When The Fate Belongs to The Sins

BY : Ryuunosuke
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Sanosuke woke up when the sunlight began to touch his face. He rubbed his eyes and turned around to lay on his back.


Megumi leaned over, quietly watching him.

“Time to get up, sleepyhead. The patients are waiting for, will you help me a bit?”

“Yeah... sure...” Sanosuke mumbled and looked at the woman closely. She was still wearing her sleepwear, it seemed that she just got up. Her hair was tangled and he thought for a moment that it was making her sexier.

“I’ll go to bathe, and you can clean the room, okay?” She said with a soft voice, grabbed her kimono* and went to the door.

“Maybe one day I’ll be lucky, you know.”

“What do you mean?” Megumi was confused.

“Maybe I’ll see you bathing naked?”

She looked angrily at him, with a reddish face.

“You will not succeed, I always lock the door.”

“I believe that one day you’ll forget it.” He grinned innocently.

“Baka*. We are not married.” She reminded and turned to the door.

“Or maybe it’s not that bad, huh? We look like a married couple! We even slept together!”

“It doesn’t change anything.” Megumi rolled her eyes. “It happened because I was too good for you.”

“But you can agree that you liked it.”

“The next time you don’t succeed. I did it because we didn’t see each other for a long time and you bought me a birthday gift.”

“I haven’t heard that you didn’t like it!”

“Stop talking like that!” The woman was even more reddened and closed the door behind her.

Sanosuke laughed from himself.

‘Yes, one day I will find out what she thinks about me! And then she will not run away from me! I never thought it could be so hard... I even felt very strange myself... I don’t understand why when it’s all set in a romantic way, I’m getting so strange... If my actions were as bold as my words...’

After cleaning the room, Sanosuke went to the kitchen and waited for Megumi. When she came, they quietly made breakfast and sat down to eat.

“You will help me a little, okay?” Megumi repeated. “I just got a package of new medicine and I still didn’t unpack it. Until I check the patients, you put the medicine in the shelves, okay? It’s nothing hard.”

“No prob. I can do more for you.” Sanosuke scratched his head. “And what are you going to do later today?”

“The same thing as always. I have a patient who is still very ill, maybe he’s already awake, I will check it first. And you should go back to Tokyo, Yahiko is waiting for you.”

“Yeah, he promised me a wonderful dinner yesterday, but I skipped it.”

“What you’re going to do after returning to Tokyo?”

“First I planned to visit Kenshin and jou-chan’s* graves, and then I’ll have to go to an old good friend. He hasn’t seen me for a long time, we have a lot to talk about.”

“Are you going to go to the cemetery today?”

“Yeah, so?”

“I also should go, after the funeral, I have never been there.”

“But you said you have a very ill patient.”

"Yes, but today one of my assistants stays here. I will show him what kind of medicine he has to give him, and everything will be fine. Remember, you said that I shouldn’t be so harsh for myself.” She smiled.

“Okay then, you can go together.” Sanosuke agreed.

“But before that, you’ll have to fix your hairstyle, it’s all messy!” Megumi laughed, grabbed his hair and stretched it.

“Itee*! Megumi, let it go!”

Sanosuke tried to pull his hair out of her hands, but the woman didn’t allow him and pulled him closer. But she did it too strong, because he fell on her lap, barely throwing out a meal in front of her. Megumi laid down her hands, so he wanted to get up, but suddenly she grabbed his head.

“What the hell, Megumi?! What’s wrong with you?!”

“Wait a minute, I saw something strange.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Let me see more.” Megumi split his hair and saw it in one place shorter than it should be. “Sanosuke, have you hurt your head?”

“Yeah, just recently... Maybe a month ago. Why?”

“You have a big scar here.”

“Possible. Remember, I told you yesterday that I didn’t remember the last ten years? When I was awake, I was in some unknown place surrounded by strangers. I didn’t ask to them what happened, because I was thinking that I would remember everything when my head stop hurting. On that day, I didn’t thank them and escaped, because they didn’t want to let me go. But believe me, I was so insane that I couldn’t remember. I wandered for a few days without food in the forest, with a bleeding head, but some guy helped me. If not he, I would be dead... probably.”

“You didn’t need to escape so fast, you had to ask them what happened.” Megumi stared at his head even more closely.

