A Play Date with Toga Himiko

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Chapter 1 - A Play Date with Toga Himiko

Author's Note: Another contender for the most fucked up thing I've ever written! You have been warned!

“Stop struggling, Ochaco-chan. Save your energy. You’ve already lost about half a liter of blood, and we haven’t even started the fun yet.”

The words echoed in the young girl’s mind as she willed herself awake. Along her wrists and ankles she felt tight leather straps pinch into her flesh. While a sharp pinprick of pain was present in the crease of her right elbow. Her trademark nausea returned in full force as Ochaco lolled her head back and tried to take in her surroundings.

Her large brown eyes sprung open at the glittering menagerie of sharp instruments hanging above her.

“Don’t worry, I bolted your chair down so you don’t happen to float away and get cut to ribbons.” The voice echoed in the dark, windowless room. “You look so cute when you’re scared, Ochaco-chan.”

“Where am I?” She demanded as she allowed her vision to clear. The last thing she recounted from her hazy memory was being at the mall with Deku and Tsu.

“I don’t think there’s much fun in telling you. You’re right where you need to be.”

“Toga Himiko.” Ochaco recognized the oversized cardigan draping the small girl along with her distinct, unkempt buns of blonde hair.

“You remembered! I knew we were friends. Honestly, I like you almost as much as Deku….”

“What have you done with him?” She jolted in her restraints before growing weary once more.

“Nothing yet. I’m hoping with your help we’ll all become even closer friends though.” Himiko turned to the lone door on the opposing wall and checked over half a dozen deadbolts and padlocks to make sure they were secure.

“You’re insane…” Ochaco huffed. “Friends don’t try to stab and hurt each other! Where are all the other villains? What’s your plan?”

“Are you sure? I love stabbing the people I like. It makes any relationship so much more intimate, it’s about as intimate as you can get with a person apart from…you know.” Himiko stood at her side and checked the IV bag dangling from its stand. “There’s no plan. Not really. It’s just me. I just wanted your blood.”

“What do you need it for? What have you got me hooked up to?” 

“It’s just an IV, no drugs or anything. I want you to stay conscious for as long as possible while we play. As for what I need it for…I’ve been watching you and Deku from afar for some time now. You’re sooooo cute together.”

Ocacho grasped the arms of the chair tightly, causing the secured bolts at the base to groan and crackle at the concrete floor. In her drained state she couldn’t even blush at the embarrassing words.

“I wouldn’t if I were you, remember?” She pointed at the collection of blades hanging overhead. “Don’t worry, we’re going to take care of that obnoxious quirk soon enough.”

“Please. If we’re really friends, let me go and I’ll…introduce to all the boys in class.”

Himiko ignored her and fetched a noisy rolling cart from the corner. “I can hardly stand how cute you are. The way you two talk and flirt without meaning to. Your undying trust. Your little tics that intermingle in conversation.” She examined more sharp objects from the cart and began placing them in a neat row. “The way you blush whenever he compliments you. I can hardly stand it!”

“What’s your point? Deku is a good friend.” Ochaco jerked and rattled her chair at the sight of a glistening scalpel.

“You’re a bit pale now. I miss those rosy cheeks of yours.” Himiko launched a savage backhand across her face.

“Owwoww.” Ochaco winced and teared at the stinging in her cheek, only to be caught off-guard as another enthusiastic slap met her and evened the pain out.

“There’s that color returning.” Himiko smiled and polished her notable canine teeth with her tongue. “I want some of that.”

“What are you talking about.” 

“I want Izuku to look at me the way he looks at you. He wants you and its so obvious that it hurts. The game you play with each other, I have to see where it leads. I’m going to take over for you, I want to become you, Ochaco-chan.”

“He’ll see through it right away.” She spat.

“Will he? I can become an exact copy, you know. Though it helps if I get a full anatomical view of who I’m turning into. For purposes of accuracy of course.” 

Himiko held the scalpel at eye level and casually brushed away the brown bangs that framed her face. The girl held her breath as the razor’s tip softly grazed her lower lip and was brought down the length of her neck without breaking the skin. On reaching the neckline of her black tank top Himiko seized the fabric and began to slash wildly until her shivering, nervous breasts were all that remained.

