Assassins of the Hinata

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Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I seek any profit from this tale of fiction. The rights for Love Hina are owned by Ken Akamatsu.

Writer’s note: I am turning the manga on its ear with this AU/OOC tale.

Scenario #1:

Waiting in an underground tram station in one of the rougher areas of Tokyo, someone wearing a knee-length middle school fuku and backpack stands quietly on the platform. With white ankle socks and loafers on their feet, as well as having trinkets dangling from the pack they wear, the person standing here looks the perfect vulnerable ‘loli’ archetype.

Seemingly oblivious to her surroundings, the girl does not seem fazed to the possible dangers of the place this late into the evening.

TV and newspapers reports have been full of accounts about late-night rapes and molestations occurring recently on this particular line. This includes an especially brutal one taking place near here just a couple of weeks before involving the college age daughter of a very prominent family.

The tram stops, air brakes hiss and the doors quickly open.

For some reason, the cars are empty this evening. The operator sitting up at their station is the only other person aboard right now.

Boarding the last car, the girl stands towards the front and reaches up for an overhead strap. Bracing herself, she waits for the doors to close before the tram pulls out for its next destination.

Two stops later, and with nothing untoward happening here, the tram pulls out once again…

The third stop since boarding promises something less boring as she espies two non-descript young men waiting on the platform for the tram to come to a full stop.

A hidden smile crosses her face.

Doors hiss.

“This is fucking bullshit, Haruo,” says one non-descript young man as he boards with his friend.

The duo sit in the back.

The young girl’s smile widens out of sight of her fellow passengers.

“No real action tonight,” says Haruo nudging his friend.

“I wish,” says the second young man looking downcast, “the last bitch we had fun with nearly blinded me.”

Hearing this, the girl up front snickers slightly.

This is when they both look across the car and see what looks like a lone vulnerable young girl not too far away from them.

Haruo elbows his friend and says, “Slim pickings, but she will have to do.”

Getting out of his seat and slowly making his way to the front of the car, the man reaches out and…

Showing speed and dexterity that belies her tiny frame, the young girl deftly sidesteps her would-be assailant.

Pulling a knife from a hidden slot in her backpack, the blade quickly slashes his throat to the spine and then flies across the car in the same motion.

Embedding itself just above the ‘Adam’s Apple’ of her would-be assailants’ companion, it severs certain nerves instantaneously shutting his system down.

As the life bleeds out from the young man on the floor before her, the petite young girl carefully walks around a growing pool of blood.

Looking contemptuously at the dead seated thug, the girl quickly extricates her blade and wipes the ichor off on his shirt. In a practiced motion, she re-inserts the weapon back into her pack.

Without commenting or even looking back, the young girl steps off at the next stop and calmly ascends to street level.

Pulling a blue tooth device from a pocket in her fuku, she places it in her ear and says, “Sanction complete. Maehara requesting pickup. GPS on.”

Rounding a corner and heading down an alley, she does not hear a female scream come from down below.

End of Sanction.

Personnel Spec’s: Maehara, Shinobu. Age: Classified

Specialties: Edged weapons, which she can throw with unerring accuracy. Mostly uses expensive and ordinary kitchen cutlery usually honed to a fine edge. Also uses other types of objects including Shirukens, steel ball bearings and small saw blades along with anything else within reach.

Training: Hand-to-hand combat utilizing Krav Maga, Systema and Jeet Kun Do. Has a sixth degree black belt in Karate and is proficient with a Naginata. Has a graduate certificate from the Cordon Bleu in France.

Comments: Due to honed reflexes and quick reactions, never take her petite stature lightly. She will kill without hesitation if provoked. With ease, Maehara has taken out four specialized teams sent to neutralize her.

Verdict: Given free agent status.  

Scenario #2:

Walking down a street near the Yokohama docks, a beautiful woman with ash-blonde hair coldly eyes an upcoming alleyway. Only someone with her particular skillsets would dare to be out here at this time of night dressed the way she is.

However, from her neutral facial expression, the woman hardly cares less, as she fears nothing.

Clad in a yellow and black skintight catsuit zippered down to allow some of her ample cleavage to show itself, a beige over-sized trench coat covers a large holster strapped to her side and tan low spike-heeled boots finishes off her interesting ensemble.

Almost like someone stepping out of an anime, only much deadlier.

Stepping into the shadows, she proceeds down to just before the lights show forth on the parallel street from where she was previous.

Stopping, and still shrouded in darkness, the woman assesses the situation before her. Two large Yakuza-looking thugs’ leisurely standing outside an open doorway with a short stairway just inside. A pink neon sign in Romaji hangs over the entrance.

Relaxing until the proper time, she turns and leans against the wall. Lifting one of her sensuous legs, she places it on a nearby crate. Pulling a cigarette from an inside pocket, she lights it and keeps vigilant.

