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Will You Be Mine?: Alone on the roof of Ashford Academy during a Valentine's Day event with heart-shaped hats, Lelouch surprises Suzaku.

Extra: Will You Be Mine? 

Ashford Academy.

February 14, 2017

Lelouch tiptoes up the library stairs.

'No, I said the west entrance! West!' he hisses into his phone; securely pressing the blue, heart-hat against his head while scanning and sifting his eyes down aisles and through book shelves as he makes his way to the checkout desk behind a graph of tables and chairs.

Sighing to himself as he does.

'Do you see the computer labs? Turn around. Go down the hall, past a four-way intersection and turn left.' Lelouch slinks up behind the checkout desk. Eyeing the upstairs level of the library and keeping his voice low. 'Then make a right. Another left. Left again. Then go straight. You should see a sign—yes, that one. The library is just past the restrooms. Double doors. If you see the chemistry labs, you've gone too far—'


And is startled by a distant but loud crash that cracks through the empty library, its origin indecipherable.

'...And hurry your ass up!' Lelouch snaps into the phone—

When there's a tap on his shoulder—

Lelouch shrieks.

The kind of shriek that could shatter glass as he springs up and whirls around—

Falling on his backside.

Suzaku simpers, holding his phone away from his heart-capped head. 'Fast enough for you?'

Lelouch clutches at his chest a second, allowing his eyes to shrink back into his skull before scowling.

'You idiot, where the hell—!?' Lelouch seethes before stopping himself. 'Were you followed?'

'I don't think so.' Suzaku says, pocketing his phone and kneeling down in front of his friend. 'I ran as fast as I could... Are you all right?'


The thudding of feet on stairs stomps Lelouch's sarcasm, spurring him to grab and shove Suzaku into the shielded leg cubby—

Smacking the brunet's head on the edge of the wooden desk—


Making Lelouch slap a hand over his mouth once they've tumbled to fit in together just as a herd of pink hearts flood the library from the downstairs entrance—

'I heard the other door open over there!' One girl shouts, leading the chase to the other side of the library. The west entrance. Never suspecting that their quarry is right under their noses. The trampling of feet nears and then fades until the library is as silent as the dead once again.

Lelouch and Suzaku strain in the extremely compact space they gracelessly shoved themselves into for the sake of hiding. Suzaku is crumpled on his back with his neck awkwardly crunched up against the wall and Lelouch resting between his bent legs. The two of them pressed together like peanut butter and jelly.

Hips touching.

Their faces so close the tips of Lelouch's hair force Suzaku's eyes to flutter.

Lelouch doesn't notice until he looks down and sees the heat spreading like a rash over Suzaku's face—

A flush that's contagious to his own cheeks and he flinches a little, releasing Suzaku's mouth—

Who gasps for new air while Lelouch withdraws from under the cramped desk to check the area.

'Looks clear...' Lelouch quietly announces as he stands, not daring to look at Suzaku as he straightens his uniform. Keeping his back to Suzaku. "Let's just head up to the roof. The shortcut to an access stairwell is near here."

"Anymore zigzagging shortcuts and I'm gonna puke." Suzaku mutters as he staggers to his feet and grabs at his stomach, mostly staring at his own feet.

"Just don't puke on me." Lelouch wryly retorts as they hastily head up the top floor of the library.


The roof door swings open with a reluctant squeal and out hop two teenage boys who happily greet the cold air with hot bursts from their mouths and noses. There isn't any snow in the sky or on the ground but the grass isn't yet a luscious green and the sun is only slowly regaining its strength.

'I'm surprised.' Lelouch dryly says without any actual surprise as he and Suzaku relish in the safety of the vacant roof. 'I thought you excelled at physical activities.'

'The directions you gave me were confusing.' Suzaku mutters with the flittering cold wind cutting through the tufts of hair sprouting under his hat. 'You want me to run fast, done. Point 1 to point 2 and I'll be there, no problem. But—'

'A to B.'


'It's point to point B.' A smirk is crowning his lip. 'And the point of taking a difficult route is to lose your tail. Otherwise you would be caught.'

Suzaku rolls his eyes. 'So lead me through a maze around the whole school – I saw rooms for things I didn't even know we had!'

'I was on the phone with you, Suzaku. You weren't getting lost – not on my watch.' Arrogance not entirely undeserved strings the older boy's words together like silk lace.

"Yes, yes. I'm an empty-headed jock and I should always trust your guidance because you always know better." he grouses, like it's a regurgitation of a memorized phrase.

'Always.' Lelouch's smile softens. Eyes smoothed from sharply cut gems to cool stones.

Suzaku swallows before his eyes swing away. 'We~ell,' he clears a slight crack from his throat as he takes a peak over the balustrade at the weaving scatter of scampering teens. 'I can't argue with the results.'

It's mayhem manufactured by the none other than the Student Council President. Teenagers that yearn to be treated like adults scramble in their chases of tag, or in some cases, hide-and-seek, to switch hats with their heartthrobs. Lelouch's eyes fall dully on the girls and boys running about like ants while their queen sits back and laughs.

'That you cannot.' Lelouch says with unwavering complacency, a happy reminder of his bloated ego, and reins Suzaku by the shoulders away from the edge of the roof.

