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Disclaimer: Love Hina was written and is owned by Ken Akamatsu. I seek no profit from this work of fiction.

Writer's notes: Hello my readers, you are about to step into an alternate ‘Love Hina’ universe. 

I first came up with the idea for this fic after reading other AU fan fiction stories based on Akamatsu-Sensei’s tale. It inspired me to write a general outline before turning it into a rough draft on where I wanted to take the 'Love Hina' universe. This story does not follow the canon very much except for some of the basic concepts.

There are no Anglicized contractions in this story.

Be aware, this very adult story: It is a harem fic done in arc fashion, will contain both hetero- and lesbian sex acts described in great detail, one or more orgies, incest, swearing, and the possibility of extreme violence.

Less adult aspects of my tale will be the use of mysticism (both Japanese and writer created) and the supernatural.

The characters are mostly OOC, with both major and minor changes in everyone. In addition, many new friends and even a few enemies will make their introductions throughout the course of this tale.

Unlike the manga or anime, the story is set in early- to mid- 2010's. Such items as smart phones, the internet, laptops, tablets and other digital devices will be in common use by the characters.

Just as a side note, I will be using Japanese words and phrases quite liberally throughout the story. Translations provided when necessary. (See bottom of chapter for examples) In addition, surnames will be first.

With deep reverence and respect intended, I will be playing fast and loose with ancient Japanese culture, along with some of the events from the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Meiji Restoration. This is for continuity sake. (Most events will not affect the actual time-line)

In my research, it seems that under Japanese law first cousins can marry under certain circumstances to provide heirs in certain upper-class families, although their society now frowns upon this practice.

-Part 1: Establishing Dominance-
Chapter 1: Keitaro’s early years Pt.1

-Some background history-

For over four thousand years, long before the reign of Jimmu-Tenno the first Emperor, the Urashima have secretly ruled the central part of Japan through secrecy and political manipulation.

During the course of these centuries, the Urashima clan have had a hand in secretly manipulating the events in the territory under their control. Even after the Tokugawa Shogunate had begun back in the early seventeenth century, they still managed to maintain control over Kanagawa Prefecture. This, as well as the nearby city of Edo and the port of Yokohama were all within in their influence.

Today, they still wield their power in the financial and political circles of modern Japan, along with many parts of central and southern Asia.

Nevertheless, their hold on power has not been without its setbacks during the Urashima’s long history.

Over thirty-five hundred years ago in a place that no longer exists, an ancient enemy commissioned curse was place on the Urashima.

Not long after this through a defector, the Urashima learned that the Fire Horses and their acolytes had given her coven the contract, which then later also led to the extermination of that witch's order.

Knowing the power of the witches, which stemmed from even an older enemy, the defecting sorceresses’ counsel went heeded by the Urashima and their allies.

The Dragons assisted the Urashima by chasing off the evil Fire Horses while they themselves slaughtered that order.

The curse, though plaguing them a various times throughout the centuries, could have been much worse if the witch who did the actual casting had the time she needed to complete it. Only the beheading the witch during a pause in her incantation prevented it from spreading to the Aoyama, Otohime and a few other of their allies.

Throughout their history, the Urashima at one time or another, have been pacifists and ruthlessly so since after the age of the gods in ancient times. Their clan has produced many monks, priests and priestesses, notaries, farmers, fishers, husbandman and business owners over the past four millennia.

To protect themselves from the thieving Samurai and roving groups of bandits, they developed many forms of fighting arts. This is so they could protect themselves and keep the freedom that their unity had won for them.

They believed in peace through strength and guarded themselves very zealously to keep it that way.

This is also true of the early Aoyama clan. A rival clan sought permission from a local warlord to take their lands from them. Though smaller in number, the Aoyama butchered the rival clan to the last man taking their women and children into their ranks for fresh blood. The Aoyama needed to do because they had mistakenly inbred themselves to maintain strong bloodlines. Partially, the elders did so because it was due to their clan's marriage strictures. In the fifteenth century, the senior elders acted to change their laws and this alone made them into a power to deal with later over the next few centuries.

The Otohime clan were originally from Osaka, they extended their influence down to Okinawa and the Kerama Islands. Being a seafaring family, their wealth came from the ocean, and places where the Shoguns and Imperial governments had no idea existed.

This is because they are great sailors, and did not support the Toyotomi invasion of Joseon on the Korean Peninsula. They thought it was foolish and a waste of valuable resources. The Otohime did not weep when Admiral Yi slaughtered the Japanese fleet at Noryang in 1598. (Writer’s note: Actual historical event)

They are the Urashima and Aoyama oldest and closest ally. With their mysterious and clandestine abilities, they had helped the other clans to remain free, even during the dominant Tokugawa Era Shogunate and up until the present day.

Such was their strength…

In all of the main Japanese islands, these clans have lived a shadowed existence that escaped even the notice of the Emperor himself.

Nonetheless, the Aoyama Alliance as they would call themselves in later years, were still extremely loyal to his Imperial Majesty. To this day, members of that coalition still hate many of the people who had ruled Japan in his name. Most though have already paid the ultimate price for being their enemies and have done so with their lives, or at the very least, with their fortunes.

Many years ago, even the Shoguns came to fear them, and for very good reason too.

The Aoyama Alliance has stretched back, in one way or another, for almost four thousand years. They are even more formidable now due to their political and familial authority, as well as for their financial stability and power. Few can even come close to matching them…

…though some have tried.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, an Urashima by the name of Taro personally killed five thousand Samurai with his bare hands to keep the freedom that his clan so craved. His Chi was so powerful that he killed a hundred men using only his Ki focused through a tree branch as a weapon.

Through the ages, Taro is just one of many Urashima males to whom the gods, Furred Dragons and Giant Flying Turtles had blessed with many meta-human abilities. A couple of the most ancient tomes conveyed that this was in thanks for their loyal service, as well as to help alleviate their curse somewhat. The Motk Master, as they called him in an ancient Japanese tongue now long since dead, is a title which no one except for a chosen few know of today. One usually appears in the clan about every three hundred years or so…

Those who are born into the Urashima display a few of his abilities, but they are not the actual Master. These abilities appear to be sharper and more focused in the true Urashima line.

Up until the Meiji Restoration at the end of the isolationist Shogunate Eras, the Urashima held the peace in their own lands with very limited opposition. Even during the previous war, the Kempei Tai also learned never to involve themselves with the Urashima or any of their allies. (Writer’s note: Kempei Tai was the Japanese version of the Gestapo)

Now comes the newest Master.

-Modern day Japan, about 24 years from the present day-


Urashima Keiichiro drives his wife to the OB/GYN's office. The office is on the other side of the prefecture and makes for a very pleasant ride.

From their experiences in the past and with how his Yoko Onee-san's own pregnancy went a little over eight years ago. She said that this OB/GYN is very gentle with her patients and helped with Haruka's difficult delivery.

This does not make Narumi any less nervous. She is hoping for a healthy baby this time after a few miscarriages. Together with her husband, they are in the waiting room until the nurse calls her name.

"Urashima-san," says the nurse.

"Hai," answers Narumi nervously.

"Come with me please. Koga-Ishi will see you now," the nurse says with a smile on her face. She opens the door that will lead to the exam room.

Narumi stands and looks at her husband who just smiles warmly at her as the nurse leads to the exam room. The nurse hands her a hospital gown and asks her to strip before putting on the garment. Narumi then sits up on the table in the corner and waits. She sees that the end of the table has the ubiquitous stirrups for intimate exams of pregnant women and people with problems in their private areas. She gulps when she thinks a stranger will be examining her body shortly.

"Konnichiwa, Urashima-san," Koga-Ishi says coming into the exam room, "I see that you are a bit nervous today, I promise I will be very gentle like before. If you need to we can call your husband in to hold your hand while I examine you".

"I will be fine, Koga-Ishi. I am in your hands," says Narumi taking a deep breath from her diaphragm and letting it out slowly through her nose.

First comes the pelvic exam, some blood work and then after calling Keiichiro, the ultrasound. Her husband comes in and sits next to her by the exam table. They hold hands as the couple sees their unborn child together. The doctor puts some clear gel on her now bulging stomach and starts in just below her navel. Next, he places the wand on there so they can all see what they hope is a healthy baby.

"Urashima-san, if you watch the screen we will be able to see your baby," the doctor says with a smile. After a few seconds, the wand stops and she says, "look at what we have here!"

"What is it? Is everything okay?" asks a very nervous Narumi. She has a flashback of previous visits.

"If you look here, this time I think you will have a very healthy child and it will be a boy. See," says the doctor. The couple looks at each other and smiles. They see the developing sex organs and that the child is moving around quite vigorously.

"He kicked," she says smiling.

"My son," Keiichiro says looking in awe at the small TV monitor. Being an Urashima he smiles inside because he can feel minor waves of Chi coming from his wife's womb.

We will see another witness to this very phenomenon a later on.

-Later that day at The Hinata-

Overlooking the whole of the Kanagawa Prefecture is Urashima Castle in its modern disguise as the ancient home of the head of the most powerful family in all of Japan. This structure has stood the test of time just like the family that has occupied it since they built it in the early 17th century.