Looking down at where her holster is inside her coat, she says in a calm quiet voice, “We may actually have some fun tonight, sweetie. More so if that intelligence is correct.” There is no smile as what she said could instantly dry out a martini.

Twenty minutes and half way through a third cigarette later, a limo pulls up and drops off three passengers.

Greeting the ones outside, the three promptly go inside and up the stairs.

Dropping her cigarette on the ground, she grinds the ‘cherry’ under the heel of her boot and stands up straight to face the street before her. At the same time, she reaches into her open trench coat with her right hand to pull out a custom-made jet black .44 automatic with a large 30-centimeter sound suppressor attached.

Holding the fearsome weapon up, she unemotionally says to it, “Let’s go play, sweetie.”

This said, she then holds it down by her side, allowing to coat to shield its presence from sight.

Pulling the catsuit zipper down a little more to provide the perfect distraction, the woman makes her way up the alley.

Across the street, the two goons see a beautiful woman walk towards them before their brains splatter on the wall behind them.

Only two muffled reports and two clangs of brass rang out into the empty night.

Without pausing, she then enters the building…

Coolly, and without any hastened movements, the woman saunters up the short stairwell.

Espying the inside of the building and remembering the layout from her briefing, she turns and enters a room.

Seeing three men sitting in a western-style bar booth, none realizes they have fractions of a second left in this world.

“Ah, this evenings…,” is all that the man on one end gets to say as his and the man in the opposite corner have their brains blown out.

“What the…?” the man in the middle says before his life ends as well.

Three loud muffles and three clangs on the wooden floor ring out.

Before leaving, another more contemptuous shot rings out destroying the man in the middle lifeless testicles.

Assessing the situation, the unsmiling woman says, “Good job, sweetie.” She re-holsters her fearsome weapon.

Kneeling down, she picks up her expended brass.

Going down the stairs and back into the night, the other two casings she finds which join their brothers.

Re-tracing her way back up the alley, she pulls a blue tooth device out and places it in her ear.

“Sanction complete. Konno requesting pickup. GPS on.”

Lighting another cigarette, she then casually saunters to her rendezvous point.

End of Sanction.

Personnel Spec’s: Konno, Mitsune aka ‘Kitsune’. Age: Classified

Specialties: Firearms of all types. Known to use custom adapted pistols and rifles on sanctions. Larger caliber sniper rifles and operation of heavier weapons are also fortes of hers.

Training: Besides her extensive knowledge of firearms, she has training in Karate, Systema and Krav Maga. MS degrees in Advanced Mathematics and Applied Psychology.  

Comments: Considered a ‘stone killer’, someone who kills without the slightest remorse. Will do so without the slightest hesitation. Once used a portable mini-gun to slaughter an entire team sent to sanction her. Has pet names for her weapons.

Verdict: Given free agent status. 

Scenario #3:

In Chiba Prefecture…

Near a very famous theme park, a certain western-style jazz club has been drawing overflow crowds in recent evenings.

The reason, a beautiful honey-voiced siren has been entrancing its patrons for two shows a night. With long brunette tresses, a red knee-length body-hugging silk halter dress with a slit up one side and spike-heeled platforms, she grips the microphone in such a manner that no one can move their eyes away. A sultry voice channeling the likes of Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald wafts through in a style that nearly torches the place to the ground.

Her first show of the evening has those in attendance mesmerized while a combo quintet lays down the sounds behind her. 

Of the ones watching her, a very handsome young man stands at the bar enjoying a CC and Seven.

Belting out her last note of the set, the fiery-haired songstress notices the particular stranger perusing her as the room breaks into thunderous applause.

With her performance complete, she steps down from the stage and makes her way to the bar. A number of customers, both foreign and Japanese compliment her while passing by them on the floor.

The bartender pours her a whiskey neat, as she clambers onto a stool next to the handsome stranger.

“Have anything planned for later on,” says the man looking ahead holding his drink in both hands.

“Depends on what you have planned,” she replies not looking over at him and downing her drink.

Subtlety plays out as she gathers clues.

“It could be rather fun if you are interested,” he says finally looking over with a small smile.

The bartender pours her another.

“Gives me something to shoot for then,” she teases knowing she has her target in sight.

The flirting continues for a while before the next set begins.

On stage again, the set is sultrier than the first one. Knowing to keep up her façade, the brunette emotes perfect renditions of famous standards of the 40’s and 50’s.

Except for the voice and the band, the room is perfectly quiet.

When the last set ends and the applause quiets down, the woman thanks the band for their hard work before ‘bee lining’ it towards the bar.

“I see you are still here,” she says whispering in his ear, “Give me a few minutes to change into something more appropriate.” To add to her meaning, she gives the man a small peck on the cheek.

The look on the man’s face is priceless as she heads to her dressing room.

