The Good Neighbor

BY : W4_The_Mad_Author
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APRIL 19, 2020

Mizuno Yayoi was frustrated.

Her husband left two weeks ago for a business trip in Las Vegas. Yes, he would call before he stared his work day, but she missed his touch, the smell of his aftershave, and the warmth of his embrace.

She tried to keep herself preoccupied by maintaining their household. It was a two-floor house in the middle of Nerima. The location was perfect, the house was spacious, it was filled with practically every necessity and convenience that a family would desire, and the rent was surprisingly cheap.

But she had cleaned every corner of the house, and she had prepared a week's supply of snacks and meals for herself, so she found herself with nothing to do.

So Mizuno did one of her favorite hobbies. She decided to dress up in lingerie.

Mizuno was currently dressed in a shoulderless yellow sweater and blue pants. Before she headed to the bedroom, she made sure that every door to the outside was locked, and that every set of blinds was shut. She did not want to be caught in a revealing state by anyone other than her husband.

Once Mizuno entered the bedroom, she looked at herself in a full-body mirror. She stood at 5-feet-two-inches tall. She had long, violet hair, tied into an updo by a yellow ribbon. Her F-cup breasts were beginning to sag slightly, but she still got appreciative stares when she walked outside. She had a bit of fat on her, but she told herself that she was pleasantly plump. At least, her husband never seemed to mind, nor did any of the men that openly leered at her when she ran errands.

“Hmmm... maybe I should eat less fish and more vegetables,” she sighed as she pinched a bit of fat on the left side of her waist.

With a sigh and a look of determination, Mizuno removed her clothes swiftly. However, she took her time as she put on a purple bra, a purple garter belt, violet stockings, and a purple thong.

Mizuno looked at herself in the mirror, and she gave herself a playful wink. “Look at you, you heartbreaker! Jeron's lucky to have landed such a beautiful woman!” she announced cheerfully.

Mizuno then let out a sad sigh. “If only he weren't so busy at work,” she sighed sadly. “Come back soon, Jeron!

Mizuno fell onto her bed face-first. There were only two major problems with her life. The first was the constant absences of her husband. And the second-

Kiyaah!” a female teenager shouted in the distance.

-the second was the constant noise and commotion coming from the Tendo Dojo next door.

Judging from the yell, Mizuno guessed that Akane, the youngest Tendo daughter, was either breaking concrete blocks, or – worse – cooking.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Mizuno turned over so she was facing the ceiling. “Jeron,” she muttered.

Though it was still early in the evening, Mizuno decided that it was time to sleep. However, she needed to let off some steam first.

With that need identified, Mizuno cupped her left hand with her left breast and began to massage it slightly. After a short while, she centered in on her nipple, giving it slight tweaks and pinches. Letting out small whimpers, she fondled her right breast with her right hand, and her body began to squirm.

After about a minute, Mizuno was gently, but firmly, tugging and teasing both of her nipples, gasping in delight. “Jeron,” she gasped lovingly.

As Mizuno continued to tease her left breast, she moved her right hand down the center of her body. She let her right hand rest briefly at her covered crotch before gently stroking the crotch of the panties. As her breathing became more heavy, her rubbing and teasing intensified.

Mizuno's body broke out in a light sweat as she continued masturbating. She moved the fingers of her right hand past the crotch of her panties and plunged two of her fingers into her moist pussy. Her fingers massaged the walls of her pussy, darting in and out.

Oh, Jeron!” Mizuno screamed.

As Mizuno continued to fondle her left breast and massage her pussy, she felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm building. She intensified her movements and arched her back.

I'm cumming!” Mizuno shouted.

Within moments, the full force of the orgasm hit her, leaving her body shaking as she gasped in delight,

Unfortunately for Mizuno, something else hit her immediately afterwards.

A female teenager crashed through the roof of her bedroom and landed right on top of Mizuno.

At first, Mizuno was too stunned to react. But when the female teenager rubbed her head and muttered, “That uncute tomboy...” Mizuno became frightened.

The female teenager absentmindedly placed her left hand on Mizuno's right breast, causing Mizuno to gasp.

Mizuno's gasp appeared to bring the female teenager back to reality. With wide eyes, she stared at her hand, cupping Mizuno's breast. With shock, she gave Mizuno's breast another squeeze, causing Mizuno to gasp again.

Then the female teenager looked at Mizuno's face, frozen in an expression of fear. “Um... I can explain...” the female teenager muttered.

“You... you have to explain before you rape me?” Mizuno asked sadly.