However, Urashima Hinata lives here with her coterie of staff and attendants who see to her every need. However, no one resides here in the colder months. With the old western-style annex abandoned in the rear of the property, only certain parts of the Hinata see anyone during the year now.

Keiichiro and Narumi are living here temporarily until their own house is finished. He has just bought a small building to put in a pâtisserie and candy-making store. Not that he needs to, but Keiichiro wants to create treats that the everyday Japanese person can enjoy. His Okā-san has even thrown her support behind her son’s project. Of Hina’s two children, neither likes sitting around and just enjoying the clan’s vast wealth.

“My husband and I brought them up right,” Hina says to just about anyone who will listen.


Earlier, Keiichiro had called his Onee-san and her family to come on over to the Hinata to celebrate the good news about Narumi's healthy pregnancy.

The after dinner conversation starts in very general direction with such innocuous things as gossip and recipes that the women share. All three are women are happy that Mariko is not here because her caustic would have them all in stitches. Haruka does not need to hear such language at her age.

The two men sit in the old banqueting hall discussing politics and baseball while sipping saucers of Sake. They disappeared from the others but not before getting Hina’s butler to join them. The English-trained butler politely declined their offer saying he had other duties to perform.

Narumi feels the baby kick.

"He is a strong little bugger," says Hina touching Narumi's belly.

She feels her future grandson kick and smiles at her daughter-in-law.

As with Narumi, Hina has spent some time praying in the ancient shrine out behind the property for another healthy grandchild. Selfishly, she wants a healthy grandson to go along with an equally healthy granddaughter.

The recent death of Hina’s beloved husband saddened her as well as the rest of the family.

Later, in the common room…

"Kaa-san, the OB/GYN said that the baby should be very healthy this time and come to full term,” says Keiichiro looking over at his Kaa-san, “Can you not feel the Chi that just radiates from her belly?"

Although partially psi-blind, he can still feel things that even well trained adepts cannot sometimes. He does have a couple of his ancestors' minor gifts, and even with them, Keiichiro is too busy right now to focus on the family arts other than what he has already learned. He is a successful executive in the family enterprises and with his new candy/bakery store opening soon, has even less time for them.

"I have felt the powerful aura that emanates from her belly, Kei-kun,” says Hina knowingly, “I have known about this for some time". She knows about her son's gifts and limitations.

"I feel it too, Kaa-san,” chimes Yoko smiling, “Though I cannot read Chi like you can, it is there nonetheless".

Her seven-year-old daughter Haruka sits on her lap. The young girl is very quiet right now and listens intently to what the grown-ups are saying about the baby.

The young girl feels the aura coming from her Oba-san's tummy and it strangely attracts Haruka.

After a few minutes, Haruka gets off Yoko’s lap and sits on the big couch next to her Oba-san.

"Oba-chan, do you have a name for the baby yet?" asks Haruka looking up at Narumi. The young girl places a hand on her belly and feels the emanations arising off it.

"Yes I do, Haruka-chan,” answers a smiling Narumi, “When he is born, I will name him Keitaro".

The innocent girl smiles sweetly at her belly and says, "Konnichiwa, Kei-kun".

The baby kicks, as he seems to recognize her voice.

Haruka does not know it yet but fate will intertwine her life inextricably with his. This will be something that neither of them can, or will, want to escape. 

"Have you thought about where we will have him yet, Narumi-chan?" asks Keiichiro of his wife.

"I really have not thought that far ahead yet. At first, I did not believe this pregnancy would go as far as it has, because of the other miscarriages. But now…," answers Narumi trailing off. She is finally coming to terms with the reality of this situation.

A servant comes in pushing a British-style tea service and prepares everything.

"How about delivering him here,” suggests Hina handing her daughter-in-law some tea, “it would be safer than at the hospital. We could get a midwife from the Otohime and you would be surrounded by those who care about you”.

"That would be a good idea," says Narumi nodding.

Keiichiro nods in agreement with his wife.

-Another discussion about matters that are more serious-

Early November…

"I called Aoyama-sama in Kyoto earlier today,” says Hina looking at her daughter-in-law, “Since he is the head of the Council, I thought he should know about the strong Chi that radiates from your womb. He said that he would get a hold of the Otohime Priestesses in Okinawa because they are very knowledgeable about what could be happening here. I believe, but am not sure, if this child could become like an ancestor of the Urashima named Taro. He lived around the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate. When I felt the first emanations from you, I went to consult some of the ancient scrolls that we have locked away in our clan’s vaults. I had to know for sure before speculating any further on this matter".

"So what are you telling me, Kaa-san?" asks Narumi not truly understanding the implications. She has little clue about her husband's rich and exceptional history except for minor details.

"I am not totally sure yet, Narumi-san,” says Hina thoughtfully, “When your son is born, he may be blessed with gifts and abilities far above us mere mortals. A few of our ancestors were like this as well. We do not know why this has happened to our family in the past, but for some reason it seems that the gods chose to bless our clan. From what I can glean from our history, none of our ancestors has ever abused any of the gifts endowed upon them, so maybe that is why it maybe continuing with him".

Narumi knew that when she married into such an important and very powerful family as the Urashima that there would be many secrets. However, she does not have a clue as to the extent of them, or their possible consequential reach. One is especially embarrassing…

She has learned a few things after falling in love with, and then marrying Keiichiro. Although it still is not very much to go on, she does not pay it much heed.

Soon though, it will be more than she wishes to know. For now, with this bit of knowledge, her understanding of the situation is becoming clearer.

Suddenly, Hina’s words become clear to her…

"Do you mean that my son could be like this powerful ancestor of yours?" asks Narumi, who then adds, "it is my hope to have a normal boy, not this".

Keiichiro hugs his wife as Narumi snuggles into him.

Hina wonders if she should have kept quiet about her Urashima ancestors. 

Too late for that now, the genie is out of the bottle…

"If everything is done in the proper order, my daughter,” responds Hina taking Narumi's hand, “you will have the normal son that you want". She gently rubs it to soothe her.

"What can we do until then, Kaa-san?" asks Narumi feeling slightly crestfallen.

"Let us all go down to Kyoto and consult with the full Council on this matter," says Hina in a thoughtful manner.

"Hai, Shūtome-san," says Narumi. In her husband's arms, she feels a little better about this situation.

The room gets very quiet as Hina and Yoko go to make dinner.

-A few days later-

It is quite a trip for her even though they take the families' jet down to Kyoto and the Aoyama compound.

Hina is convinced that a meeting of the whole Council is very necessary due to the implications of her grandson's impending birth. Her family means everything to her and she is going to re-iterate it to the others there to ward off any panic. She knows that there will be some anxiety among the lesser clans during this conclave. Some are newer members know little of her ancestor's great deeds that helped preserve the Urashima's sovereignty over central Japan. She hopes that her powers of persuasion will see her though the day.

If they do not, Hina brings her Imouto Mariko with her. Trusting her implicitly, she did this because the woman has an extensive vocabulary that can just about tear someone literally to pieces.

Throughout all of the Aoyama Council, it is an undeniable and very well known fact that if ever there was a more perfect companion to complement the strong steady presence of one Urashima Hinata, it would be the fiery fierceness of her Imouto Mariko. No one personifies loyalty or to keeping their clan in line like this Yukata wearing, Yamato Nadeshiko looking woman of slight stature. The exterior covers a personality, which if ever crossed, would shred the offender with language so vile that can almost peel the paint off any wall and a scowl that will instantly curdle milk. Her tongue though is not her only weapon as she can easily back her up words with an extensive knowledge and use of the infamous Urashima fighting arts. Those who have seen her in action know Mariko to be one of the dirtiest fighters that there is within the Urashima. Even though Mariko has a vocabulary that could make a US Marine Drill Instructor blush, she is highly educated with several advanced degrees in business and economics from leading universities in Japan, the United States and Great Britain.

"No one, and I mean no one, is going to harm or make any decision about my future grandson without his Kaa-san's say so," says Hina to Mariko and Yoko.

They are with her in the limo ride to the meeting.

"I am glad you had Narumi and Keiichiro go with Ruka and Haruka in the other limo. She would be pissed if she knew what we are planning to do," responds Mariko with a scowl. She feels the same way as her Nee-san.

"It cannot be helped, because who would have expected a Motk master in this day and age," says Yoko looking at Hina not realizing what she had just said in her presence.

"Yoko, please do not ever use that word outside of the Council room or our ancestral home. That term has implications even beyond the dead language that it comes from. Narumi has no real idea of the real power that her son one day will wield. She thinks that he may just have a few minor abilities like his Otō-san. So never use that word again," says Hina scolding her daughter.

Bowing her head, Yoko says, "Gomenasai, Kaa-san".

Hina pats her hand understanding her daughter's concern for her unborn nephew, because she is very close to her Otōto-san and this situation bothers her.

Mariko sits quietly because she has read quite extensively of Taro's exploits and just smiles.

-Relaxing with a friend-

"This onsen is so nice, Tsubasa-chan," says Narumi. She has a towel wrapped around her pregnant body as she steps down into the warm water. She finds that relaxing in an onsen help to settle her frazzled nerves. This situation is not what she wants but she is making the best of it.

She is in the onsen with Yoko's best friend Aoyama Tsubasa.

