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Fog rolled over the ground, between rotting trees and stone-cold markers, against an ink-black sky with a fully risen moon. The grass wet with dew, slithering between old and new alike. A black boot stomped down maniacal laughter. Flames as high as the dead branches on the old oak tree crackled against the sky.

The new pro heroes had no idea what they were in for this Halloween, but even he knew something spooky was in the works. 


"Seriously, something weird has been going on and now they're calling in pro heroes?!" 

"Katsuki, they can't help it. He is a villain and only appeared this month. Now it's Halloween..."

"It's childish...probably just kids playing pranks!"

"We didn't do this stuff, and hurry up and get your robes on!"


Bakugo groaned, holding up the costume for the party. Rias was already getting ready for it. Unlike the retired pro heroes, the new heroes went out for particular things and of course, there was a Halloween Party in the old house down on Dead Man's Road. 

"Dead Man's road, of al things to name it!"

"Talk to the dead man then who named it."

Sighing, he put the black, gold and white outfit on, his covering so much more than hers. 

"I think the habit is the only thing that covers you at all..."

She made a face at him before fixing it to her head, then hiding pieces of her pro hero outfit under her costume that she could. Bakugo doing the same thing before they left the house, leaving the children in the care of her mother, the ex-pro hero Animorph. Walking together down the street, they talked back and forth before meeting up with other pro heroes. Talking amongst each other, everyone agreed how it was odd that this villain only came out for a holiday.

"Holiday...we didn't get school off for this!"

Many laughed at Bakugo's outburst, those having gone to school with him just shook their heads. 


Looking around the old house, Midoriya went up to his frenemy. 

"Kacchan...can you and Rias lookout in the graveyard?"

"Graveyard? What the hell are you talking about you idiot."

Midoriya took him to the window, showing him the graveyard. Bakugo's jaw dropped as others gathered to look.

"I think it's a family plot," Midoriya said.

"Family Plot my ass! That's an acre!"


Walking among the stones and fog, both Rias and Bakugo were on edge. They knew the villain was out there, but this atmosphere was creepy as hell. He could see Rias in the distance, no problem, with that costume of hers, but she was the only one he could see. But not the only he could feel. He knew someone else was there, and he whirled around, expecting to find someone. Lightning cracked above their heads as they heard a burst of laughter filling the void around them.

"If it's not Bakugo and Rias!"

Wondering how this guy knew their names, they both whirled, and instantly Bakugo let fly an explosion from his hands. Rias jumped, shocked as seeing this man. He looked like some sort of magician with a pumpkin for a face, not head, his face only. 

"Welcome to my home!" He yelled out, throwing his arms out in a flamboyant manner, "I take it everything is to your liking?!"

"Creepy isn't my thing..." Bakugo said, his eye twitching as Rias joined up to him.

"Are you here to exorcist me!? I daresay you wouldn't get so far!"  Maniacal laughter filled the dead, disappearing from view, leaving the two heroes to turn every which way to find him, "Course you are more than welcome to! Though I must say, I much prefer her." Laughter once again filled his ears, pissing Bakugo off every millisecond he heard it.

"YOU BASTARD!" He yelled out, blowing the tree to pieces. 

Rias tried to summon some plants from the ground, but ith so little, she couldn't do much. She eyed the tree he was on and hoped a little of it was at least alive. She found some weeds by the trunk, using those to create ropes, as weak as they were, but hopefully, Bakugo's explosions would bring everyone around for help.

"WHERE IS EVERYONE!?" Bakugo yelled out, beyond angry.

Rias also looked around, realizing no one could hear her, and she couldn't see the house. They were trapped. 

"What's wrong? Isn't the graveyard a...what you call it, romantic place?" 

"Do you have to laugh after every time you say something..."

Bakugo slowly backed up to keep Rias behind him, trying to find a patch of whatever in this place. Everything seemed dead. 

"Anything you can use?" Bakugo quietly asked.

"Not without trying to find a way out of here for something alive..."

And of course, that was impossible.

"Oh, is this game not so fun for you? Such a shame! Maybe if I made it a tad bit easier?" The villain asked, laying in thin air, a leg crossed over the other and his head resting on the palm of his hand, "What if I sent you home!"

"WAIT!" They both cried out. 

Rias looked around what she thought was her home, her back against Bakugos. She could see pumpkin vines growing around the walls, seemingly bringing them closer. 


"This isn't home...and you know that as well as I do." He said, slipping on one of his grenades. 

Keeping that thing hidden wasn't easy, but the gown part of the costume of his made it a bit easier. He knew he could use it, but he also had his other grenades. Peering around, they tried to find an exit or at least something to indicate one. 

"Aren't we having fun!?" A voice fille the room, making them look at each other.

"...I'm gonna kill him."

"Katsuki be nice..."



He looked at her, putting his arms out with a look on his face, making her giggle just a bit

"Hey, she's laughing!"

"...Gonna kill him."

Rias blew some air out, wondering how the rest were dealing with this fool. And how to get rid of him.

"Fuck it, I'm blowing this room apart."

"Wait! Katsuki!"

"Oh, marvelous idea!"

Blowing the room to pieces revealed what pissed Bakugo off even more.


"Don't y ou LOVE my design?!"


Rias uncomfortably stood by, staring at the lewd design from the inside of this pumpkin they were in. 

"Bakugo...let's climb out..."


"Just get out of here!"

Bakugo raised his arm, blowing a hole out through the other side and crawling out, looking around this massive jack o lantern for this creep. 

"Ow! That was the back of my head!"

Jumping Rias started to run, leaving Bakugo to race around the pumpkin to see a laughing face.


Looking around for the woman he loved, Bakugo ran off to find her, the laughter of this mad man rang in his ears. Seeing a way out, he turned, "WHO ARE YOU!?"

"My dear boy! You will find out next time won't you!?"

Rushing out of the graveyard, he finally found her. 

"Bakugo...I got a feeling he's not a villian...or even a being at all..."

"How do you get that idea?!"

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