The female teenager innocently asked, “What's rape?”

The question stunned Mizuno. “Um... rape is... when someone does something unwanted... of a sexual nature... to an unwilling victim,” Mizuno explained with a shaky voice.

The female teenager replied, “Well... I don't.... I don't want to do that. I... I just want to go back to China.”

“Then... could you please get off of me?” Mizuno asked with equal parts fear and hope.

It appeared that the female teenager came to the realization that she was squatting over Mizuno, who was spread-eagled and soaked with sweat and a little bit of seminal fluid. With swiftness and grace that amazed Mizuno, the female teenager flipped off of the bed and landed in a kneeling position, facing Mizuno.

“I'm... Ranma Saotome... of the Anything-Goes School... of Martial Arts. Sorry about this,” the female teenager muttered.

“I'm... Mizuno Yayoi... a full-time... housewife,” Mizuno responded.

Bowing deeply, Ranma muttered, “I'm sorry I woke you up, Yayoi-san,”

With a nervous laugh, Mizuno responded, “I wasn't asleep, Ranma-chan. I was masturbating.”

Mizuno then did a full-body blush. “What did I just say?!?” she screamed.

Ranma blushed deeply. “Um... Yayoi-san?”

Fighting back the urge to cry, Mizuno asked, “Yes, Ranma-chan?”

“What's... masturbating?” Ranma asked innocently.

Mizuno bit her lip as her expression darkened into anger. “Don't play games with me! You know full well what masturbation is!”

Ranma trembled slightly. “Forgive me, Yayoi-san,” she muttered, bowing again. “But I've never heard of a martial arts maneuver called 'masturbation' before.”

The edge of Mizuno's temper dissipated. “You're... you're serious, aren't you? You really have no idea?” she asked with a hint of confusion.

Ranma shook her head.

Mizuno let out a sigh and sat, Indian-style, on her bed, so she could get a better look at Ranma. “Masturbation,” she began to explain, “is when someone touches themselves for sexual gratification.”

Ranma looked blankly at Mizuno as if she had recited the formula for rocket fuel.

“That sounds... painful,” Ranma muttered with confusion.

Mizuno let out a nervous chuckle. “Not at all,” she responded. “In fact, it can feel great when it's done correctly.”

Ranma sadly muttered, “So I stopped you from feeling great. I'm terribly sorry, Yayoi-san.”

“You didn't do it on purpose, Ranma-chan,” Mizuno said with a smile and a dismissive wave.

There was a pause.

You didn't do it on purpose, right?” Mizuno shouted nervously.

No way!” Ranma shouted, shaking her head. “It was that tomboy Akane's fault! She starts yelling about how I'm a pervert and how she'll never marry me, I tease her a bit, and next thing you know, I'm here!”

Mizuno blinked in confusion. “Akane's a lesbian?” she asked.

“Akane's worse than a lesbian,” Ranma growled. “She's a violent maniac!”

There was a pause.

“Yayoi-san, what's a lesbian?” Ranma asked.

Letting out an innocent laugh, Mizuno responded, “A lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted to other women.”

"But I'm a guy!” Rama shouted, leaping to her feet.

Panicking, Mizuno took a look at Ranma. Ranma stood at about 5 feet tall. She wore a red gi and black pants. She had fiery-red hair tied into a pigtail. And Ranma had an impressive pair of breasts; Mizuno guessed that Ranma was an E-cup.

“You... look like a woman to me,” Mizuno muttered with confusion.

Ranma looked down at herself and muttered, “Crap.” She then looked at Mizuno. “Do you have any hot water?” she asked.

“Hot... water?” Mizuno asked.

Letting out a sigh, Ranma responded, “I'm under a magical curse. My body turns female when I'm splashed with cold water. Hot water turns my body back to male.”

“Ma... gic?” Mizuno muttered. “But... magic isn't real.”

Ranma buried her face in her hands. “Yeah... I know it sounds stupid,” she muttered. “But if you lead me to hot water, I'll show you.”

“Um... you're not going to hurt me, are you?” Mizuno innocently asked.

No way!” Ranma shouted.

Mizuno took a deep breath. She then got off of the bed and walked towards the door, motioning for Ranma to follow. She led her to a bathroom across the hall, turning the bathroom light on. Ranma walked past Mizuno, turned on the hot water faucet, waited for the water to warm up, then splashed herself in the face with the hot water.

Mizuno saw what happened next, but she still could not believe it.

