Tails Family

BY : Dragon1234
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It was a warm summer night, and Fiona had gone over to Tails’s house to have some fun.

“Boy, you never stop to surprise me, Tails,” said Fiona as she sat on her knees, licking his dick while he sat in a chair.

“What can I say, when mating season comes, I can’t help it, I just want to fuck every single day the entire time,” said Tails.

“But this is the fourth time today,” said Fiona before sliding his member into her dripping wet pussy.

“Come on, babe, you know that I want to get you pregnant this year for sure,” said Tails as he went at her pussy with all his might.

“Oh, oh yes, fuck me sweetheart,” said Fiona while playing with her breasts.

“Here it comes, I’m going to feel you to the brim,” said Tails as his semen splattered the inside of Fiona’s womb. This also caused her to cum as well, love juices splattering all over Tail’s and his chair.

“With all the semen you’ve given me today, you might have just given me twins,” said Fiona as she sat on Tails’s lap, his semen spilling out of her.

“It would be great to have a big family,” said Tails as he kissed her. A few months later, Fiona had found out that she had in fact gotten pregnant.

“I was just kidding about the twin thing, but it turns out I did get pregnant with two in one go,” said Fiona. Her stomach was so big that she couldn’t even wear her normal clothes, she had to buy dresses that were able to cover her up now.

“Well I did say that I’d like a big family,” said Tails as he stood next to her.

“Ok, but you’re going to have to hold back a little for a few years, until they know what sex is,” said Fiona.

“Just give me a blowjob every so often,” said Tails as he kissed her.

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