopping his head back against his paws and yawning, certainly uninterested in his return. He didn't even seem to notice his new sister.

           "Spoiled brat," Claude breathed lowly, turning away from Braxton and making his way into the kitchen. Sebastian had his back to him, lifting the pan from the burner and turning on his heel to plate the meat over the bed of rice on the serving plate. His sanguine rose eyes widened slightly when he saw his husband suddenly standing at the island of the kitchen, and with a kitten no less! He quickly plated the slender slab of chicken, garnishing it with a bit of paprika, and lowered the pan on its resting rack to dust his hands and hurry over to the pair.

           "You're late," he mumbled lowly, playfully as he reached up to kiss him. "But just in time for your dinner. Now tell me," Pausing midsentence, the man glance down to the black kitten, reaching a hand out to stroke carefully along her wet coat with the back of his warm fingers. "Where did you find this darling creature?"

           "This is Olivia," Claude replied, reaching to kiss the side of Sebastian's temple as he slipped an arm around his waist, pulling him in for some sort of affection. "I found her in an alley on the east side of the city, and I really should clean her up—" Sebastian slipped an arm around him to hug him back in turn, but his eyes were fixated on Olivia as the other spoke, and he reached up to carefully take her into his arms.

           "Oh, of course! She needs to be cleaned, and checked...maybe I should take her to Dr. Claire? You didn't see her mother, or a litter of some sort, did you?" Claude pondered for a moment, but shook his head. He wouldn't fight over the chore with his husband; Sebastian was some sort of cat-whisperer after all, and adored cats as much as he loved cooking, which was essentially his livelihood.

           "She was alone. I think Claire is a good idea. We should take Braxton too; the little fatball—" Sebastian's gaze finally fell from Olivia as he shot his partner a daring glare, "—is getting too hefty. Help yourself to Olivia." Claude was a tad taller then Sebastian, whose forehead naturally met the sight of his lips. He reached to kiss his temple once more, the motion being almost an involuntary reaction of having him so close, and lowered a palm to the curve of the man's rear, giving him a healthy squeeze. Sebastian's eyes smoldered in a kind of silent desire, glancing upwards to him one more and offering a meek, though seductive smile.

           "Are you hungry?" He asked, motioning towards the kitchen set up behind him. "I've made your favorite chicken."

           "I'll eat when you finish with Olivia." Claude answered, a hint of libido laced within his words.

♦ ♦ ♦

           "Oh—not there—" A heavy, heated sigh pressed passed trembling lips, which widened moments later with a whining sort of moan of the culprit's name. "Claude—aah!" Sebastian tipped his head back into the covers, his eyes blindfolded and body convulsing upwards as his body tried to fight the intoxicating feeling that overwhelmed him. He tugged on his arms; both hoisted and tied above his head, hooked to the bedpost above him. Claude was no where to be seen, but a large lump idly floated beneath the plum silk sheets of the dark room, and Sebastian began to mewl in pleasure, his breathing heavy and hips arching upwards in response to the sensation. He tugged on his arms harder, forgetting that he was completely bound and helpless to his partner. He released another erotic moan, whining with his nostrils and spreading his thighs further for him.

           Claude rested between his thighs and right at his pelvis, his head tipped low and his rather lengthy red tongue circling along the tight, puckering orifice of his husband's entrance. He breeched him there, the sensation driving his lover wild from the touch to his sensitive flesh, but Claude did not slow nor stop his movements. With his free hand he cusped the man's full arousal, starting to stroke along his length from the base and up towards the tip, tightening his grasp as he moved along the thick girth, and quickening his pace as he pumped his hand back towards the base. "Y—yes! Oh~!" Sebastian responded well to this, only fueling Claude to continue with this teasing. His tongue left the warm security of his body, tracing upwards along Sebastian's sensitive sac in loving, warm strokes with his moistened tongue, causing Sebastian to shiver in anticipation. "Just fuck me, Claude—please!" Claude smirked, his tongue trailing back lower along the sacs towards his moist entrance, adequately lubricating him there. It fed him well whenever Sebastian finally broke his silence and begged to be fucked. It was all that the greedy lover ever thought about, and he thoroughly enjoyed making him own up to it.

           He continued to pump along his shaft a few more times, and as he reached the tip he felt the sticky essence of his precum pool onto the side of his hand. He reached to lick the flavorful essence clean from his cock, and sat up some, dragging the sheets on his back with him. Claude reached for Sebastian's nude, narrow hips, persuading him to roll over onto his stomach and expose his perk, muscular little ass. The other gave a soft gasp, his breathing heavy as his face planted into the fine silk, groaning heatedly as he strived to arch his hips upwards for him, spreading his thighs a bit for their support. Claude smacked a hand to the side of his ass, groping him there as his other hand felt along his own pulsing erection, longing to feel the other's body envelop around it. He smacked his cock down along one of his ass cheeks in a teasing warning, and then a loud buzzing sound erupted within the steamy atmosphere of the room.