“I am sure that nothing bad has happened, I’ve always been entangled in all kinds of accidents and I am keen to fight. It was my passion. You know that I got hurt by this so many times.”

“Do you think it’s nothing bad to get a shot at your head?” The woman looked really scared. “This scar is surely left by bullet. That’s insane, how are you still alive?”

“I don’t know.”

“This is not the answer, Sanosuke.” Megumi said seriously. “We must find out if someone may chase you, but you can’t remember that.”

“Do you worry about me, kitsune*?” Sanosuke lifted his head comfortably and started to eat again. “Hurry up, we have a lot to do today.”

They continued to eat without any words. Megumi was increasingly worried about Sanosuke, unable to understand what had happened to him. She felt he was in danger, and this time it’s more serious than before. The woman couldn’t let him go home so easily, she may have been needed, and every moment was important.

After breakfast, Megumi took up her usual work. There were not many patients, so on the moments she was watching how Sanosuke’s strong and masculine arms carrying heavy medical boxes, how putting bottles on the shelves, and then carrying up other boxes again. She always loved to watch Sanosuke working, he seemed even more manly and sexier. She remembered how she watched him on the day he had to chop the firewood. Then Sanosuke was very young, but she admitted that she had already liked his perfect body.

Megumi smiled when she remembered how she saw him thinking loudly, wiping off a sweat from his forehead with towel.

“She really has her head on straight. That’s what twenty two years of life experience gets you...”

“If you want dinner, you’ll have to use all your strength!” Megumi urged him.

She didn’t see his face, but could imagine an expression when he realized that she had been watching him for some time.

However, it started to rain soon and Sanosuke had to finish the work and cover the firewood so that it wouldn’t get wet. And after hard work he deserved a hot bath. She still couldn’t believe that he was bathing in her bathroom, and she even heard him singing. It was like a dream. And how exasperated Sanosuke was when she washed his trademark outfit and hung it to dry, and he couldn’t find it and thought that Megumi threw it or burned it! She will never forget that expression, God, how she loved to tease him! It was like first date for her. And then when he finally went to bed, she came to the room to thank, but he was already asleep...

However, after the patient checking, she wanted that those strong arms will finish the work faster. She came up with help, although there was only one box left. While Sanosuke put the bottles, she hardly brought that box.

“Since when you’re so helpful?” Sanosuke asked and turned to her. “Maybe you’re the one that changed the most?”

“I just have anything to do.” Megumi said. “If we finish faster, we will reach the cemetery earlier. Probably Yahiko and Tsubame will go with us.”

“You are right.” The man agreed and began to work faster.

Sanosuke and Megumi finally reached Tokyo. They got out of the train, went on a gravel road and after about an hour they reached the Dojo*. The door was opened by Yahiko.

“Yo, I’m back,” Sanosuke grinned.

“I’m glad nothing bad had happened. Oh, Megumi’s also here, come in, we expected that.”

“I’m sorry you had to wait because of me.”

"It’s nothing, we understand you.”

“Megumi has found a free time and decided to come together.”

“Maybe you seduce her?” Yahiko laughed. “She can’t be without you for a minute or you can’t be without her?”

Sanosuke hit him in the head.

“Ouch! What was that for?!”

“You are still the same. Nothing has changed at all. Even if you look different, you’re still like before. Am I right, kitsune?”

“I have to admit that you’re right for one thing.” Megumi smiled.

"What is that? For one thing?! I’m always right!”

“Ha, wow! I remember, you always say good things!”

“Oh, I thought you had forgotten!”

“And I was thinking that we didn’t tease each other anymore!”

“And it seems to me that you are completely different when we are alone, kitsune-onna*.”

“Maybe she’s just trying to cheer up or remember the old times after everything has happened?” Yahiko interrupted. “Stop it already and let’s go inside, Tsubame is about to prepare the lunch.”

“Is it a bit too early for lunch?” Megumi thought loudly.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s never too early for lunch.” Sanosuke grinned.

“It may be too early.” Yahiko agreed. “But someone is waiting for you, Sano.”

“Huh? For me? What could it be?”

Be impatient to see, Sanosuke the first went to the room and was surprised, when he saw his brother and sister.

“Uki? Outa?” He whispered.

“Nii-san*...” Uki said silently and rushed to hug him. “I knew you were coming back.”

“How do you know I am your brother?” Sanosuke disrupted. “I never told you.”

