Everlasting Reflection: The Moon Underwater

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Everlasting Reflection: The Moon Underwater

(An Inuyasha Crossover Bleach Fanfiction)

Arc I: A Forbidden Journey

Chapter 1: The Reflection or the Reality I

Have you ever thought about the relationship between the moon and the water?

They reside in two different realms, one in the sky and the other on the land but this huge distance seems to be nothing in front of their relationship because if we see the surface of the water at night, the moon is always there in its embrace. Water is so delicate that even a feather fallen upon its surface creates ripples but when the moon touches it at night then neither are there ripples nor any sound because their relationship is natural. This is a relationship of an everlasting reflection, forms when the moon crosses the realms to meet the water.

Ever since the human beings came into existence and populated the earth, several other powerful entities from different realms got interested in them. It was due to their interference in the lives of the humans that races such as Demons, Soul Reapers, and Hollows came into existence. Humans and the Demons used to reside in the World of the Living while the residence of Soul Reapers and Hollows were the realms of the spiritual plane such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo respectively.

Apart from the above-mentioned races, there were some special beings whose origin was still unknown to the world. One of them was the Soul King, who was considered as the source of existence and power of all the Soul Reapers. On the other hand, Midoriko was one such being in the World of the Living whose origin and disappearance is a mystery for both humans and the Demons. She was famous amongst the humans as an extraordinarily powerful priestess and also as the creator of the Shikon Jewel. However, there was one more important task accomplished by her which had an extremely great impact on the entire world but except Soul King not a single person in the three worlds (World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, and Soul Society) was aware of it. Midoriko was there at the moment when the very first of the Soul Reapers came into existence with the efforts of the Soul King. That time, Midoriko approached him with a proposal that for the welfare of both Demons and the Soul Reapers, these two races should never interact with each other and their existence will be kept hidden from each other. Since Demons used to be only monsters that time thus absolutely nothing was told to them while the responsibility to keep their and Hollow's existence hidden from the Demons fell into the hands of a few selected Soul Reapers who were close to the Soul King. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto who was the founder of the Soul Society was one such Soul Reaper and he had always performed this duty flawlessly.

Around 550 years ago (1450 A.D.) in the Feudal Era, Japan…

It was that time in the Feudal Era, when most of the Hanyos, Yokais, and even Daiyokais were engaged in a selfish competition to acquire the Shikon Jewel from a priestess known as Kikyo, who shared a close relationship with Sesshomaru's half-brother Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru had already received the sword Tensaiga as the heirloom from his deceased father while he was accompanied by a small Toad-Demon, named Jaken and a two-headed dragon yokai. Sesshomaru used to travel across the land in search of the powerful sword of his father i.e. Tetsusaiga and also to defeat the other Demons in order to establish his own kingdom.

Sesshomaru recently had a fight with a giant Octopus Yokai and after defeating him, he was passing through a dense forest along with both of his companions i.e. Jaken and Ah-Un. That Octopus Yokai released a sticky black liquid in his dying moments which had dirtied Sesshomaru's clothes as well as his body. It was getting hard for Jaken to continue to walk close to his lord due to the stench coming from that black material.

"Umm… Lo..Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken spoke hesitatingly.

"What is it, Jaken?" Sesshomaru responded.

"I think… that Octopus Yokai was quite amm… stinky, isn't it?" Jaken muttered with fear.

"It doesn't matter… he is no more now!" Sesshomaru replied.

"I..I mean to say… fighting him has made us pretty stinky too!" Jaken spoke with a great hesitation and fear.

For a moment, Sesshomaru looked behind and stared at Jaken with his cold golden eyes.

"We will stop as soon as we find a river or a lake!" Sesshomaru spoke in an emotionless manner, listening to which Jaken took a deep breath of relax.

Soon enough they found a hot spring which was quite deep and just as Sesshomaru decided, they stopped to take a bath in it. Sesshomaru left his clothes and the Tensaiga on top of a nearby rock and let his body immersed into the depths of the water. On the other hand, Jaken Ah-Un sat down at the place where water was shallow.

Sesshomaru let himself slowly drowned into the depths of that hot spring, he closed his eyes and slowly began to fall asleep but suddenly he was disturbed by some noise. Now he walked out of the hot spring and witnessed the signs of a fierce encounter all around with trees, rocks, and the ground in the wrecked condition while both Jaken and Ah-Un seemed to be panting as if they had gone through an extremely tough struggle.

"Lord Sesshomaru!... Lord Sesshomaru!… You came… please stop those monsters!" Jaken said to Sesshomaru while shouting in a loud voice.

"Who dared to steal my Tensaiga?" Sesshomaru asked Jaken upon noticing that his Tensaiga wasn't at the place where he kept it.

"They were monsters but neither were they Yokais nor humans… all of them had a hole somewhere in their torso and they were also wearing a white mask on their faces." Jaken answered Sesshomaru and narrated the appearance of those creatures who stole the Tensaiga.

To be continued…

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