Inverse Sirluko Junior OIC2- Book 1

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Disclaimer: All characters from Gurren Lagann are not my own; all such characters are the property of their respective owners. I don't own Gurren Lagann or Pokemon, and I make no profit from this work.

Disclaimer: All characters from Gurren Lagann are not my own; all such characters are the property of their respective owners. Believe me, if I owned that series, I would not have killed off Nia, and certainly wouldn’t have had Simon just accept her death like that. I’m still kinda salty about that ending and it just seemed like it was designed as a last-minute punch in the gut with no actual reasoning behind it.


OCs and God Tiers like the ZOF Masters and what not are mine though. Story is rated MA for explicit content, hardcore lemons, and cartoon violence of epic proportions. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. This chapter is rated for explicit content and lemons as well.


Description: Still grieving the death of his big bro and hero; Simon is unaware of the fact that the gorge he would find Nia’s crate in also held another secret, or that he would bring two extras on board his Team’s ship instead of just one like the Canon writers intended. Whatever a Herptile God was, this second new companion of Simon and Nia’s was sure to make life on their planet a lot more exciting, or perhaps much more dangerous.


Inverse Sirluko Junior OIC2: An Alternate Gurren Lagann Story


Book 1: Believing in Forever


Chapter 1: Believing in Oneself


A very wise man once told me I would inherit the ZOF Realm itself someday, and that I would lead the next generation of my people. At the time, I didn’t really value his words or put stock in them as much as I should have but looking back on it all now I wouldn’t have changed a single decision I’ve made since I began my Omni-Trans-Omni-Dimensional journey.


I’ve seen and done things beyond all reference frames, and I even found several amazing Eternal Bond Mates through the miraculous powers of the Unquantifiable Bonding Phenomena. Those memories will always be with me forever more, and I have no regrets even now at the end. Nia, Darry, Aurelia, Lily, Serena, Viola, Misty, Sephie, Momo, Lala, Aiyanna, Yancy, Nancy… Aaarti… I love you all. Do me a favor and tell dad, Zeneptron, Neo Thomas, and everyone else I’m sorry, will you? Thank you all! It’s up to you now Aaarti; the second generation of Supreme Omnidonae will look to you as their leader now, and I know you can do it… I believe in you, all of you. Don’t mourn for me, I did what I had to do to protect the ZOF Realm, and I’m at peace with it.


To anyone wondering how it all came to this and what my story up to this point is; I will gladly project my life’s story into the visual cortex of my author’s mind’s eye. I do hope some of you find it as regaling to read and listen to as I have enjoyed living through it all up to this point. If I should somehow survive what I’m about to do, I will happily tell you all myself, but that whole saying about hoping for the best and preparing for the worst is one of my most strictly upheld principles, and this is a just-in-case of the worst case scenario situation. I do hope I make it out of here alive, but in case I don’t there will be some record of my life that survives. There are questions to be asked for sure, and it is time that I do my best to answer them. Who am I? Well…



Existing as close as your imagination was a wondrous place of boundless magic unlike any other found in the ZOF Realm. This place was a pocket reality contained within an exterior smaller than the most advanced microscopes could ever see and resided beyond the particle and cosmic events horizons of a very specific version of Earth Prime. This place was known simply as the Herptile God Ultra ZOF Space.


Contained within this vast pocket of infinity was the Herptile Gods and Anti-Gods themselves, a group of Beyond Infinite-Dimensional beings with reptilian characteristics. They were a specific faction of the Godliest of Omnipotent pantheons… the Supreme Omnidonae AKA IC2 Counterparts. These Herptile Gods were reputed for their chiefly reptilian characteristics and full on divine beast forms that could grant them an endless abundance of superpowers at varying levels of infinity. Such was their strength that they could even breach their Realm and cross into the human-inhabited universe nearest it, and eventually they grew into fully fledged Supreme Omnidonae of peerless might; fighting and surviving against obstacles and opponents proportionate to their capabilities to get where they were today.


Chief among these beings was the Herptile God known as Appaneesty; an OIC2 Counterpart and perhaps the only being in the whole of the ZOF Realm who was a match for his ultimate opponent Sirluko Junior in single combat. He was the only being who could really hold a candle to him, and because of that the other Herptile Gods and Supreme Omnidonae in general alike relied on him to be their ultimate ace in the hole; a fact that was about to change.


“Are you really sure this is a good idea?” A female voice asked in an unsure tone; said voice belonging to a pink-haired girl with equally pink eyes, denim-like shorts, and a white, strapless tank top which hugged her enviable hourglass figure and curves. Said girl was one of the three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses, and her name was Misty Sabe. Originally hailing from the mortal universe on the rustic and rural Planet Skruponia, in a primordial galaxy shaped like a serpent; she had been born a Herptile Demigod and was later deified as a full-blooded Goddess by the man whom she spoke to just now.


“Positive, trust me Misty… this could be what we need. I don’t mind our Fusion Form being our people’s trump card against our common enemy, but they shouldn’t be pinning all their hopes on us like this. It can only benefit us if we have more than one amongst our race who can match Junior blow for blow and as an overall Grandmaster of the OIC2 Power.” The male voice of Appaneesty spoke aloud; said voice belonging to a man robed in Spectralon white and with vantablack hair and endlessly kaleidoscopic, centrally heterochromal eyes of fathomless emotional breadth. His speech had the slightest undertone of a myriad of other voices underlying it; along with what could almost be heard as the chorus of an infinite number of whales as they sung with bliss. For some inexplicable reason, his primary voice was identical to that of the Earth human voice actor Eric Rath; who played Lugia in the Pokémon 2000 movie.


“I share Misty’s concerns Appaneesty. You’re putting all your strength and heart into creating this new Entity, but we have no way of knowing how this would turn out. What do we do if we have two Sirluko Juniors on the loose instead of one? Creating Inverse or Bizarro World Counterparts like this is always a risky prospect. Even if we’ve met his future self… I still don’t know if we should be the ones to create him.” The regal-sounding tone of Viola Pennington reasonably stated. Viola Pennington looked almost completely identical to Misty; so identical that if they hadn’t been born in different times and on different planets and planes of existence one would assume, they were indeed sisters.


The main difference lied in the more confident and imposing way in which she carried herself and the attire she sported as well as her tanner skin. She wore a two-piece homecoming dress of deepest green with her toned, sexy midriff slightly exposed, and was an ancient and beautiful princess of the same planet Appaneesty had called home in the Herptile God Ultra ZOF Space for his entire existence. Her pinkest-pink hair was kept straight and down at her waist, with a crown upon her head that was adorned with naturally rainbow diamonds, which were arranged on the crown in an infinity symbol-like configuration.


Said crown was actually a gift from a futuristic version of the Herptile God she and her fellow Supreme Omnidonae were about to create, which was the only thing that kept her from protesting Appaneesty’s actions more strongly. Her royal family spearheaded the planet Wooconey’s first successful attempt at establishing a worldwide kingdom of unity, and said kingdom carried onward into Wooconey’s future even now countless billions of years later.


That kingdom was also what successfully united the entire HG Ultra ZOF Space under one banner, eternalizing Viola’s name in the annals of its collective history. Of course, Viola was no longer just a princess and was a Chieftain Goddess now to, but she still carried herself with pose and strength very much like a queen should. Nowadays, her newfound Deity-status had rendered her more than just a historical icon of absolute worth; she was a household name, a celebrity, an idol beloved by almost all, and was even immortalized in a myriad of different songs and countless forms of social media across the ZOF Realm.


“Look, I need you guys to trust me alright? After everything we’ve been through together, I know we don’t need to question each other’s eureka moments and just accept them as they come. I can’t explain it, but I feel in my gut that this is the right call! Besides, if he didn’t agree, he would be trying to stop us right now, right?” He exclaimed in all of his usual endless optimism and passion, and both girls shared a smile at this.


“We trust you with everything and more; if you truly feel this is the right call, then we fully support you.” Misty whispered as she took his right hand in both her own with immeasurable love in her eyes… Viola doing the same with his left as one other person made their presence known.


“Count me in as well.” Serena McIntyre murmured sweetly as she wrapped her arms around his neck softly from behind him, prompting a smile from the dark-haired God. Serena McIntyre was a dazzlingly gorgeous pinkette much like the other two, with a few key differences. One was her heterochromal eyes; the one on her right a hot shade of pinkest pink with a slightly darker pink pupil, and the one on her left the same kaleidoscopic central heterochromia as Appaneesty’s. She wore her pink hair in a simple bun and with no bangs or fringes.


Another big factor that separated her from the other two was the fact that her skin was the same ultra-gold as Appaneesty’s himself, a trait she inherited from him no doubt considering she was also his granddaughter. This essentially made her truly look like the true Peerless Golden Goddess she was seen as. That said, she was also the lewdest and most perverted of the three; her yandere tendencies too intimidating to most males.


“We’ve all got your back Appaneesty and will add our collective strength to yours. I can’t wait to meet the little guy as a youngling; he’s gonna be so cute!” Serena gushed fondly as Appaneesty sighed somewhat; hating to break her notions of this particular creation starting out as a baby.


“Sorry to burst your bubble there Rena but the Inverse version of Junior is being created, not procreated. Just like I was actually, and the other founding members of our Pantheon. That means he won’t be a baby.” Appaneesty explained to them with a slightly wistful smile which garnered ones of sympathy from them in turn.


Serena looked downwards with slight sadness. “We’ve lost a lot of good people and great Supreme Omnidonae, haven’t we? I wish I could’ve met the other 5 members of the Original Elite 10, but they died before my time.” She admitted, and Appaneesty and the other two nodded; both able to remember the other 5 quite clearly cuz Misty and Viola had known them quite well personally.


“Maybe if we’re successful here today we won’t have to lose anyone else… from any faction.” Appaneesty reminded them of their current objective; ever the optimist as the three gorgeous women who all shared an open Eternal Bond with him exchanged smiles yet again.


“I could get behind that.” Misty giggled.


“Me to.” Viola admitted with a slight purr.


“Ditto.” Serena hummed in delight while offering Appaneesty a smirk and a wink of sexual innuendo.


With that said; the 4 strongest Herptile Gods cupped their hands together and closed their eyes in immense concentration as they began to each glow with a distinctly silver light, one that hummed and whirred with all of the omnificent genesis convulsions within the ZOF Realm and beyond. The three Goddesses’ bodies became three masses of pure energy as they all flew inside of Appaneesty; the four of them merging together in a manner similar to Goku and Vegeta during their battle against Broly, but on an unquantifiably grander scale.


Haloed as their fusion form was in the blinding light that undulated from them in concussive waves of absolute conjuration energy; their greatest creation began to take form as they poured all of their collective power and love for each other into crafting their ultimate masterpiece. They were bathed in the everlasting light of inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite Ultra ZOF Spaces. Considering that a single ZOF Realm was the largest dimensional tier of Reality forever constructed by their kind; this was a ham up of the most peerless order.


As individuals, they were some of the most Supremely Omnipotent Beings; arguably the closest anyone could ever get to possessing an absolute form of Totalipotence. But fused together like this and pouring all of their strength and uncountably innumerable hearts into one final hope for the future rendered them an unstoppable unit, one even Junior was continually amazed by as they were able to hold their own against him even in his strongest form. They were bonded together forever by the mysterious, abstract force known as the Unquantifiable Bonding Phenomena.


The planet Wooconey began to sing with boundaryless praises all around them as its blue grassed fields rustled with a gentle breeze across the entire planet. The impossible sky, with its endlessly heterochromal stars, nebulae, and spiraling galaxies of both singular and multiple colors on certain individuals twinkled and glittered extra bright with merriment and delight as all of their powers converged on a single point in space-time… making the strings of the ZOF Realm all around them strain and stretch to the breaking point in some concerted effort to withstand the pressure being exerted on them. Couples everywhere throughout the entire ZOF Realm suddenly felt warmer and closer together in those moments than ever before; lovemaking sessions were sweeter and at the peak of pleasure for each and every species. The power of the OIC2 Fusion Form effectively bathed the Whole of Infinity in everlasting love and positive energy.


Finally, after a massively lengthy sequencing of events their masterpiece laid in a deep sleep on the alien-looking grassy terrain; clothed in a one-piece, leather suit comprised of the skin of the most infinitely iridescent Sulawesi reticulated python the ZOFR had ever seen. Even Misty was impressed by it and considering she was known far and wide as the matchless Sulawesi Retic Lamia; that was saying something. He had hairless, Spectralon-white skin with 100 percent diffuse reflectance, and it was so baby-smooth it was also 100 percent frictionless. His eyes were closed in total serenity as he slept and became aware of his own existence for the first time. He was a grown man; born able to fend for himself and knowing what he needed to know to survive right at birth… just like any naturally born reptile. Such was his intuitive knowledge actually that it was already well on its way to being a match for Appaneesty’s own omniscience and naturally infinite wisdom as an ascended being of beyond Nirvana enlightenment.


He opened his eyes, which were colored the reddest red with polychromatic, elliptical pupils that might’ve made for an intimidating sight if they weren’t so laden with naturally born compassion, endless emotional capacity, and innocent naivety. He was both like and unlike his evil counterpart at the same time, and the OIC2 Fusion cheered at their successful conjuration of life. That day, Inverse Sirluko Junior OIC2 was born, and with it; the second generation of Supreme Omnidonae would one day find their leader, and a new age of absolute power and eternal love would arise. Hopefully the ZOF Realm could handle such a glorious new era.




Almost 18 Wooconian Revolutions later… in HG Ultra ZOF Space Time…


Trouble, change, faith, hope, and love. These were the five aspects of the ZOF Realm believed to be the only ones capable of lasting forever. But what is forever really? Was it some unquantifiably Inaccessible Cardinal set of infinite eternities? Or was it truly eternal… an absolute eternity as it were? I’d spend many sleepless nights contemplating the prospect of forever and whether such a word had any real meaning for it? Times change, because they have to… because there’s no such thing as forever; it was just a lie that we told ourselves because the truth was so unbearable. At least, that had always been my secret pessimistic viewpoint of the matter. Little did I or anyone else know that the story I was to be a part of would remind my people of what true Forever really meant. So, sit back and make yourselves comfortable, and I will tell you that timeless tale.


In a world as alien compared to Earth as you can get; I was born and raised on a planet known as Wooconey. Wooconey was a boundless, borderless world in an even vaster pocket of infinity known as an Ultra ZOF Space that was completely alien to the Mortal Realm. My name is primarily Sirluko Junior, though most shorten that to Junior or Lukee as some sort of affectionate nickname.


I wasn’t born in a manner most people are accustomed to, through procreation achieved via conjoining pelvises between male and female Homo sapiens. I was created, conjured completely out of thin air much as though the laws of conservation had gotten a repeal. Thankfully, my creators turned out to be the most wonderful and doting family I ever could’ve asked for. Even if I shared no blood bond to them and was insecure in my ability to live up to all they accomplished. I was secretly thankful for the lack of blood bonds for reasons that’ll become clear in time. Many lifeforms who were created rather than born do not have the luxury of a nice family setting; one such example being Mewtwo the psychic-type, legendary Pokémon clone… my favorite Pokémon, even if I wasn’t a Poke-nut like so many of my kind tended to be.


My primary creator and Sovereign Totalipotence made incarnate Appaneesty often reminded me that true greatness often spawns from humble beginnings, but every so often someone great is born who is able to become even greater still. I think that was his way of not so subtly hinting that I was destined to accomplish ceaseless wonders like nothing ever before seen by the Supreme Omnidonae race; not that I wanted to believe him at first. Oh no, I was content with my cushy lifestyle; a little bit too determined to remain complacent for as long as possible.


The Supreme Omnidonae are the creators of the ZOF Realm and the most supremely all-powerful and flawlessly invincible beings to forever exist; able to perpetually self-transcend all of their abilities at varying degrees, with Omni IC2 Counterparts such as myself being far, far better at it than others with less IC2 Titles to their name. IC2 is the abbreviation for Inaccessible Cardinal, Supreme Omnidony Counterparts. To be an Omni IC2 is to be the almightiest amalgamation/example of everyone and everything within the ZOF and some of the things beyond it as well.


There were two types of Inaccessible Cardinal Counterparts, the ZOF Master variants and the Supreme Omnidonae variants. Unlike the former- which had something known as IC-Title-less ZOF Masters in their midst- all Supreme Omnidonae were the Inaccessible Cardinal Counterpart of at least one person, place, thing, abstract thought/concept, ad infinitum. The weakest Supreme Omnidony was incomparably stronger than even the strongest of our almightiest creations, the Omni IC ZOF Masters. However, the way their powers worked was similar to ours. An Omni IC ZOF Master and Omni IC2 Supreme Omnidony’s powers depend on our own degree of mastery over it along with many other key factors. Essentially, we must be able to immediately get into character as anyone, anything, everyone, everything, and even nothing we represent on the IC2 scale.