Ranma's body transformed right in front of her. He grew about a foot taller. His red hair turned black. His body became more muscular. His chest was flat. And his crotch had an impressive bulge.

Mizuno blushed when she caught herself looking at Ranma's crotch.

Mizuno then realized that she was alone in a house with a mysterious, muscular man with a large crotch. She let out a panicked gasp as she backed away from Ranma.

Ranma turned off the hot water faucet, then faced Mizuno. “I told you I was a guy,” he said with an embarrassed smirk.

“What... how... help...” Mizuno gasped, backing away from Ranma.

Ranma realized that he was terrifying Mizuno. “I'm... sorry about everything,” he muttered with a sad sigh. “I'll just go back to the Tend-”

Ranma paused.

“Actually, Yayoi-san,” Ranma said with even more depression, “Can you tell me where I can find a homeless shelter, or maybe a big bridge?”

“Why... why can't you go back to the Tendo Dojo?” Mizuno asked.

With a sad sigh, Ranma responded, “No one wants me there.”

Mizuno felt pity for Ranma. “Do you... want to talk about it?” she asked with a hint of nervousness.

“But what about your... machination?” Ranma asked innnocently.

“Masturbation,” Mizuno corrected with a deep blush. “It... it can wait.”

Mizuno motioned for Ranma to return to the bedroom. Mizuno sat on the edge of the bed, motioning for Ranma to sit next to her. With a gulp and a blush, Ranma nervously sat next to Mizuno.

Inwardly, Mizuno was cursing herself for her behavior. She was wearing nothing but lingerie, and she was sitting next to a gender-bending teenager on her marital bed. She felt ashamed for how she was behaving.

She also felt excitement, which grew every time Mizuno stole a glance at Ranma's chest or crotch.

“So... um...” Mizuno stuttered, unable to hide her blush. “What... what happened at the Tendo Dojo?”

Ranma let out a sigh, then began to explain, “Pops and I arrived at the Tendo Dojo. We got off to a bad start. I was in my girl form, and Pops was in his panda form.”

“Panda... form?” Mizuno asked with confusion.

“Pops turns into a panda when splashed with cold water. Hot water turns him back into a human,” Ranma explained.

“Of... course. Please... continue,” Mizuno muttered.

“So Mr. Tendo hugs me, then grabs my breasts. Then Nabiki pokes my breasts. Then Akane challenges me to a sparring match, which I win. Then Akane walks in on me while I'm taking a bath... a hot bath. Pops explains our curses by throwing me into the koi pond a few times, then Mr. Tendo tells me to choose one of his daughters to marry.”

“And you chose Akane-chan?” Mizuno asked, unable to hide her perplexion.

No!” Ranma snapped before letting out a sad sigh. “Before I could say anything, Kasumi and Nabiki pointed at Akane and said that I wanted to marry her. Nabiki said that Akane hates boys and that...”

Ranma's face darkened.

“...that I'm half-girl,” he almost seemed to spit in disgust.

“Oh, no,” Mizuno gasped.

“Next thing I know, Akane's yelling her guts out at me, and as soon as I finish saying something... here I am,” Ranma concluded.

Neither Mizuno nor Ranma realized that Mizuno's left hand was holding Ranma's right hand.

“That's... terrible,” Mizuno muttered sadly. “I can't believe... they rejected you... so callously.”

With a sad sigh, Ranma muttered, “I can't really blame them. I'm not sure I'd want to marry me, either.”

“Ranma...” Mizuno sighed.

“So, yeah...” Ranma said, forcing himself to smile. “If you can tell me where to find a homeless-”

“I've been dumped plenty of times,” Mizuno interrupted.

“What?” Ranma asked with befuddlement.

Mizuno looked at her lap, letting out a bitter sigh. She then explained, “I've always been... a bit of a... bigger girl. My... my breasts didn't develop until my late teens. Until then... boys would avoid my gaze... and ignore my love letters.”

“That... that stinks,” Ranma said.

“And... my husband,” Mizuno continued, her voice shaking. “He... he takes long business trips... and overtime at the office.”

There was a pause.

Mizuno's eyes began to water as she continued, “I can't... I can't help but wonder... if he's having fun... with a younger woman... or a thinner woman... or a less horny woman... or... or... or...”

Mizuno began to cry. Ranma, not knowing what else to do, tried to gently wipe some of her tears off of her face with his pointer finger. Ranma was surprised when Mizuno buried her face in Ranma's chest and wrapped her arms around him.