She is the wife of Aoyama Taichi, who is the head of the Aoyama Council. He is also the owner and Senior Sensei of the Shinmeiryu School of Swordsmanship.

Even though Narumi is much younger than the woman next to her, their friendship has allowed them to be intimate with each other.

Tsubasa is not on the Council, nor is she a practitioner of the Aoyama Arts, because she is both Psi-blind and immune to Chi applied pressure.

Whenever these women get together, it turns into a gossip and gabfest. These times really deteriorate when Yoko and Otohime Natsumi join them because of the embarrassing things they talk about when the men or kids are not around. It gets downright disgusting whenever Hina or Mariko Oba-san join in.

Natsumi's Okā-san has commented many times, as have others that Hina and Mariko both need to have their mouths washed out with soap. Mariko has an acid tongue that gets raucous laughter from the others when it is especially spicy.

“Hina encourages her too much sometimes it seems,” comments Tsubasa trying not to laugh. Her face is red and not because she is sitting in hot water…

When the two elder female Urashima siblings are together, all the others prepare themselves for a filth fest of epic proportions.

"Not as good as the one you have back home, Narumi-chan,” says a smiling Tsubasa who then asks, “How is the baby by the way?"

"He is doing very well and growing quite big,” answers Narumi, “He is going to be a strong child by the way he is kicking all the time. I hope that one day he will be like your Tsuruko-chan is". The girl in question is off playing somewhere with Haruka.

"She is the joy of my life, as Haruka-chan is for Yoko," says the proud Okā-san smiling. She takes a lot of pride in Tsuruko's accomplishments.

"Has Taichi-sama gotten over the fact that Hina-san still seems to rule the Council?" asks Narumi giggling.

"I think your Shūtome-san gets under my Taichi-kun's skin because of her powerful personality,” answers Tsubasa, “We all know that when Mariko-sama is with her that they rule the Council because neither woman puts up with any crap from anyone. But you are right though, he may be the titular head of the Council but she holds sway over it". She looks over at her friend with mock exasperation.

"I just hope Yoko and Kei-kun can keep them in check before there is outright war in there. Sometime those two are too much for anyone to take," says Narumi seeing her niece and Tsuruko coming into the onsen dressed in towels.

Both women fail miserably to stifle their laughter.

The smiling girls step into the water and sit on either side of Narumi. They both feel the very positive Chi radiating from her belly, and it is very peaceful right now.

They then all hear some loud debate coming from the Council chambers on the other side of a dividing wall. That is before someone has the courtesy to shut the doors and to shutter the windows.

Both women share a laugh before getting out of the onsen and dressing for the evenings' festivities. The two girls look at each other a bit perplexed at what the commotion could be.

Later on in the evening, the banquet hall is quite full of council members, their families' and important guests. This is the most people that anyone has seen in the compound here in many years, since before even Hina was born.

This is a short take on the daylong discussions.

-A contentious Council session-

The startling thing about this gathering is the people who are not involved in it directly can indelibly feel the tension emanating from the main participants. The tension in the air is quite palpable to those even if they cannot sense aural pressure coming from not too far away.

This is where we begin…

On one side of the Great Hall is Aoyama Taichi, the host of the gathering, along with Urashima Hina and Mariko. These three, along with their closest allies, are attempting to keep civility and decorum. It is an extremely difficult undertaking due to the issue at that has befallen them.

No one sitting here has ever had to handle anything closer to this situation in a little over four hundred years.

The possibility that a Motk Master could exist in this day and age has everyone present on edge.

On the other side of the room, there are those in the Counsel, who see this as an opportunity. They would like to take the child from his parents and raise him to become some type of 'Akira', or maybe used as a symbol of the Council's power and authority.

Hina, usually the levelheaded of the two elder Urashima sisters, wants to explode and have Mariko verbally shred the person who brought this subject to the floor for discussion.

Keiichiro and Yoko prevent their Okā-san from almost declaring war on them. Right now, it takes both of her children to quell their Oka-san's unleashing her legendary wrath in this place. It is a difficult task at best…

Keiichiro is a good martial artist and with his Onee-san Yoko to back him up, he says he will defend his family against any rash action taken by the Council towards his unborn son. His wife wants a normal child and by all of the gods, he will go through hell and high water to see that she gets her wish.

In addition, Hina has a little back up in her purse if things get too far out of hand.

Mariko, sharp-tongued as ever, dares the Council to try to cross the Urashima in this present situation.

Otohime Natsumi, who has just had a daughter a few months before, reminds everyone that according to the history of the Motk masters, only the family of the child can raise him. She is more knowledge of these matters than even of Hina and Taichi. Natsumi is just 23 years old, too.

Yoko smiles at her.

"I wish to know something, Otohime-san. How someone so young can understand these matters so well?" asks a newer member of the council.

"Natsumi is the eldest of my daughters and heir to the Otohime legacy," says Otohime Sumiko. She is the head of the Otohime matriarchy, and someone who carries a lot of power and authority as well, but in a more subtle vein than either Hina or Mariko.

"Remember your place, Sasaki-san! The Otohime clan is never to be questioned on matters of history that are this important," says Aoyama-sama in a commanding voice.

"I ask forgiveness of this council, Aoyama-sama. I meant no disrespect to any of the Otohime Priestesses, but knowledge is everything to me when it comes to dealing with a matter of grave importance such as this," says Sasaki Buntaro. He bows low to Sumiko and Natsumi from his seated position.

"I understand Sasaki-san, so no offence is taken," replies Sumiko bowing in return, and then she adds, "In times like these, we need all of the knowledge and assistance from all sources. It does not matter the age of the one assisting or not. My daughter's wisdom in these matters belies her youth".

The others in the council chamber agree with this assessment of Natsumi's knowledge.

The Urashima calm themselves since the Otohime are backing them. This is how close the two families are to each other.

"The most important thing of all is that we must keep the imminent birth of this child a secret from those who are not one of us, and this includes the government. He could be used as a weapon that could destroy an entire country with very little thought," says a council member from the back allied with Hina.

"I agree with that assessment, Toyoma-san,” says Hina gravely looking around the room, “If Tokyo were to find out about my unborn grandson, some in the government would try to take and use him to resurrect the country's Imperial might of the 1930's. We Urashima have always been pacifists and are ruthlessly so. The knowledge of his power must never go outside this chamber on the penalty of death".

Her anger quells at this suggestion.

Only three times in the Aoyama Council's long history have the members ever had to invoke this clause, and only for important matters that were analogous to this.

"I must agree fully with Hina-sama,” responds Aoyama-sama, “As head of this Council I deem this matter is too important to let the public-at-large know about it, so the death penalty is now invoked until such a time as the child comes into his own". Without needing any consensus from the rest of the Council, he can invoke this and make it an ‘iron-clad’ decree.

"Arigato gozaimasu, Aoyama-sama," says Hina bowing her head to him. She is now satisfied that her unborn grandson will enjoy the full protection of the Council.

"Hina-sama, with your permission,” asks Aoyama-sama looking to her, “We should move this to the Hinata at a more appropriate time to await the arrival of the child. We can deal with the rest of this situation then. Do you agree?"

Consulting with her family first, Hina stands and declares, "That is acceptable to the Urashima, because Narumi-san wishes to have her child delivered in a home birth. The Hinata can hold all of the major representatives from this enclave along with any priests and shamans that they wish to bring with them. One more thing though, Aoyama-sama. We may need some of the more ancient Dragon and Turtle scrolls for spells and sutras just in case".

"What about the Fire Horse scrolls, Hina-sama?" asks Bato Daichi. This member of the Council is the most knowledgeable among them about their ancient enemies. He has secretly studied their history with help from Hina and Taichi since he was young.

"No, Bato-san,” replies Sumiko, “That would be very harmful because of their evil nature, and whatever knowledge they possess would go against everything that we stand for". She too has an understanding of the evil Fire Horses and their wanton thirst for destruction.

"I agree with Otohime-sama. Those blasphemous scrolls should have been burned ages ago," says another member from the back of the chamber.

"That has been tried quite a number of times, Namura-san. You of all people should remember what happened to the elder Kazehara-san," responds Bato without hesitation, "the spells on them are too powerful and only a fully-realized Motk master can destroy them. When Urashima Taro was alive, the scrolls had not yet been re-discovered. However, when the newest master is old enough, he can deal with them".

"My Sōsofu-san died in an attempt to destroy them. He was immolated to death," says Kazehara Hiro remembering the tragic events as relayed to him by his Otō-san.

Everyone bows for a moment out of respect for the late valued member of the Council.

"Bato-san, that sounds good to us," says Hina.

There is unanimity on this. The murmurs begin before Aoyama-sama knocks on a small table for silence.

"We will leave those scrolls behind and meet at the Hinata when Urashima Narumi is ready to give birth," he says and then promptly adjourns the meeting.

End of the short re-cap.

So now, it is dinnertime and that at least diverts everyone's attention. When you are shoveling food in, it is difficult to be argumentative without being rude. Things settle down for a while, at least through the mealtime that is.

Sitting up on the dais Narumi is between little Tsuruko and her husband. The young girl is dressed traditionally in her families' Hakama and Gi while eating next to her Okā-san. She keeps looking at Narumi's protruding belly and flinches slightly. Many of the other highly trained adepts here in this room are also having an adverse reactions to the emanations as well.