“That got your heart beating, didn’t it? You’re sooo special, Ochaco-chan. So kind. So caring. So adorable. Even now you’re more concerned with the well-being of others. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with you? Who wouldn’t want to be you?”

Himiko replaced the scalpel in her kneesock and straddled her lap. Her yellow eyes inspected her chest and rolled over her face, meeting with Ochaco’s own late autumn irises.

“I know you’ve never kissed Deku, but have you ever…kissed a girl before? I need to know how you kiss.” She lingered on her neck with her tongue before finally snatching an earlobe between her teeth, flicking it deviantly. In the next moment, she pressed her lips to the warmth of her assaulted cheekbones and sighed. “Kiss me Ochaco-chan. Let’s practice for Deku.”

Ochaco returned with a headbutt, knocking her to the ground. “Don’t you dare touch me again.”

Himiko giggled and sat up, “We really are friends. Let’s get right to business then.”

Retrieving the scalpel she kneeled next to the armrest and examined Ochaco’s arms. “Every part of you really is precious. Though I have to admit your hands are a little large and boyish. I think if we put on some nail polish it would make you even more cute and girly. Of course we’ll have to clear out the dirt first. What do you think of the color red?”

She unleashed a yelp as her pointer finger was wrenched backward and isolated. Himiko smiled and calmly began to collect any flecks of dirt gathered underneath the free edge of the digit.

“I think I got all the dirt, but there’s just this one piece that won’t come out!”

Himiko’s ears tingled in delight as she listened to bloodcurdling scream issuing from Ochaco’s throat as she drove the blade deep into her nail bed and sheared off a layer of skin that had never even known the air. “We are going to have to go deep to exfoliate this one!” She wiggled it back and forth before flicking upward and tearing the nail from her cuticle, where it fell silently to the floor below. Ochaco belted out another sob and strained in her chair once more.

“So pretty, but I think we can still do better.” Himiko snatched another device from the cart’s lineup and brought it swiftly to her finger. “This swivel peeler ought to do the trick.”

Ochaco bared her teeth and held back tears as a single strike removed the fleshy pad on her fingertip. Without pause Himiko drove her shaking finger into her mouth and suckled at the blood spurting out with every rapid beat from her heart.

Himiko moaned and positioned her fangs over the small pit of the nail bed and gingerly squeezed for more sustenance. “Mmmm! You taste like so good, Ochaco-chan!” Red splotches covered her lips and added to the maniacal presence in her elated, sleepless eyes.

“What is wrong with you?!”

“Mmmm, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? That was just one finger! How are we supposed to get to the other nine with you like this?”

The leather strap holding down her left hand groaned against the wood grain before snapping at the wrist. A crazed punch found Himiko’s jaw and sent her tumbling into the cart and making its contents clatter wildly on the floor. With one free hand Ochaco hastily began to work the other manacle free.

Himiko shot up and seized a long serrated knife from the surrounding pile. “This is what I so admire about you, Ochaco-chan! Your incredible will! I have to see how strong it is!” She lurched forward and wiped the fresh blood from her mouth. “I must see your naked resolve firing on all cylinders!” She jabbed the knife into her shoulder and watched her horrified reaction as her arm went limp with pain.

“Aaaaaaahhhh! L-let me go! P-p-p please!” Her breasts were heaving with explosive inhales.

“You messed up my collection, bitch. I guess now we’ll have to use all of them!” She scooped up a new scalpel and grabbed her disobedient hand. “All your little pads are going away now. Say goodbye to Uravity!”


She  placed the blade’s edge against the seam of her index finger and slashed quickly upward. Like a tiny piece of red confetti the offending flesh fluttered down to the floor. Himiko’s pussy was growing wet as she repeated the process on every digit and flourished each action by jamming the tip under her nails and flicking upward until they too were worked loose. Ochaco’s wails reached an apex as tears streamed down her face and she began to rock in her chair like a tantric child.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Himiko licked the scalpel clean of blood and the small build-up of curled skin and viscera that collected on the razor. The long white sleeves of her cardigan now felt heavy and were stained with a dark crimson.

Ochaco had grown pale and silent as her head bobbed in and out of consciousness  “Deku…will come for me.”