Ranma gently stroked Mizuno's hair. “I'm sorry, Yayoi-san,” he whispered. “I... I didn't mean... to make you cry.”

Mizuno pulled her face off of Ranma's chest, but she maintained her grip on him. “I... I should apologize to you, Ranma-kun,” she responded. “I should be... the one to comfort you.”

“It's no biggie,” Ranma responded, trying to dismiss his hurt feelings with a wave of his hand. “I just have to get used to it.”

“If... if...” Mizuno stated with a trembling voice. “If... I were unmarried... and ten years younger... and a Tendo Daughter... I would have chosen you.”

Ranma did a full body blush. “I... um... you... wha?” he sputtered.

Now it was Mizuno's turn to have a full body blush. “In... in either form, you're... you're... really sexy,” she admitted, unable to mask her arousal.

The bulge in Ranma's crotch grew, a fact that Mizuno noticed immediately. Mizuno tried to ignore the stiffening of her nipples, the moisture building in her pussy, and her labored pants, but she could not deny her attraction to Ranma.

“Um... thanks,” Ranma responded, trying to turn away from Mizuno.

There was a pause, as Mizuno absentmindedly stroked Ranma's chest and back.

“And... if you were... a Tendo daughter,” Ranma stated with a passion that matched Mizuno's. “I would have chosen you. But... not with the conditions you laid out. I'd... I'd... I'd choose you as you are. Right here. Right now.”

Mizuno gasped and covered her mouth. “Ranma, you... really?” she sighed, her voice tinged with joy and lust.

Ranma tried to avert his gaze, but Mizuno gently placed her hand on his cheek and guided his face to meet her gaze. His blue eyes were locked in a gaze with her violet eyes. “Um... er... heck yeah,” Ranma responded. “No contest. You're... you're better than all three of them combined.”

Mizuno drew closer to Ranma. “Even... even though I'm fat?” she whispered.

“Compared to Pops, you're a twig,” Ranma responded.

“Even though I'm old?” Mizuno whispered.

“Old? You're like, what? 21?” Ranma asked.

Mizuno's heart skipped a beat, and she could not stop herself from kissing Ranma on the cheek. This caused Ranma's heart to skip a beat “I'm 30, you heartbreaker,” Mizuno whispered.

“You... you look young enough to be... Kasumi's sister,” Ranma stuttered.

Mizuno smiled at Ranma, who could not help but smile back.

“And...” Mizuno continued, drawing closer to Ranma. “You'd still choose me... even though... I get... really... really... REALLY... horny?” she whispered. Her face was close enough that their noses were barely touching.

“Um... er... well... what's horny?” Ranma asked.

Mizuno began to pant. She answered, “Well, it's... the thing is...”

Mizuno felt her body throb and her pussy moisten. She tightened her grip on Ranma.

“I think I'll just show you what horny is, Ranma-kun,” Mizuno responded with unmasked desire.

Before Ranma could respond, Mizuno pressed her lips against his and began to stroke his crotch. Ranma was too stunned to react.

“Open your mouth,” Mizuno demanded.

Ranma absentmindedly opened his mouth, and Mizuno frantically tongued him, licking the insides of his mouth and caressing his tongue with hers. And Mizuno's massaging of Ranma's crotch intensified as she greedily kissed him.

Ranma was torn between fear and an arousal unlike anything he had ever encountered. On one hand, he had no idea what Mizuno was going to do, as sexual education was not part of his martial arts training. But the part of him that could not deny the bulge in his crotch or the pleasant tingling sensation from Mizuno's kisses and caresses did not want this moment to ever end.

Exhibiting strength and determination that surprised Ranma, Mizuno laid Ranma on his back and continued to kiss him as she rubbed her panty-covered crotch against his. As her body began to tremble in joy, Mizuno lustily whispered, “My switch has been flipped, Ranma-kun. I'm going to have you take responsibility.”

“You're... you're... you're not going... to kill me, are you?” Ranma asked nervously.

Mizuno shook her head and kissed Ranma's lips again. “Absolutely not, Ranma-kun,” she responded. “But I am going to fuck your brains out.”

“What's... fuck?” Ranma asked nervously.

Mizuno gave Ranma a wide smile that both aroused and terrified him. She stopped grinding Ranma long enough to yank his pants off, revealing his boxers, with his large, thick dick sticking out of the slit.

It's so much bigger than my husband's!” Mizuno shouted, staring intently at Ranma's cock.

“Is... is that... is that bad?” Ranma asked innocently.