When Hina and Sumiko place sutras on the walls and above the doorways, these help to quell much of the uneasiness around the banqueting hall. With these strictures in force, everyone it seems can now eat in peace.

"Kaa-san, can you not feel it at all?" asks Tsuruko looking up at her. She does not yet understand about her Okā-san's lack of sensitivity to aural pressure.

"Sorry, Tsu-chan. I cannot," she answers shaking her head.

"Can Tsuruko-chan really feel my babies' aura, Tsubasa?" asks Narumi astounded.

Tsuruko has her hand on her belly and smiles. It is clear that she must feel comfortable around the unborn child. People around the room are taking notice of the young girl's gifts. Everyone of importance in here knows them very well.

Haruka is slightly jealous of her best friend as she is sitting next to her Oba-san because her own senses are not as developed, yet.

"Yes she can, Narumi,” replies Tsubasa nodding, “It seems that my Tsu-chan is more sensitive to Chi emanations than her Otō-san".

She looks at her daughter with pride.

-At the Hinata-

Late December…

Although the Urashima are a strict Shinto family by practice, they still accept some western customs because they are fun. Especially with the New Year’s holiday coming up.

For instance, Valentine's Day is one such day. Girls from all over Japan make chocolate as presents for their sweethearts each year. Yoko and Narumi do this for Ruka and Keiichiro, and then their spouses spoil the two rotten on White Day a month later.

More apropos to this time of year is the western tradition of Christmas. Not the religious aspects of day mind you, as they enjoy celebrating the part about gift giving, being together as a family and eating a large meal together along with another excuse to imbibe excessively. This is a fact on many Japanese holidays, of which there are many…

The other thing they like to do is decorate a Christmas tree. Nineteenth century Imperial Germany influences a lot of thinking in modern day Japan.

In school, Japanese students learn about western traditions and about the German people back erecting a Yule Tree, which the Germans call a Tannenbaum. It is supposed to symbolize the warding-off of evil spirits. In keeping with that tradition, many people around the country now decorate one and since they are animists' anyway, they use it to ward off bad Karma before the New Year's Day holiday.

Narumi sits on the couch and watches her husband along Ruka, Yoko and Haruka get ready to go outside to get a tree for the Hinata. She is just a few weeks away from giving birth so she has been sedentary since her belly protrudes out as it does.

Hina stays with her daughter-in-law and makes tea for them.

The pregnant woman feels trapped because she can hardly move and can only get out of bed or up from the couch with assistance from her husband.

Keiichiro, handy with tools and equipment, has a chainsaw all gassed up, primed and ready-to-go.

“I feel so useless,” whines Narumi as the quartet head down the hallway to the back door.

Hina can only smile remembering what it was like with Yoko those years back.

Outside, the weather is not all that cold as the four cross the traditional bridge. Yoko and Keiichiro look wistfully where the ancient Dojo once stood. Hina had it removed after the roof collapsed some two years before.

“At least the shrine still stands,” says Keiichiro looking in and seeing some of the statuary. A particular jade one of a dragon catches his eyes.

His Onee-san nods and smiles.

Little Haruka's eyes light up when her Oji-san asks her to pick a tree out for their display this year.

There are plenty of pine and spruce trees up on the Hill, so she can pick out a good one.

After they cut down the one Haruka points out, Keiichiro and Ruka drag it back to the Hinata and bolt it to a stand. It is a nice full one at a little over two meters tall.

Later, while decorating the tree…

"I remember when I was pregnant and how demanding I was," says Yoko laughing. She is putting some garland on the tree with her daughter.

"You were not that bad dear," responds Ruka smiling at his wife.

"That is not what you told me after rushing out for Pocky™ and Korean kimchi one time,” says Keiichiro laughing remembering what his brother-in-law told him once, “You said you could not wait for Haruka-chan to be born so you could sleep again".

He said this while balancing on a short ladder stringing some lights together and putting them on the upper part of the tree.

They all laugh, as Yoko turns red with embarrassment. She gives her husband the look and wants to knock her Otōto off the ladder.

"Kimchi, that stuff is nasty,” says Narumi cringing, “I like sour things but I have not gone that far yet".

If Narumi admitted to some of the things that she has had cravings for, Yoko would tease her remorselessly until the baby comes.

Sitting quietly and not saying a thing, Hina remembers her own cravings for pickled octopus and fried duck livers. Right now, only her strength and inner discipline keeps her from blanching at those memories.

"You are so lucky, Naru-chan,” declares Yoko not wanting to let this go, “It is hard to believe that you did not have those disgusting cravings for the sourest and most off tasting foods imaginable. To this day, it makes me sick to think of some of the shit I ate back then. Ruka-kun, just where in the hell did you get that Norwegian Lutefisk anyway? I still cannot believe that I ate that crap and actually enjoyed it".

Yoko says in mock disgust after finishing and sitting with her sister-in-law.

"If I tell you where I got that stuff from you will probably kick the living daylights out of me,” responds Ruka chortling, “Let us just say that I know certain people in the import grocery business who can get me anything from around the world any time I want".

The others all look at him right then because they know that he has a tendency to eat things imported from other countries.

"Oba-san, I feel Kei-kun kicking," says Haruka smiling. She is sitting next to Narumi with a hand on her belly.

"Did you feel that, Kaa-san?" asks Yoko also smiling.

"Yes my daughter, I did,” answers Hina smiling back, “Even with all of the sutras in place around here I can still feel it".

"What is it that you are feeling here, Yoko?" asks Narumi seeing the smiles on the three adepts in the room.

"The positive flow of Chi coming from your belly when Haruka-chan put her hand on it, this is not the first time I have felt it either. It also happened in Kyoto when Tsuruko-chan had her hand on it and also when I touched it too," answers Yoko.

"It is like all of your fates are somehow tied together and that he can sense it from in there," says Hina in response to Yoko's statement.

“Amazing,” quips Keiichiro after cleaning up the common room.

'I no longer have any doubts that this child will be like some of my ancestors,' thinks Hina. To her, this simple act seals away any remaining doubt.

Harumi smiles.

-Drawing one's luck-

New Year’s Day, Kanagawa Prefecture…

Many important people have gathered themselves together at the Hinata now that the birth of a certain child is near. It has been many years since the manse saw this many people stay on these ancient grounds. However, there is enough room for all as the Urashima had previous westernized many of the rooms with electrical outlets, lighting fixtures and upstairs water closets.

Just as Aoyama Taichi had ordered, the whole Council has come here for this very important event. Settling in, everyone waits for the upcoming momentous event to happen.

Amongst this group of luminaries includes many powerful spell-casters, purveyors of ancient wisdom and those who are knowledgeable about the history of the person called ‘The Motk Master’.

Unknown to only a few, many guards with special skills occupy spots in both Hinata City and forest behind the manse. This, along with many Aoyama Samurai, stand vigil and watch for any signs that their oldest enemies may try to intrude.


Patiently biding their time, a certain interested party calmly observes the proceedings upon Hinata Hill. Not wishing to tip their hand, this party does not bother to send in any spies to assess the situation.

Much to the chagrin of his associates. Knowledge of what happened during previous encounters with their hated enemies and the disappearance of so many operatives over the centuries leads the present head of this cabal to stay watchful.

“We will wait and keep watch. That is all,” comes the new mantra, “Modern days call for modern thinking”.

Old memories run very deep.

The aura nonetheless, which emanates from the sight of the gathering, is just too powerful for him to ignore.

“So, a new master is coming,” whispers a voice that has a smile behind it.

For now, it is their wish just to remain quiet and hidden.

Back inside the Hinata…

Coming down the main staircase into the main room, Keiichiro notices that there are sutras and spells on just about every wall, door and window of the ancient place.

‘My unborn son must be really bothering these people,’ he thinks with a smirk. He is very thankful that the emanations do not bother him.

Keiichiro heads over to the foyer to put on his shoes and jacket. His is going over to a local shrine with Yoko and her family to draw luck for three people this year.

Narumi, now totally bedridden, is too uncomfortable to move on her own. She kissed her husband before he left and is now watching TV. An impromptu birthing area was set up in the old family ‘Noh’ theater.

Before her husband left her side, she said that it was her hope that he would draw only the best luck for them and their son.

He smiled at her in return.

Hina and Otohime Natsumi stay with her to see that she is comfortable while Keiichiro is gone.

With Natsumi is her baby daughter, Mutsumi. The nearly ten-month old girl is her pride and joy, who now sleeps peacefully on a futon. Her Okā-san tends to needs of the woman whose child will one day be very special to them both.

A short time later…

"Konnichiwa, Koji Oji-san,” says Keiichiro to a man in Shinto priestly vestments, “Are there a lot of people here today?"

"Not as many now as there were at midnight or at sunrise, Kei-kun,” replies Urashima Koji, “people are mostly coming now in dribs-and-drabs".

Having spent some time in America, Keiichiro chuckles at his Oji-san’s use of an American expression.

Keiichiro’s youngest Oji-san Koji has been a Shinto priest at this shrine for the past two years after having a new house built nearby. He spent twenty-five years working as a stock analyst for the family in New York and Chicago before retiring young and moving back to Japan with his wife. With his Onii-san Daisuke, he has helped the Urashima become even wealthier.

