Masami's New Lingerie

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Masami cleaned up the dishes from dinner, rolling her sleeves up to her arms, including her costumes one-piece outfit. She continued on, shaking her hands a bit every now and then as Masami loaded the dishwasher and closed it with her foot. She moved onto putting food away and cleaning the pots and pans when Aizawa walked back in after. 
"Where did the kids go?"
"They went to a party at the school, they won't' be home until tonight. Apparently, All Might there and they want to see him. Poor guy retired but he still can't catch a break."
"Poor guy..." He sarcastically said, but she smiled anyway.
She dried her hands and went over to him, hips swaying and jutted out when she leaned up against him for a kiss, arms around his neck. He smiled and allowed it. His hands went to her hips, wondering what her plan was for tonight. He could tell she had one, that look on her face. 
"Wait here~." She teased a finger on his chin before sauntering away. 
Aizawa smirked, wondering. Masami went to their room, throwing her clothes off and putting on a strappy, racy body suit and steampunk velvet hat with black heels. She carefully applied the pasties to her breasts, checking herself out in the full-length mirror. Once satisfied with how she looked, she snuck out, through the hall and living room into the den and kitchen. She slipped her arms around his torso, and he looked behind him. 
"Ah ha, I see what you did."
She chuckled, letting him turn around and put his hands on her hips and her hands on his cheeks. She kissed him, long and slow. He fully enjoyed it, knowing what was coming. It wouldn't take long until he could flat out fuck her. He wanted to so badly. 
"Come on."
"Nope. I want to do this my way."
He raised an eyebrow, really wondering what her plan was. She took his hand and dragged him to the couch. He looked at her, his eyes wide. Now he had to wonder. She pushed him onto the couch, then sat on his lap, being sure not to stop touching a part of his body. He looked at her. 
"What are you planning? I'm intrigued."
"Then you'll have to stay intrigued." She said, smiling.
He smirked, hoping he knew where this was going. He grabbed her hips, watching as her eyes widened. He forced her to him, mashing their lips together. She eagerly kissed him back, her hands traveling down to his pants. He groaned when she rubbed his hardened cock through the fabric of his pants. He arched just enough to raise his ass off the couch. He moaned loudly when she pressed against the bulge hard as she could, making his body react quickly. 
"Dammit, Masami."
She chuckled, slowly undoing his bottoms. He hissed as she let him spring out, feeling the air hit the tip. She slipped down, being sure to stare into his eyes as she took hold of his cock, licking it from base to tip then blowing on it. He shivered as she slipped him into her mouth, slowly moving up and down. He groaned, showing his pleasure as she continued sucking on his cock.
His fingers moved through her hair, tangling in the long dark brown strands. He watched as she continued on, using her hand to stroke what wasn't in her mouth. He bucked his hips, wishing she'd just ride him already. He gripped, pulling her hair and making her wince. She bit down, her teeth moving together until he cried out. He forced her head away from him, not wanting her to bite it off. 
"Careful with that thing!"
She smiled sweetly, but he knew damn well why. She slowly pushed herself up, smiling the entire time. She sat on his lap slowly, making him curse her out in his mind, knowing he couldn't say it to her face or she'd leave. Masami kissed him, pressing her body against his. He smiled as she started stripping him down. She kissed him once his top was off working away at his pants. He groaned, her hand stroking his length. 
He quickly tore her g-string down, wanting her right this instant. He was about to take her, slam her down on his cock and make her scream. He smirked at the thought of it. She took notice, and kissed him, holding onto his face. He held her hips, ready to take her when he could. She kissed him one more time before putting her hands on his shoulders and lifted her hips up. Just when he thought he finally get what he wanted, he realized she wouldn't go any more than simply touching them together.
"D-Damn you!"
She chuckled, being sure to continue teasing him. His hands bruising her skin on her hips, knowing no one but him ould even know but him. She finally took more of him in, just beyond the tip and waiting. She was being too damn slow. Once she let her guard down by kissing his neck, he took her and slammed her down on him. She gave a cry, glaring at him through tears. He smirked at her, bringing her lips to his for a kiss. He moved her, bouncing her as he held her hips. 
She moaned out and arched her back as he moved her, his lips latching onto a breast. She moaned and rocked, grinding against his body.Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her nails dragging over his skin. He hissed as she scratched him, her nails leaving red long marks. He hissed, hoping she wasn't drawing blood, he didn't need any more scars than what he already had. He reached up, grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked it, causing her to cry out.
She gritted her teeth, glaring down at him. He forced her head closer to him, kissing her lips roughly and biting until she bled. 
He laughed. She glared at him, but once she got the bleeding to stop, she kissed him back, biting hard. He chuckled, kissing her, licking her bottom lip and pushing his tongue through her lips. She let him, opening her lips a bit more to allow him more access. He explored, holding her body to him, letting her hips rock and grind against him. His hands moved up to her breasts, smirking.
She looked down, separating from him. He groaned, then felt her tug his hands, moving them to the floor. He fell on her, quickly getting back inside of her and moving fast. She gave a cry, arching her back. Her hips came up to meet his with each thrust, nearly on their own. He enjoyed it, love how she reacted to his thrusts. Her cry was loud when he hit her spot, driving her to her orgasm. Masami yelled his name out over and over, driving him, forcing him to move as fast and deep as he could. 
She gave him a cry, "I'm gonna come!" Arching her back as she done so.
He smirked, plowing into her body, listening to the scream that she let out when she came, clear liquid spraying him. He looked down, seeing them. He continued on, making her cry out. He groaned, feeling his own orgasm creeping up on him. His arms surrounded her, his hips moving on their own accord. She let moan after moan out, her back arching. He moaned softly in her ear, hugging her. 
He felt himself swelling, biting her shoulder. He moved a few more times, gasping out and moaning a bit as he came inside of her, painting her white. She panted, her breasts rising and falling, her body sweaty and slippery. He laid on her, panting. Her arms circled him, smiling. 

Watching her sleep was fun. Being a night bird himself, Aizawa normally just sat on the couch or did his hero work, but tonight, he was more than content with sitting on the bed with the tablet. 

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