'Guess I shouldn't be surprised you were so prepared for this even though Milly only mentioned it this morning. And when she called for someone to catch you, I thought you were a goner.' Suzaku laughs, scratching at his cheek.

'I didn't say it was easy.' Lelouch mutters, his hand still lingering on Suzaku's shoulder.

'You really think no one will come up here—?' His hat slides off his head. And he turns with wide, unsuspecting eyes to Lelouch.

Lelouch holding the hat.

'I like your hat more than mine.' The Britannian prince casually says, turning the blue heart in his hands that's identical to the one on his head. His gemstone eyes flick up at Suzaku's gape as he removes his hat. 'Want to trade?'

Suzaku's grassy eyes circle around Lelouch and the two hats. Cheeks and ears reddening at the offer suspended in his best friend's hands. His hat on the right. Lelouch's on the left. And then back up to dark lavender eyes punctuated by the soft dust of pink on fair cheeks.

The object of the hat game is to trade hats with the person one likes.

Thus becoming a couple – as Milly so decreed.

Suzaku reaches for—

'You can't take it back once you choose,' Lelouch warns, voice soft against the flush thickening on his face but still severe enough to make Suzaku flinch.

Suzaku swallows.

'I know that!' but he snatches the left hat with a smile.

Making the other lad faintly smile in return.

The connected stare holds in their silence – the sounds of a ground war barely rising up to meet them on the upward swoop of a frosted breeze. A silence that seems to squirm under Suzaku's skin while Lelouch merely stares. A silence solidified. Something that closes around them – shuts out the rest of the world – and ties them together through words that aren't spoken but understood.

Suzaku's fingers clench on the hat against Lelouch's calm smile.

'S-So should we, like k... kiss, or something?' the brunet stutters through a searing flush as he places Lelouch's hat on his head, looking anywhere that isn't Lelouch's face.

'Or something?' Lelouch repeats with a teasing tongue despite the way Suzaku's suggestion touches his cheeks, too.

'I know there's no mistletoe or anything...' Suzaku bashfully laughs at himself, slightly chocking on his own embarrassment, as he overly fusses with adjusting the hat and avoids the other boy's eyes. He doesn't see the way Lelouch's eyes trace over him in studying lines.

A hand lands on Suzaku's shoulder. Long, snowy fingers that pull his wide green eyes up to the sharpened gaze of violet.

Lelouch's head tilts and Suzaku swallows again.

The steamy breaths pluming from their lips cloud up together as the slightly taller boy leans closer, powdering their cheeks beyond the bite of winter. Their shaky breathes fog between their parted lips until all the leaking, panting nerves are snuffed by a crooked, still kiss.

Their eyes close.

Suzaku's brow wrinkles and he grips Lelouch's arm.

Lelouch's fingers tighten around the brim of the hat in his other hand.

They hold the kiss against the tendrils of cold that tatter through their hair.

Against the campus commotion they escaped.

Dry lips pressing until they gently break apart and air smokes from their mouths again. Heat glows on their cheeks despite the cold and shyness scuttles across Suzaku's lips. A simper he chases with his teeth that he scrapes over his bottom lip as he meets Lelouch's gaze. The older boy smiles coyly. Not a note of pride tarnishing the simple pleasure glowing in his eyes.

Lelouch shifts his body closer with a scuff of his heel. Slips his fingers to curve with Suzaku's neck.

Suzaku smiles into Lelouch's lips. A stifled laugh puffing into the small space between them just before they kiss again.

A blue hat hanging from Lelouch's fingers as he snakes his arm around Suzaku's waist. Pulling closer.

And Suzaku leans into the embrace. Clutching Lelouch's shoulder with his other hand.

Alone together on the rooftop. In each other's arms. High above the holiday haze.

No more spoken words. No valentine rhymes or puns.

Mouths opening slowly for each other.

Timidly touching.

Blooming under the winter sun.



[Bonus Crack Ending]

"Oh yeah..." Suzaku suddenly chimes as they lean against the rooftop railing to rummage in his pant pocket with an excited grin. 'I got some choc—!' he pulls his hand out of his pocket with a muddled grimace at the feeling and sight of two squished lumps of pink foil. '...o...late?'

"Idiot." Lelouch smirks, amused by the way Suzaku's hand is helplessly suspended in the air with an unpleasant expression of disappointment and disgust; fingers and palm smeared with chocolate and without any way of immediately cleaning them. 'Don't you know that chocolate melts?'

'I-I forgot I had it!' Suzaku defensively argues, watching Lelouch peel and pluck the misshapen chucks of pink foil that were once perfectly solid heart-shaped pieces of silky chocolate with his pristine fingers. Lelouch inspects the sullen state of Suzaku's fingers after he tosses the unsalvageable wrappers over the side, making Suzaku frown. But when he lifts Suzaku's hand upward, closer to his face—

To his mouth—

And slowly slides the flat of his tongue up Suzaku's chocolate-dipped pointer finger before taking it into his mouth and sucks it clean. Pulling it from his closed lips with a squeaky pop.

'It tastes better on you.' Lelouch says with a cool half-smirk.

A flushed Suzaku can only gape.


Suzaku is later seen in the infirmary recovering from a heavy nosebleed.

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