The younger of his sons assists him on weekends when not studying for his Doctorate at Tokyo University.

"I came at a great time then," says Keiichiro smiling.

Then Koji asks, "How is Narumi-chan doing? Hina Nee-chan asked me to send her as many sutras as I can come with. That unborn child of yours is burning through them almost as fast as I can create them. It seems that he will be like our ancestor Taro".

"That is what everyone thinks, Oji-san,” responds a snickering Keiichiro, “And, that is why the Hinata is up to full capacity right now and then some".

Urashima Koji is also a member of the Aoyama Council and a powerful mage in his own right.

"I heard that Otohime Natsumi-san is going to be her midwife,” Koji says smiling at his nephew. “If she is, Narumi is in great hands. Not only is she a good at birthing babies, she is also a first class spell caster. Her Okā-san told me not to long ago that she has memorized most of the ancient Turtle texts. That in itself is hard to do because I have only been able to do about fifty Dragon scrolls and I am almost twice her age too".

Keiichiro throws a handful of ¥500 coins into the offering box before Koji hands him three small charm pouches that contains their luck for the upcoming year. For once, he does not bother to open them. With the impending birth of his son and the knowledge that he will be special, Keiichiro believes that he has already drawn the best luck for the coming year.

He stops by a dormant Sakura tree and ties the unopened charms to a low-hanging branch.

Both men see Yoko and Ruka wave to them after taking Haruka to ring the bronze bell. They wait by the gate.

"I will be up tomorrow morning to help my Onee-san and the others ward off my new grandnephew's excessive Chi,” says Koji, “I will also be bringing a couple of scrolls that might help". The man has his own extensive collection of ancient scrolls and tomes.

"Kaa-san told me that you would be and said that I am very lucky to be partially Psi-blind in this instance,” says Keiichiro. Another coincidence that seems to confirm his luck for the upcoming year.

"Well, enough slacking for me, Kei-kun,” says Koji looking at his watch, “I have a temple to run and worshippers to greet. So then, I will see you tomorrow". He then walks with his nephew to the Temple gate and greets his niece’s family.

"Arigato gozaimasu, Oji-san," says Keiichiro bowing.

"Dō Itashimashite, Kei-kun," responds Koji returning the bow.

The other three bow too.

The two men shake hands warmly.

"Matane," says Keiichiro before turning and walking down the short flight of steps with the others.

No one sees the luck charm that Keiichiro received for his son glow brilliantly and then turn to ash. What was in the pouch will forever remain a mystery.

A lone string sits on tree branch moving with the light breeze.

-Back at the Hinata, late morning-

Narumi sees a constant flow of people in and about her makeshift room who see to her comfort.

“All this fuss over just one baby,” comments a Yukata clad Mariko sipping hot tea by the old stage. She provides comedy relief to keep everyone loose. This tiny woman also has four huge grown boys of her own.

Hina checks in on her daughter-in-law constantly to make sure that all continues to go well.

Natsumi is also in there and keeps the expectant mother company.

Sutras and spells cover all of the walls in here and on the surrounding areas in an attempt to ward off the extremely powerful aura that still emanates from Narumi's belly. It has only gotten stronger as she gets closer to the delivery date.

Narumi sees her husband come back from the shrine and ask if he had read the contents of the luck pouches. Like her husband, she believes that they have already drawn the best luck because of her babies’ impending birth.

A little later, Narumi and Natsumi are alone.

"Have you been to the shrine yet, Nat-chan?" asks Narumi. She is trying to stay comfortable, but the baby is really kicking now and is causing her some minor discomfort. She is very close to labor.

"Yukino-kun went there with my Okā-san earlier this morning while I and my Mutsumi-chan stayed here with you," answers Natsumi. She is breast-feeding her daughter even as they speak.

"I just hope that my Kei-kun drew the best luck for the three of us, Na-chan,” says Narumi about whining, “Right now, I need all the luck I can get”.

Her pregnancy is beginning to affect her mood and she is feeling a little bitchy today.

"That is why I am here, Narumi-chan," responds Natsumi smiling at her friend.

Somehow, this smile reassures the expectant mother.

Around the room that these two are in are items that any new Haha would expect to find: a western-style bassinette and crib; a diaper changing table with wipes, washcloths, a small plastic wash basin; and to top it off, a lot of fresh clean nappies for a newborn child.

Should Narumi go into labor, Natsumi has her midwife equipment there all clean and sterilized ready to go at a moment's notice.

Meanwhile, out in the large common room where the Sake and beer freely flows, Keiichiro is now the butt of many crude and extremely nasty jokes. All of the centering on becoming a new Otō-san and what that entails.

Mariko, of course, is the crudest of them all and busts his chops trying to get him to relax as the evening progresses.

Ruka remembers what his beloved Yoko went through even trying to have baby. Though she is a trained martial artist and knows all kinds of pain suppression techniques, she cursed him to his face when she went into labor and threatened not only his manhood, but his very life as well. Then, following her tirades, she would smile at him as if nothing had happened. That was until the next contraction…

When Haruka was born soon afterwards, he was the proudest new Papa on earth.

After the birth of her daughter, Yoko discovered that had an excessive amount of polyps in her uterus and that some of them were pre-cancerous.

Shortly afterwards, she needed to have major surgery and underwent a radical hysterectomy. Ruka has done every possible to comfort his wife and spoil his daughter with the best of everything. He is happy at least that they could have one child. At least for now, until a special miracle later on…

"Wait until you have to change a shitty diaper and wipe their ass. That will give you pause right there," says a guest who brought some good quality Sake to celebrate with after the child is born.

"It is not that bad, Kei-kun," says another friend from the Council, "especially when you get to see them grow up and make their way in this world."

-January 5th-

Everyone settles down for the evening and have gone to bed. Keiichiro is sleeping in a futon on the floor so he can be close to Narumi.

On the ground, many guards hidden and in plain sight are on watch to keep unwanted people from poking around the Hinata.

Some on the Council suspect that rival factions or disreputable people like the Yakuza may take an interest in the proceedings up here.

There is also rumors about the possible resurrection of the long dead Fire Horse cult in Yokohama and Chibe. The Council fears that it soon may rear its ugly head once more.

The perimeter around both this part of Kanagawa Prefecture is eerily quiet.

On the other hand…

"Kei-kun, the baby!" screams Narumi.

Keiichiro wakes out of a sound sleep and rushes over to his wife's side. The blanket between her thighs is soaking wet which is a telltale sign that her…

“Shit, shit, shit, shit,” mutters Keiichiro as he runs for the main house.

Running upstairs, he hollers, "Natsumi, come quickly! Okā-san! Narumi-chan's water has just broken. The baby...!"

All the lights come on in the manse as everyone wakes from a sound sleep.

After Hina nods to him, Keiichiro rushes back to his wife’s side until the midwives get there.

"The baby is coming, Kei-kun," says Narumi squeezing her husband's hand. With an almost panicked look on her face, she knows that she has a long night in front of her.

Natsumi and some of the other women rush into the makeshift birthing room and gently push Keiichiro out. He looks over at Narumi as Aoyama Tsubasa is trying to have him go out to the common room. The latter is here because her Psi-blindness helps in this situation.

During the next several hours of Narumi's labor, Keiichiro paces back and forth surrounded by friends and fellow Council members who are all awake now.

They try their best to be supportive of the man who is now nervous as can be. Moreover, they see him blanch when the first threats of physical violence begin to come.

Ruka hands him a snort of Sake to help settle his nerves.

Keiichiro keeps looking back to the old theater.

In the birthing area…

"Breathe in short breaths, Narumi-chan," says Natsumi showing her friend what to do. She is in so much pain that she kind of ignores the advice and comes up with her own way to deal with it...

"I am going to cut your fucking balls off, you son-of-a-bitch," screams Narumi in the midst of some very painful labor.

She is going in and out of wanting to emasculate her husband to wanting his testicles cut off and nailing them to a pike for public display.

When the pain subsides, she looks around the room wondering why everyone is staring at her.

Yoko looks over towards the common room sympathetically at to where her Otōto-san is as the others laugh and tell him that they have also heard the same threats coming from their wives too during labor.

"That useless motherfucker had better not ever stick that shriveled up needle dick into me again," screams Narumi cursing loudly.

After the contraction passes this time, she asks why everyone is looking askance at her.

No one there is going to tell her that she has been threatening her husband with the vilest tortures and invectives imaginable. Narumi is the least offensive person in the room and under normal circumstances avoids using bad language.

The other women here with her have not heard filth come out like this since Urashima Mariko vocally shredded her last target in public, and she has quite a vocabulary too.

That said, Mariko has a little smirk on her face and highly approves of Narumi's inventive usage of some very nasty language.

Hina smiles at her.

"Good Narumi-chan, now push! One more and you can hold your son. Again, push," says Natsumi.

Hina is holding one hand of Narumi’s hands as Yoko has the other.

Do not worry about Keiichiro though. The laughter of the others there helps his nerves as the dawn arrives over this part of Japan. He hears one last ear piercing scream from Narumi, then...