“I don’t think you get it. You won’t be missing. I’m going to be a better you. I’m going to give Deku what he really wants. You shouldn’t be sad, he likes you for much more than your quirk. Like that…adorable body you have…Ochaco-chan?”

Himiko paused in the profound silence now shrouding the room. Ochaco had fainted and the only sounds filling the void was the pitter-patter of blood drops hitting the tile from her mutilated fingertips. Another sound crept through the echoes, one that sounded similar but more akin to a seeping faucet. Her suspicions were confirmed as she eyed the yellow puddle beneath the chair.

“Awwww, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone you wet yourself, it’ll be our secret.” She poked her senseless face with her finger. “Let’s get you out of those soaked shorts, huh?”

She heartlessly yanked out the serrated blade still lodged in her shoulder, instantly reawakening her with a dry scream, and brought it to her shorts.


“We need to work on your vocabulary. Don’t worry, I just want to see what I’ll be working with.” She stopped dead as a loan sanitary pad fringed with yellow fell in front of her. The smallest of red dots marked its center.

“You’re on your period? Oh, Ochaco….” Himiko scooped up the pad and nuzzled it to her cheek. “This really was meant to be.”

“You’re a lunatic. An absolute lunatic.”

“I’m on my period too. We’re all synced up.” Genuine tears welled in her eyes as she hastily tore off her cardigan and skirt and stood naked in front of her. “See?”

Her lips were laced with red stains that continued down her thighs, while several dried handprints painted her pubis with dark splotches. “I bet you’ve been dealing with cramps all day, poor thing!”

She swung around and landed a brutal kick to her abdomen. “Am I right?”

Ochaco winced and let out a gruff exhale. Answerless, Himiko delivered her shoe under her naval again and again, with each syllable she spoke the blows grew harder. “ALL! SYNCED! UP!” 

She laughed manically and fingered herself and she procured the fresh blood she desired, smearing into her folds and massaging her clitoris with warm lube. She smirked and dabbed a dot on Ochaco’s nose before kneeling and splaying her victim’s legs open for a better view. 

“Oof, you are bleeding quite a bit, it’s going to take more than a pad to clean up that mess!”

Extending her tongue, Himiko devoted long feral licks to her pussy. She took great care as she worked within the small folds and buried into her snatch, fishing for more and more red. A slimy, bloody, phlegm was expelled as she desperately clutched at her thighs and panted like a rabid animal.

“It’s so cute, Ochaco-chan. You honestly look like a child down here…but of course we know you’re a woman. There’s nothing more convincing.” She said in a maroon mask that coated her face ear to ear.

She ran her hands through the small tuft of brown hair above her pussy and began to finger her tiny clitoris. “Have you ever masturbated on your period? It really helps to alleviate all that discomfort.”


“We’re almost done, Ochaco-chan. We only have a few things left to do.”

Himiko kissed and sucked through the bloody, mucus-riddled discharge until blood covered the bridge of her nose and trickled down her neck. She sloshed the mixture in her mouth and gleefully swallowed. It was enough for her needs.

Ochaco watched a sanguine reflection of herself rise in front of her. It was looking into a funhouse mirror. It was her own face, but reborn under a sinister smile bathed in shining cherry liquid.

“Am I convincing enough? I need to ingest a lot of blood to transform.” Himiko’s words were her own. “I think I’ll keep a steady supply handy. I had other plans, but maybe now I’ll just restock every 28 days or so, what do you say best friend?”

Ochaco looked through her like a specter as silent tears fell from her eyes. 

“I don’t think you’ll be needing both to make that happen.”


Himiko picked up a box cutter and brought the overextended blade to Ochaco’s stomach. “I love cutting people. You learn a lot about anatomy doing it. You understand where everything is so you can get in the killing blow or…if you want to keep someone alive. Like I said you only really need the one.”

Ochaco felt her vision grow blurry as the blade glided into her skin and pierced her ovary. The only sound she could hear over Himiko’s delighted repeated jabs was that of the IV bag slowly dripping.

“We’re going to try again," Himiko taunted between thrusts, "Kiss me, Ochaco. Kiss me like you would Deku.”


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