Summer Trip

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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The sight from the hotel balcony surprised Mika. Florida wasn't like Japan at all, and it was nothing he was used. How Kanryu managed to save up money for this trip was beyond him.  Shouta he knew was out exploring the city while Kanryu was inside reading, and Mika out on the balcony. He gazed about before turning back to the room they were in, seeing his lover on the couch, reading. Smiling, he went back inside and put his arms around the other's shoulders.
Kanryu smiled, putting a hand on the others. Miki smiled, enjoying the feeling he gave him. He enjoyed it since day one when he realized he really did go for the other team when he came to a sudden realization that he enjoyed his uncles' boyfriend. They shared the same lover but weren't lovers themselves. He didn't mind it, and neither did his uncle. He smiled, looking over his shoulder to read a small bit before moving around to sit next to him. 
"Something on your mind?"
"Just a bit."
"What's on your mind?"
"Nothing bad."
Kanryu smiled at him, knowing full well what was on his mind. He put his book down, be sure to memorize which page he was on before doing so. He put his arms around him, snuggling against his little body. Despite being full grown, Mika wasn't as tall as the rest of his siblings, especially his older brothers Hayato and Tamako, and nowhere near as tall as his sister Sachiko. Maybe his sister Hoshi. 
He leaned against the taller man, snuggling into his shoulder. Kanryu smiled, wrapping his arms tightly around him, inching his face towards his lovers. Mika's eyes widened as he pressed his lips against his. He felt him shift, nearly on top of him. He pushed him over, watching Mika's red hair ruffle as he fell back onto the couch. He smirked at him, a nearly evil smile stretched over those delicious lips. He kissed him again, pressing him into the fabric of the couch. 
Mika squeezed his eyes shut. He anticipated the feeling of the other, massively so. Lips pressed against his, a body moving with his. He wrapped his arms around him, wondering when he strips him as he arched against him, his lips moving Mika's neck. He sucked, gently leaving a mark, nibbling and biting. He hit his chest, wanting to beg him but too shy to do so to have him fuck him. 
"What's wrong?"
"Fuck me already, please!"
Chuckling, Kanryu slipped his way down Mika's body, planning to make him wait longer than the younger man wanted to wait. He slowly pulled the button on his jeans apart, removing the belt and using his teeth to pull the zipper down. Mika watched him, eager, blushing, wiggling his hips to make him move faster. He heard him chuckle, nearly feeling him smirking and groaned in anger. Damn bastard!
"Hurry up! Why are you teasing me like this!?"
"Because I want to, it's fun watching you squirm."
"I bet it is..."
Laughing, Kanryu removed his jeans and boxers, being sure to not touch his member. Mika hissed, damn that man, damn him! 
"Would you just-"
"Hurry up, I know, don't worry. Soon!"
Growling, he felt him grabbing his ankle, lifting his leg up, bringing his ankle to his lips. He felt him kiss him from ankle to behind his knee, leaving soft little kisses in his lips wake. He whimpered, feeling him get closer as he continued kissing down his leg, moving his path to change from behind to the inside of his thigh. Just when Mika thought he'd finally give him some pleasure, Kanryu pushed back and grabbed his other leg to repeat the process. He clenched his fists, thinking that the fool would kiss everywhere but where he needed him the damn most. 
Just when he thought that was what was about to happen, he felt a sudden feeling of something wet engulfing his member. He gasped, launching himself up as Kanryu, seeing this would happen, quickly put a hand upon his chest and pushed him back down. He smirked up at him, keeping eye contact as he bobbed his head up and down, dragging his teeth and tongue along the other's shaft. He put a hand at the base, stroking what he wouldn't put in his mouth. Mika gripped the couch beneath him, trying to contain himself and his voice.
Damn the man, he did it so suddenly Mika didn't even have time to prepare himself in the least bit, though he should have known. His breathing hitched, feeling the other take him in entirely. He laid back entirely, staring up at the ceiling, feeling the other work his mouth on his shaft. He groaned, trying to keep himself in check. Kanryu looked up at him briefly then returned to what he was doing, swirling his tongue around his shaft. He felt him shift, trying to buck his hips but he wouldn't allow that, not in the least bit. 