“I knew it. I felt it all the time. When you leave, my father told me everything. So I wanted you to come back, but you quickly disappeared, as fast as you emerged.”

“I just... I couldn’t tell you the truth, you know that dad hates me.”

Megumi stood beside them and listened to their conversation with astonishment. Sanosuke never told her that he had a sister and brother, and even that his father hates him somehow. The woman wasn’t happy at the moment. If Sanosuke didn’t tell her about his family, then she had no chance that he would notice her as a woman, not as a doctor.

“I’m sorry, Megumi, I never told you about them, it was... complicated.” Sanosuke apologized.

“Oh, big brother, you finally found a girlfriend.” Uki giggled. “And now it’s time to have children.”

“She’s not really my girlfriend.” The brother blushed. “She is very important to me because she saved my life a lot of times. She’s Megumi Takani.”

“Nice to meet you, Uki-san, Outa-san.” Megumi bowed down politely.

Outa didn’t say a word standing beside them. Sanosuke pat his head.

“I’m glad to see you as well, Apple-cheeks*. You are full adult now, I’m happy we were able to meet.”

“I did what you offered me last time. I came to Kamiya Dojo and studied Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu*, but after Kaoru-san’s death I was trained by Yahiko-sensei*. Now I’m not as weak as before.”

“I’m really proud of you.”

“Look, Nii-san, I even have the same “Aku*” symbol.” The young man turned his back.

“Seriously?!” Sanosuke laughed. “Will you all addicted on that symbol? I never thought that I would become so popular!”

Finally, Tsubame brought lunch. When they sat down at the table, they spoke a lot about childhood, about what did Sanosuke comunicated with his sister, how they joked with each other. However, Megumi didn’t hear anything, unable to forget that she might never be as important as Uki and Outa. Although she never belonged to Sanosuke’s family, why should she be as important as they are?

After lunch, Megumi quietly went out into the yard and leaned back to the wall. Soon she heard the steps and after seeing the shadow she recognized it was Sanosuke.

“Hey, Meg, why are you so calm today?” He asked with a husky voice. “It’s not like you.”

“I just... saw you happy when you finally met your family.”

“Just like you, when you met yours, right?”

“Yes, I was happy too, that’s why I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Megumi.” The man looked straight at her eyes. “You are part of my life, which I will never forget. Never try to think about it anymore, and don’t be so sad, I don’t like when you’re unhappy.”

Megumi just now looked at him and saw a sincere look that she had never seen before. She was a little relaxed, so she smiled.

“I also don’t like when you’re sad.” She whispered.

“Am I ever getting sad?”

“Don’t lie to me, I’ve seen more than once.”

“Maybe you’re much more noticeable than I thought.” Megumi saw his growing smile. “Then, you should notice something very clearly visible.”

“Something clearly visible?” She startled.

“I have been trying to show you this for a very long time. It’s very sad that everything has happened exactly this way. If not my stupid situation, it would have happened much faster.”

“Then you can do it now.”

"You really want that?”

“Yes I want.”

“Whatever it is?”

“Of course.”

“Do you trust me? Don’t you think I’ll hurt you?”

“Why should I think like that?”

“Well, maybe because... well, I...” Sanosuke reddened and looked away. “I... don’t know what you think about that.”

“Just do it, silly.”

“Megumi...” The man whispered her name and finally turned to her.

Megumi stared at him, craving to find out what he wanted. Sanosuke couldn’t take it anymore, she looked even more beautiful. His heart beat in the chest madly, but in an effort to control his emotions Sanosuke breathed deeply. And suddenly, Megumi felt his hands covering her cheeks. She couldn’t even gasp, because her lips were seized by Sanosuke’s lips. She never felt anything like that, she didn’t know what love is in her over-busy and cruel life. But this man opened his feelings and she had to answer the same thing. Yes, she loved him, she always loved, but never told him that. However, it’s continued for too long, and now she couldn’t hide her feelings, especially when she knew that he felt the same all the time.

Megumi responding kissed him harder, her arms wrapped around his neck, her right fingers got into his dense long hair. Sanosuke moaned out of pleasure, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her away. They had to control themselves, because they were still in the Dojo, anyone could see them.

“You see now?” Sanosuke said quietly. “I told my feelings with this kiss, but that’s not everything I want to say.”

The woman was embarrassed, lowered her head. Her whole body was shaking, her tears fell from her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something, but lost her voice.