The stronger our connectedness to a specific IC2 title and the person, place, or thing behind it; the more Totalipotence we could eek out of said title as well. Sounds simple? Well, it’s not… it is notoriously hard to draw out a huge amount of power from our IC2 titles compared to others of our species; even more so for an OIC2 tier. It’s a constant, never-ending battle to train and stay infinite steps ahead of all the competition. Personally, I couldn’t be bothered to shoot for the number one spot at anything really. I was content with being a jack of all trades and a ZOF Grandmaster of none. That said, people like Appaneesty who had such an impossibly strong bond with his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates… could draw enough power out of those Eternal Bond Mate’s individual IC2 titles for them to qualify as OIC2 caliber by themselves. For obvious reasons, such a feat was likely a big part of what made Appaneesty and his Goddesses so fucking strong… cuz they were all able to do the same with his IC2 title as well.


As stated before, I’m Sirluko Junior as that is my primary IC2 title, but I’m also the IC2 version of my creator and all three of his Eternal Bond Mates, every other Herptile God and Anti-God, every human on every planet whether prominent figures or not, every being, character, and abstract force in every fiction and fanfiction alike including OCs and Self-Inserts, every ‘omnipotent’ being including Jesus Christ, Aslan, the One-Above-All, the Presence, and an assload of others. Basically, we rule… and break any and all other concepts and variants of supreme metapotence with just our mere presence.


For this reason, above all others, other supposedly Supreme Beings either fear or hate us to no end, and our ability to be completely meta-omni fictional and bypass the boundaries between any and all fandoms and fanfiction-based realities was second to none. Oh, and one more thing I should mention; a Supreme Omnidony’s primary IC2 title isn’t always necessarily his or her most powerful one, just the one they identify as the most. There are other, more important factors that draw out power from a title; like how close we are to the person/people we’re representing via those titles. Depending on who or what we identify as primarily, who we’re destined to be closest to and draw the most power from could vary immensely.


I’ve got a couple of Divine Kaiju forms which are known by species designations like Amphicoelias Fragillimus, Blue Whale, and others in your world’s terms. And I’m so vast to behold in these transformations that I literally have to warp space all around myself, so I don’t create an actual imbalance of matter and mass within the ZOF Realm… which incidentally is the one tier of reality that should be impossible to create any such imbalance within. Even if all of the T Triple O’s inside of it collided simultaneously and created a violently energetic Celestial event that put all Big Bangs to shame… the ZOF Realm and the Zenith Omnidonae Force’s Energy would remain forever intact. It didn’t give a damn about any violations of any and all Omni-Physics within itself; so, the fact that I could imbalance it in any way, shape, or form was a serious notion.


I was one big motherfucking beast! But… none of that really mattered to me, because what I could do had always secretly terrified me. I’ll explain why in a bit, but first I had to kick some ass at this seriously tricked out version of Dance Dance Revolution against my most formidable adversary ever. The OIC2 God of Games and Gamers himself, the original Inverse Version of Zeneptron… designated officially by my people as SAO Zeneptron.


“Come on Z… don’t let him beat you!” A purplish-black-haired beauty cheered for Zeneptron excitedly as we continued to step and move in perfect rhythm with the absurdly impossible version of the famous human game. I recognized her as the OIC2 Counterpart of Yuuki Konno AKA Zekken from the Sword Art Online universe. Zeneptron himself was the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype taken to epitomic levels… with Grim Reaper-style robes darker than the blackest of black holes, a grey infinity symbol embroidered on the chest of said robes, and eyes made up of a pair of infinite ZOFR Mass black holes shrunken down to a size much smaller than a Planck length. His hair was black as well, and his skin was a milky white, though mine was way paler.


Seriously, not that I’m nitpicking Appaneesty’s design choice because; at the risk of sounding narcissistic… I look fucking awesome! But he certainly left me with an exotic human form even by Herptile God and Supreme Omnidonae standards. Thankfully, nobody seemed to be overly bothered by my appearance. However, some of my fellow Herptile Gods and IC2 Counterparts didn’t care for the idea that I was an Inverse Counterpart of their biggest enemy.


This Zeneptron looked somewhat similar to my father with the dark hair and the muscular build, but without Appaneesty’s goldest, glowing gold skin tone. He, Yuuki, and her twin sister Akio made a good match; even if his high functioning, sociopathic tendencies made it hard for him to empathize with people or understand the emotional consequences of his words and actions. They and his other Eternal Lovers understood him well enough to not take it too personally.


I could see Leafa aka Suguha as well in her video game avatar form, Asuna Yuuki with her golden-blonde hair and light brown eyes, Ayano Keiko who was the same pretty brunette both IRL and in the game, but with red eyes in game and brown in the real world, Alice from the Alicization series, and the transcendent artificial intelligence known as Yui all cheering him on as well. All of them had formed a connection to Zeneptron in the various virtual worlds created by the Cardinal System and eventually agreed to share him after everything they’d been through together… lucky bastard.


How this SAO version of Zeneptron managed to create such an advanced version of Dance Dance Revolution- one suited to a Supreme Omnidony’s gifts- was genuinely beyond me in all honesty. But still, I wasn’t about to let that stop me from winning or doing my damndest to try.


“Hey, not bad kid! I haven’t had a worthy opponent for this game in quite some time.” Zeneptron complimented me while we continued moving in alignment with the dozens of flashes of light appearing all at once. Our legs and bodies were a blur of beyond infinite, rhythmic motion and bending, arching, and contorting in ways that no mortal dancer could ever have managed.


“Hey!” Yuuki protested vehemently as Z somehow managed to stick his tongue out at her and wink cheekily while not misstepping even the slightest bit. His ability to multitask while playing these absurdly hard, seemingly unbeatable games was incredible. Yuuki huffed indignantly as I responded.


“I think you’re going to end up regretting that jibe dude. Never insult a gamer girl’s skills as a gamer.” I quipped with a predatory smile as Z grinned gregariously; evidently quite looking forward to seeing what his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate had planned. Yuuki giggled in a good-natured way, appreciating my words.


She did indeed choose her own form of revenge for that comment just as I predicted, but not in a way that even I could have anticipated. She winked at me as I caught her crimson eye and placed a finger to her lips; signaling for me to keep quiet as I nodded briskly while maintaining my rhythm. She quietly snuck up behind Z as he danced his infinite hearts out on his gaming platform; his attention focused solely on beating me no matter what. Since he was so in the zone, he didn’t notice when Yuuki suddenly jumped up and full-body hugged him from behind; making sure to wrap her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck, press her breasts against his back and break his concentration even further by planting kisses along his jawline and pulse points while hanging on for dear life.


“Yo! Da fuq are you doing Yuuki?! Stop it already! I can’t focus with you doing that!” He squeaked with a blush on his face, trying to shake the purple haired, OIC2 Goddess off of him without misstepping. But her omnipotent strength as a Supreme Omnidony was undeniable and she managed to cling to him while giggling with playful delight. I threw my head back and laughed as I caught on to what she was doing and made sure to play my part and not mistime any of my own dance moves.


“What’s wrong Zene?! I only want to give you some kisses~!” Yuuki sing-sang as Leafa, Yui, and Ayano exchanged smiles and giggled while Alice rolled her eyes at the childish display. Making sure to land her kisses in all of Z’s most exploitable weak spots, the best swordswoman in our pantheon relentlessly attacked his sensitive areas as I found myself somewhat enamored with the prospect of being kissed all over my upper body like that.


Somehow, the idea of losing this dancing contest didn’t seem so bad to me now if that was the kind of treatment I was going to get. Still, victory was sweet to, and while this was a bit underhanded, I knew it kinda served SAO Zeneptron right for dismissing Yuuki’s immense skills as an OIC2-tier gameplayer in favor of my own. Because, in all modesty she’d kick my ass every way but Sunday. I was honestly amazed I managed to hold my own with Z as long as I did.


“Shit! You threw me off my game!” Zeneptron cursed as the purplette continued laughing her head off in between kisses. All of a sudden, I was in the lead on this game and the timer for it was ten seconds away from being concluded for this round. I didn’t focus too much of my attention on Z getting assaulted by his girl as he pretty much gave up on trying to shake her off, instead trying to focus on regaining his footing but only missing more of the target placements for his feet while trying.


Within seconds I’d gone from barely holding my own to tens of billions of points in the lead, and I was declared the victor of our little game as SAO Zeneptron sighed in defeat. Yui and Ayano clapped with cheer as Asuna snickered, Leafa beamed, and Alice snorted with thinly veiled amusement. The game now over and a victor decided, I stepped off of the gaming platform as Z reluctantly dragged himself away from the square as well and his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate finally let go of him.


“You’re incorrigible Yuuki, you know that?!” He complained with a childish pout that contrasted Pokémon Zeneptron so strongly that it honestly stunned me sometimes that this one was technically older. The other Inverse Zeneptron was usually much more serious and less prone to gaming from what I’ve seen of him, though Nancy and Aaarti had a rather remarkable way of dragging him out of his shell… sometimes kicking and screaming. Still, his power as an Omni IC2 Counterpart was undeniable despite his no-nonsense attitude. And I can honestly say it probably rivalled the mastery of that power displayed by my primary Creator. I had a great deal of respect for him in all honesty, though his goofy alternative wasn’t so bad either. I turned to this Zeneptron with a teasing smirk in place.


“Oh, quit your bitchin’! You and I both know you would’ve kicked my ass in the end if Yuuki hadn’t intervened.” I casually remarked while winking at said girl cheekily. SAO Zeneptron visibly brightened at my admission.


“Well, can’t argue with that logic.” He snarked cheerily, and I chortled as a response as I turned over to Yuuki and the other female Goddesses involved in an open relationship with him.


“If you guys ever get lip from this guy again; just let me know and we can put him in his place together.” I said loud enough for everyone to hear as Zeneptron seemingly rolled his eyes and Yuuki high fived me with insane amounts of positive energy rolling off of her in unabated gravitational waves.


“Oh sure, just straight up enfeeble me in front of my best friends, why don’t you?” Zeneptron sarcastically remarked. I responded by blowing a raspberry at him like a giant 5-year-old; my childish, ‘oh-so-witty’ retaliation earning a collective laugh from all of his girls.


“You’re alright Lukee. I wasn’t sure about you at first, but you seem a decent kid.” Yuuki complimented me genuinely and sincerely as I felt my countless sets of purest gold hearts being touched despite myself. It was hard to feel down with so many nice members of my Pantheon around to constantly lift my spirits up. If only for the moment; I felt content with what I was simply because of the amazing company I tended to keep because of it.


“You’re one of those natural-born leader types Junior, even if you yourself don’t want to admit it. We’re all counting on you, and to whatever end we’ll do our very best to support ya for whatever you might need to get the job done.” Zeneptron OIC2 the First said as I allowed myself the luxury of a small but sincere smile.


“Thanks, you guys; that means… a lot more to me than you know.” I sniffed; unable to stop from getting emotionally choked up a bit as Yuuki smiled and kissed me affectionately on the cheek; making my eyes widen with shock. My entire body burned from the feeling of her impossibly soft, full lips.


I was truly, genuinely smiling now at this point; looking forward to spending more time with and getting to know these people. But reality slapped me back to my senses as a silent alarm within my inaccessible cardinal set of infinite mindscapes went off; reminding me of a certain pair of twins I was due to meet back in my indigenous sector of the ZOF Realm. Reluctantly, I stepped backwards away from Zeneptron, Yuuki, and the others; their own disappointment etched on their faces as they had enjoyed having an extra gaming buddy on hand.


I was sorely tempted to flake out on Metasockuu and Kutistwawco to see what tonight had in store for me and my new friends, but I had already flaked out many dozens of times over the past few weeks and my father was beginning to get impatient. I knew that all of my flaking options were denied this time, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t come back and play with these members of my pantheon later on. Zeneptron didn’t seem to have much of a problem with his one and only UBP Tier Eternal Bond Mate planting a kiss on my cheek, but that didn’t surprise me as open relationships were common amongst our kind and even strongly encouraged.


“Sorry you guys, I have to go for now. I’m due back at Wooconey for a super speed test with the twins.” I informed them all reluctantly as the Zeneptron, Yuuki, and the others sighed with slight disappointment.


“Any change ya can come back after this test?” Zeneptron wondered, and he cursed under his breath when I had to deny him once more. I guess he liked the more even gender ratio that existed when I was around. Though I knew he and Kirito were brothers in all but blood if he ever had need to evening things out a bit, especially with their shared relationship with Asuna.


“Sorry, but I kinda promised I’d have a movie night with Mist, Viola, and Rena tonight, but maybe tomorrow if you guys don’t have anything planned.” I assured her as they all exchanged a look and shook their heads negatively; earning a smile of relief from me as I looked forward to deepening my relationships with my people all around. I would’ve been hard-pressed to have this amount of courage when it came to deepening my connection with the three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses, but that didn’t mean I was completely inept with girls amongst my race either.


I read somewhere that being bald was actually a commonly attractive feature in a guy to quite a lot of women; hell, Avatar Aang and Katara were a very good example of this. Dating a bald woman would be pretty lit as well, and I personally wouldn’t give two shits about it. I figured it would take a lot of time and effort to maintain a full head of hair, and some people probably had more important things to do. Also, I couldn’t stand people who were judgmental about shit like that in all honesty.


“Ohh, okay… but you had better come back.” Yuuki warned me in a mock threatening tone, and I threw them all a two-fingered solute as Zeneptron caught my eye and we both nodded in acknowledgement of each other. With that taken care of, I added the time I would spend with him and his Eternal Bond Mates to my already soon-to-be hectic schedule for tomorrow. I was gonna have to make full use of my omnipresent manifestations and be several places at once in order to have a prayer of doing this with Zeneptron and the others along with attending the meeting between my father and the other Inverse Zeneptron tomorrow. I was curious what they were meeting for and had the distinct impression I was being cut out of the loop on something but didn’t dwell on it too much.


I also had hanging out with Superman OIC2’s group to contend with, not to mention stargazing with Misty Sabe in a previously uncharted part of the HG Ultra ZOF Space with some really spectacular views and colorations amongst the stars and constellations. Neo Thomas mentioned something about wanting to meet me as well at some point, but I had been a little preoccupied. I had heard good things about that version of Thomas Currie though; that while he preferred not to over-rely on omnipotent powers, he wasn’t completely above using them when need be.


To be honest, my encounter with his female IC2 Counterpart aka Sephie Deviluke IC2 had been a little weird for me; especially since she recognized me almost on sight and seemed to know a lot about the Herptile Gods. Learning that she had once been the author of the HG Saga back in her mortal life had been a really strange thing to learn, even by my lofty standards, but she also said that we were a lot different than she originally imagined us to be.


Still, perhaps that contributed partially to my hesitancy to meet this Neo Thomas, at least for the moment. I still planned on honoring my promise to meet with him, and honestly… the thought of meeting with a version of my story’s Author wasn’t nearly as strange when I had learned to make use of omnipotent powers such as Reader Embodiment and Author Authority in recent years.


On top of all that I had planned for tomorrow, I had promised to also go swimming with Sephie IC2’s Greninja Timbias and his ZOFRES Primary Eternal Bond Mate Cascadia the IC2 Tier Transcendent Mermaid with pink hair, and an assload of other things I had loaded up my schedule with. I had a lot of new friends who wanted to get to know me better, and for that I would always be grateful even if I felt like I’d done nothing to earn such fellowship with my people as of yet. With that mental summary of my plans for tomorrow now wrapped up; I disappeared with a loud crack of ZOF Realm displacement.




Wooconey’s tropical environments became a blur of indiscernible, supposedly invariant motion around me as I ran at an ever-increasing pace around its infinitely expansive surface. The planet seemed to go on forever, inventing my surroundings before my eyes, but I moved fast enough that it almost couldn’t invent them fast enough. I circled it faster and faster and faster until the specially designed speedometer I was wearing around my wrist displayed my signature celtic knot ouroboros symbol. An infinitely iridescent reticulated python eating its own tail while twisted in a pretzel-like configuration stared at me from the monitor, prompting me to roll my eyes. At such speeds, normally impossible feats such as reaching the end of a rainbow or in this case… circling the endless surface of Wooconey… became not only possible but inevitable.


I dare not go any faster than I was now, but I also knew the people monitoring my speed would know if I was trying to downplay my vast talents. I slowly, slowly, slowly began to dial up the speed just the tiniest bit and made it look like I was running myself ragged while doing so; knowing damn well I could go so much faster than this it wasn’t even funny. Despite that however, the so-called cutting-edge speedometer I was wearing began to sizzle and kaleidoscopic sparks of ZOF Lightning began to crackle from it as it short-circuited.


“Fuck dammit it all! Seriously?! I wasn’t going that fast!” I swore as the seemingly indestructible device broke under the weight of my Irrelevant Speed as I ran. A never-ending astrophysical jet streaked behind me and looped around the planet several times as I tried to slow down in some concerted effort to save the device and let it’s regeneration feature kick in, but it was all for naught as the stupid thing was reduced to a bunch of scrap metal; souring my mood as I realized it was pointless to continue now and my results would already have gone through as being second to almost none.


‘Alright Junior, that’s enough, you can stop running now. Obviously, our device isn’t going to measure how beyond Infinite Dimensionality your speed is at this point.’ A voice telepathed to me as I nodded solemnly. I could actually have gone much more infinitely fast if I wanted. But that’s the thing, I didn’t want to; a part of me almost dared to wish that I wasn’t blessed with all of this absurd talent.