Mizuno removed her panties and began to rub her naked pussy lips against Ranma's testicles. “Very... very bad,” Mizuno purred. “If you put... that giant dick... in me, I might die from the pleasure,” she groaned with desire.

Mizuno straddled Ranma's crotch, her pussy dangerously close to the tip of Ranma's cock. “Yes...” she whispered, her eyes fixed on their crotches. “This is very bad... we...”

Mizuno lowered her crotch so her pussy lips touched the head of Ranma's cock.

“...shouldn't...” Mizuno continued.

Mizuno lowered further, the tip of Ranma's cock disappearing into her pussy.

“” Mizuno continued.

Mizuno moved slightly up and down so she head of Ranma's cock was moving in and out of her pussy.

...This!” Mizuno screamed as she lowered her crotch completely, taking the entirety of Ranma's cock in a single thrust. She then let out a passionate scream as an orgasm rushed through her body.

Though Ranma felt pleasure unlike anything he had ever encountered before, his concern for Mizuno override his pleasure. “Crap! Are you all right?” he shouted.

I'm cumming!” Mizuno shouted. When her shaking subsided, she pressed her body against Ranma's chest, panting heavily, with his cock still buried in her pussy.

“Is that bad? That's bad, right? I'll take you to the hospital,” Ranma gasped in panic.

Mizuno tried to calm him down with some passionate kissing. “Ranma-kun, it is a wonderful thing when you make a woman cum,” she explained.

“It is?” Ranma asked in confusion.

Oh fuck yes!” Mizuno responded. “You're doing great, Ranma-kun. Don't take me to a hospital. Just take your cock and fuck me stupid!

“Okay...” Ranma whispered. “How do I...”

Mizuno leaned upwards so she was straddling Ranma's cock again. “Thrust your hips, Ranma-kun. I'll do the rest,” she instructed.

Ranma nodded and began to slowly thrust his hips. Mizuno matched his every thrust, causing his cock to thrust in and out of her pussy.

This was unlike anything Ranma had ever experienced. The feeling of Mizuno's wet pussy as it seemingly massaged his cock with every thrust made him gasp in pleasure repeatedly.

And this was unlike anything that Mizuno had ever experienced. She had never had a cock as large as Ranma's, and she had never had an orgasm simply from the first penetration.

As they continued to thrust and grind, Mizuno felt the buildup of another orgasm. “Oh, fuck, Ranma-kun! I'm cumming again!

Ranma asked, “That's good, ri-”

Before he could finish, Mizuno's body shook violently, and she thrashed all over Ranma's body. She soaked their crotches with her seminal fluid.

“Is... that... pee?” Ranma asked in confusion.

Mizuno leaned forward, cupping Ranma's face in her hands. “Seminal fluids, Ranma-kun. You'll learn more in high school, I hope,” Mizuno whispered erotically as she passionately kissed Ranma.

When Mizuno pulled away from Ranma, her body was trembling, and she had a hard time balancing on Ranma's body. “I think... that last orgasm... took it out of me,” she complained. “But... but I don't want to stop... can we finish... in missionary?”

“What's... missionary?” Ranma asked.

“Roll me on my back,” Mizuno instructed.

Ranma lifted Mizuno up, and his cock slid out of her pussy, causing a sad whimper from Mizuno.

“I'm sorry!” Ranma gasped. “Did I hurt you?”

Mizuno shook her head. “No... just hurry, though. I want you back in me as soon as possible,” she confessed.

Ranma nodded, then gently moved their bodies. Ranma placed Mizuno, on her back, in the center of the bed. Mizuno spread her legs as far apart as they could go. “Come and get it, handsome,” she amorously whispered, beckoning Ranma with a gesturing finger.

Ranma positioned herself on top of Mizuno, then tried to guide his cock back into her pussy. After fumbling for a few seconds, he pulled away from Mizuno slightly so he could use his hands to guide his cock back into her pussy. When he was buried to the hilt inside her, he repositioned himself so he was staring into her eyes again.

“Welcome back, handsome... I missed you,” Mizuno whispered lovingly.

Mizuno wrapped her arms around Ranma, pulling him in for another passionate kiss. Ranma began to thrust, causing Mizuno to gasp, whimper, and shudder in ecstasy.

Mizuno caressed Ranma's face, back, and chest as he continued to thrust in and out of her. “Oh, Ranma, she gasped. “I haven't had sex in over six months. And this... here... is the best sex I've ever had in my entire life!”

Ranma gave off a smile that was half genuine and half confident.