“What’s wrong, foxy? Did I really hurt you?” Sanosuke was scared.

“Sano, no.” The woman finally said. “You didn’t hurt me.”

“But why are you crying?”

“I’m just very happy.”

“Really? You’re really not angry at me?”

“No, I’m just a little confused, that’s all.”

“So you..?”

“It seems that way. I can’t hide it from you any longer.”

Sanosuke felt like he had grown wings. He wanted to rise higher than someone was, scream out of happiness, lift Megumi with him and turn her around until his head gets dizzy, or maybe even fall on the ground, then take his beloved into the room, lay her on the futon*, take off her kimono, kiss her soft body to the bits and then... and then...

“Nii-san...” The man heard his sister’s voice suddenly. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you say you were going to the cemetery?”

“I’ll definitely go.” He realized he was too close to Megumi, so he stepped away. “We just had to discuss a few important things.”

"Hey, but why I smell something else?” The young woman looked at him closely. “Nii-san, you said you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I DO NOT have!”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Don’t be a sneaky pig, missie.”

“What do you call a pig?” Uki offended. “You think I’m fat?”

"No, that’s not I wanted to say.”

“And what exactly you wanted to say then?!”

“Hey, what’s the noise here?” Yahiko’s voice sounded from the inside and the young man went out into the yard.

“Nothing very special, just as usual brothers and sisters are disputing.” Sanosuke said. “We are planning to go to Kenshin and jou-chan’s graves with Megumi now.”

“I’ll stay here for make dinner, okay?” Uki suggested. “Outa will help me, we didn’t nearly know Kenshin.”

“Calm down, Uki, I’m not your slave.” Her younger brother warned her, coming to the door.

“Okay, okay. I really hope that you will not get upset seeing their graves. And when you return, you will have a very delicious dinner. And I will clean this place, there are a lot of dusts here, I think this place hasn’t been cleaned by women for a very long time.”

“That’s right.” Yahiko agreed. “Tsubame and I have our own house, I come here only for the students, because this school belongs to me now. Besides, it’s Kenji’s home, we don’t want to hurry him to live with us, now he is like our child.”

“Poor boy, he’s really very upset. His parents died.”

“Yes, it’s difficult period for Kenji, but he’s strong, he’ll make it. I believe that everything will be as before soon.”

“But where is he now?” Sanosuke asked and looked around. “I can’t see him anywhere.”

“Went out to train or something again.” Yahiko shrugged. “I’m not too worried about him, Kenji is stronger than I when I was in his age.”

“Doesn’t that kiddo think of anything bad?”

“Stop talking nonsense, you baka.” Megumi said. “You have to brush your hair before going to the cemetery. Do you have at least a comb?”

“No.” Sanosuke growled.

“Then how did you..?”

“Dunno. With my fishbone.”

Megumi grabbed him by the hair.

“Oi*! Now I know the struggle when you have long hair. It hurts, let go!”

Yahiko began to laugh, and the others too. Now it really seemed like everything was like before. After so many years, when so many painful things had happened, he could laugh a lot and heartily. Again.

Kimono – the full-length, robe-like, traditional Japanese garment, worn mostly by women in the Meiji era.

Baka – stupid, jerk, idiot.

Jou-chan – little missie or missy (Kaoru here).

Itee – aww, ouch.

Kitsune – fox.

Dojo – a training place for martial arts or swordsmanship (Kaoru trained Yahiko and other students there).

Kitsune-onna – fox-lady/fox-woman.

(O)nii(san) – brother.

Apple-cheeks – Outa’s nickname by Sanosuke.

Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu (“Gods Valley Lively Heart Style”) – is a kenjutsu style invented by Kamiya Koshijiro after his return from the bakumatsu. The carnage of the wars inspired Koshijiro to develop a sword art based around the principle of katsujinken, or “swords that give life”, rather than the traditional satsujinken – “swords that kill”, stressing the importance of controlling the flow and pace of the battle to its practitioner, making the use of defensive maneuvers, disarming techniques, and incapacitating attacks, allowing a duel’s intensity of potential lethality and tension to be maintained and even broken so that the user may take advantage of the opponent’s openings to strike back in self-defense.

-sensei – master; teacher; doctor.

Aku – evil, wicked, bad.

Futon – a thin Japanese mattress that is rolled up for the day.

Oi – hey.

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