“What a dumb fuck,” she hisses derisively stepping in and closing the door behind her, “Makes this almost too damn easy.”

Trusting her instincts, the woman plans accordingly.

Fifteen minutes later…

The man at the bar almost drops the drink from his hand when the woman he is waiting for returns. His eyes bug out and a bulge grows in his pants.

“Wait long, sweetie?” she coos standing there now clad in a sheer white halter, plaid pleated miniskirt and red spike platforms. A faux coy smile accents her face.

“Whoa,” says the man gathering his wits once more.

“You said something about wanting to have fun,” she says whispering into his ear.

Paying his tab, the two then head out into the night air.

On his arm, the woman makes small talk as she detects certain subtle changes in his breathing and heart rate.

‘I was right,’ she thinks laughing. It coincides with an innocuous comment he makes.

Coming to an older apartment building not too far from the club, the man has them veer over to a ground-level suite.

Smiling wider, she sees a small box on the wall with one button and a speaker. A camera bubble hangs from the overhead.

Her mind prepares for what comes next…

Standing there and not pulling out a key, he separates himself from the woman’s grasp before pressing the button.

He waits.

Quickly, the door opens and a hand reaches from a darkened room pulling the woman inside the suite.

The door then slams shut just as quickly.

The man leans against the wall and lights a cigarette. He tries to listen in on what is happening inside the suite.

Muffled yells and the sounds of breaking furniture reverberate through the walls for about fifteen minutes.

This is not what he had expected.

Eerily silent inside, this is before the loud kerfuffle of a door ripping off from its hinges.

Stepping into the foyer of the room, a light comes on.

Grabbing the man from behind by the head and neck, the woman coolly says, “You were right, I had a lot of fun.”

His last sight is of eight broken male bodies, smashed furniture and some destroyed video equipment.


His last sound is hearing the snapping of his own neck.

Dropping the body, the woman smiles and steps into the bathroom. Pulling a small a brush and compact from her small purse, she adjusts herself.

Finished, she happily sashays back into the night.

Back by the club, she reaches into her purse again and pulls out a Bluetooth. Turning it on and placing it in her ear, she says, “Sanction complete. Narusegawa requesting pickup. GPS on.”

End of Sanction.

Personnel Spec’s: Narusegawa, Naru. Age: Classified

Specialties: Hand-to-Hand combat of all types. Known to have empathic healing abilities by being able to channel her immense Ki.

Training: Skilled in Judo, Jujitsu (Japanese and Brazilian), Karate, all forms of wrestling and boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and other Wu Shu forms. Is a board certified MD specializing in combat surgery and practical medicine.

Comments: Well-educated, highly intelligent and an extremely gifted individual. For four years, highly paid call girl and escort, for both sexes. Has many sadistic tendencies and has employed her extensive carnal skills during many sanctioning assignments.  

Verdict: Given free agent status.

Scenario #4:

In Kyoto Prefecture, Kansai Region…

Vehicle pulls up to a traditional gate of powerful Yakuza Oyabun.

Saying not a word to her companion, a tall and very beautiful young woman steps out onto the street.

While reaching back in for her Katana and Wakizashi, the driver says, “I will be right up the block because I know you will not be very long.”

Nodding, the young woman respectfully places both ancient weapons into her Uwa-obi before proceeding.

The vehicle drives off to its designated spot.

The woman turns and stands to face the main gate.

For a moment, a smile.

‘I shall avenge you this day, my ancestor,’ she thinks before nodding her head for a moment of meditation.

Not bothering to knock as is customary, she draws her Katana and strikes a traditional pose. Lashing out, she screams:

“Warui sanran sutoraiku, Dai 1 no keishiki.” (Evil scattering strike, 1st form.)

The gate and part of the wall next to it on either side explodes into minute fragments.

Entering with a speed that defies description, she decapitates three armed guards and a large Rottweiler before it can strike.

Back in the car, hearing the explosion, the companion whispers, “Could get very messy in there.”

Rolls down the window before lighting a cigarette.

With no women or children present, the slaughter continues, as she is merciless.

Her Ki is at such a height, that all they see before their head falls off is red glowing eyes.

Carefully ascending the main stairway after slicing a goon in half who carried an Uzi.

Sending another wave reverberating through the Katana, she destroys a large door out of its track at the end of a second floor hallway.

Two more heads lop off leaving squirting stumps in their wake.

"Do you know…," says a balding middle-aged tattooed man rudely interrupted as his head separates like his underlings. “I care not,” she growls standing again at the ready.

With nothing but a slight breeze moving about, the young woman sheathes her Katana into its Saya.

She stays vigilant nevertheless…

Seeing her prize lying in a sword rack against a back wall, she walks over and bows to an ornately ornamented Katana.

Reaching down and grasping it, she declares, “Rest in peace, my ancestor. I have avenged you.”