“You can crash through my roof any time you want... as long as my husband isn't home,” Mizuno said with a wink.

“But... what about... the Tendos?” Ranma asked nervously, though his thrusting did not slow down.

“To hell with those bitches!” Mizuno hissed. “Just keep fucking me, handsome!”

Ranma nodded and increased his tempo, causing Mizuno to shudder in another orgasm.

Ranma felt an unusual feeling in his cock. It felt like he was going to pee, but it seemed to be more urgent and intense than that. “Um... Yayoi-san?” he muttered.

“Call me Mizuno when we're alone, handsome,” Mizuno corrected.

“I think... I need to pee,” Ranma sheepishly admitted.

“You're going to cum!” Mizuno shouted.

“ that worse than peeing?” Ranma asked confusedly.

Mizuno wrapped her legs around Ranma's torso. “Don't stop,” she instructed. “And when you feel yourself shoot your sperm into me, kiss me like your life depends on it!”

Ranma didn't understand what Mizuno was saying, but he felt the building feeling in his cock escalate. After about a minute of thrusting, he let out a loud grunt as he felt... something... shoot out of his cock and into Mizuno's pussy.

Goddamnit! I feel it! Kiss me!” Mizuno shouted.

Ranma leaned into Mizuno, and they kissed passionately as Ranma continued to shoot his sperm into Mizuno.

They suspended their kissing to pant as Ranma's spurts subsided.

“Stay... in me,” Mizuno gasped. “I... want to feel it... just a bit longer,”

Ranma stroked Mizuno's cheek. Mizuno caressed Ranma's hair.

“I'm... I'm sorry I peed in you,” Ranma muttered.

Mizuno shook her head. “That was sperm, Ranma-kun,” she explained.

“Sperm?” Ranma asked.

Mizuno nodded. “Take a look at my pussy.,” she instructed.

Ranma slowly pulled out of Mizuno, causing her to whimper sadly. He shifted his body so he was right in front of Mizuno's pussy. He saw some white glop drip out of her pussy.

“I see some white syrup. Is that sperm?” Ranma asked, as if the white substance offended him.

“Yes,” Mizuno responded with a dreamy sigh. “That's how babies are made.”

Ranma paled.

“We... we made a baby?!?” he shouted.

Mizuno let out a laugh. “Relax, Ranna-kun. I'm on birth control. There's practically no chance that you'll get me pregnant,” she explained.

Ranma let out a sigh. “That's a relief,” he said with a smile.

Mizuno beckoned Ranma to return to her by holding her arms out. Ranma shifted so he was embracing her.

Mizuno gently stroked Ranma's cheek. “You know,” she said with a pleasant sigh. “You don't need to go to a homeless shelter. You can stay here.”

“But... but... but what about your husband?” Ranma asked.

“Gone until June 17th. And if you find some part-time work, I can probably convince him to take you on as a tenant,” Mizuno explained.

“But... but what about Pops?” Ranma asked.

Mizuno looked at the hole in the roof. “We can tell him... them.... whatever... that they can have you back... as soon as they fix the hole in my roof,” Mizuno responded with a wink.

Ranma nodded. “That works for me,” he said with a genuine smile.

Mizuno felt Ranma's dick harden.

With a sad smile, Mizuno gently pushed Ranma away and said, “I'm sorry, Ranma-kun. But if we keep going, I might die of pleasure.”

“Oh! I didn't mean-” Ranma began to apologize.

Mizuno shifted Ranma's body so that they were spooning, her body pressed against his back. “Don't apologize. You were phenomenal,” she responded.

There was a pause.

“I can't help but feel intense envy for whomever is lucky enough to be your wife,” Mizuno grumbled.

“Too bad you can't be my wife,” Ranma muttered sadly.

“Jerod would be heartbroken. Or at least, that's what I tell myself,” Mizuno said with a sad sigh.

Mizuno pressed her breasts into Ranma's back.

“I... I wish I had more stamina, Ranma-kun. I know I can't take any more, but... oh... this... you...” Mizuno whispered, pausing to shudder in joy.

Ranma nodded and replied, “Yeah. It would be great if I could stay here for the rest of my life.”

Mizuno gently pecked Ranma's cheek and whispered, “Good night, handsome.”

“Good night, Yay- er... Mizuno,” Ranma responded.

“And... thank you very much. I desperately needed that,” Mizuno whispered, kissing Ranma's cheek again.

“Yeah... me, too,” Ranma responded.

After a few minutes, both Ranma and Mizuno drifted off to sleep.

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