He swirled his tongue around his shaft, flicking it at the tip. Mika panted, breathing heavily, an arm was thrown over his eyes. He didn't want to look down, he knew that would do him in. He took in a sharp breath as the other one reached down with his other hand, cradling his balls in his hand. Mika tried to buck his hips but it wasn't working, the other quickly held him down, mouth still over it.
Kanryu stopped himself, sitting on his knees before he made the other blew, wiping his mouth. He looked down at his painting and flushed lover, looking over to the bedroom where what he needed was sitting in a drawer. 
"Don't move." He smirked, getting up and running to the bedroom. 
Mika groaned, what was this man thinking now?
He got his answer when Kanryu all but ran back, a bottle of lubrication in his hand. 
"Get ready~!"
Swearing in his mind, Mika's eyes widened as the other poured a generous amount on the palm of his hand. He dipped his fingers in it, gently massaging it on the other's entrance. Mika squeezed his eyes shut as the other pushed a finger in, slowly and carefully, being sure not to hurt him. He felt himself tense up, allowing the other to soothe him until he was relaxed. Kanryu smiled at him, gently adding a second finger in. Hissing, Mika arched his back, feeling him scissoring his fingers to stretch him out. Kanyru gently slipped his fingers out, stripping himself down and making sure he was well lubricated. 
Mika kept himself relax, despite wanting to tense up, but he knew it would make it worse. Kaynru positioned himself, holding his legs apart, one upon his shoulders, the other wrapped around his hip. He gently started pushing in, feeling how Mika tried to keep himself relaxed. He gently stroked his lower leg, smiling as the other finally relaxed, feeling himself being filled. He panted, trying to get used to this feeling yet again.
Kanyru bent down, kissing him full on the lips, tongues playing while the other grew used to the feeling once again, quicker than the last time, and let him know he could move by shifting his hips. Kanryu sat up, smirking, and started to thrust. Mika let a small and soft moan out, trying to unclench his hands from the fabric of the couch they were on. He wanted to hold him, hug him to him. The older meaning bent down, letting the younger wrap his arms around his shoulders and back, blushing and moaning.
He clung to him, grabbing his hair, anything he could. Kanryu winced as his long hair was pulled slightly, wishing he just wouldn't. He gently moved his head, trying to let him know but it was no use. The more he thrust, the more the other one yanked. 
"Ow, ow ow!"
Kanryu gently put his hair back into place, his head aching from where he pulled. He sat up, holding his head. 
"It's fine...I don't mind a bit of hair pulling but try not such a sensitive spot on my head, yeah?"
Kanryu got back over him, his red hair draping around them both as he continued to thrust, slowly at first, pulling out until only the head was in then slamming back in. Mika gave a cry, over and over as he done so, his body moving along the couch. The older man smirked, watching as the other flushed, blushing and sweating. Mika gave a loud moan as the other bent over, his mouth circling the others nipple, grazing against his prostate as he moved back in. Mika could have sworn he giggled over it, and glared down at him.
He wanted to bite his head off, but with him moving and pleasuring him the way he was, feeling a hand creep down his belly, he knew he wouldn't ever get that chance. Not when Kanryu grabbed his shaft, stroking him in time with his thrusting. He moaned louder and louder, his face becoming redder and redder. Panting, Mika reached up, hugging Kanryu close to his body, hands on his cheeks, his eyes closed. He felt pleasure build up, feeling it starting in his belly and working it's way down.
He wondered if his lover felt it too if they would come at the very same time. Whimpering, wanting his orgasm, Mika wrapped Kanryu in a hug, tightly as he could. 
"Woah hey!"
Kanryu's eyes widened as the other bucked his hips, moaning loudly, begging him to let him finish. Seeing how the other was reacting, he sped up his pace, furiously stroking him and thrusting inside of him. The louder Mika got, the more Kanryu enjoyed this. It wouldn't take them long, they knew that. Kanryu gave him a kiss as they got closer, grinding against the other. Mika panted and moaned, feeling ready to let go. The more the other stroked, the more he was ready, growing closer and closer. Listening to the moans and pants of the older man, he was thinking Kanryu was ready himself. 
Before he knew it, Mika's back arched, his body reacting as he came at the end of his lover. A few more thrusts and Kanryu found himself coming deep inside.

Watching the moon from the balcony was fun, and behind him, inside, he could hear Kanryu and Shouta discussing an idea for a late dinner. He smiled, enjoying himself.
"Hey  Mika, we're going out! Come on!"

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