Monster Make- Arc 1: Inn at the Sea

BY : Qyxyx
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Author's Notes: First- What works in fantasy may not be cool in real life. Remember to separate the two. 
                         2. Wendy is legal. I wrote her similar to the Reedus drawing.
                         3. I wasn't sure if this classifies as a one-shot or not. It has another arc or two that I might right eventually. This story is 
                             complete however. I've broken it into chapters for ease of reading and posting as it ended much larger than expected.

"Is this the place?"

"It has to be, right?"

"Well it is the only inn on the side of the road by the sea."

The three Fairy Tail women took in the big square building that sat by itself on a road that ran along a cliff overlooking the sea. It was square and dull and dirty, but in overall good shape.

"The request said that a lot of theft has been occurring here. People stay and then are run off by monsters. Because they leave in fear, they forget their things. If they come back, the manager claims not to remember them and their stuff is no where to be found."

Lucy finished going over the information from the job request. She, Erza, and Wendy had decided to pick up the job with some spare time. Juvia was to help, but got word of Gray needing a partner for a job he was taking. She disappeared after him so fast, they were still wondering if she had acquired the power to teleport.

"I do sense magic here. An odd magic," Erza noted.

The three nodded to each other, and stepped inside. An old, short man stood behind the desk. He perked up as the Fairy Girls stepped in. They could only feel that with his nose, large ears, and short height, that he looked like a gremlin.

"Are you looking for a room?" He asked with a drawn out delivery.

"We are. We need one night, maybe two."

"Okay. Let me see. Two nights."

The man then glanced behind him toward a door. "Oh. I'm sorry. We have nothing available."

The three all glanced around. The building was large and from the outside had plenty of rooms. They could see or hear no one else around.

"Surely you can spare just one. You see, we have nowhere to go and we are tired. If we cannot stay here, we will have to sleep outside. Will it not look bad to guests to see three women sleeping on the ground outside?"

At first the man made no response to the redhead's request. His face didn't change at all, but then he got angry and agitated and again glanced toward the door behind him. After a time, he again addressed them. "Fine. Very well. I can spare a room for one night. No. I take that back. I can spare two rooms. You will need both unless you intend to sleep on the floor. One room has two beds, but the other only one. The second is a small room and the bed is short. Those accommodations look accurate for the three of you."

"Are they close together?"

"Only about half of a hallway apart. And they're on the same floor as the women's bath."

"Is that sufficient for you Wendy?" "I would rather be next to you, but this is for the job. I'll do it." Wendy answered Erza, but she didn't like the idea of being by herself in an inn with monsters. Especially with Charle sick and back at the guild hall.

"Then, we will take them."

"Allow me to summon the bellhop," he said in that drawn out tone and then disappeared into the room behind him. In the room, a man sat at a desk and was unsure. He was upset and worried. He was also excited. He knew the three. Fairy Tail. Dangerous wizards, not to be messed with. {Oh well} he thought, {I just have to keep them distracted. Might as well have fun with it}. "Be gone," he whispered quietly, and then, "Monster make: Satyr."

"Follow me," a voice called from the stairs. They hadn't heard him come down them and wondered how long he had been there. He was of average height but strange build. The top half of his body was broad and muscular and tall, his legs short and too thin. He wasn't an attractive man, but his face was wild in a way that made him hard to turn away from. Behind glasses, his eyes were a bright grey. The three girls picked up their things and carefully followed the man up the stairs. Three stories up, he led them into a hallway that went an equal distance left and right. It was old and dingy but clean.

"Allow me to show you the baths first." He spoke with a smooth voice that didn't match his appearance.

The three Fairy girls perked up. They had had a long journey, and a hot bath sounded nice.

"We apologize about before," he continued as he led them left to the end of the hall, "the building is undergoing maintenance and the bottom floors can't be used. We can only rent out the top. The clerk did not know these were ready."

Lucy thought that it sounded like an odd excuse. Erza didn't like the feel of the magic in the building but was too hung up on the thought of a bath to notice. Wendy was chewing her nails and glancing around for monsters.

The bath was much nicer than they expected, and all three were looking forward to it as he led them back to the right past the stairs. "This is your room," he said to Erza and Lucy and opened the door. "Yours is down there at the end. Go ahead, and I will be there to open the door."

An aura of fear surrounded Wendy's head, but she headed down the hallway as told.

As Lucy went across the room to set her stuff down, Erza decided to address the monsters with the bellhop. "Have you noticed anything strange happening here?"

"Oh, you must mean the monsters. That is a rumor started by a competitor. Please pay no mind." When he removed his glasses, it revealed that his eyes were not bright gray, but a very light, bright blue. "You have nothing to worry about. You should take a bath and relax."

Those were the words he said, and the words she heard, but what she thought was something different and unexpected. Instead of imagining how good the water would feel, she saw Lucy standing naked under a shower. Her ample breasts glistened with drops of water as she put her head back and rinsed her hair. Her face showed how good the water felt to her body. That water rolled down over her shoulders, around her hardened breasts, down her stomach, and flowed over the channel between her thighs. The image changed and she imagined herself sitting beneath water. Her body was warmed and heated by the water as it rolled warm over her own breasts and down between her thighs, where an intense sexual pleasure surged back up in electric bursts.

