Kinky Examination

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It was a wonderful day in the Kanto region, as the sun shined brightly on Pallet Town. A lot of younger trainers who have returned from their Pokémon Journeys, came to visit their loved ones. But for one particular boy, his mother starts to worry from time to time when she doesn’t get a video call from him. Her still 10-year-old son being busy in the Aloha region, learning at the Pokémon School under Professor Kukui’s guidance.

This story will be focusing on one woman who wasn’t intentionally part of the real series, but… will be encountering a certain doctor that treated Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu when a whole apple got stuck in it’s throat. Yep, you thought correctly, it’s Doctor Proctor. Living within the hospital that he works at, tends to be lonely at times, so he randomly flirts with younger women who interacts with him. (coughpedophilecough)

A young woman about 21, who had long wavy blonde hair with a light pink barrette clipped on the left side of her face, to compliment her sky blue eyes. Also, she wore a long flowing white skirt that moved every time there was a small breeze, along with a light pink off the shoulder shirt. Her name, you ask?... was Lilly.  

So how would she react to Proctor’s advances, read on and find out. Then let’s the Lewd story begin.  

I was walking through Viridian Forest, taking in the sights, and remembering that the vast forest went on and on. Many bug and grass type Pokémon which always included Caterpie, Rattata, Weedle, Kakuna and of course Beedrill bathed in it’s lushy scenery, Thinking back to what I’ve experienced on my Pokémon journey, if a swarm of sleeping Beedrill is nearby, do not disturb, I learned that the hard way. Picking out those stingers were not the greatest things to do on your own. Luckily, mom had packed a first aid kit the night before. As I exited the other side, I spotted a familiar white building that was way in the distance.          

'Hm... I wonder if he's still there after all these years.' I thought to myself.

I walked up to the super clean glass doors feeling unsure if he’ll even answer, so I remembered to knock loudly.

"Hello! Is anyone there?!" I yelled.

The automatic doors slid open and a light brown-skinned man emerges.  

"Uh... I was just about to get some sleep." The doctor noticed the young female standing in front of him, and thought. 'This might be my chance to finally treat an real human patient. The last time I had to remove an apple from a young boy's Pikachu's throat, which lead me to helping out Nurse Joy with a over-packed Pokémon Center. Plus, this one is pretty cute. Better make my move.'

"Doctor Proctor?" I asked.

"Yes."  He replied

"Hi, you probably don't remember me, but I was the other girl that you saw with Ash Ketchum and his two friends."

Proctor gazed at my ‘interesting features’.  

"As a matter of fact I do remember you. You were the one who had straight long blonde hair and cute sky blue eyes.” He explained politely.

“Glad that someone noticed. I’ve been so involved in my Pokémon Journey at the time, I didn’t think anyone would.” I replied. “The guys that I have met, were either already taken or married.”

“If I’m not mistaken, your name is Lilly correct?” He asked.

“Yes it is. I answered.

“Why do you come on in, and we can… get know each other a bit better.” He said.

“But don’t you have to concentrate on working, I wouldn’t want you to hold you back from doing your job.” I asked.

“Not really, today’s is kinda of slow, so I’ve got the rest of the day to myself.” He replied.

“Okay, I’ll take you up on your invite. I haven’t got anything else to do.” I said.

“Excellent, if you would please follow me.” He added.

 I followed Proctor to a room with a large flat gray table and a big light that doctors uses to operate.   

“Hop on up.” He said, with an inviting smile, tapping the metal examination furniture.

I walked over to the large table, placing my hands behind my hips, then using my upper body to lift myself up onto the examination table. The metal felt super cold, even though I was wearing thin clothing.

“So… what have you been up to lately Miss Lilly?” He asked, while gathering a few items.

“Truthfully, I’m living my life to the fullest, and trying to find love.” I replied, answering the question with honesty.

‘Score.’ He said to himself. ‘Hello Laidsvile, Goodbye Virginity.’ “Do you mind if I gave you a small thorough checkup?”  

I felt uneasy when the words 'thorough checkup' was mentioned.

'He seems to be acting pretty strange. I mean... working in an empty hospital building can make a person go a little crazy.' I thought. ‘Eh, I guess it won’t hurt. Although, the word phrasing says WARNING! DANGER!’   

“To start things off, may I have your current age? " He asked.

"Sure, I'm 21 years old." I answered.

Proctor took out a piece of paper, and attached it to a clipboard, then writing down information. After he mentioned to me to remove 'all of my clothing'. Also, to lay down with my legs spread out in a lithotomy position with my hands above my head.  I started to panic. 

'This was not gonna end well.'

To be continued... (Dun Dun Dun)  










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