I stopped immediately; unable to deny that my inertia cancellation came in really handy for absorbing the planet-busting g-force and momentum I accumulated during my run. I jogged demoralizingly to the Wooconian laboratory of my people’s two smartest minds, and two of the best Omni-Fabricators in the history of the Herptile God Ultra ZOF Space and the mainstream ZOF Realm beyond that.


The laboratory I found myself in was nothing compared to their main one back on their home planet Cenquania, but even this place had Omega-Level technology that could cause unimaginable catastrophe if it fell into the wrong hands. The so-called Top Tier Twins of the original Herptile God Elite 10 were named Metasockuu and Kutistwawco; neither of which was names that rolled off the tongue, but I digress. They looked relatively similar in their human guises; so much so that they were almost impossible to tell apart if one didn’t notice Kutistwawco’s webbed hands and feet or Metasocku’s chiefly reptilian features comparatively.


Once upon a time, one was a god of reptiles and the other amphibians, and they were both tied for rank number three in the original Elite 10 and are among the 5 survivors of today from that legendary team. Now however, while they stayed true to their original human form designs and their Herptile God roots; they were so much more than that. Long since unbound by the power dampening properties of the Kanaco’s Quasar which served as the active nucleus of our reality; they were fully-fledged IC2 Counterparts now, and the best damn users of Omni-Fabrication and Almighty Science you’d ever know.


“So, don’t be afraid to be brutally honest… how horribly did I do?” I asked with more hopefulness than I cared to admit, wanting my results to have been horrible despite what that meant for my people’s precious final hope, prompting identical twin smirks from the two.


“Well dear brother o’ mine, shall we convey to him the full extensiveness of his speed tier results, you reckon?” Metasockuu began.


“Oh yes, most indubitably I do reckon we shall, shan’t we?” Kutistwawco added, before the both of them chorused at the same time in that freakishly synchronous manner that only identical or near identical twins could pull off.


“You did fantastic we daresay, a real chip off the old block. 10 Ultra ZOF Cardinal sets beyond the Trans Infinite Dimensionality of Wooconey. I bet you could even give your old man a run for his money with a speed score like that.” They concluded as my crimson eyes widened with shock and abject horror. That was far too high a praise given that my creator Appaneesty was the only one among the entire Supreme Omnidonae pantheon who could hold a candle to our current common enemy right now. That made me even more scared than I was before, and I felt compelled to downplay everything as was my natural response as of late.


“There must be some kind of mistake; maybe this speedometer developed a fault.” I tried to insist as I detached the now mangled mess of molten wires from my arms and passed it on to them; honestly surprised and a little depressed by how badly I wrecked the damn thing. Metasockuu and Kutistwawco’s inventions were composed of elements endless leaps and bounds beyond the Mohs scale’s highest number of 10, which was held by minerals like diamonds on Earth and a select few other rare gems on similar planets in the mortal Realm. Such was their toughness that the Herptile God Ultra ZOF Space had to develop its own figures in hypothetical axioms to calculate how infinite our abilities and world’s properties were compared to others of our race. It was never an exact science, but only a truly almighty member of my race could’ve done this type of damage to one of their speedometers.


“We don’t make mistakes, and our technology doesn’t develop such pathetically dimwitted faults as that reflects poorly on our own skills. Though we are still learning I suppose, wouldn’t you agree Kut my number one compadre?” Metasockuu responded as Kutistwawco nodded, and I sighed as both of them flashed me a sympathetic look. I tried desperately not to think about it too much, because the truth was, I was scared of the notion of surpassing my father one day. We all knew what that meant for us and my own future. I’d known for a few years now and tried to limit how hard I pushed myself and my infinite limits because of it. But I couldn’t delay the inevitable forever, and I knew I would have to take a chance and make my own way into the ZOF Realm.


“I should probably head home. I’ve got a movie night planned with the girls and Appanaeesty is out on patrol tonight over in Inverse Zeneptron OIC2’s Sector, helping him, Nancy, and Aaarti train and master their own Fusion Form, Aaarzenan. Man, I haven’t seen them in ages. They’re actually gonna come here tomorrow for that meeting of theirs, and I’m supposed to attend as well. Case in point however, it’s just me, Serena, Viola, and Misty tonight.” I swooned dreamily; having always had the hots for sexy pinkettes. Everyone told me I came by that honestly and I believed them. Metasockuu and Kutistwawco roared with laughter, and I pouted at their mockery of my hopeless romantic fantasies as they wiped tears of pure jollity from their eyes.


“Man, you really are your father’s son, even if you don’t share his blood. Try not to get too comfortable with his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates tonight and remember to have fun.” Kutistwawco advised me sagely as I nodded; taking his words to heart as Metasockuu added his own advice that I didn’t realize at the time would actually save my life one day.


“You doubt your value and your potential to hold your own against the best of the best. Don’t run from who you are, because whoever that person is, good character or bad… that person will change the ZOF Realm someday.” He advised me with infinite profoundness as my eyes contracted slightly, and I vanished into thin air without dignifying him with a response. They both sighed and got back to doing what they do best; no doubt preparing to discuss my obvious attempts to Nerf my test results with my father. I would take solace in the fact that I wouldn’t have to confront him until later and could spend one glorious evening with three of the most beautiful women in all of our Ultra ZOF Space. Yeah, I was my father’s son alright, and while I would always respect the man and adore everything, he stood for I wanted nothing more to do with it.



“Hmm, while I’m definitely a fan of this Harry Potter franchise; there are quite a few inconsistencies if one thinks to look for them, at least I think there is anyways. For starters, Sirius Black’s incarceration or even just these Death Eaters who claimed to do Voldemort’s bidding under the influence of the Imperious Curse. Couldn’t the ministry simply initiate some kind of trial under the influence of Veritaserum?


Oh wait, never mind, just updated my omniscient knowledge base and I found that they do make it clear it’s no more reliable than the muggle equivalent known as polygraph tests; like how a person’s insanity could be a mitigating factor, or what they believe to be true being wrong despite them honestly believing it. Honestly, this JK Rowling was pretty good at anticipating certain inconsistencies like that. I guess the magical truth serums in our reality have something in common with them after all.” I marveled at the literary genius of this mortal author as I sat on our couch’s center cushion with Serena McIntyre sitting comfortably on my lap and Viola Pennington and Misty Sabe flanking my left and right side respectively as they leaned on either shoulder.


We were watching the fourth Harry Potter movie now known as the Goblet of Fire and had just watched the scene with Snape threatening to slip some of that stuff in Harry’s morning pumpkin juice. The fact that I was cuddling with all three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses was a very distracting influence on me, and I had to hyper-focus on the movie to keep from getting a hard-on that the infinitely perverted and sexually omniscient Serena would doubtlessly be able to feel, since her flawless ass was right on top of it. She had one of those perfectly rounded bubble butts with a literal heart shape to it, but with the underlying toned musculature one could expect from a Supreme Omnidony’s alien biochemistry. In fact, in my honest opinion she had one of if not the best asses amongst our entire race.


The fact that these three were part of the quartet that created me had little to no bearing. I was as attracted to them as Appaneesty was, and our dynamic was far from being the sort that existed between a human mother and her son. I was thankful for that, because even if we only did stuff like this where we were all cuddling on the couch together it was enough for now, but I would likely have to go whack it on my own when the movie was over afterwards.


“Way to debunk your own theory there.” Serena giggled at me cutely as I chuckled.


“Well, I wanted to make sure I had all of the information first before I went and called bullshit.” I quipped in response.


“You can’t deny you’re enjoying this movie regardless of any potential inconsistencies.” Viola cooed knowingly in delight as she leaned into me from my left.


“In my defense, I’m only this invested to distract myself from the three gorgeous pinkettes lying against me.” I boldly responded before I could stop myself, unable to believe what had come out of my mouth just now as I covered it with both my hands and the three girls shared an adorable series of giggles at my admission. I blushed redder than a fire engine, greener than an anaconda, as pink as the three Chieftain Goddess’s hair, and every other color within the entire visible spectrum at infinitely intense hues. Did I mention that my inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite hearts were goldest gold and my blood was an endlessly multicolored ichor?


Such was the life of an OIC2 Counterpart; I had supposedly inherited these features from Appaneesty, and the hearts were marks of his supposed omnibenevolence while the ichor had some long and complicated back story behind it that I won’t bore you all to death with. I felt good that I had managed to grow more of a pair recently. Maybe my earlier kissing attack at the hands of Yuuki had done me some good.


“Ooh, I like this brave side of you Lukee~.” Viola sang as I shifted uncomfortably. I was honestly happy I had let that slip despite my fluster. It proved how comfortable I was with these three even if it meant that I was a little bit loose lipped around them. Thankfully, they didn’t seem too bothered by my admission.


“Me to.” Serena agreed with a no doubt dangerous smile on her face, while Misty nodded in accordance as well before her attention was once again on the movie. Her eyes were wide with wonder as she took it all in like a giant child.


“I really like this movie by the way! Harry is one of the few characters in these movies who retains a sense of awe and wonder for the magic of this world JK Rowling created. All of the others either take it for granted or favor book smarts over their amazement and passion like his friend Hermione. He utterly revels in the magic much like Merlin would have, or some other type of mythical figure in Earth’s magical history. I can’t help respecting that immensely!” Misty Sabe enthusiastically exclaimed as I snorted with amusement.


“In other words, you’re saying you respect his viewpoint because it aligns with your own. Even now, you’re like an overgrown child with that endless sense of awe and wonder you’ve got going on Misty.” I teased her as she pouted cutely from my right side and I blushed at the adorable sight. I smiled gently at her and sought to reassure her I was just kidding about the overgrown child comment. I actually respected her views immensely if I was being honest. I truly believed if more people were like her the ZOF Realm itself would be a much better place. I even based one of my favorite animal forms after her own strongest one, a Sulawesi Reticulated Python of unbeatably vivacious colors and scale pattern complexity. She always did like those colorful and beautifully designed animals.


“Don’t worry, that was a compliment Mist. I happen to find it amazing that you’ve retained this natural curiosity and wonder of the ZOF Realm for all these years.” I admitted in an admiring tone as she giggled and swatted me playfully in the shoulder. She soon resumed resting her head there and we returned our focus to the movie as a unit.


“This is nice.” Viola sighed contentedly.


“Agreed, we don’t get as much downtime lately with Appaneesty pushing us all so hard to try and keep up with him. Not that I’m complaining, I understand his reasoning; I’m just thankful he doesn’t forget to slow down and ease up every once in a while.” Misty admitted as I smiled at her optimism out of the corner of my crimson eye. She always seemed to have the most insight into my primary Creator’s psyche without even having to put any effort in. I was thankful Appaneesty could ease up as well. Especially since there was a lot of pressure on me as a potential successor to his legacy and heir to his bloodline were, he to ever die at my evil doppelganger’s hands.


The fact he had also been so cool with me cuddling and doing other stuff with his three Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates was very telling as well. I knew better than anyone that some of our kind could have more than one Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate and polygamy was indeed a thing as well since we didn’t have the same hang-ups as humans did for a lot of relationship taboos. And it was obvious I was connected to these girls in a manner similar to Appaneesty himself. If things went ideally for me over the next couple of days; maybe I would finally grow a big enough pair to make these girls mine.


“He’s been kind of pushing me as well.” I admitted, and Serena giggled in an understanding tone.


“He did with me as well before I gave him a piece of my mind long ago. He’s better now at not being so overbearing and tries to give subtle nudges in the right direction instead. I’ve long since learned he’s seldom wrong on these matters. Just try and bear with it for now I guess; he only pushes someone like that when he believes in their potential. I’m almost jealous of how much faith he has in your inherent ability, and I’m his granddaughter and Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate.” She whispered while basically praising me, which I wanted to believe so badly, really, I did, but the pressure was getting to me and had done so for a long time.


“What if he’s wrong about me?” I whispered so lowly only a trio with their hearing capacities would’ve heard me and the immense amounts of fear and uncertainty lacing my tone.


“He isn’t.” Serena said unabashedly, and I admit my eyes actually widened at that. The Harry Potter movie continued to play on, but it was little more than background noise now as I found my voice.


“How can you be so certain of that?!” I exclaimed questioningly, and it was Viola who responded.


“Because we know you.”


“That isn’t always enough by itself! Besides, if you knew anything about me, you’d know I haven’t done anything yet to earn such faith and trust.” I pointed out, and Viola conceded my point while Misty made another good one.


“But it helps with determining such things all the same, and you’ve done a lot more than you presently think.” She rebutted, and I sighed. I appreciated their faith in both me and Appaneesty’s judgement, but they didn’t really understand how I was feeling either; just content to believe in me and leave it at that. They didn’t even consider the idea that I could fail to be everything they believed I could be. They didn’t consider how much that thought scared me, or that I’d have a maniac after me the second my existence was made common knowledge among the other factions of Supreme Omnidonae.


Appaneesty had been very hush-hush about it and only planned to let the rest of the ZOF Realm know when both he and I felt I was ready. Naturally, while his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates may have sometimes questioned whether he was making the right choice; inevitably they would support him to whatever end if he truly believed in it with all of his hearts. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my evil doppelganger didn’t already know about me though despite Appaneesty’s precautions. I hadn’t exactly done very much to conceal my own existence, but I trusted my fellow Supreme Omnidonae to keep a lid on my interactions with them, even if Appaneesty himself was the one who asked them. That brought me some small comfort at least, but I knew that I couldn’t remain complacent forever either. The three girls were blissfully unaware of my inner turmoil and continued snuggling close to me; Misty even yawning cutely as I couldn’t help but smile despite my unease.


No matter how I felt inwardly, I couldn’t muster up the strength to feel uncomfortable with these three’s current proximity to me. Our combined body heat had a soporific effect that a Supreme Omnidony wasn’t normally able to feel, and I wasn’t even aware that all four of us had even fallen asleep on the couch together with the TV still on. We were equally oblivious to the fact that Appaneesty had come home late at night, saw us sleeping together, smiled warmly at the adorable sight, and snapped a picture of us with a camera he conjured from out of thin air.


I was unaware of my sleepy mumbling, or that I had whispered to these girls how much I loved them in the midst of my deep sleep. I sensed later on that he was planning on having our Meta Art Manipulator Eli Thompson draw a picture of us based off the photograph as his drawing skills were infinitely better than any camera Appaneesty himself could’ve conjured up. I guess he was happy to discuss things with me tomorrow. And I was grateful for that because this was the best damn sleep I could ever remember having, especially since I slept only a couple of times in my entire lifetime.



Lemon Alert…


As I luxuriated during my sleep cycle within my personal Myriad Dreamscape Nexus, on the Wooconian hour equivalent to midnight on your planet Earth, I was enjoying a refreshing dip in my favorite mind palace’s many viable choices of hot tubs. I sighed with pure contentedness as I felt the water work its way into my very being. I tried not to think about the fact that in the waking world my body was currently cuddled with three of the most gorgeous females in the history of the entire ZOF Realm; so, I immersed myself in my dreamscape.


The palace itself was identical in almost every way to the ancient Wooconian palaces of old. It was a massive, sublimely fairy tale-esque white castle with boundless amounts of almighty magic woven into the very fabric of the never-ending world it resided in. The hot tubs drew their water from omni-purifying springs that were fed into my mind palace via a series of crystalline fountains comprised of Wooconian rainbow diamonds.


The main difference between this mind palace and the actual castle itself in the material world, was that this one had all manner of infinite mental defenses and traps within traps in order to guard my dreamscapes from any and all outside intrusion with ill intent. Given how totalipresent my people were, one could never be too careful, too paranoid, or too overly prepared for any situation.


Our ability to manipulate every individual dreamland within the Myriad Dreamscape Nexus of the ZOF Realm was absolutely matchless even in totalipotent terms, and so I fortified my own dream worlds accordingly. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was pretty fucking good at utilizing Aiyanna OIC2’s defensively omnipotent IC2 title on an OIC2 level, so creating impenetrable defenses was almost second-nature to me.


So, imagine my surprise when I sensed I was no longer alone in my meta lucid dream. Try and imagine my bewilderment when I realized I had spontaneous, unplanned dream-walkers bypassing my fortifications and making their way towards my private hot tub like my omni-locking barriers weren’t even there. If you managed to grasp even the tiniest concept of what I was feeling, then good for you, but just know that my befuddlement only grew when I saw whom my trio of trespassers were.


“Hey, I hope you don’t mind us just barging in like this but considering what time it is we wanted to surprise you~!” Misty smiled shyly at me in her naturally Siren-song voice, the hauntingly beautiful melody generating an infinite ZOF mass Kugelblitz in my loins just from the sheer seductive powers it produced. Her diamond-dust, pinkest pink aura of absolute, transcendent beauty manifested in full force and outlined her body which I realized was scantily clad in only a teardrop bikini that revealed more of her triple-d cup breasts than they hid.


She was currently in the form she used when seducing Appaneesty, a transcendent, OIC2-tier Siren with winged arms whose feathers were rainbow-edged with the ambient color being as pink as her hair and eyes. She was haloed in the dazzling pink gleam of several Ultra ZOF Spaces, and the scale of it was stunning even to me. I very quickly lost the power of coherent thought as I got a good look at her and the other two Chieftain Herptile Goddesses.