"WWWAAAAAAHHHHH!" comes the lusty cry of a newborn baby. He has a vigorous wail that tells everyone that he is strong and has a healthy set of lungs.

"My son," says the new Papa listening to the cries of his newborn son.

The others here all congratulate the new Papa and toast him with some special Sake.

For some in the common room the cries make many of the more Psi-sensitive adepts cringe. The aural pressure radiating from the newborn baby hits some of them here very hard, as the raw force of it absolutely startles them.

This is when the Otohime Turtle Priestesses and other specially trained adepts with the Alliance put up more sutras and cast spells at an ever-increasing rate. The chanting of mantras somewhat works to counter the newborn child increasing his use of Chi.

In the birthing room, a mother cries happy tears when she hears her son's voice for the first time.

Natsumi lays the baby on his Narumi's stomach for a moment of quick bonding before cleaning him up.

Then following Natsumi's directions, Yoko kneels on the bed behind her sister-in-law and massages her breasts to help ease out the afterbirth.

‘Definitely like Taro,’ thinks Hina smiling.

While cleaning the newborn Keitaro over off to the side, Natsumi sees the child open his rich chocolate brown eyes for the first time.

They captivate her instantly.

Somehow, as of that moment, a bond forms between the two of them. Call it enishi if you will…

Natsumi realizes it herself. This child's life somehow will forever entwine itself with hers, though she does not know in what manner just yet.

In addition, Mutsumi is sleeping next to where her Okā-san is tending to Keitaro. In coming years, a special bond will form with her as well.

Hina and Sumiko join the others by chanting in ancient tongues that no one speaks in modern Japan anymore.

Notaries, which are in other rooms all around the Hinata, join them as the cacophony builds.

Mantras and prayers to the ancient gods go up as they prepare to bind the baby's power, or at the very least, put strictures on it.

The Chi radiating off Keitaro is almost visible to the most sensitive of the adepts within the Hinata.

All of those participating in this ritual are dressed in traditional shrine vestments and begin. The chanting started softly and now carries out in low tones with more voices joining in every second.

The Council chose Hina to lay the Spells of Binding on her grandson and so smiling, she waves the sutras over him. She hopes that when they touch his skin the words of the spells will be absorbed instantly and make him the normal child that his Okā-san wants, but...

This does not go the way it was planned at all much to the shock of those present.


“Well, well…,” says Hina looking down at her grandson. She was not totally shocked and even expected this to happen.

When she laid the paper on Keitaro's skin, it shrivels up before catching fire and turning to dust.

Hina, trying not to laugh, takes another sutra and says the same spells over it before placing it again on Keitaro's belly.


She gets the same result with even Sumiko, Natsumi and Taichi looking on.

They are all mystified.

It is difficult to be upset with a newborn child cooing while you are trying to do something to help him. …or, helping yourself at this moment.

Sumiko and a few of the other Council members, along with Natsumi, look into some of the more ancient of the scrolls that they have with them. They hope to come up with a solution to this situation which has them all stumped.

"You are not going to believe this," says Natsumi after rolling up one of the most ancient scrolls in her possession. In her reading, she discovered that no one had ever attempted to bind a newborn Motk master's Chi.

"Then there is no written proof or any other precedent that spells from any of these scrolls were tried on someone like Keitaro," says Hina shaking her head in disbelief, but smiling at her grandson nonetheless.

Collectively, everyone present scratches their heads as a solution stumps them.

The Council convenes an impromptu meeting to discuss what they should do next.

A member makes a suggestion to raise the boy in Kyoto to keep him safe.

Hina and Mariko along with Keiichiro and Yoko vigorously object. The Urashima will defend the boy and his Okā-san from the others in the Council if it comes to that.

"I too reject that suggestion," said Aoyama-sama, "the child will stay with his family like we had decided in Kyoto. However, I will want to convene a special meeting of the full Council in two years to learn how the boy is progressing. Is this acceptable, Hina-sama?"

"Yes it is, Aoyama-sama," answers Hina getting a nod from Keitaro's Otō-san.

"This then is the decision of the Council. No one will interfere with the boy or his family," decrees Aoyama-sama and promptly closes the meeting.

This averts a crisis that could have possibly split the Council.

-The first encounter-

Haruka and Tsuruko are still upstairs soundly sleeping in one of the back rooms of the Hinata.

A cry from downstairs and a jolt of uncontrolled aural energy wake the two girls. They nearly bolt upright at the suddenness of it all.

"Tsu-chan, do you hear that?" Haruka asks looking over at her best friend and sitting up.

"Hai, Haru-chan. I can feel it as well," answers Tsuruko looking back and blanching slightly.  

"Let us go down and see Kei-kun," says Haruka

The two girls get out of there futons and run out the door as they head downstairs.

Haruka and Tsuruko hear their elders chanting, but it stops when they reach the bottom of the main stairwell.

Reaching the room, they see Narumi feeding her newborn son as she and Tsuruko come over.

The girls are wide-eyed at the miracle of life suckling at his Okā-san's breast.

"Oba-chan, can we please say hello to Kei-kun?" asked Haruka.

"Sure, Haruka-chan," says Narumi turning slightly so the girls can see him, “This is Keitaro.

Haruka is mesmerized when she looks into his eyes for the first time. This encounter affects her more deeply than the others who have seen him. Instantly, she falls in love with him and vows in her young heart to always be with, and watch over him.

Something similar happens to Tsuruko, but not to the same degree.

Until noon and they go have lunch, the two watch Narumi feed Keitaro and keep them company.

Later that same day while Narumi is sleeping, Natsumi feeds Keitaro from her breasts after she finishes with Mutsumi. A special bond forms between them as the milk from her body enters into him.

From this point until the end of the chapter, the story skips to snapshots and snippets from Keitaro's early life.

-Jumping ahead two years-

For the most part, Keitaro is the normal little boy that Narumi had wanted.

He gets hungry at the normal time, messes his diapers at the normal time and even teethes at the proper time. For the first year or so of his young life, Keitaro shows little sign that he possesses the amazing abilities that will mark him one day when he is older. He learns to sit up, crawl and even walk at the proper time.

There is one particular thing that his parents' are beginning to realize and that is Keitaro's seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. As soon as his little legs were strong enough to stand on, Keitaro began to run everywhere.

Keiichiro and Narumi, though proud of their son, are exhausted at the end of the day even, more so than even he is.

Needing help in raising her hyperactive son, Narumi asks Yoko if Haruka could come to her house over after school and watch him.

Yoko cannot help but laugh at the ‘handful’ her nephew has become since he was born. She drops Haruka off and even picks Keitaro up when Narumi needs some quiet around the house to study for her MBA.

Keiichiro, with his own business concerns growing and watching over some of the other Urashima enterprises, has absolutely no time to help. In addition, he is considering getting his Doctorate in business and finance.

…and so it goes.

Haruka loves her little cousin because like her everything fascinates him.

One of the biggest things that she notices is that Keitaro has absolutely no fear of anything. She found out about this as he tried to climb a tree because he saw a squirrel do it. Going up halfway, Haruka has to climb up herself and get an objecting Keitaro down out of the lower branches.

“This kid,” she says laughing and chases off after him again.

When Haruka relays tales to her Oji-san about Keitaro’s antics, Keiichiro laughs causing Narumi to swat him on the arm for being silly.

Later, during the middle of summer…

The Council convenes as Aoyama-sama had requested to hear about Keitaro's progress.

In Kyoto, a happy little toddler is running around happily with his cousin and Tsuruko.

Haruka is watching him because Narumi insisted on sitting with her family in the Council chamber this time since the discussion is about her son. She is a doting Okā-san and although she is not a martial artist as is her family, she has the total support of those who are. You know the old axiom about coming between a mama bear and her cub. (Very dangerous if I say so myself.) 

Much to her surprise, she is happy to learn that everyone is pleased with how her son is progressing.

Additionally, there are no sutras posted anywhere in the Aoyama compound. No comments of irritation, blanching or even feelings of discomfort even as Keitaro runs around in the midst of them.

Many of them have said to Harumi that they are surprised by how normal little Keitaro seems to be.

Then, everyone in the room hears a little boy's laughter as a door slides open and a giggling Keitaro comes running into the chamber. Keitaro makes a beeline straight towards Narumi.

Some murmuring and stifled laughter comes from those sitting here in the room. They all see a normal Okā-san pick up her amazing son.

"I will not have it any other way," says Narumi to the assembled group. She holds her son in her arms and hugs him close.

Breathlessly, two exasperated girls enter the hall red-faced. Hearing some chuckling and giggling, the two head to where Narumi is standing.

"Gomenasai, minna,” says Haruka as she and Tsuruko bow to everyone, “Kei-kun got away from us again".

Harumi sets Keitaro down on his feet and motions to the two girls to take him back outside.

Haruka and Tsuruko take him in hand and quietly leave the room. All except for some chattering from Keitaro.

"Like I said, minna,” re-iterates Narumi, “I will not have it any other way".

She gets a few muted laughs from those present.

Hina smiles as things are proceeding according to the wishes of her daughter-in-law, that is to say, having a normal son. 

For now that is...

-Three years later, a very special relationship begins-

Summertime around the Hinata is a lot of fun for those who wish to find it.

