Kinky Examination

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It was a wonderful day in the Kanto region, Lily was back home from her Pokemon journey, and decided to visit a familiar spot, where a medical physician who treated Ash's Pikachu when an apple got stuck in it's throat. The person's name was Doctor Proctor.

'Hm... I wonder if he's still there.' I thought. 

Lily walked up to the clear sliding doors and knocked loudly. 

"Hello! Is anyone there?!"

The doors slid open. 

"Uh... I was just about to get some sleep." The doctor notced the young female standing in front of him, and thought. 'This might be my chance to finally treat an actual human patient. The last time I had to remove an apple from a young boy's Pikachu's throat, which lead me to helping out Nurse Joy with a over-packed Pokemon Center. Plus, this one is pretty cute. Better make my move.'

"Doctor Proctor?" I asked. 


"Hi, you probably don't remember me, but I was the other girl that you saw with Ash Ketchum and his two friends."

"What was your name by the way? I didn't quite catch it the last time."

"My name is Lily." 

"Ah yes... you were the girl with the straight long blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Alright then Miss Lily, why you come on in an have a seat."

Proctor brought me to a operating room. 

"Hop on up, and I'll give you thorough checkup."

Lily felt uneasy when the words 'thorough checkup' was mentioned, but she decided to let him do his job. 

'He seems to be acting pretty strange. I mean... working in a empty hospital building can make a person go a little crazy.' I thought. 

"For the record, could I have your age, so I can add it to a medical file."

"Sure, I'm 21 years old." I answered.


Proctor took out a piece of paper, and attached it to a clipboard, then writing down infomation. After he mentioned to me to remove 'all of my clothing'. Also, to lay down with my legs spreed out in a lithotomy postion with my hands above my head.

To be continued... (Dun Dun Dun)










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