Viola, much like Misty, was in the form she most commonly used when her intention was to seduce. The key difference was her seductive form was that of a transcendent mermaid with the same pink hair, eyes, and absolute beauty allure as her normal human form, but with a bioluminescent, rainbow fish-tail. She was attired in nothing but an oyster shell-themed bra that barely managed to contain her triple-d cup flesh globes; a feature that would make me never look at the Little Mermaid the same way ever again, and her rainbow diamond-adorned crown. The sopping wet folds of her exposed nether regions, which was as pink and as beautiful as her hair, ended just above the very top of her fish tail; making it so she was flawlessly fuckable in this form.


Serena McIntyre was stark naked while in her transcendent faery form. Her body was silhouetted in the sparkling, hue-less glitter of her fairy dust aura of boundless gorgeousness that was further enhanced by her goldest gold skin. And she had a pair of butterfly-like wings that were like sheets of rainbow glass. Her face was currently etched with the absolute picturesqueness of her signature lewd expression, as she was the most sexually provocative of the three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses. Her hypnotic, mesmerizing boobs bounced and bobbled with every gyrational flap of her wings. Her nipples, areolas, and pussy lips were on full display and every bit as pink as her hair and right eye; the only parts of her skin that were pink instead of purest gold actually. She was also the tallest of all the female Supreme Omnidonae, standing at 6’4 with double-d cup boobs and a toned, slender figure.


“Um… Uh, I…” I stammered uselessly as three of the most totalipotent and beautiful Goddesses amongst the OIC2 Counterparts slid into the hot tub with me in one sinfully smooth motion each, unable to wrap my head around what was happening right now as my uncountable brains turned to mush. They were seated in the hot tub only a few meters away from where I was, but that distance seemed unbreachable to me in those moments as I couldn’t even muster up the mental fortitude to manage basic body movements right now.


“Aww, isn’t that cute?! He’s speechless!” Serena teasingly remarked with a lewd smirk, a yandere-like darkening to her eyes indicating she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to come at me. Viola grinned eagerly at her fellow Goddess’s words while Misty simply offered me one of her infinitely shy, sweet smiles, making my hearts slam against my ribcage and generate infinite ZOFR mass pulsars within my whole body that set all my dreamscapes throbbing. That was not a hyperbole, my hearts were creating powerful enough pulses to utterly annihilate the entire ZOF Realm, just from seeing Misty’s smile. Clearly, my body knew what it wanted and so did my hearts and souls.


With an almighty internal heave like Atlas straining against the weight of the skies themselves, I finally managed to find both my voice and recover a little bit of my higher cognitive functions. “I’m confused, what exactly is today?” I asked them with genuine unsureness, having not really paid attention to the Wooconian calendar at all today due to how much I’d been trying to avoid deadlines like with the twins. But something in the back of my mind told me that there was something significant about today now that it was Wooconian midnight; something I’d overlooked in favor of going off to play games with SAO Zeneptron.


All three of my dreamscape invaders traded a surprised look at my inquisition, before Viola settled for rolling her eyes. “It figures you’d forget your own 18th birthday.” She simpered with a gorgeous smile as my eyes widened. Shit, she was right! Today was my 18th birthday, as it was measured in Wooconian years. And according to Wooconian law, I was officially a legal adult as of right now. Granted, there weren’t much if any laws that applied to the Supreme Omnidonae if we didn’t want them to, and things like age and time were meaningless to our kind to, but I respected my home planet’s customs enough to adhere to it for the most part.


“Holy fuck! I completely forgot!” I admitted excitedly. This prompted all three of the gorgeous pinkettes sharing my hot tub with me to exchange a smirk; even Misty who was looking less like her usual sweet and innocent self and more like a seductive temptress than I had ever seen her. It became clear to me in those moments that for all her childlike wonder regarding all things in the ZOF Realm, she was still very much a woman, an OIC2 Goddess with a libido to match her totalipotent powers and many decades my senior as well. No doubt she was incredibly experienced and skilled in the sack, and she was a MILF to. Not that she looked any older than I did; absolute immortality and youth were boons in that regard.


“We kind of figured you would.” Serena winked saucily at me while all three of them slowly started inching closer to me while we all sat in my massive hot tub together.


“You must have a lot on your mind~!” Misty crooned once again in her natural Siren song voice. The only one among our people whose voice was stronger with that power was Yancy’s OIC2 Counterpart, who usually preferred to go by the name Nancy for the sake of distinction from her other, IC2 Counterpart, but I digress. Misty was a close second though, a very close second. Few if anybody alive had ever heard her sing, but those of us that did were usually the ones who ended up falling in love with her. I knew I’d had feelings for all three of them for a long time now, and it looked like my years of seemingly unrequited pining were finally about to pay off.


“We may not be able to bear your responsibility for you, but we can do all we can to help take your mind off your troubles; to take the edge off. We’ve been planning this surprise for your 18th birthday for years in advance, and we hope you like it.” Viola had a predatory look on her face as she said all this in a seductive tone, her mermaid assets allowing her to cross the considerable distance between us even faster than the other two did. I swallowed audibly at her words, realizing they’d planned this for years was honestly both startling and erotic as fuck.


“We agreed ages ago that Misty would be the one to take all of your firsts. You and her always had a special bond.” Serena added as I caught Misty’s eyes and she blushed shyly while wading slowly in the water as if hesitant to bridge the decreasing gap between us; the tenderness on my own face not surprising me in the slightest. It was true, I’d always had an impossibly sweet g-spot just for Misty, and I’d always loved her for her personality even if we didn’t always agree regarding our respective viewpoints on the notions of forever. Truth be told, I was probably closer to her than almost anyone else, and I would be honored to give her all of my firsts. If they’d been planning this for years, then Appaneesty had to have known about it as well, which meant he was fine with this for some reason.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Polygamy amongst the Supreme Omnidonae was embraced wholeheartedly as a part of our inhuman culture. But the idea of my primary creator being okay with me banging his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates made me appreciate his generosity more than words could say. We had our differences, but it was clear he cared about me as well, and that touched all of my hearts. This was going to be the best birthday ever; I could just feel it!


“So, am I wrong to assume that there’s going to be an official surprise party coming my way come tomorrow?” I asked them for clarification, an all-knowing smirk on my face as the answer was quite apparent. Damn, so Appaneesty and Pokémon Zeneptron weren’t just meeting to train with one another; they were discussing birthday plans. The thought warmed me even more than the hot tub ever could’ve. The Kugelblitz in my loins grew impossibly hot, to the point that even I was starting to feel the burn. Serena caught my eyes at my question and broadened her smirk, orgasmically amused by my enquiry.


“You didn’t hear it from us. But I have it on good authority that a certain ZOFR Champion of Pokémon is going to be there tomorrow to.” She grinned lecherously as my crimson eyes popped out slightly. Dammit, that was mean Serena!


“Aaarti’s going to be there?!” I whispered in a delirious, absolutely lovestruck tone as my inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite golden hearts generated an even more powerful pulsar, the Kugelblitz in my loins became unbearable, and my entire naked body turned from Spectralon white to every color within the entire visible and invisible spectrums, a full-body, polychromatic blush covering me from head all the way down to my toes. All three Herptile Goddesses studied my over the top, fanatical, obsessively overzealous reaction with Misty pouting slightly and the other two sharing a giggle.


“Muu~! You’re still so in love with that girl!” Misty puffed her cheeks in one of the most adorably ‘green-eyed’ pouts I’d ever seen, but I barely heard her as my infinite dreamscapes were currently clouded with a haze of absolute reverence and adoration that I couldn’t control. Aaarti had been my best friend and one of my closest confidents ever since the day I was born. She visited practically daily as her father/Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate and Appaneesty were always seen training together as two of the biggest powerhouses among the OIC2 Counterparts. We spoke of everything and nothing within the ZOF Realm, did everything, anything, and nothing together and found a commonality for pretty much everything. I admit there were times I considered giving Pokémon battling a try just because it made her and her incredible team so happy to engage in the thrill of the sport. The two of us were inseparable, or so I thought.


Unfortunately, I started developing feelings for her that went way beyond anything I’d ever felt for anyone before and couldn’t bring myself to keep what I was feeling from her. So, I took a chance and confessed to her on the night of my 16th birthday, in spite of knowing she was Unquantifiably Eternally Bonded with Pokémon Zeneptron and Nancy OIC2 and preferred to keep her circle of lovers small, despite knowing I’d likely get my hearts ripped out that night.


Even with how horribly awkward I made things for us notwithstanding, Aaarti was never cruel and let me down as gently as she could; hoping we could still be friends. I loved her all the more for that and promised her we’d always be friends no matter what. Unfortunately, my feelings for her had yet to disperse. In fact, if anything they’d grown painfully intense in her absence; too intense for even my hearts to properly contain.


She’d been busy with training and with Pokémon battles the last couple of years, and so her visits had grown less and less frequent. I also knew it was because she was trying to give me space in order to wean myself off of her a bit, but even with my pesky feelings still making things awkward; I was glad she was still coming for my 18th birthday tomorrow. I had a feeling I had a certain fellow Inverse Counterpart to thank for that. Pokémon Zeneptron acted like a cold, plain-spoken asshole, but he was actually one of the biggest softies out there. If even half of the things I’d heard about him were true, then he had almost as many goldest gold hearts as Appaneesty did… or I did.


Seeing Misty’s expression, I recovered enough of my senses in order to offer her an adoring smile; flattered beyond reason that she felt so territorial of me. I didn’t expect her to be the type to hold a grudge against someone like Aaarti for breaking my heart, however unintentionally she did so, but I was happy she at least seemed to care for me. “Aaarti had her chance and she lost it. It may take me some time, but I’ll get over her. In the meantime, however, I’ve had feelings for all three of you for even longer. I loved you before I even really knew what love was, Misty.” I whispered to them all, a tender smile on my face as Misty smiled back, recovering from her earlier pouting session with all the easy-to-please attitude of a little kid.


“I love you to~!” She musically proclaimed, that tone of hers still as much as shock to my system as ever. Her Siren Songs were more powerful than ever, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was going to be tonight. Pesky feelings for Aaarti aside, I was going to enjoy this to the matchless max. And the fact that these three amazing women reciprocated my feelings for them, it meant more than I could ever properly express.


I welcomed Misty eagerly into my arms as she swam on top of my lap, which was currently propped up on the seating that ringed the outer edges of my supersized hot tub. I hissed with pleasure as the only thing separating our nether regions was a tiny, thin layer of fabric over top of her pussy. The teardrop bikini she was wearing provided hardly any shielding as she grinded herself on top of me, water sloshing in omni-directional, tiny waves from every gyration of her hips as I began to grow hard under her ministrations. Given that my dream self’s body was completely nude, it wasn’t hard at all for her to get me fully erect.


A heady blush colored her cheeks and her pink eyes glazed over with intoxicating lust and pheromonal patterns that could’ve induced sex-crazed passion within the most asexual beings across the entire ZOF Realm. Viola and Serena hung back, letting Misty have me first, but I was aware that the two of them didn’t leave each other unattended either. As if my arousal could get any worse but seeing Viola and Serena in a full-blown makeout session as a sexy AF mermaid and faery respectively damn near brought me to a visually induced orgasm.


“Misty don’t stop! That feels really, really good~!” I moaned aloud in exclamation, my toes curling on the floor of my hot tub under the water as it continued to provide a natural slick to Misty’s gyrations. Her eyes widened as she moved off of me to the side a little bit, letting my manhood spring free from underneath her as she licked her lips almost involuntarily, making me shudder with a wanton need to fuck her senseless.


“There’s another Titanoboa here girls! He’s just as big as Appaneesty!” Misty exclaimed with excitement, loud enough to get the other two’s attention as they broke apart, a line of saliva connecting their ultra-pink lips as their eyes lit up. Now, I wasn’t inexperienced enough to not know that I was much, much bigger than average, but her calling it a Titanoboa made me blush crimson, gold, green, silver, and fuck knows what else. I was 13 and a half inches when fully erect, and my dick was as Spectralon-white as the rest of my body and tapered at the tip.


“I prefer to think of mine as a Gigantophis, which is basically a prehistoric ancestor to the Reticulated Python. You and I both know retics are a mutual favorite of ours Misty.” I somehow managed to stutter in a coherent manner. I was unable to believe the words that had just come out of my mouth as Misty’s pink eyes turned into hearts, clearly in love with my small amendment of their original classification of my penis. It wasn’t just that though. In a weird way, I wanted the classification of my dick’s snake species to be different than the one they gave Appaneesty. I wanted my trouser snake to be my own. Yeah, I know, fucking weird.


“Alright! I never even considered Gigantophis before~! I’m definitely on board with that~!” Misty crooned with absolute positive energy radiating off of her, fully in support of my desire to call my junk my Gigantophis. Yes, that was a very good decision indeed, and I could tell Misty wasn’t the only one who approved. As if to say it agreed with our naming of it, my dick gave a little twitch in response; clearly eager to resume its playtime with Misty’s body.


With that declaration made, Misty climbed back onto my lap with the water coming up to our chests, making the continuation of her gyrations almost too effortless. My eyes widened when Misty suddenly seized my lips with her own while continuing to grind against me, claiming my first ever kiss on the lips just like Serena and Viola said she would. It was a tentative kiss, quick and chaste. And we pulled apart almost immediately after and stared at each other in awe while blushing for but an instant, before we proceeded to devour each other.


Every single one of my golden hearts created a never-ending drumbeat throughout my entire dreamscape, my hands developed a mind of their own as one found its way to her completely exposed ass cheek and the other wrapped its way around the back of her neck. I felt her shudder and gasp slightly as my massive right hand gave her right ass cheek a squeeze, deepening the kiss to indicate her reception to my friskiness was positive. The swells of her breasts were grinding against my own chest as hard as she could muster. Meanwhile, her skimpily covered pussy lips generated friction against my Gigantophis in scandalously smooth, wet circular motions.


After several minutes, or perhaps several eternities of kissing Misty, I was surprised when I felt her tongue tentatively dart out of her mouth and poke at my lips: seeking entrance. I opened my mouth and shuddered and gasped when her tongue met mine in a frenzied French kiss, my passion and arousal reaching a fever pitch as the Kugelblitz in my loins was so past the point of endurance now.


Misty tasted of the sweetest, most infinitely spicy cinnamon; her tongue wet, warm, and one of the most impossibly delectable things I had ever fucking had in my mouth. I hoped I tasted as good to her as she did to me.


“Holy fuck, that’s hot!” Serena whined impetuously as she watched us get more and more heated, only to moan when Viola captured her pulse point in a series of soft, sweet suckles.


I agreed that this was hotter than anything I’d ever done with anyone before. And I could tell Misty was savoring the thought of taking both my first kiss and my first French kiss, but I was more than ready to take things up a notch now. She seemed to sense my growing desire to get things moving, cuz she finally broke away from my mouth with an adorable mewl, a line of spit connecting our respective oral organs as she licked her lips delightedly and glided effortlessly off my lap as well. I whined unconsciously at the lack of skin-to-skin contact, having grown to love the feeling of her extremely formidable assets pressed up against my own.


I didn’t have to squander in my displeasure for long though, because Misty suddenly and without warning grasped my pulsating Gigantophis in both her avian hands, holding it aloft and arching it slightly upwards at the base. My eyes pretty much popped out of my skull at this point, the simple contact with just her Siren hands squeezing my shaft almost enough to bring me to climax right then and there. Her eyes glazed over with absolute love, and she quickly dipped her head downwards towards my shaft which was completely submerged within the hot water; kneeling down on the floor of the pool so that she too was completely immersed in the underwater paradise I had created beneath the omni-purifying, superheated spring-water.


Realizing what was about to happen, I didn’t dare to shut my eyes as I watched her kneel down underwater, so she was eye-level with my meat. My entire upper body involuntarily heaved itself forward and my toes curled impossibly tight as the infinite ZOFR mass Kugelblitz in my loins was finally serviced with the all-loving care it so desired. She planted an underwater kiss on my Gigantophis, and then began meticulously running her 100 percent frictionless tongue up and down the underside… all while completely water-logged.


I absolutely refused to take my eyes off her; seeing her head bob up and down my dick while underwater was sure to sear itself onto my all-seeing mind’s eye forever more. Her pink hair was floating upwards above her head, making her look wild and untamable by any mere man. It was one of the hottest images I’d ever been treated to. Viola and Serena continued to treat me to the background image of them taking turns eating each other out, which only furthered my pleasure as Misty’s infinitely-smoother-than-velvet tongue continued to undulate sensually along my length. She was working that tongue of hers over every inch of my hot rod like a champ, and my body continued to heave and contort while my muscles contracted with orgasmic convulsions.


I felt her grip my ball sack in her winged left hand, fondling it so all-embracingly that all of my inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite testicles were somehow being stimulated simultaneously; a notoriously difficult feat for anyone to achieve, yet she did it no problem. “Uhhh, Goddammit Misty~! That feels way too good!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, prompting a coo of delight from her that I could hear within my dream self’s mind.