Yoko sits under the shade of the open air Tea Room watching the kids play out in the Hinata Hill.

The other adults are shopping at the markets in town.

The now thirteen-year-old Haruka is babysitting five-year-old Keitaro and six-year-old Otohime Mutsumi today. These three along with Tsuruko are having a lot of fun playing together out on the hilltop.

Hina invited friends of the family to come this year and celebrate O-Bon at the Hinata this year.

The ancient shrine out back will be the site for the rituals at which Koji Oji-san will officiate. Keiichiro and Ruka cleared away the accumulated brush from around the old covered building.

Hina led the other women in the family in cleaning off many ancient statues and idols before the family place them inside the shrine for the three-day remembrance of their ancestors.

Running through the fields here on the hilltop, the kids are having a lot of fun chasing each other around.

Their little friend, two-year old Narusegawa Naru, tires out quickly because she is not feeling well. She sits with Yoko who smiles at her.

Keitaro gets very frustrated because he is the first one who the others find as they play hide-and-go-seek. The other three easily hone in on his Chi which makes Keitaro stand out like a 'beacon along the shore'. They find him in the old wood box, a hollow log, up a tree and even behind the old dilapidated Annex.

Starting to whine, Keitaro steps into the shrine to hide this time.

His Okā-san and Obaa-san have told him many times not to enter the ancient shrine alone. There are too many ways a small boy can be hurt even though he is immune to such things.

Little Keitaro goes in anyway because the ancient statuary just fascinates him…

Inside the shrine, he sees a statue of Amaretsu and a pantheon of other Shinto gods. What really captures his attention the most is a beautifully sculpted meter tall green jade statue of a Dragon by the side of the altar. The age of which, no one knows.

Crawling behind a small wooden dais, Keitaro hunkers down behind the main altar in hopes that the girls will not find him here. He wants to win this time.

Sitting here quietly, Keitaro looks over at the fine Dragon statue and thinks that it looks like the monster Gojira (Godzilla in the west) from the movies he has watched on TV with his Otō-san. He smiles and does not fear the idol because it looks so real.


"Kei-kun, where are you?" says an exasperated Haruka. For once, she cannot detect Keitaro’s aura.

"Maybe he went over by the Hinata," says Tsuruko who is just as exasperated. She is more attuned to Keitaro than Haruka is, but senses nothing as well.

Taking Mutsumi's hands, the trio heads back to the ancient manse.

Thinking that he is home free since the girls cannot find him, Keitaro gets ready to sprint out towards the Annex.

However, something happens that forever changes his life when he backs into the finely sculpted Dragon statue and knocks it over.

Shattering, it flashes brilliantly.

Never in his young life has Keitaro seen the likes of what he is looking at right now.

Somehow filling the whole of the shrine is the spectre of a bluish-white furred Dragon. Hovering above the floor, the smiling beast looks down at Keitaro. At a length of forty meters, its slender body coils around the ceiling.

Keitaro shows no fear and looks up in awe at the specter before him.

"Hello, my son,” says the Dragon, “Did you free me from that statue?" It is smiling because it can feel the positive aura coming from the little boy.

"Hai, masutā-ryū," answers Keitaro without hesitation. (Writer's note: "Yes, Master-dragon" in Japanese)

"Arigato gozaimasu, my son. You are not afraid of me, are you?" asks the giant creature laughing. He sees an opportunity here to teach and impart wisdom again.

Keitaro shakes his head side-to-side and smiles.

"May I travel with you and see what you see, my son?" asks the Dragon.

Keitaro nods.

"By the way, my boy. What is your name?" the Dragon asks in a polite manner.

"Keitaro, my name is Urashima Keitaro, Master Ryu. How are you going to go with me?" asks Keitaro innocently. He is genuinely curious now.

"Watch," Master Ryu answers with a brilliant smile.

Gathering speed, Master Ryu circles his long spectral body around the shrine and disappears into Keitaro's chest.

Clapping his hands together happily while jumping up-and-down, Keitaro watches as his ethereal new friend enters into him.

"That tickles," says the little boy giggling. He feels the Dragon-Sensei smiling back at him.

Master Ryu will become the most important teacher that Keitaro will have in years to come. A symbiotic relationship has only happened a few times in the ancient past when a Dragon or a Turtle Sensei's spiritual essence needed a host after their physical body takes damage that is beyond healing after battling against the evil Fire Horses.

Keitaro walks out of the shrine with an enigmatic smile on his face.

Later at dinner, no one has any idea of what happened in the shrine. Only Haruka notices a change in Keitaro, but says nothing.

The shards of the broken statue disintegrate in little puffs of smoke and leaves behind no trace that it had ever existed.

-Keitaro learns a few things about girls-

Over the past four years, Keitaro and Haruka have been practically inseparable. The sight of them holding hands either at his or her house, in public, at a demonstration tournament or even here at the Aoyama compound, these two are constantly together when not in school. Neither care about the PDA taboo…

Haruka's love for Keitaro is absolute.

An example of this is when Keitaro comes to her house to spend the night. Instead of having him sleep on the floor in a futon, Haruka has him share her large comfortable bed. She loves to feel him snuggle into her after he kisses her goodnight.

In the morning, she helps him get dressed so they can go out and have fun together.

Even when they go to the store, their hands are always together. Haruka refuses to let him go as she watches over him like a hawk. He is hers and as long as they are with each other, nothing will ever happen to him. Like it could in the first place…

Although he has all of the power in the world, Keitaro behaves himself and always listen to Haruka as they hold hands.

This includes when they take a bath together. Haruka sits on the stool and giggles while watching him wash her large breasts. She holds him close to her in the tub as he sits on her lap.

Although she fills out quite nicely into a gorgeous teenager, this does not stop her from being in the nude around him when they bathe together.

Haruka knows he is too young to react to her right now but she still likes it when he touches her body. Haruka is waiting for Keitaro to become old enough so he can appreciate what he cannot right now.

They talk about everything under the sun when together. She tries to let him know that she will always be here for him.

Master Ryu is the only thing that he keeps secret, but he will not be able to keep this from her when he is older. We will learn why when he is an adult.

Keitaro likes to straddle her lap when the two are alone together. After taking a walk on the Hinata Hill, they will sit under one of the big maple trees that grows in such abundance up here.

Haruka likes it when he faces her, because she likes to look at him like this. He puts a flower in her hair that he picked out of a bunch that lies near them.

She gives him a brilliant smile.

"Haru-chan, you are so beautiful," he says right out of the blue.

"Arigato, my Kei-kun. You are so kind to me," says Haruka. She gently pulls him forward and kisses his forehead.

He blushes bright red when she releases him.

The smile on her face is just beaming.

This is just one of the many kisses that these two will share together over the coming years.

-First signs of brilliance-

Visiting Yoko Oba-san's office with his Otō-san, she gives him some paper and a pencil so he can keep himself occupied.

She is discussing some plans with Keiichiro about a new store he would like to build. Business has been very good.

After the adults finish their discussion, Keitaro stays behind because Keiichiro needs to conduct some family business upstairs with his Okā-san.

Yoko says she will watch him.

A short time later…

"What are you drawing, Oba-san?" asks Keitaro looking up from the table he is sitting at.

"Just a building that someone asked me to draw for them," Yoko says lifting her head and looking back at him from the mechanical drawing desk in her huge office.

Even though she owns Urashima and Partners Architects, Yoko keeps her hand in the drawing aspect of the business besides the contracting and sales end. At thirty-nine, many consider her a star in this particular field, not only Japan but also in South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. She has just added some new computer equipment in her office and has something new called CAD on the main screen.

She then adds asking, "What do you have there, Kei-kun? Bring it on over".

Surprising her with his raw talent, Keitaro listens when she shows him a few tricks on how to improve what he has already drawn on paper.

He absorbs everything she tells him because he remembers everything he hears and sees, as well as what he reads or watches on TV.

Yoko thinks he is showing signs of having an eidetic memory.

Keitaro proves this to her by repeating everything back verbatim that she says or shows to him.

She believes that her nephew is beginning to show some of the same traits that their ancestor Taro did four hundred years ago.

Hina smiles and nods when Yoko informs her.

-Learning something new-

Aoyama Taichi invites the Urashima to come down to his families' compound in Kyoto once more to discuss the possibility of testing Keitaro's newfound abilities. The Council wants to see if him demonstrate his prowess before them. They also want to check to see if he has control over his great power and to what the extent it is.

Hina laughs, but Narumi is rather leery of this ‘invitation’.

Haruka and Keitaro, along with Tsuruko and her Imouto-chan Motoko, have been walking around the grounds while the adults discuss so-called important matters concerning him.

Keitaro has to stop and use the bathroom because he tells Haruka that he has to pee.

Motoko whines when her Okā-san calls her in to take a nap. She is not happy because she is having fun with the other three. She likes being around Keitaro and has a crush on him. Who would have thought this?

Keitaro steps out of the bathroom and is almost outside when he sees something that totally surprises him.

Haruka has her arms around Tsuruko's neck and the two are kissing. Not just touching lips mind you, it is an out-and-out full-blown French kiss.

The scene playing itself out before him fascinates a red-faced Keitaro. He has seen his Otō-san and Okā-san kiss like this, as well as his Oba-san and Oji-san too, but never two girls before.