Then goes looking for something else…

Two loud explosions erupt as the sounds of a collapsing structure ensue.   

Looking in the rearview mirror, the companion looks to see the young woman carry a fancy blade in one hand and a weighted down black trash bag in another.

“Open the trunk,” says the woman approaching the back of the vehicle.

The companion presses a button.

The bag and ornate sword goes in…

The trunk closes and the young woman climbs into the front seat after adjusting her weapons.

“Successful I see,” says the companion pulling away from the curb.

“Very,” answers the young woman cracking a slight smile.

“By the way,” says the companion out of curiosity, “What’s in the bag?”

“You do not want to know,” she answers as the smile widens.

End of sanction.

Personnel Spec’s: Aoyama, Motoko. Age: Classified

Specialties: Combat skills in all Budo styles associated with the golden age of the Samurai. Uses her immense store of Ki through a Katana to focus and magnify strikes that can cause immense damage.

Training: Expertly skilled in all forms of Japanese Martial Arts. Master of the Katana and the Wakizashi. Attends Tokyo University as an Honors Student in Letters.

Comments: With her immense internal Ki, this operative has taken a number of obsolescent combat forms and has transformed them for use in the 21st century. Has many times used a simple wooden Bokken to slice through metal objects. Known to have an extensive collection of severed heads sliced from the bodies of those sent to sanction her. Considered extremely dangerous.

Verdict: Given free agent status.

Scenario #5:

Older part of Narita Airport, Tokyo Prefecture…

Someone shimmies down a rope and sets up shop.

A beautiful dark-skinned blonde-haired young woman dressed in a medium-grey digital pattern camouflage coverall, tan combat boots and a black beret stands vigil inside the top floor office suite of an old abandoned building.

Levitating on the roof, a large vessel of some kind hovers cloaked one floor above its mistress.

Sitting in a lightweight camping chair, she peers out using a specially made digital macrobinocular espying an equally abandoned aircraft hangar across the highway.

“It is a beautiful day to make something go boom,” she says with a smile while reaching over for a banana.

Peeling back the skin of her favorite yellow fruit, she waits patiently for the other half of her target to arrive. That is, an SUV and a tractor-trailer with a full load arrived not an hour previous.

“Oooo…, looky what I see,” she whispers happily before lowering her targeting computer. 

Pulling up to a main gate, two SUV’s with a limo in between them stop and wait.

Headlights from the lead SUV flash twice, pause for a moment, then flash three more times.

Her smiling widening, the young woman looks at a device on her wrist.

Running a finger along the screen, she presses an icon.

On the roof, a disc-shaped object materializes as if from nowhere and hurtles at blinding speed towards the hangar.

“Fly, my little pet,” she says happily clapping her hands together.

Stopping suddenly, the flying disc searches for an entrance along the eaves and rusting metal roofing. Finding a torn seam by an exhaust vent, the disc shifts on its axis and silently glides inside. Rotating 180˚, four slender legs extend out from underneath to latch to a roofing joist.

Although sweeping the place for wires and cameras before entering the place, those currently occupying the hangar have no clue they are now under surveillance.

“What do we have here?” says the young woman gazing at the screen on her wrist.

Eight men exit the newly entered vehicles and great one another.

“New playmates,” yips the woman excitedly nearly laughing with glee.

Leaving her banana peels behind, a cloth seat goes into a small bag that she ties to the end of a rope.

Clambering quickly back up the rope after a last look around, she walks over to the levitating craft and presses two icons on her wrist.

A couple of things then happen…

A hatchway appears as if out of nowhere allowing the woman to climb in the crafts’ cockpit.

The other, five smaller discs eject from underneath the craft and hurtle rapidly towards the building. Cloaking themselves, they then enter the still open hangar entrance and fly underneath all the vehicles present.

No longer able to contain her joy, she hollers looking out the view screen, “Bye, bye!”

With that said, everything around the hangar for a hundred meters atomizes.

No one hears the maniacal laughter overhead, as an invisible flying turtle rapidly levitates a kilometer straight up and streaks towards the southwest.

End of Sanction.

Personnel Spec’s: Su, Kaolla. Age: Classified

Specialties: Super genius intellect skilled in Robotics, Bio- and Augmented Mechanical Engineering, Computer Programming and Hacking, Explosives and Finances. Extensive use of robots and turtle-shaped mechanoids.

Training: Six earned Doctorates in aforementioned specialties. Well skilled in Martial Arts, including Indian and Molmolian styles, Kali, Systema, Krav Maga and Karate.

Comments: Uses an off-putting crazed and childish persona to throw doubt into the minds of her targets. Has no qualms about killing for sport or fun. Considered too dangerous to sanction as she has access to worlds’ most encrypted computer systems.

Verdict: Given free agent status with prejudice. 

End of Chapter

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