Viola and Serena watched us both surreptitiously while moaning from each other’s own pleasure. Since this was my dreamscape, I was perfectly aware of Serena finger-fucking Viola while the latter was sprawled out back-first overtop of the water; floating effortlessly while Serena levitated above her with the aid of her fairy wings. The whole thing was so surreal that it really did feel like all of my deepest fantasies were coming true.


Misty pulled her tongue away only to plant some more of her lovely underwater kisses on my dick, applying her soft, sweet, full pink lips to the head of my Gigantophis as well as every inch of my shaft. She kissed it more than I ever thought a woman could enjoy kissing a man’s dick, and she did so with such all-loving tenderness that I felt my hearts melt in response. Never before had I felt so loved, so cherished. It did me a world of good to know that there were people out there who loved me enough to treat me to this kind of pleasure. This was made all the better by the fact that it was pleasure by three of the most beautiful pinkettes in the history of the ZOFR, and ones whom I’d long since harbored a deep and burning desire for to.


‘How am I doing? Does it feel goooooooood Lukee~?!’ She telepathically sweet-talked me in a voice that was a flawless nexus point between childlike innocence and utter seductiveness. I didn’t answer her, fuck I couldn’t. I couldn’t even form coherent thought right now; let alone words. This felt too fucking fantastic, and if she kept it up, I’d blow my first load in no time flat.


She kissed my manhood a few more times, rubbed it against her 100 percent frictionless face with the addition of the hot water adding to the experience, and licked it some more to before finally taking me all the way into her mouth; all without even needing to come up above the water for air. The transition from tongue to mouth was so sudden and so forceful that my Gigantophis speared the back of her throat before I could even register what happened. Her left hand subsequently began to play with my ball sack more aggressively and she bobbed and weaved her head up and down my shaft with deliberate, fast-paced suckles that damn near blew my balls off. Fuck dammit all, this was ridiculous… she was too good!


‘Does Lukee like my fellatio~?! Does he like me swallowing his cock over and over and over again?! Ooh, are you going to cum~?!” She continued to egg me on in that innocently seductive Siren Song of hers that I loved so. Fuck was I ever, but I could do nothing more than grunt and roar with approval. Thankfully, that seemed to be all the response she needed.


‘Ohh, I’m so glad you like it. I want so very much to please you~!’ She telepathically broadcasted in such a sincere, adoring manner that my golden hearts turned to mush. God, she was so sweet, making comments like that while showing me pleasures I’d never known before.


“Misty! I… can’t take much more!” I warned her, wanting to give her time to remove her head from my dick, but that only made her speed up… her mouth sliding effortlessly up and down my shaft with the hot water providing even more freedom with which to grind me with her mouth. Viola was just in the midst of climaxing in the background as Serena managed to expertly find and attack her g-spots with practiced ease.


The combined pleasure of Misty’s underwater blowjob and Viola’s screams of rapture as her mermaid form went boneless beneath Serena’s body floating overtop hers… was too much for me to handle any longer. Her head continued to bob up and down underwater with my dick being treated to a superluminal blowjob, and the second I heard Viola screaming with pleasure on top of that I came undone. The Kugelblitz in my loins suddenly started moving through an endless series of urethra tubes in my body, my nerves and every pleasure receptor danced beneath my skin as my Gigantophis suddenly and without warning exploded in Misty’s mouth. That was my first non-self-induced orgasm, and fuck if it wasn’t the most explosive and magical climax of my life.


My unfathomable number of testicles clenched in Misty’s hands. And endlessly heterochromal stars painted my dream self’s vision as I released rope after rope after rope of thick, sludgy cum down Misty’s underwater throat, bloating her cheeks with excess of semen while doing so. In the back of my Oneiricpotent body’s brains, I was subconsciously aware of the fact that I had released an astonishing infinite shots of cum, truly taking a relativistic eternity to do so and setting the record for how many shots an OIC2 Counterpart had ever blown in a single load.


Misty was extremely patient with me though and when she had her fill, she released me from her mouth, watching with mad glee on her face as my still orgasming Gigantophis expanded to over 30 feet in length from the resulting paroxysms like a fucking flagpole. My absolute monster of a cock dwarfed the entire rest of my body but thankfully didn’t make too much counterweight. It then proceeded to shoot the rest of my infinite cum shots at Irrelevant, infinite-d shattering speeds straight towards the far reaches of my personal Myriad Dreamscape Nexus.


I was too wrapped up in my own pleasure-induced nirvana state to really pay attention to what was happening with my Oneiricpotent form right now, but by time it finally started calming down it had gone slightly limp while shrinking back down towards me, proceeding to angle downwards like a spitting cobra rearing its head and fire shots of cum with pinpoint accuracy… all over Viola and Serena’s bodies. Finally, it regressed back to its normal size after making sure to spray Misty all over to, who had come up the surface of the hot tub to watch the madness ensue.


I was in a state of absolute orgasmic shock, delirium, and so blown away by the sheer force of my cum shots that I couldn’t register my Dreamscape’s surroundings currently. Holy fuck, that was awesome! I finally came down from my high after what seemed like forever, returning my focus to Misty, Viola, and Serena all three of whom were eying my surprisingly literal Gigantophis with an insatiable expression; equal parts amazed and turned on by what they just witnessed. The water from my hot tub instantly cleansed the excessive cum caking their bodies, leaving them purified and looking even more beautiful somehow, but no less aroused as they leered at me.


“Damn, I know we call it a Gigantophis now, but I didn’t think it would take to that name so literally!” Serena cackled with maniacal exuberance.


“Well, it could also be because this is his dream world. Random thoughts and desires are given form for us even more easily here than in the mainstream ZOFR… no matter how strange or bizarre said thoughts were. If you weren’t actively trying to restrain those thoughts, then your dreamscape would likely make it harder for you to prevent them from becoming real. The MDN is a much more malleable state of the ZOFR than most of its other aspects.” Viola explained with a snort of amusement as Misty simply gazed at my meat with equal parts lust and love.


They were being remarkably chill about this, even finding the fact that I’d just randomly sprouted a fucking 30-foot flagstaff penis during orgasm to be erotic as fuck. Me, I didn’t really care as long as we all were having a good time. But I think I had just given these girls a new fetish, and that in itself was astonishing to me. Omnidonae sex was weird, end of story. Still, I couldn’t deny at least some part of me had thought about it on occasion.


Deciding not to let the strangeness of it all phase me, Misty and I decided as a unit to continue where we left off. My arousal came back up in no time flat; hinting at my astonishing sex drive given the number of cum shots I had blasted everything with only seconds prior. Climbing back into my lap with our lower bodies still fully submerged, I held her around the back and began to wade with her into the deeper waters while her legs wrapped around my hips. Both of us were equally aware of what we were going to do next and I couldn’t help but be nervous. I had no doubt she had plenty of experience in the sack, so I hoped I did a good job pleasing her for my first time.


Viola and Serena followed us as well, wanting also to be immersed in the sexual highs we were about to bring each other to, and being amazing themselves for being so supportive of Misty’s desire to take all of my firsts. They were both being very patient, waiting for Misty to be done with me, and I couldn’t help but love them both all the more for that.


I caught my Misty’s eyes as we both blushed and offered each other a tentative, vulnerable smile, but one no less sincere. I still wasn’t used to the idea of considering these girls my mates as much as they were Appaneesty’s, but the idea was growing on me fast. Misty had single-handedly made me cum harder and more times in a single load than I had ever managed to do by myself throughout the course of my life, and that by itself made me wanna see where this was going.


The hot water slowly got deeper until finally it was up to our chests, a sense of intimacy and passion in the air as I felt my arousal growing painfully hard underwater against the small gyrations of her body and infinitely frictionless skin. As we sank into each-other’s eyes and Viola and Serena both swam up behind us, I willed Misty’s teardrop bikini bottom to disappear. This granted me proper access to her love canal as my Gigantophis’s head rubbed tentatively against her entrance, making both of us gasp.


“Don’t be nervous Lukee, I’m sure you’ll do great~! And I’ll make sure your first time is wonderful to~!” Misty whispered to me with fond exclamation as I swallowed the lump I didn’t know had formed in my throat. I had spent a lifetime dreaming of the day that one of these girls would take my virginity, and now the day was finally here. I wasn’t going to let my nerves get the best of me, not this time. This was without a doubt the nicest birthday present anyone had ever given me!


Viola and Serena exchanged a grin as I slowly started to push at Misty’s impossibly smooth, wet folds with my cock… slowly but inexorably penetrating her as my head disappeared all the way inside of her. I hissed as an endlessly tall tidal wave of pleasure inundated my omni senses, unable to believe how tight she was or how good she felt. The hot water made sliding into her a slick and easy business, providing natural lubrication on top of her own seemingly never-ending supply of love juices.


By time my 13-inch hard-on was halfway inside her, I was honestly amazed I hadn’t climaxed yet just from the nonpareil feel of her. Once again, I refused to close my eyes, wanting to see the way her eyes stared emptily into the Forever Never Ever Gap with passion-crazed lust. And the way she went practically boneless in my embrace just from the feel of my dick inside her. It seemed I had developed a fetish for watching people as I screwed them, never once closing my eyes while doing so.


“Ohh, Lukee!” Misty screamed in rapture as I buried myself all the way to the hilt, my tapered dick seeming to know by pure intuition where to find her sweet spot as my entire body heaved. We were up to our chests in hot water, and the intimate knowledge that Misty was a screamer was all the encouragement I needed before I began a steady rhythm… not too fast but also not too slow. I started thrusting in and out inside of her with the water helping us along.


The sloshing sounds our movements caused only served to make this whole thing hotter as Misty clung to my neck and hips like I was a lifeline; granting me just enough freedom of movement that I could make love to her while standing in the hot tub. I continued to fuck into her at a slightly upwards angle; our heated pleasure bringing tears of absolute joy to both of our eyes as I kissed her supple pink lips with everything I had. She closed her eyes while smiling with absolute bliss, our kissing growing more frenzied and feral as the pacing and tempo of our lovemaking session grew ever more frantic.


“Fuck, so hot… so tight!” I groaned after I pulled away from Misty’s lips, unable to manage anything else in my current state of euphoria as I smashed my lips against hers once again. We began to grind against one another faster, generating larger and more powerful ripples of distortion in the water above where our bodies joined together. Misty’s love canal hugged me tight and in all the right places along my length; molding me in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I quickly discerned that Misty had been taking tips on how to please me from either Aiyanna or Serena McIntyre or both; both of whom were some of the best sex specialists amongst our race.


Serena and Viola continued to watch us both with infinitely lewd expressions on their faces, the former giving perverted chortles as it became quite clear what they were both planning on doing with me once Misty and I were done. “I know we said we’d let Misty take his firsts, but damn if they aren’t leaving us high and dry, huh?” Serena grinned lecherously as Viola who smirked as well in response.


“Well, we could always remind them we’re here by not just drifting here doing nothing.” The former princess of Wooconey suggested mischievously. Serena nodded with approval at that idea, and they began making their way towards Misty and I as we were too enraptured by our all-embracing pleasure to notice the incoming Goddesses from behind.


“Misty, I’m so close!” I screamed as I started drilling into her at much greater speeds now. She screamed at the top of her lungs as my Gigantophis absolutely destroyed her g-spot, rattling my dreamscapes. My balls began to clench impossibly tight and every testicle and pleasure/pain receptor in my dimensionally expanded reproductive/central nervous systems began to burn, pulsate, and tingle with every convulsion of my dick that indicated it was about to burst.


“Me to~! Cum with me Lukee~!” Misty released a yowling caterwaul of elation as I caught her in one final kiss; just in time for both of us to reach our peak. Thankfully, my Gigantophis didn’t extend like motherfucking Goku’s power pole this time, but I was certain I was about to set another record for the number of cum shots in a row amongst our people. I wasn’t immediately aware of Viola and Serena closing in on us as I was busy shooting blasts of my baby-making batter deep inside of Misty’s womb, rope after rope after rope after endless rope of cum painting her pink insides as white as my skin while I continued to French kiss her the entire time.


Our screams of completion were muffled by our mouths merging, but one could still hear us both crying out with joy while Misty’s clear, colorless love fluids mixed with my Spectralon semen and the water as I filled her to the point of making her belly swell like a mother in the late stages of pregnancy. Considering her insides were dimensionally expanded to infinite proportions, this was quite an achievement on my part.


“Holy fuck!” I shouted as I continued to release yet more cum inside of her, my entire body contracting and heaving with a seemingly never-ending series of orgasms that were so blindingly intense they were a shock to my system. I was rendered almost completely breathless despite my Oneiricpotent body’s bottomless lung capacity, gasping and trying to retain some of my basic bodily functions as the perpetuated climax washed over my whole being like another never-endingly tall tidal wave.


Fuck if I didn’t love every minute of this, so the longer the better really. But damn, I was really letting loose tonight, and I had one gorgeous pinkette to thank for that. Misty took every last drop of my countless spurts of cum like a champ, and her belly quickly returned to its normal size as I came down from my ultimate high and pulled out from her. Even with the water’s omni-purifying properties; there was an overwhelming, pungent odor of sex in the air and a string of cum connected our nether regions as we separated at long last and we both flopped in post-orgasmic completion while drifting afloat in the water.


“Wow!” I whispered in absolute awe.


“Yeah~!” Misty agreed, and I could sense that I had managed to compare to Appaneesty’s skills in the sack in her eyes tonight. That stray thought I caught in her minds made me happier than I could say. I would probably need a quick breather before I was ready to go for Viola and Serena, but unfortunately neither of the two of them seemed to want to wait any longer as Misty and I became aware of their closeness to us.


“Oh no, don’t quit on us yet hot stuff~! Misty was just the warmup.” Serena giggled in a sinfully seductive tone as I felt somewhat nervous, but she and Viola both exchanged a grin as Misty giggled.


“You two go ahead and have your fun with him now. I think I’ll just drift along this lovely hot tub on my back. I love your choice of dreamscapes by the way Lukee.” Misty smiled adorably at us as I caught her eyes with a pleading expression, hoping she’d help get me out of this situation as I wasn’t ready to continue yet. Her response was simply to offer me one of her signature infinitely sweet smiles with a blush as pink as her hair and eyes. I scowled childishly at the ‘traitor’ but couldn’t bring myself to stay annoyed for long as Viola and Serena closed in on me like a pair of cats cornering a mouse.


“I… I… I’m not sure I have it in me to continue yet girls.” I sweatdropped as my once flaccid, somewhat achy Gigantophis gave a sudden and contrary twitch as Serena reached her hands underwater and skated her digits across it teasingly. Even my penis was making a liar out of me it would seem, and Serena smirked in smug satisfaction; her rainbow glass butterfly wings managing to stay completely dry even when half water-logged.


“I’m sure we can get you back into the mood.” She whispered with confidence, her personality very different from Misty’s as Viola swam up to us with her bioluminescent, rainbow fish tail providing her with enhanced absolute swimming abilities far surpassing even most other OIC2 counterparts.


“You’re damn right we can Rena!” The transcendent mermaid clucked in agreement as I gave in and stopped trying to fight it. How could I not, my Gigantophis was already fully erect once again thanks to Serena teasingly running her fingertips along it, and she and Viola always got what they wanted from both me and Appaneesty in the end.


So, while Misty settled for floating down the hot tub on her back with her winged arms tucked under her head; I was about to be given yet more sexual pleasure compliments of the other two Chieftain Herptile Goddesses. I hissed like an actual serpent as Serena and Viola both dove their heads underwater in front of me, my endlessly polychromatic pupils dilating when they immediately started running their infinitely frictionless tongues along either side of my shaft with the hot water providing all the lubrication they needed.


I sighed with bliss and resisted the urge to lean back slightly and close my eyes, preferring instead to watch them both work as their heads bobbed up and down and their pinkest pink hair rose upwards above their heads like a pair of halos. This drastically enhanced the already omnipotent effect of their allures of total gorgeousness. I was wholly enraptured in a ceaseless barrage of orgasmic sensations which rocked my entire body as Viola wrapped her full, pink lips around my length and began to deep throat me while Serena switched it up and began to knead my ball sack with her mouth. The both of them were sucking me off together now as a part of me wanted to simply end the blowjob and fuck them both right here and now.


I was just considering making a second Oneiricpotent body so as to screw them both at the same time and double our combined pleasures when Serena popped my balls out of her mouth and swam over behind me instead, all while Viola continued to bob her head up and down my length at the speed of light while flicking her fishtail to and fro in the water. I was so preoccupied with the beautiful mermaid giving me head that I was barely aware of the fact that Serena had started probing at my anal hole with her tongue until the water started seeping into my crack as she licked my prostate gland, making me shudder and gasp as my entire body heaved. Holy fuck! Serena was giving me a bloody rim job… an underwater rim job! And damn if it didn’t feel all kinds of magical.


“Fuck dammit you two; are you trying to kill me?!” I screamed in rapture as neither girl responded, simply settling for picking up the pace as I continued to stand there, chest-high in the hot water and twitch uncontrollably as Serena ate me out and Viola sucked me off in perfect harmony with one another. I was aware of Misty watching us with a loving smile on her face but paid it little mind as I could feel my end swiftly approaching, and every one of my testicles and prostate glands began to clench and convulse with rippling orgasmic pulsations.