           The buzzing continued, and Claude knew it must have been his phone based on the source location, but he ignored it. The buzzing stopped, and as he slapped his cock back between the divide of Sebastian's warm rear, the phone began to ring again. "Fuck—" He breathed heavily through his nostrils, his brow frowning in sexual frustration, striving to ignore the phone and focus on his task. He arched his hips upwards, allowing his heavy cock to drag along the space between Sebastian's cheeks, and when he felt the heated dip of his entrance he slowly began to sink his engorged tip into his body.

           "Ngh—gyah!" Sebastian didn't appear to notice the phone, his fingers reaching to grasp and claw onto the material of his binding as he was finally penetrated. "Oh, fuck yes—more—!" Claude reached with a hand to sink fingers into the other's dark mass of messy hair, grasping him there and forcing him to toss his head back. He simultaneously thrust his full girth down into the soft orifice, his body engulfing his heavy cock with ease and causing the man to shriek in aroused passion. Claude loved hearing his voice. Sebastian was never a quiet lover.

           Forcing his toned, flat pelvis to his ass, the man began to arch his hips backwards, tugging his girth from the depths of his anus, and thrusting back down into it in a repetitive, heady rhythm. "Mgh—you're always so—tight!" Claude breathed heavily, the libido still laced within his now scruff voice as he worked with the pace of his rhythm and the arch and pushes of Sebastian's waist against his pelvis. It made his whole body shiver in pleasure, fighting the urge to release prematurely within him. He grasped at his lover's hair, keeping that grip for a moment longer before he lowered down, hovering over the man's backside. He pressed his lips to the side of his neck, kissing him there affectionately before taking a heady bite of his flesh, groaning lustfully with his teeth locked there. The sensation made Sebastian respond by clenching his lower form along the girth that penetrated him, making Claude growl within his throat and quicken his pace.


           Both lover's eyes sprang open, Sebastian's in a mild shock of surprise beneath the blindfold, and Claude's in an agitated glare of frustration.


           "Who the fuck—" Claude gave a final thrust down into his lover, making Sebastian gasp in pleasure, but he paused there and turned his head towards the covered bay window. Someone was outside of their driveway, ringing their gated doorbell.

           "What—who—" Sebastian panted heavily, turning his own head towards the source of the ringing. "It's nearly one in the morning, isn't it…?"

           "Shh…" Claude cooed, leaning low to give a hot kiss to the back of his neck. "Just ignore it." He arched his hips to continue his movement, making Sebastian breathe heavier and groan to the sheets, arching his own hips and pushing himself back to Claude's waist.

           "Oh, Claude~"

           Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

           "Fuck!" They breathed in unison, and Claude collapsed on his lover's back, breathing heavily as he felt his patience waiver.

           "Maybe someone needs help?" Sebastian suggested, and Claude rolled his eyes, sighing with frustration as he carefully began to unsheathe himself from the intimate depths of his husband. Sebastian's body shivered from the sensation, his mouth pouting significantly as he tugged on the bondage. "Let me go with you."

           Claude reached forward, helping to remove the binding of his wrists. When they were freed, Sebastian pushed the blindfold from his eyes and glanced down to his lover's engorged erection. Claude was already slipping from the bed, reaching for a pair of black sweatpants, the muscle now hidden from view. But whenever he turned to the side, Sebastian received a heavenly glance of his erect bulge, making him chuckle. "You're going to answer the door like that?" He inquired, sighing as he tossed the blindfold aside and sat upright within the sheets. Claude went to rummage in a drawer, tossing Sebastian his own pair of dark pants.

           "You stay here. I'll go check if it was worth the interruption." Sebastian watched as he left, running fingers through his mess of hair and collapsing back to the pillows, his body still heightened with pleasure.

           When Claude reached the lower end of the hall, he approached a large white callbox on the wall. He pressed the receiver, immediately capturing an active video image of the security cameras around the home. He scanned them for the front gate, and using his finger tapped the image to select and enlarge it. A figure stood right before it, slunk within what appeared to be a bright blue coat and soaked jeans. His tuffs of blonde hair was familiar, and when his face looked up to the bell, apparently unaware he was right before a security camera hidden within the brick wall, Claude rolled his eyes when he witnessed the distinct azure eyes gleaming back at him.


           Claude tapped the screen again before pressing the call button. He could hear it ring on camera, and the boy glanced at the phone on the gate wall before hastily picking up the receiver and pressing it to his wet ear.

           "You'd better be dying or sleep walking, Trancy."

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