Silently he watches them make out and hears his Haruka-chan moan when Tsuruko Nee-chan puts her hands on his beloved cousin's large breasts. Then, the taller teen begins to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear.

Haruka softly moans.

'Why is Tsu Nee-chan lifting up the front of Haru-chan's skirt?' he thinks watching Tsuruko put her hand into Haruka's panties.

“Tsu-chan,” gasps Haruka.

The taller teen giggles.

He does not have a clue, as of yet... Oh well.

Mystified by this scene, Keitaro does not react to it because he is still a few years away from puberty. He does not want to embarrass them and gets an idea of what to do. Going back to the bathroom door, he plans to make a lot of noise so his Haru-chan and Tsu-chan have a chance to break out of their clinch.


He comes back and sees the two smiling at him before taking his hands to continue their walk. Both teens have a slight blush on their faces as they move along.

In years to come, Haruka will explain to him why she was making out with Tsuruko.

-A public display of control-

A short time later…

Hina Obaa-san takes Keitaro along with Haruka to a Martial Arts tournament that the Urashima clan is sponsoring in Tokyo. She has been teaching him in the ways of their family arts for the past three years and wants him to see what others can do in the arena. Entering the exhibition hall, the trappings that are about the room fascinate Keitaro.

One thing in particular catches his eye as he passes by a pile of bricks that has a sign on it, which reads, 'Only the finest warrior can break the bottom one without disturbing the others'.

A yellow painted brick has a black Kanji symbol brushed on one side. (Writer's note: the Kanji is 'shinjitsu' meaning- truth, reality) 

Since this challenge came into being, not one challenger has successfully completed in shattering that single brick. The bricks are stacked thirty high and are staggered in such a manner that you cannot concentrate on breaking the bottom yellow one in a straight line.

This challenge has stymied many great champions who have tried it so far. Many consider this challenge unfair and downright impossible.

"Baa-chan, may I try that?" asks Keitaro innocently looking up at her. He likes challenges.

Haruka smiles at her cousin because she has seen his abilities lately start to appear. The first ones, like increased strength and speed, started showing up about six months ago before tonight and knowledge of how to incapacitate someone instantly by popping out and striking faster than the eye can see has come to him within the past week. As he gets older, his ancestors' gifts are showing up in increasing numbers.

In addition, Master Ryu is also teaching Keitaro how to concentrate and work through a matter by thinking clearly, especially when no one else is around at night. After finishing his homework and calling Haruka to say goodnight, Master Ryu would pop out of him enough to instruct him on some ancient Dragon wisdom.

"Sure Kei-kun, why not. Go have some fun and liven things up a bit in here," answers Hina Obaa-san with a smirk. She knows of his great strength and concentration.

However, Narumi has told her that he cannot fight in tournaments even though she will allow him to learn the Urashima way. She believes that her son will do well in learning her husband's family arts so that he will have the physical and mental discipline to keep himself out of trouble.

Upon hearing this, Hina Obaa-san as head of the Urashima officially bans Keitaro from competing in tournaments. This ban does not really bother Keitaro that much because he just likes the forms and the exercise he gets. He abhors violence anyway.

With his sharp young mind, Keitaro picks up most of the Urashima Arts just by observation alone. His innate skills are becoming more evident and he has already surpassed everyone in his family or even in the Aoyama Alliance. This is much to the chagrin of the Shinmeiryu Swordmasters.

Walking over to the main table where three men in Hakama and Gi bearing the crests of the Urashima clan are sitting. Keitaro bows politely and asks, "Hayao-Sensei, may I please try the challenge of the yellow brick?"

The center judge, who is Hina Obaa-san's oldest nephew, smiles at him and responds, "Sure Keitaro, go ahead if you want to." He too is a member of the Aoyama Council being Mariko's oldest son. 'I bet everyone will just shit their pants when they see him break that bottom brick' he adds thinking while trying not to laugh. Hayao is also one of Keitaro's teachers in the Urashima Arts.

Keitaro steps over to the display to try his luck. Some of the tournament participants look on as they see him look over the puzzle before him. He sees the yellow brick at the bottom of the others.

"You might want to tape your hand little boy if you want to try that," says a young man sarcastically as he prepares to mount the center platform for his next bout.

Hina Obaa-san, Haruka and any of the others in the auditorium who are sensitive to aural pressure feel a sharp ramping up of Chi.

'Close your eyes and see the brick with your mind, my son,' instructs Master Ryu inside of Keitaro.

Closing his eyes, Keitaro sees the yellow brick and concentrates only that, nothing else.

The audience is slowly quieting as some feel wave after wave of aural pressure come from him. No one in the place has ever felt anything like it.

The young man who had mocked him stands there and watches.

Keitaro, at first touches the top brick with the flat of his right palm before tapping into the Chi that he is exuding. Faster than anyone in the Basho can follow, he strikes the top of the pile.

Exploding into powder, the yellow brick disintegrates without the boy making another sound.

The resulting noise echoes loudly through the place, which then follows a moment of sheer silence.

"Oh shit," shouts the rude young man falling over backwards and shitting his Gi.

Other people witnessing this are also having difficulty in believing that a non-descript looking nine-year-old boy such as Keitaro could accomplish this feat.

Those though who are familiar with the boy and his emerging abilities just smile like it is an everyday occurrence.

Haruka nudges the person next to her and says, "That is my Kei-kun for you."

He gives her the thumbs up and Obaa-san musses his hair up sharing a laugh with him while they hug.

The next time he meets the rude young man, it will not be under the same pleasant circumstances.

-One year later-

A small, dark-haired five-year-old girl sits quietly in the main office at a well-kept orphanage. This is her last day here.

The director of the place tells her that she is going to have a new home and family. Kanako has it explained to her so she can understand. This place has been very good to her as there are many other little ones here for her to play with.

The Urashima generously support this orphanage so it can have the finest staff and facilities.

However, when she finds out that she is finally going to have an Otō-san and Okā-san as well as an Onii-chan of her own, she is very happy.

The other kids and staff have a farewell party and wish her the best with her new family.

Narumi went to the OB/GYN after she could not conceive again and finds out she cannot have another child. He tells her that she was very lucky to have had her son. She then talks to Keiichiro about adopting a little girl as an Imouto-chan for Keitaro. He likes the idea and uses his family contacts and their solicitors to get the ball rolling. Not too long after this, they receive a packet stating that a little girl is available for adoption right away.

Narumi wants a daughter to spoil and teach her things that her mother taught her. She knows that her son will be very happy when he meets her.

In their large house, they pick out the perfect room for her and order everything that a five-year-old girl could ever want or need.

Picking up the little girl with some toys in hand for her, they sign the adoption papers. Being that they are Urashima, the process goes by very quickly.

The head of the family's law firm sent the necessary forms to the orphans' home as soon as Keiichiro set down the receiver to the phone.

Sitting in the back seat, the girl is holding a toy of a black cat she tells her new parents' that she now calls Kuro. (Writer's note: Kuro in Japanese means black) 

Keiichiro buckles Kanako into her new booster seat for the ride to her new home. She is not afraid and has no fear when she held her new Okā-san's hand to walk outside of her old home for the last time.

Kanako smiles when the other kids' wave goodbye as Keiichiro pulls out of the parking lot.

On the way home, both of the adults in the front seat notice how quiet she is.

Narumi then turns and asks, "Are you okay, sweetie? Do you need anything?"

The girl just shakes her head and plays some more with her stuffed animal.

Narumi nods at her and smiles before turning back around for the rest of their journey.

The car pulls into the driveway and they see that Keitaro is home. His bicycle is in the rack between the house and the garage.

Coming inside her new home, a wide-eyed Kanako looks around at everything.

"Okaeri, Kei-kun,” says Keiichiro into a wall-mounted speaker, “Please come down here for a minute son".

"Hai, Tou-san," answers the boy through the speaker.

After a minute, Keitaro comes down into the living room and sees a little girl standing there. When he sees them standing there, he says, "Tadaima".

He smiles at her and she stares at him.

She does not seem to be afraid of him.

"This is your new Imouto-chan, Kanako,” says Narumi with her hands on the girl’s shoulders, “You are going to be an Onii-chan from now on".

As soon as Kanako hears the words for 'dear brother', she hollers, "Onii-chan!", and then rushes over to hug him.

“I see that we will have no problems here,” quips Keiichiro as Narumi stifles a laugh.

End of Chapter

List of terms:
1). Otō-san/Tou-san/Papa: Father-
2). Okā-san/Kaa-san/Haha: Mother-
3). Obaa-san/Baa- -chan: Grandmother-
4). Ojii/Jii- -san: Grandfather-
5). Oba-san, -chan: Aunt-
6). Oji-san: Uncle-
7). Ryu-Sensei: Master Dragon-
8). Ōoba-san -chan, -chan: Great Aunt-
9). Imouto-chan -san: younger/little sister-
10). Onee-chan/Nee- -san: older/big sister-
11). Otōto-san -chan (name)-bozu: younger/little brother- (name)-squirt (little one)-
12). Onii-chan/Nii- -san: older/big brother-
13). Sōsofu-san: Great grandfather-
14). Shūtome/Shūtome-san: Mother-in-law-

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