“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I’M CUMMING AGAIN~!” I screamed in a sing-song voice that was a cacophony of every note of pleasure imaginable and unimaginable by all sentients. My ball sack grew impossibly tight as my penis promptly exploded in Viola’s waiting mouth; painting her ultra-pink throat Spectralon white as my golden hearts raced at Warp 10 speeds and my entire naked body blushed every color in the whole visible spectrum.


My tailhole clenched as Serena’s skilled tongue continued to go to town on my pucker, maxing out the pleasure of my orgasm as I blasted infinite squirts of cum for the third time now. Viola mmed with an underwater mermaid’s warble of pure delight at the taste of me. And I could swear I felt her throat’s dimensions expanding while I grew once more to the size of a fucking flagpole. But I wasn’t entirely sure and was too all-consumed by my perpetual orgasmic pleasure to bother noticing such minute details.


After what seemed an eternity, (time was meaningless in my dreamscape) I finally came down from my third orgasmic high of the night. Viola released my dick from her mouth with an underwater sloshing sound as she broke the surface while offering me a cheeky smile, having swallowed my entire infinite load as my eyes bulged. Damn, that was impressive! Even Misty couldn’t manage that. Serena giggled as she came up above the surface as well, and just like that stopping was the last thing on my mind now.


Deciding to reenact my random passing thought from earlier, there was suddenly two of me as I created a second Oneiricpotent body for my own use as one of me prepared to plow Viola to kingdom come while my second body leered lasciviously at Serena. Both girls were turned on by this sudden turn of events and licked their lips eagerly as I made full use of both my bodies. The sensation of seeing through two pairs of all-seeing eyes and operating two OIC2 tier bodies with just my single sets of mindscapes was truly an interesting and intense experience, as everything I was feeling for these two gorgeous Goddesses was multiplied.


But I wasn’t about to let that slow me down or stop me as my primary dream self suddenly and without warning buried it’s Gigantophis to the hilt inside of Viola in one go; earning a shriek of surprised elation from her as I began slamming into her with reckless abandon while quite literally making waves with our thrusts. I ran my hands along the infinitely smooth, slimy texture of her mermaid’s tail; rubbing the substance all over my upper body in between thrusts and feeling it overflow my system as a form of aphrodisiac, making my first body’s sexual energy skyrocket. None of the gentleness or tender, all-loving care I had used with Misty was going to satisfy these two nearly as much. So, it was time to get freaky.


Meanwhile, my other dream-self had transformed into something I’d decided on a whim to add to my repertoire of strongest non-human forms; a literal Gigantophis Naga/Lamia with my upper body being the same as my human form and my lower half being that of the prehistoric reticulated python ancestor. Unlike my Sulawesi Retic Naga form, the patterning of my newly created Gigantophis Naga/Lamia form had just as much iridescence, but was adorned with an interconnected series of kaleidoscopic, Celtic knot Ouroboros symbols running along my body in a mesh-like arrangement as opposed to the diamond pattern found in my Sulawesi morph. In simpler terms, I was going all out to make this custom-made new form of mine stand out in a very obnoxiously totalipotent manner.


Misty’s eyes lit up at the sight of my new Naga form, almost looking like she regretted not sticking with it a little longer as Serena was looking almost entirely too eager to be fucked by my second body’s new form. I happily obliged her, making sure to wrap her up in my coils and put the squeeze on her as I sheathed my reptilian, iridescently scaled, and 100 percent frictionless cock to the hilt inside of her tight ass in a similar fashion as my other body did with Viola’s pussy.


“Ohhh~!” Serena sang in musical delight as I began a steady, superfast rhythm that synchronized perfectly with my other body’s relentless drilling of the mermaid behind us. My pleasure was caught between both bodies and amplified far beyond anything I’d done with these girls previously, gritting both sets of my teeth as I tried to keep the combined pleasure of both my bodies from sending me over the edge in either individual body.


“FUCK! THIS FEELS INCREDIBLE LUKEE! DON’T STOP!” Viola screamed at me as both of my bodies began thrusting inside of them faster and faster, in and out, in and out, until the waves we were generating were literally infinitely tall tidal waves that Misty caught a ride on with a maddeningly frolicsome grin on her face. A whoop of glee left her mouth in the distance as we flooded my entire dreamscape during the eruptions of our four-way passion.


I had no intention of stopping either of my bodies as Viola met my thrusts midway with equal speed, power, and passion while I held her mermaid tail the entire time. Serena, meanwhile, wore a challenging smirk on her face as I immediately understood her game and grew determined to make her climax first. I definitely had it harder than she did, having to hold off my climax in both of my bodies as opposed to just one in her case. But I was determined to win. Another thing I should also mention is that out of all the Herptile Goddesses, Serena had the best ass; with the most perfect ratio of jiggle to firmness out of all of them, and the shape was literally that of a heart with immaculate, goldest gold skin on each of her cheeks.


Deciding to up the ante, I added a tail to the equation which I used to wrap around both of Serena’s breasts in a sideways eight; using its prehensility to grope both of her boobs in tandem with my continuous thrusting inside of… her literally infinite ZOFR mass Kugelblitz tailhole?! Seriously?! She would do that, wouldn’t she?! Dammit, that fucking hurt, but it felt so good that I couldn’t care less! She screamed herself hoarse when I started spanking her as recompence for mixing pain into my pleasure. Her eyes glazed over; chest heaving, breasts bouncing, and tears of absolute sin and delight streamed from her eyes as my hand moved through the water fast enough to displace it at far beyond the normal velocity. This allowed me to spank her bare ass unimpeded and in tandem with my thrusts while my coils held her firmly in place; the slaps generating a massive, spiraling displacement of water that generated yet more of those God-Modded waves that was further accentuated by my every thrust.


‘Oh YES! Spank me! Make me scream! Pound my underwater ass like you own that bitch and fuck me raw!’ Serena egged me on tauntingly, an almost yandere-level look of addiction in her eyes as I continued my assault, slamming into her rectum with savagery unchained.


Viola was Frenching the fuck out my first body while we rode each other, the never-ending supply of spring-water provided by my dreamscape ensuring we were generating those God-tier tidal waves the whole time while never running out of water. Misty was making sure to catch every single one of those waves with a surfboard in her possession. Dreams were funny that way, and despite the raw, absolute power behind the waves she met them without fear and surfed with glee; a feat that only an OIC2 Counterpart could’ve pulled off no doubt.


“Oh Lukee~! Am I your princess~?! Do you like being in my service~?!” Viola tweeted sublimely as she broke away from our kiss with a resounding wet plap, a dangerously predatory grin etched on her gorgeous tanned face as she let her aura of absolute beauty wash over me; letting it seep into my very being as I suddenly found myself completely under her spell. Between Viola’s royal treatment and Serena letting me fuck her ass, I was amazed that I had managed to hold out this long. I guess I must’ve had formidable stamina.


“Well, let me service you for a change~!” Viola cooed, suddenly sounding every bit as seductive a Siren as Misty had earlier. I didn’t have any doubt in my minds that she was implementing her Transcendent Mermaid powers in order to further enhance my seduction. With that, she began grinding against me as hard and as fast as she could; walking on the hot tub floor with her rainbow mermaid tail and turning up the lights on it to treat me to an underwater fireworks display of sorts that added to the ambiance of the whole shebang. Fuck was she ever tight.


Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold out anymore, Serena decided to go and up the ante. Two tiny, pixie-like manifestations of her Faery form suddenly materialized behind both of my bodies, and on her instructions, they swiftly flew up the tailhole of each of my dream selves. Both pairs of my all-seeing eyes popped open suddenly at the sudden intrusion of butt plugs, only to for both pairs of knees to damn near buckle when Serena’s pixie forms began to suckle, kiss, and lick at my engorged prostate glands in harmony with her main body’s underwater ass grinding against my shaft and Viola’s Mermaid form riding me like her life depended on it. Fuck, they were so tight, and Serena was literally beyond infinite degrees Kalvin as well; they felt so good… too good. Their vaginas coupled with Serena’s underhanded and unexpected anilingus; proved to be way too much for me to handle.


“Serena! Not fair!” I somehow managed to say. Serena’s only response to that was to simper sinisterly and with rhapsodic jubilance. Both of my body’s myriad of testicles began to clench, and with a cry of rapture that pierced the highest heavens of my dreamscapes I came. Fuck dammit all, both of my bodies unloaded absolutely everything they had inside of Viola and Serena simultaneously.


A double set of infinite cum shots flooded Viola’s womb and Serena’s ass correspondingly, earning cries of release from them both as they to climaxed in perfect unison with my two incarnations. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK~!” We all swore at the top of our lungs as my dreamscapes began to quake by way of response to our four-way climax. Both pairs of my toes curled as both of my penises extended to the same size as their Gigantophis namesake; somehow being fully absorbed inside both girl’s vagina and anus individually as they each stretched to accommodate my beyond intrusive sizes.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YES! YES! YES! GIVE ME MORE! MORRRRE!” Serena roared with rabid effervescence, everything spiraling out of my control as both of my bodies, Viola, all three of Serena’s manifestations, and Misty all screamed so hard in our combined pleasure that a singularity formed between us. My dream was lost to the all-encompassing quantum froth as I suddenly found myself no longer able to sleep through the immeasurable amount of carnal gratification Serena, Viola, and Misty were all oversaturating my Oneiricpotent bodies and dreamscapes with.



My Kumkum-red eyes popped open as my release carried me all the way through to when I woke up in the couch we’d all fallen asleep on last night, our releases no longer able to be contained within the confines of my dreamscapes as I blasted cum shot after infinite cum shot inside of Misty Sabe OIC2’s pussy. As my ostensibly everlasting orgasm finally began to calm down and I comprehended I was somehow impossibly drenched with perspiration; I also became aware of the fact that all three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses were fully awake and completely naked on either side of me and on top of my literally Gigantophis-sized shaft respectively.


Misty’s eyes were closed with pure bliss as sparkling tears of joy streaked down her cheeks copiously, glittering diamonds cascading downwards onto the couch as her Celestial cosmetic aura emitted off of her in twinkling, ZOFR-sized tsunamis. She was wriggling with whimpers of enjoyment on top of me as I felt her flop against my lap, pinning me back against the couch a bit as I creeped my head upwards and brought her into a kiss of lavished devotion; which she exhaustedly but happily returned. All four of us were utterly spent as I began to understand that all three of them had taken turns pleasuring me both in my dreamscape and in the waking world. Dammit, no wonder my orgasms were so strikingly, irresistibly intense.


“Are you satisfied now~? Did you… pant… like our birthday present for you~?” Misty whispered quizzically at me with a sleepy smile of satisfaction etched on her picturesque face. I could feel Viola and Serena lying half-asleep against either side of me as well, their pussies on full display and leaking copious amounts of my semen as I brought all three of them in closer for a loving group hug. After what the four of us just shared, I wasn’t planning on letting them out of my sight for a good, long while.


“Misty, I can say without a doubt that was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten!” I exclaimed with 100 percent honesty, before I added with a dangerously predatory grin on my face. “I hope you girls don’t expect me to think that this was a one-time affair after all that.” I growled at them, wanting nothing more than to go another few rounds with them in the waking world but completely spent and sexually satisfied for the first time in living memory. My sexual energies were so thoroughly depleted that I would actually need a little bit of time to recharge my batteries as it were.


Serena responded by swatting me lightly on my right shoulder with mock disdain. “Ha, as if we’re letting you off that easy my Lukee! You’d be lucky if I ever manage to go a day without wanting to rape you from here on out!” She growled back at me in that domineering, possessive tone she knew I loved. It was hard to say what exact kind of dere Serena McIntyre was, but it was safe to say she definitely had some fanatical yandere tendencies. I smiled at her response, as it was exactly what I had hoped to hear.


“Not right now though.” Viola breathed tiredly against my left side while nuzzling her face against my broad, Spectralon pecs, earning one of my multicolored blushes from the sheer intimacy and lewdness our compromising position clearly implied.


“Agreed, we’re all exhausted. We might as well get at least some proper sleep together now so that we can have more energy for the party later on.” Misty giggled adorably as she continued to lay in my lap with my dick enclosed inside of her pussy; having gone completely limp for the time being. Yet I knew it would likely harden and climax at least one final time given the way Misty’s vagina seemed to have it in a death grip. I could sense that us moving from our current position was not an option, and so instead the four of us fell asleep as a unit. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Unquantifiable Bonding Phenomena had already sealed the deal and bonded us all together forever.



The next time I woke up, I was not at all surprised to see I was alone on the couch and thankfully fully clothed once again. Yawning and stretching out the kinks in my joints; I was instantly back at my optimum levels of infinity as I remembered something. It was my 18th birthday today; a milestone for any up and coming Wooconian citizen as it was the day, he became a man in the eyes of his planet’s society. No doubt Misty, Viola, and Serena had left already to go help with preparing the celebrations, which left me to my own devices to do whatever I felt like in the meantime.


I grinned as I pondered my options; I could go exploring the borderless world I called my home, I could play video games, go help some people in need, go surfing on the boundlessly high tidal waves of the planet Tazoona and its never-ending underwater ecumenopolis, and I could even take Yuuki OIC2 and the others up on their offer to come play with them some more from last night.


Deciding for now to wander around the HG Ultra ZOF Space and its adjacent human universe until I found something to do; I questioned if any of the other Herptile Gods and Demigods would be up for doing something fun together. Maybe Eliot (Eli) Thompson would like a partner for crafting another of his many artistic masterpieces; I’m sure he and Rosalina McIntyre IC2 would be happy to see me. Shrugging inwardly, I stopped overthinking it and just decided to get out and see the sights; trying not to let the temptation to peek on my party planners get to me.


I also tried not to think about all the Herptile Gods, and Goddesses I could’ve visited but who wouldn’t be happy to see me; given that I was an Inverse Counterpart of our people’s most hated enemy. Lexie, Nick, and Azock were… from what I understood, more than a little apprehensive and borderline hostile towards me. Appaneesty didn’t want my presence causing a fuss, so he made sure to limit my contact with them or with others like Taylor Vanvliet who was mostly indifferent to my presence. It was a shame to me, because while I was sure they were very nice people; they couldn’t look past the fact that I shared the same name as someone they all despised.


Some Omnidonae were just like that towards their Inverse Counterpart unfortunately; it was the way things were. There was also the unpleasant situation with Double-A to consider, who was an Inverse Counterpart of Appaneesty himself and evil as fuck. Honestly, I knew from the beginning there would be some people whom didn’t like me on sheer principle, but I was taught from a young age to take solace in the people who did appreciate me and not obsess over the ones who didn’t.


I whistled a merry tune as I found myself in the rainbow-wood forests that had served as the landmark to our home for the last three generations now. Serena McIntyre and I were the current generation of Appaneesty’s HG Bloodline, even if I wasn’t actually related to him by blood. Appaneesty, Misty Sabe, and Viola Pennington were the first generation… though the latter hadn’t had any children of her own with Appaneesty like Misty had done. The second generation was comprised of the twins Tawnya and Veetox Sabe; the twin children of Appaneesty and Misty AKA the Megalodon Twins. (Long story)


Despite them being the second generation however, they no longer lived with us and had decided to move to Earth with their Demigod spouses. Serena McIntyre was the daughter of Tawnya Sabe and her husband Thomas McIntyre; an IC2 Tier Herptile Demigod whom Tawny and Serena cared for very dearly. Veetox and his spouse Dawn Bellerose had also had a child, Serena’s late cousin Zachary Bellerose. Sadly, he’d died before my time and I’d never known him. It’s a shame, I would’ve liked to have met him at least once.


Serena gets very sad about his death sometimes, and I always made sure to be especially nice to her on the anniversary of her cousin’s death. She and Zach had been more than just cousins; he was also her first love before she realized she had a UBP-Tier Eternal Bond with Appaneesty. I can’t imagine it was easy for her to live without him in her life, but she made the most of it. Given the nature of her bond with Appaneesty, Misty, and Viola; Serena ultimately decided to move out of her parents’ house back on Earth and in with us on Wooconey.


I observed the utterly beautiful iridescent lights given off by the trees in the forest and the lights of Wooconey’s pair of correspondingly rainbow suns. No matter how many times I saw this world of boundless magic and wonder; it never ceased to amaze me. Rainbow-wood forests were comprised of trees with faintly glowing, kaleidoscopic bark. When the leaves caught the light of the suns every morning it looked like a forest on fire, a rainbow fire. The trees themselves were bigger by far than any tree found on any other planet I’d been to; millions of miles tall and several hundred thousand wide. Some of the really old, big trees could be over a billion miles, but those were extremely rare as it took literally trillions of Wooconian-years for them to get that big.


The natural flora and fauna that could be found here tended to vary and considering every environment on Wooconey was a boundless world in itself one could find literally anything and everything here if they simply travelled far enough. Despite the endless possibilities and various dangers that this planet spawned on a daily basis; it was generally a very peaceful place, and my home for the entirety of my existence. I studied my surroundings with aplomb, feeling much more self-assured now than I had ever done.