Erza found herself back in the room. The heat in her body remained. The bellhop was across the room and approaching Lucy. Erza wasn't sure what had just happened, but the images continued to flash through her mind. Lucy was bent over and dealing with some of their gear, and she couldn't help but take in the girl's generously developed body. She couldn't help but wonder how she would look in that position without her clothes on. Had she ever had sex in that position?

{What is wrong with me? I need a bath}. Erza took a change of clothes and headed down the hall. The thoughts of Lucy and a near unbearable physical need went with her.

As Erza made her way down the hall and struggled with how to deal with her sudden needs, Lucy finished with her work and thanked the bellhop. He smiled, and it stretched his wild face. "You do not need to thank me." The man removed his glasses and Lucy was shocked by the bright blue eyes that they hid. "You need only to enjoy your stay."

Lucy began to answer but lost her voice and thought in those eyes. She pulled her gaze away and was surprised to find steam rising around her. The room was filled with it. Shocked, she looked for the bellhop for answers. She found bright blue eyes. She stared into them, but she was no longer standing. She was laid across a luxurious bed, and the bellhop was no longer speaking of business, but of other things. She couldn't understand them, but they were driving her mad. Lucy gazed into those eyes. They were not the eyes of a bellhop but of her lover. His body hovered over her, and then he was thrusting. Deep and slow. It happened in a flash, but it felt to her as if they had been at it for hours. Lucy thrust her own hips upward, his speed and force far from enough for her. She was on the verge of losing it.

"Is everything ok?"

"Yes. Perfect."

{Wait. What am I thinking about!?}

"I'm sorry. I must have zoned out there."

"No need to apologize. I'm sure you're tired. Perhaps a bath?"

"That does sound like a good idea. Thank you."

"Of course." The man stepped out into the hall.

Lucy tried to shake the odd feeling. She had never imagined sex like that before. She had thought of sex with many people, but never so passionately. The only person she had ever imagined being so intimate with, so passionate with was Natsu. Oh and Gray, but even then, Natsu had been there in that fantasy too. She shook it off and headed for the shower. She thought it wrong to think about, but she wanted to remember it anyway. Her body wanted it to be real. {Erza!?} Lucy was confused. No matter how hard she tried to remember the unexpected fantasy, she couldn't remember his face or his eyes. She couldn't even remember why she wanted to remember his gray eyes. But she could remember other things. The passion. The sweat. The need. The oncoming orgasm. But when she tried to remember her lover, all she could see was Erza. Her hard, naked body. Her smiling but also demanding face. Logically the fantasy and Erza did not go together. Emotionally and physically, the two felt perfect. A deep ache for physical touch throbbing inside her, Lucy entered the already steamy bath.

At the end of the hall, Wendy waited. She watched as the wild and a little scary bellhop walked her way. Lucy disappeared into the bath, leaving only her and the bellhop.

"I am sorry for your wait. I needed to see that your companions were taken care of." He said as he unlocked the door and opened it.

"It's ok. Thank you."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me take that for you." The bellhop jerked up her luggage like it weighed nothing and carried it in.

"Oh. You dropped these."

"Thank you. They have a habit of falling."

{Blue eyes. I didn't notice.}

"Is there anything else that I can help you with?"

Wendy heard the question but didn't answer. She blushed and looked away when she realized she was staring at his eyes. But they were so pretty. She couldn't help another look. She felt her face must be red when she realized that she had stopped staring at his eyes, and her gaze had drifted down to his muscled chest. She quickly returned to his face to answer and thank him. She said nothing. Her gaze drifted again. Down over his muscled chest and arms, past his stomach, and then settled on his waist. Her eyes widened and a small gasp escaped her throat at the sight of the bulge she found there. {NO.NO.NO.NO.} She looked back to his face to answer but glanced at his waist once more. She found that not only was the bulge not there, but his pants were loose and couldn't have outlined his bulge in the way she thought.

"Um thank you."

She managed to get an answer out, and he smiled. On their own, her eyes drifted again. Her breath caught as she found the man was wearing no clothes at all. His muscles were even more taught without a shirt. Wendy almost smiled as she realized what that must mean, and her eyes fell downward. Steam must have come out of her ears. Not only was he naked, but he was long, thick, and very erect. She stared openly and bit her lip. {NoNoNoNoNONO!}

She shook her head and found that he was still wearing the same clothes that he had been before.

"Um I'm sorry. I think I must be tired."

"I'm sure that you are. Please rest easy. I believe your friends are in the bath already."

He turned and left. As he shut the door, a series of images flashed in her mind. She imagined herself walking through the wall of her room. A tunnel. And then Lucy and Erza in the bath. Their bodies were wet and pressed firmly together. Their lips brushed lightly.

{NoNoNoNoNoNoNONONONO! What was that!?}

Wendy sat down on the bed and decided she really must be tired. Her face still felt red. The thought of Lucy and Erza crossed her mind again. And then the image of the bellhop's naked and massive erection. She wondered if Lucy or Erza could handle something like that. She was sure it wouldn't fit in her. The images flashed again. Lucy. Erza. Bellhop. She sighed, glanced around, and slid her skirt up her thighs. She was not surprised to see a wet spot blossoming on her panties. She shook her head and fixed her skirt. Another image flashed. This one of her walking through the wall. {I'm here on guild business. Maybe this is a clue}. She stood and walked across the room. She put her hand to the wall just like in the image, and a door slid open. Behind it, a tunnel lead back down the hallway. She glanced back in the room, clenched her fist for courage, and followed the tunnel.

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