Sticking with Tradition

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They may have lived in America for the time being, but Aina still wanted to abide by the Japanese Tradition. She peered around the corner, seeing Toshinori studying at the desk. His large frame wasn't hard to miss, not even here in California. He had the book on the table, flat, sitting straight up, with a pen in his hand. He was fiddling with it, something he would do to keep his mind on the task at hand. If it was one thing Aina knew about her husband, it was the fact he was all brawn, hardly any brain. 
She looked at the little bag of chocolates in her hands, then out at him again. She knew she could use her quirk to give it to him, but it was less...personal if that was the case.
"What are you doing, Psionic?"
Aina nearly shot out of her skin, and she muckled her friend by the arm and dragged him out of the library and into the hall. Toshinori peered up from his spot at the desk, having heard something, but upon not seeing anything after staring at the spot for a good five minutes, he returned to his studying.
"David! Are you trying to spoil this!?"
"I'm sorry, but be honest it appeared to be creepy."
"...I was trying to figure out how to go about giving Toshi some chocolate."
"...Isn't it customary, on Valentine's day, for HIM to give YOU candy?"
Aina sweatdropped, she hadn't thought of that. Forgetting the cultural difference as to how the holiday runs for both areas. She sighed and dropped her head.
"In Japan, Valentine's day is a bit...different."
"Ok? Explain it then."
"See...February is our Valentine's day, where we give gifts and whatnot, usually, a female will gift the guy or her partner. Which is what I' trying to do. However, in one month, we have a day called White Day where those gifts are...well...basically we have a day where we give gifts on Valentine's day, then we have a day where the appreciation for those gifts is returned on White Day."
Aina stared at her friend and husband's sidekick. 
"Ok, let me see if I have this right. Today, you give All Might chocolates, and in one month, exactly one month, meaning March 14th, he turns around and gives you a present."
"Yeah. We've done this since first grade but he always forgets today."
"...Honestly, let me ask you something. Do you EXPECT something in return?"
"No..." Aina lowered her hands and looked at the box in them, "I usually like to spoil him a bit...but he always will return with a gift. I'm not one for gift giving so Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's and White Day are usually awkward for me."
"Ah. Things are different culturally, aren't they? Between our two places of life."
"Need help?"
"..Actually yeah, can you distract him?"

"Hey! All Might!"
Toshinori looked up once again, this time his sight focusing on his best friend and sidekick, David. 
"Hi, David!"
David sat down opposite his friend, looking at everything is strewn about.
" missed another lecture."
Toshinori put his face in his hand, having forgotten about the lecture.
"How much trouble am I in..."
"Luckily I think little to none, a lot of students missed it, but the lecturer was chalking it up to a lot being tired and/or studying."
"How mad is Aina?"
"...She's not with you?"
The blond's head snapped up, his blue eyes wide and instantly worried. David wondered if this idea was gonna work or if they'd be through before the day was over. 
"...No...she never misses the lectures... You know that!" Toshinori stood up quickly, his chair flying back and smashing against the wall.
From the other side of the room, Aina kinda realized this was a really bad idea. With her lover that worried, she probably should have thought this through some more. She quickly started to walk out when David stood up and put his arms out.
"Look, I'm sure she's fine. She's probably out shopping! Lots of sales today!"
"Sales for what!?"
"Well...the president's day sales!"
Aina nearly felt like murdering the guy, knowing he nearly gave it away.
"...Say that again?"
David quickly explained the day to Toshirnoi, well at the same time Aina was listening in, and even checking her phone for such sales.
"I think I'm going to call her and make sure..." 
Aina's head snapped up. She quickly rushed out of the library and into the hall, hoping she had enough time to get as far as she could so that he couldn't hear her. She got just outside the building when the call came through. She quickly answered it.
Toshinori was relieved to hear her voice, "Hi, are you near the university?"
"Yup. I'll be home shortly."
After hanging up, David got quite a cuss filled text. 

Toshinori sighed as he opened the door to their shared apartment. He glanced at the temperature while he took his shoes off, slipping on the slippers he stored by the door. Even if they were in America now, some habits were just too hard to break. He stretched as he set his book bag by the door and walked into the living area, and quickly realized there were no bags to be seen. He slowly walked into the kitchen where he saw Aina making something for dinner.
"Aina...did you go shopping today?"
"For dinner, yeah."
"Nowhere else?"
"Nah, I know what you're getting at," Aina said as she went to her bag near the table, and dug something out. 
He watched as she walked over to him, putting a box of candy in his hands, "Happy Valentine's day." She stood up on a chair to kiss his cheek, "No thanks to David."
Toshinori started to laugh, now he understood why David was trying very hard to not laugh after looking at his phone prior. Then he stopped once he realized...he forgot again.
She laughed and patted him on the arm. He just hung his head and shook it, wondering how he forgot...again. She went back to the stove, serving them up some food from their home country that she had made.

At least he had a month to figure it out. But he didn't know what to get her. This was their first time doing this as a married couple, course it had to be a bit special. He was wandering the halls after class, looking for David. 
"I just don't know what to get her...before it was cute teddy bears, fun that we're married..."
"You know, I think she'd be happy with another teddy bear or even a night out on the town, just the two of you. I mean, she usually doesn't expect anything in return, right?"
"Not usually no."
"Not usually?"
"...Well, that's not to say this time she is."
David looked up at the giant of a man. He normally would know the man to be intimidating, however, Toshinori was nothing but a massive teddy bear himself. 
"Well, you can be traditional, pick her up some flowers, chocolates, take her out to a nice restaurant."
"...What are the other options?" 

Now David had to wonder about this. How the hell did they end up in this shop in particular, and how was this huge man oblivious to what else was in it? He was looking through shirts, not seeing the back of the shop. 
"Toshinori..maybe we should leave," David said, eying some...products.
"Why's that?" He asked, picking out a few shirts that he knew Aina would love.
"...We just should." David went to pull his friend away when he looked in that direction.
"What are those?"
Toshinori took a closer look, quickly bought the couple shirts he had intended to buy and they left in a hurry. 

Hiding the gift bag in the closet that he knew she never opened, Toshinori could only hope that the coming month would prove to be easier to go along with this idea than what he was thinking of in his head. 

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