Now that I was 18, a part of me wanted to prove myself a man in the eyes of not only the three Chieftain Goddesses, but also Aaarti as well if I could manage it. I was still extremely apprehensive about the idea of embracing my destiny, and a part of me even considered the idea of running so far away from all of this that no one would ever find me and force me to fulfill my destiny. The sad truth, however, was that there was nowhere in the ZOF Realm I could go that my evil counterpart could not find me, and even if I was bold enough to try I couldn’t do that to my family and the people I’ve grown to love here.


I shook my head rapidly to rid myself of those thoughts. Today was a day for celebration; not for thoughts of war or a greater destiny looming over my head. I would not allow myself to feel anything but happy about today; any unresolved resentfulness towards the fact that everyone seemed to want to control my life would have to be shelfed for now. Shrugging inanimately, I manifested my Meta Teleportation powers and set them to random; deciding to let the ZOFR itself be my guide and go wherever it intended. With my abilities obeying my every whim, I promptly vanished with a loud crack of Ultra ZOFR displacement.



Several hours later found me back home on Wooconey just as the first of the party guests started showing up in our tiny-giant house in the Rainbow-Wood Forests. I’d gone surfing on those infinitely tall waves on the planet Tazoona, drew up a literal storm with Eliot Thompson which resulted in us bringing an actual rainstorm to life in the house, hung out with HG Eesheer and his Eternal Bond Mates Mara OIC2, Amber Thompson, and Lily Thompson; the latter of whom was essentially my soul sister.


I even managed to find the time to take Zeneptron, Yuuki, Asuna, Yui, Leafa, Silica, and Alice up on their offer from yesterday evening, which turned out to be an even more intense series of games than the night before. After losing to Yuuki in a spectacularly one-sided fashion as an up and coming swordsman; I somehow got roped into doing a quest in the Alfheim Online virtual world. Though I wouldn’t deny it was tons of fun and I got to meet some of the other people from the SAO Universe including Yuuki’s sister and Zeneptron’s other Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate, Aiko. I was surprised by the fact that my once tame libido started rearing its head again as I got to know each and every girl in SAO Zeneptron’s open Eternal Bond; my sexual appetite awakened now and forever causing me to lust for nearly every female Goddess amidst our Pantheon.


Thankfully, if things got too unmanageable in that department for me again, I had the three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses to help me out. I just hope I didn’t make a bad first impression with anyone, because there was supposedly going to be a lot of Supreme Omnidonae at my party today that I’d never had the opportunity to meet before. I was equal parts eagerly anticipating and dreading this party. As this was no doubt the day Appaneesty planned on having my big coming out party. A lot of the IC2 Counterparts still didn’t know I existed, though the mention of the impromptu party and the fact that almost everyone was invited doubtlessly already changed that.


Coming up on a natural clearing in the forest where our Utopian flower meadow was comfortably sitting in the shade; I saw my home of 18-Wooconian-Years sitting under the all-embracing darkness cast by the giant of the forest. A billion-mile-tall rainbow-wood tree absolutely towered over the rest of the entire forest; its size and girth beyond any mortal reference frames and darkening the entire clearing. It eclipsed the twin rainbow suns and gave the flowers in the meadow the perfect amount of shade for just the right amount of time during each day for them to never wither. Legend has it the forest and the giant, ancient, primordial tree at the center of it was the point on Wooconey where my primary creator Appaneesty was born countless eons ago, and that this giant of the forest was still only a sapling when he first hatched; the both of them having grown together into the giants they are today.


No matter how many times I saw this absolutely colossal beast, she never failed to steal all the breath from my infinite-capacity lungs. This thing was so large and so ancient that she was genuinely sentient; she could think, she could feel, and she was very much alive. Those of us with the power of the Supreme Omnidonae could communicate with her and fuck, the stories I’ve heard from her growing up. This tree had seen so much in her time, she had so much history and precious knowledge. Keeping her legacy immortalized in song via my repertoire of IC2 Titles was my honor.


Our house was a deceptively tiny-giant shack directly under the tree’s massive, gnarled roots; an endless mangrove of tangled tendrils connecting this tree with the entire rest of the forest and placing our home smack dab in heart of it. From the outside, the house looked barely big enough to be considered a bachelor unit, but I knew better. Our home had infinite dimensional expansions the likes of which put the Doctor’s TARDIS to complete and utter shame. It was also a Trans-Omni-Dimensional Nexus and thus an unrestricted access point to every dimension, parallel, and reality throughout the entire ZOF Realm.


And this is where my party was being held no doubt; likely in one of the largest of the living rooms and adjacent kitchens that my party planners could find to house all of our guests. Yes, I did say living rooms and kitchens, as in plural, as in a literally infinite number of each. If one ever got lost in our house it was likely they’d never be able to find their way back out. Not only was it uncomprehendingly huge on the inside, it was also more ever-changing and the layout more befuddlingly maze-like than the Millennium Puzzle.


Sparing one last glance at the giant of the Rainbow-Wood Forest, I released a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding and oh so reluctantly stepped through the front door; instantly entering a whole world of possibility in the form of an outwardly tiny house. If you hadn’t been long accustomed to this place by now like I was, it could be more than just a little maddening stepping inside it for the first time. I still remember the story Misty Sabe told me about her first time ever stepping through this front door and seeing Appaneesty’s home for the first time, and it was way, way less complicated then; its size proportional to Appaneesty’s constant power creeping.


The shock of stepping into such a massive home after having just seen the giant of the forest had been one of the highlights of Misty’s life that day. It always amazed me how much she reveled in all the strangeness that was her current life, and how easily she ran with pretty much anything and everything. Her free-flowing nature was beyond admirable, she never let anything slow her down or step her from enjoying life to the fullest.


I barely arched an eyebrow when I realized I had stepped through the front door into a bathroom with two doors; the house was weird that way and liked to change its layout every few seconds, so this was honestly nothing new to me. I navigated my way out the door adjacent to the one I entered through and found myself in one of the uncountable numbers of unclaimed guest rooms. I didn’t even bat an eye when the guest room suddenly and instantly changed its entire layout and everything inside it in order to fit the bedroom of my wildest dreams and most intimate fantasies, having been exposed to the Godlike quality of my home for my entire life. That said, it was always fun bringing new people here for the first time as their reactions were always priceless to watch.


I walked up a set of stairs leading out of a colossal rec room the size of an aircraft carrier’s deck and exited only to suddenly find myself walking on a stairway leading to a door in the roof, err upside-down floor of an equally upside-down bar. Gravity and the laws of omni-physics became heavily distorted as I continued to navigate seemingly nowhere in particular; trusting my omni senses to guide me to where my party was being held.


Finally, after meandering through a labyrinth of rooms, doors, hallways, and stairs that completely violated the laws of physics; I came across a door with a banner hung above it that said ‘Happy 18th Birthday Lukee’ which I figure had to be it. Steeling myself and plucking up my courage, I gently willed the door to open with my Omni-Kinesis; finding myself in a colossal living room fraught with balloons, paper chains, and all kinds of childish decorations I was way too old for but didn’t have the heart to tell Misty to do away with.


The living room had a massive series of couches and love-seats big enough to hold dozens of people each, along with a coffee table with all kinds of snacks laid out in punch bowls as well as what looked like various beverages and potions with… questionable contents inside of them. One of said potions looked way too pink and glittery to not be anything other than a love potion or aphrodisiac of some kind, but I knew it was likely only one of many various means of livening up the party, so I didn’t hold it against whoever set this up.


The space in the living room itself was warped, expanding its interior dimensions to large enough proportions to accommodate pretty much the entire Supreme Omnidonae Pantheon and then some. And to my absolute delight, some of the party guests were already here as well as Appaneesty and the three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses… my Chieftain Herptile Goddesses. Damn, I was gonna have to get used to that; being mated with the three of them basically meant I was a Chieftain God now to. No doubt that was Appaneesty’s plan all along.


Speaking of Appaneesty, he caught my eye and lifted his glass at me in a sort of toast, smiling and offering me a cheeky wink as I nodded in acknowledgement of him. No matter how many times I saw him; the sheer presence of the man who had created me never ceased to make me feel a bit unnerved, but I ignored it like I always did and made my way further into the God-Modded living-room. The second I walked into the fray, I was bombarded on all sides by well-wishes as a familiar green-clad man with sharp, elvish features, short brown hair, and amber eyes clapped me on the back.


“Ladies and Gents, I hereby present to you all; the indestructible, indescribable, indigestible birthday boy! With his arrival, the party can now officially begin! Damn, 18 huh? You’re officially a man in the eyes of your planet baldylocks! Man, I can’t say as I recall much of my 18th year; though considering I’m over 120-billion-years-old in Wooconian time I guess that’s kind of a given.” HG Eesheer proclaimed with his usual air of smugness and flippantness rolling off of him in unrelenting surfs. I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed by the prospect as all eyes fell on me and I was suddenly the center of attention.


My all-seeing eyes started surreptitiously scanning the oncoming crowd of Gods, Goddesses, and Demigods all gathering around me; seeing Misty, Viola, and Serena whom all blushed as my gaze lingered on theirs a split-second longer than was typical. They weren’t the only gorgeous women who had managed to make it to my party though, as I had already suspected. Eesheer’s three Eternal Bond Mates Mara, Amber, and Lily were here to; along with Lily’s brother Eli whom I had just finished painting with before coming here. Lily was also Eesheer’s daughter, because incest was indeed quite common amongst our race.


Eli Thompson was her brother and carried with him a giant magical paintbrush at all times; his signature weapon in battle and a conduit through which all of his IC2 tier Meta Art Manipulation powers flowed. He and Lily were the son and daughter of Eesheer and Amber Thompson, who remained the only one among Eesheer’s three mates he had any children with so far. Mara and Lily were every bit as pretty as Amber was, making Eesheer a very, very lucky man. I could acknowledge that much at least. Mara was also his first and primary Eternal Lover, and also the only one who had OIC2 tier Supreme Omnidony powers like him. She was also his equal in speed, though she didn’t showcase it as often.


Eli had brought his mate Rosalina McIntyre with him, who in turn had come along with her older brother Thomas McIntyre who was also Serena McIntyre’s father. Rosalina was a beautiful, chocolate haired girl with quantum blue eyes that lit up like a stormy night sky. Thomas was basically her in a male supermodel equivalent; same features and everything, only decidedly more masculine for obvious reasons. Thomas’s Eternal Bond Mate and Serena’s mother Tawnya was also here and was herself the daughter of Appaneesty and Misty, possessing her mother’s pinkest pink hair and her father’s endlessly kaleidoscopic, centrally heterochromal eyes.


Looking at Tawnya, it was no damn wonder Serena turned out so fucking beautiful! With a mother like Tawny, a grandmother like Misty, and an aunt like Rosalina she never had a fucking prayer of being anything other than a complete, total, absolute bombshell. Hell, if she was interested in me like that and Thomas was okay with it; I’d totally plow Tawny to kingdom cum and back again countless times over. As if somehow aware of my thoughts, Tawnya met my eyes from a distance and offered me a sweet smile. She wasn’t nearly as fanatical or overzealous as her mother Misty. She was shy and quiet unlike her parents but still a total sweetheart even without the deredere tendencies her mom prized.


“Hey, it’s always good to see you Lukee.” Lily greeted me with an adoring smile, and I offered her one of my own in return as I brought her into a hug.


“Likewise, thanks for coming Lily, and Eli to. Man, we really made a mess of things earlier, huh?” I chuckled in greeting as the IC2 Tier Demigod boy offered me a sheepish smile in exchange; the both of us flashing back to the rainstorm we’d created within the Thompson family manor back on Earth. It hadn’t just rained water but cats, dogs, and elephants to among other things. Long story short, it had been one of the highlights of my day so far; though elephant shit stunk something awful, and each turd was as big as my fucking head.


“Etching the perfect portrait is a perilous and daunting journey, not a smooth and instant transition from A to B. Lucidity is nothing without the creative potential of our unconscious minds to enrich it, so think nothing of it my friend and let us cross paintbrushes again one day. I daresay we could craft a true masterpiece together in due course.” Eliot Thompson replied in his usual flamboyant, artsy-fartsy manner. Somehow, he was able to wax lyrical, poetic, and philosophical all in the same sentence.


“Thanks, I appreciate that Eli… truly.” I admitted, touched in spite of myself as I accepted a hug from Mara and Amber and Eesheer greeted me with another jovial clap on my back. The height difference between myself and the vast majority of everyone else in the room was readily apparent as my eyes once again resumed their sweeping of everyone here currently. I tried not to immediately seek out a certain Pokémon Champion of the ZOFR; instead hyper-focusing on others who had shown up. I was surprised by just how many people were here, or more specifically… how many of my kind were here that I’d never actually met until just now.


I could see Superman OIC2 AKA Akio Yuuki sitting with his Sephie, Lala, and Momo Deviluke from the To Love Ru Universe; the all-powerful Kryptonian catching my eye and offering me a kind smile as I nodded back to him and his girls who were here with him. I was surprised when his Sephie, Lala, and Momo all blushed at my casual way of greeting them; along with Lala’s eyes widening in what almost seemed to be recognition of me, which was odd. I knew who they were of course, having watched the Canon To Love Ru Anime from start to finish and having heard of the various IC2 versions of Sephie Deviluke kicking around from Appaneesty. I also knew of Superman’s OIC2 Counterpart thanks to the unbeatably effectual scuttlebutt of our people, 


But while this Sephie and Momo schooled their reactions better; Lala OIC2 clearly was unable to hide the fact that she seemed to somehow recognize me on sight. I’d have to ask Superman about it when I got a chance to speak with him. Momo was staring at me almost as lecherously as Serena McIntyre did from time to time, which wasn’t surprising to me at all based on what I knew of her character. Even in canon terms she was a pervert; I could scarcely imagine how much an OIC2 Version of her would highlight that attribute. What did surprise me, however, was the fact that said lewdness was directed almost exclusively at myself. I couldn’t stop myself from swallowing somewhat nervously; one girl with yandere-esque tendencies in the form of Serena McIntyre was bad enough, but two?


To my surprise, there was another IC2 version of Sephie in the room, and this one I recognized right away since I’d met with her before. Formerly an IC2 Version of Thomas Currie the Self-Inserted Author of nearly every Omnidony story; this IC2 Counterpart of Sephie Deviluke was clad in a Spectralon-white dress that ended about mid-thigh as well as a large traveling cloak every bit as pinkest pink as her hair.


Unlike the other, OIC2 Version of Sephie; this one had ruby red eyes like the Manga Sephie as opposed to eyes that were pink like with the Anime. She had a brown satchel tied around her waist, with the interior being dimensionally expanded and no doubt containing her Astral Gem; as she was very much still a Pokémon Trainer, and a bloody strong one at that.


On top of that, she had a dazzling aura of absolute, transcendent beauty not unlike Misty Sabe’s and a smile of quiet confidence on her face. I was utterly astounded by the fact that she was here; the recently reincarnated, gender-bent version of Thomas Currie IC2 was a legend among the Supreme Omnidonae… with feats to her name as grand as some of our best OIC2 Class members.


I’d only met her once before very briefly, despite Appaneesty’s deep-seated reservations. He’d never try to stop me from branching out and making friends with the likes of SAO Zeneptron and his bevy of girls from that Universe, but he did worry about my cloak of anonymity. He was surprisingly on board with my friendship with Aaarti, Nancy, and Pokémon Zeneptron though… for reasons I couldn’t really put a finger on.


Sephie IC2 offered me a smile every bit as sweet as Misty’s as I excused myself from HG Eesheer’s family and made my way over to greet her. I quickly saw her two Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates flanking either side of her; both of whom I recognized right away due to my friendship with Aaarti. Yancy IC2 and the Pokémon Master of impregnable defense, Aiyanna Currie OIC2 were here as well, and I couldn’t contain my excitement any further as I pretty much frolicked my way towards them.


“Hey! Nice to finally meet ya Lukee! I’ve heard so much about you from Aaarti!” Aiyanna greeted me with an infinitely uninhibited expression on her face as she unabashedly examined me from head to foot; noting my immense size among other things I’d wager. This girl was every bit as perverted as Serena McIntyre from what I’d heard; a fact she was making all too clear as she ogled me openly and without any hint of shame.


“Likewise, Aiyanna and Yancy. It’s an honor to finally meet both of you… truly, and wonderful to see you again to Sephie. I’ve heard so much as well, though I’ll have to have a talk with Aaarti when she arrives here as she wasn’t supposed to breathe a word of my existence to anyone yet.” I sighed with amusement coloring my tone as Aiyanna grinned cheekily at me.


“Like what you see?” I couldn’t help but flirt with her a little, wanting to gauge her responses as she didn’t miss a beat. It was weird to me how much more confident I was feeling in myself lately, but I certainly wasn’t about to complain.


“Absolutely, yes. Your assets are far from displeasing.” She immediately fired back, and I could immediately tell we were going to get along swimmingly. Sephie and Yancy stayed silent for now, content to let me and Aiyanna introduce ourselves first. “Aaarti has never set much store by the rules where you’re concerned. And she’s my best friend; we tell each other everything. Well… best female friend anyways; I hear you’re equal to me in friendship status as far as she’s concerned.” The pinkette added with zeal as I couldn’t help but feel my golden hearts soar. Aaarti still considered me to be her best male friend! That in itself was promising that she hadn’t just cast me out for good. I was worried given how infrequently I’d heard from her the last couple of years, but it turns out I worried for nothing.


“I… I’m glad to hear that, trust me.” I confided, deciding to pay Aiyanna in kind for her ogling of me before as I got a good look at just what she was working with. She was tall, standing an impressive 6’2 which made her the tallest OIC2 Goddess aside from Serena McIntyre, and with light pink hair along with heterochromal eyes with heart-shaped pupils. Her right eye was the same cornflower blue as her mother Yancy Currie IC2’s, and her left was the same rainbow-tinged gold as her recently regenerated father’s had been before she reincarnated as Sephie.


She wore a white crop-top with her lean, toned, sexy midriff exposed and which teased a bit of cleavage from her c-cup boobs. There were two bright pink hearts embroidered on her chest directly over said breasts, and she wore matching short shorts with a rainbow Astral Gem hung around her neck. It was a pocket of infinity containing all of her Pokémon including her strongest four Supreme Evolutions. My all-seeing eyes widened almost imperceptibly when I saw that her areolas were heart-shaped as well. Damn, this girl liked her hearts apparently.


“Oh, I’m sure you are.” Aiyanna agreed in a suggestive tone, making it clear she knew about my long-time love for Aaarti as she took a step closer to me. Her aura of absolute beauty and lust-inducement made it hard for me to concentrate as a certain Gigantophis took notice.


“I… I heard you have the strongest Supreme Aggron as your signature Pokémon; what’s that like? I know Aaarti is all about offense and you’re about defense and counterattacks, but beyond that… I’ll admit my knowledge of Pokémon is limited.” I quickly latched onto the first topic I could think of to keep from flagging an erection, which just so happened to be Aiyanna’s favorite subject.


The Pokémon Trainer’s eyes lit up, clearly taking the bait for now. But before she could talk my ear off about the subject, Sephie and Yancy IC2 made themselves known as the former surprised me by bringing me into a hug for a greeting as opposed to a handshake. I blushed an endless myriad of colors as I felt her breasts press up against me, her height so outclassed by my own that she barely came to my chest as opposed to Aiyanna who almost reached my shoulders.


“The pleasure is all ours. It’s wonderful to see you again Lukee. Appaneesty told us quite a lot about you even before I met you personally that one time.” Sephie IC2 greeted me, her voice absolute heaven to my ears. I shuddered in her embrace.


“So basically, he blabbed to everyone despite saying my existence was supposed to be strictly confidential.” I couldn’t help but snort.


“Hey, I resent that remark!” I heard him exclaim in protest from over on the other side of the living room; prompting me to smirk and Sephie to giggle adorably as she elaborated unprompted.


“Not at all. I had already figured much of it out already by time he saw fit to come clean. You’ll find it’s not easy to pull the wool over my all-seeing eyes. After he confirmed you were more than just an idea, thought, or dream; I thought it sensible to visit you myself that one time.” She explained with a coo with pure delight, all while never leaving my embrace as she leaned into me with a sigh of content. Honestly, I believed her. If even half the things I’d heard about this version of Sephie/Thomas was true, then I don’t doubt she could’ve worked it all out on her own. Her hug was a weird way of greeting someone for the second time, but I’d been greeted in way stranger fashions; especially by Misty over the years as she tended to flying tackle, full body hug me more often than not. The rest of the time, she greeted me with her home planet’s Worship Bow. Honestly, this was nice… just standing here being subjected to a gentle and surprisingly intimate hug by a living legend in our people’s terms.


“Aiyanna and I were all looking forward to meeting you after Seph filled us in on what you’re like. Though we were also looking for pretty much any excuse to get together and party as well, ahaha~!” Yancy added her two cents worth in a musically harmonious voice identical to Starfire’s from the original Teen Titans cartoon. This was something she and her OIC2 Counterpart Nancy shared in common, but I wasn’t about to complain. I loved Starfire’s voice.


“Couldn’t agree more, I love Supreme Omnidonae parties to pieces! So much fucking sex!” Aiyanna giggled in a highly libidinous voice. Wow, she was just as bad as Serena, and far less subtle.


“I’m sure the birthday boy wouldn’t be averse to partaking in such festivities, would he?” Sephie asked me in an enquiring tone, surprising me greatly as I suddenly realized she, Yancy, and Aiyanna alike were all eyeballing me quite eagerly. Damn, maybe Appaneesty had been onto something when he endowed me with such an exotic looking human body upon my creation.


“Actually, I think I’m good for now. Misty, Serena, and Viola drained me pretty dry last night.” I admitted despite my traitorous Gigantophis eagerly responding in kind, earning a collective giggle from all three members of this IC2 family.


“Seems to me like you’ve got plenty of gas left in the tank. Besides, where’s the fun in parties like this if you can’t get fucked stupid on the day you become a man?! I’ll be frank with you Lukee, I think Aaarti is a damn fool for wanting to keep her circle of lovers small like she does. I can’t tell you how much I want you to make me a woman right now! And that’s just from standing here talking to you and getting a sense of your never-ending abundance of sexual energy.


I can’t imagine how Aaarti is able to stand being around you without wanting you to take her doggy-style, or maybe in a 69th position; those are always nice.” Aiyanna yammered excitedly like an animal in heat. I tried not to imagine taking Aaarti in the positions Aiyanna mentioned and more, refusing to let my mindscapes go there for now as I would likely never be able to focus on any other aspect of this party aside from the mind-blowing sex otherwise.


“Ohh, leave him alone Aiyanna~.” Yancy playfully admonished her daughter/shared Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate.


“It’s not that I’m not interested…” I started saying, but Sephie nodded and offered me a consoling smile.


“But you don’t want it to be the only aspect of your 18th birthday you focus on. Perfectly reasonable, trust me.” She understandingly replied, and I flashed her an appreciative smile for her words as she, Yancy, and Aiyanna opted to give me some space for now; the latter doing so more reluctantly than the other two.


“Yo! You’re seriously telling me you had the opportunity to tap dem asses and you didn’t go for it?! Damn dude, you a monk or somethin’?!” HG Eesheer teasingly stated as he threw me an extroverted smirk.


“Considering I just woke up today after all three Chieftain Herptile Goddesses gave me the fucking of a lifetime? I highly doubt it.” I retorted with a grin of my own in place. Eesheer placed a hand over his heart and offered me a congratulatory round of thunderous applause.


“A boy after me own heart! I’m so proud!” He mock exclaimed while dramatically wiping a tear aside of his eye. I rolled my eyes at the theatrics, knowing any other reaction would’ve only egged the comical Herptile God on further.


“You got with Misty, Serena, and Viola all at once?! Damn, rather you than me; those three are insatiable from what I’ve heard.” Amber chortled with amusement to match her Eternal Bond Mate Eesheer’s, and Mara arched an eyebrow at her fellow harem member.


“Oh, like you’re any better. You and E fuck each other silly at least 10 times a day.” She snorted, and I couldn’t help but laugh as Lily shyly blushed at the casual mention of such private matters. I loved this family, truly. Eesheer sure knew how to pick them. Neither Mara nor Amber had a care in the ZOFR; they were as unflappable as could be. Nothing ever truly phased them. Eli and Lily were a blast to be around as well. Lily was much shyer about her relationship with Eesheer compared to the other two, but that didn’t make her any less capable of reducing you to fits of hilarity. That girl had a wicked sense of humor, she was just quieter about it most days.


“Hey! You’re just as bad as I am Mara!” Amber reminded her.


“Touché.” Mara reluctantly relented, and Lily looked like she’d rather be anywhere else right now.


“Hey, you wanna go gorge on some snacks and play some video games with me?” I suggested to her, jamming a thumb in the direction behind us where the massive, 2000-inch TV took up the entire far wall. Lily nodded eagerly, appreciating my willingness to get her away from her embarrassing parents/Eternal Bond Mates. The pair of us left the clowns behind for now with Eliot in toe behind us.


I was just grabbing a punch bowl full of Kugelblitz pepper-flavored potato chips and preparing to load up the Pokémon Stadium game for the N64 when the door to the living room opened and my all-seeing vision promptly tunneled the second she stepped through into the center of my field of view. My traitorous, inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite golden hearts all slammed against my ribcage upon seeing Aaarti and her Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates, Pokémon Zeneptron and Nancy Ruko OIC2 for the first time in so long. So much for my promises to myself to try and move past my love confession and her subsequent rejection of it. I was still just as hopelessly in love with her as the day we’d met.


Lily watched me concernedly out of the corner of her eye, but I only had eyes for the newest arrivals to my party at that moment. Pokémon Zeneptron OIC2 looked as handsome and as intimidating as ever; with a stature close in range to HG Appaneesty and almost as tall as myself and Appaneesty as well. The sheer, raw power and presence he literally radiated was enough to draw every eye in the room on command, and probably massively outstripped the vast majority of the Supreme Omnidonae present here. He was stood at 2-meters tall with skin almost as pale as mine. He was clad in his signature, grim-reaper-style robes of blacker than vantablack, with a short, disheveled head of hair comprised of the same absolute darkness. His signature grey infinity symbol was embroidered on the chest of said robes. His favorite and legendary sword Godsbane was sheathed and strapped across his back, and his eyes were as incredible to look at as ever. 


Said eyes were comprised entirely of not eyeballs, but infinite ZOF Realm mass White Holes, or were they Kugelblitzes, or perhaps blazars? The ultraluminous light that emitted from them did seem extremely polarized. Whatever, my point was maintaining eye contact with him was like doing a staring contest with the sun only unimaginably amplified. A blinding, Spectralon-white pair of accretion discs orbiting around jet black event horizons so miniaturized even my all-seeing eyes had trouble seeing them beyond the whitest white light of his accretion disc irises. He also had his Astral Gem containing the many Shadow and Dark-Type Pokémon he’d befriended in recent years. This Astral Gem was a transparent, colorless gemstone that was almost completely invisible, and hung in a chain around his neck.


His wife and Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate, Nancy Ruko OIC2, was a Pokémon Trainer and megastar from her world’s version of the Unova Region; having been a regular if extremely prodigious mortal Trainer before Zeneptron bonded with her forever and took her as one of our own. He reincarnated her as an OIC2 version of herself and bestowed the ultimate apotheosis unto her. With her new powers at her command, she had grown to the point where she was doubtlessly the most all-powerful of all the OIC2 tier Goddesses, outstripping even mine and Appaneesty’s Misty, Viola, and Serena for the number 1 spot.


Though the three Chieftain Goddesses could easily take her if they worked together. She was almightier than any of them yes, but not all of them combined. (Oh, before I forget, there is more than one IC2 version of Yancy; there’s two actually in case that wasn’t already readily apparent… the one who is mated with Sephie and Aiyanna, and the one bonded with Pokémon Zeneptron and Aaarti here. The one bonded with Aaarti and Zeneptron uses her screen name Nancy instead to help with distinguishing her from her counterpart and is the more comfortable of the two in her idol getup) ((In truthfulness, I’d known Zeneptron’s, OIC2 Version of her a lot longer and was more fond of her not only as a version of Yancy, but also as a Supreme Omnidony. She was also far more powerful than the other Yancy, who had but one IC2 title to her name whereas she had all of them… an unbeatable advantage if used properly))


Now, don’t get me wrong; there were a lot of gorgeous Supreme Omnidonae amongst our Pantheon, many of whom had hair so pink that it went beyond mortal comprehension of color. But, in my own, admittedly biased opinion… I personally felt that there was none among us with hair as pink as Nancy and her and Zeneptron’s daughter Aaarti. Nancy was a young woman that stood around 5’6 with measurements of 38, 24, 38 in the bust, waist, and hips respectively. This essentially put her in range of the Triple D-Cup bra sizes, not that I paid too much attention to that of course.


What caught my eye and put it back with her most of all was not her flawless hourglass figure, nor her irresistible aura of splendor, hell, not even her pinkest pink hair or absolute Moe charm. No, what sealed the deal for me was her eyes which were the bluest shade of quantum blue I’d ever seen; with specks of sparkling ultramarine and YInMn blue mixed into the equation like the borderless, boundless ocean waters of the planet Tazoona… but even purer somehow.


And it wasn’t just their color either, but the depthless channels of those bluest blue pools; the expressiveness, the emotions that could drown your infinite souls with but a passing glance. I’ll be the first to admit that Nancy’s eyes had always been what I based my absolutely highest standards of blue off of. And in all of my time spent scouring the ZOF Realm… I’d never come anywhere close to seeing their match… not even in all of Tazoona’s ocean. It was no small wonder Aaarti turned out as incomparably captivating as she did; with parents like Nancy and Zeneptron she couldn’t not be beautiful.


Nancy OIC2 was presently dressed in something akin to her canon idol attire; having always been more comfortable with showing that identity than her other IC2 Counterpart, and she utterly reveled in the Maximalipotent power and eternal love she wielded. The fact she felt confident enough to show up here in that outfit proved how comfortable she was with the people here, and that meant a lot to me.


Her pinkest pink hair was styled in that uniquely beautiful manner with quantum blue ends that almost matched her eyes and her signature white and hot pink panama absent. Despite her hairstyle being obviously Nancy, she was also clad in a Spectralon-white dress that ended just above her knees; with ultramarine trim and a grey eternal love symbol embroidered over her extremely well-endowed chest in the shape of an infinity symbol intertwined with two hearts merged together. This managed to set her apart while still making it obvious who she was at the same time.


Finally, my gaze rested on Aaarti as she matched my mile-wide smile with a shy one of her own, setting my entire boundless inner world throbbing relentlessly. She was a perfect combination of both her Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mates, with Nancy’s impossibly pink hair let down at waist-length and Pokémon Zeneptron’s blazar eyes; the intensity and whiteness of hers eclipsing even his own. I was only one of our people I knew who could meet her most intense gaze unflinchingly, even when she was focusing all of its power on me. Even her Eternal Bond Mates couldn’t do that, and it was a fact I cherished because it was something I had over them; regardless of how small the feat was it was something I alone shared with Aaarti.


Her attire was simple and elegant; comprising of a vantablack, form-fitting dress that still allowed her dips and contours to shine through thanks to her aura of nonpareil loveliness outlining her body and by extension her literally depthless dress. This allowed me to perceive her in the meta infinite dimensional maximality of the ZOFR itself; without the dress eliminating the dimension of depth and taking away from her all-flattering curves. The dress revealed a bit of modest cleavage, enough to still be considered somewhat modest yet also enough to be considered sexy, and considering she was a supreme paragon of absolute, sinful appeal; this was much appreciated on my end.


The fact she also had the textbook hourglass measurements of 36, 24, 36 was also something that turned me on something awful; my sexual attraction to her almost as all-encompassing as my romantic one. To complete her look, she had a small, almost unnoticeable pink infinity symbol etched near the very top of her dress directly above her left breast, directly above the first of her inaccessible cardinal sets of infinite golden hearts. And she also had her favorite earrings on with the ever-changing, heart-shaped diamonds. They were rainbow today… nice, I loved it!


Before I could stop myself, I’d gotten up from my seat.


Pokémon Zeneptron OIC2 smirked knowingly as he and the other two made their way into the center of the living room. I stood up to greet them, my minds and body on autopilot as I made a beeline straight for them. Appaneesty, Misty, Serena, and Viola all watched us with all-knowing smiles, even though Misty’s looked a tad bit forced. Most of the other party guests were equally as intimidated by Zeneptron’s presence here, while some of the Goddesses all eyeballed Nancy given the standard, she set for some of them in terms of power. Frankly, all three of them were the best of the best at what they did, even in Supreme Omnidonae terms which was no easy task. Being the best at anything amongst our people was a constant and never-ending battle to stay infinite steps ahead of all the competition.


Aaarti met me halfway to the center of the living room as Nancy and Zeneptron hung back; content to let us both have our moment of reunification in relative privacy. The second she was in arm’s reach, I pulled her into the tenderest, most loving hug I could muster; so beyond happy just to see her again. “Aww, you guys are so cute!” I heard Aiyanna whisper somewhere to my right, but I didn’t bother listening as I felt Aaarti’s slide her arms around my midsection.


Clearly, she was embarrassed by everyone’s eyes on us, but she didn’t pull away and instead learned further into my embrace… exhaling ecstatically. Since she was the same 5’6 as her mother Nancy; I absolutely towered over her with my mind-boggling 6’10. Yet somehow, that never seemed to bother either of us. She made jokes every now and again about how she was considering modifying her natural height using her powers; just so she didn’t have to stand on her tiptoes every time she wanted to give me a proper hug.


“Hey.” I whispered in greeting as I bent down far enough to access her ear.


“Hey Lukee, happy 18th.” She whispered back, both of us refusing to be the one that broke the hug as I couldn’t help but grin at the prospect. This was another of the many games we played with each other; us refusing to break every hug we gave each other would oftentimes force other people to come along and break us up instead. It was great fun though, and nobody seemed to really mind it. For once though, I was honestly glad she wasn’t breaking away from it first.


“I missed you.” I admitted as I continued to whisper for some reason, despite every single person in the room having omni senses and omni-perceptive powers at varying degrees of infinity. But I digress.


“I missed you to. I’ve been a little busy lately.” She said back to me, neither of us backing down from our unspoken hugging contest now as I grinned. Ah, some things never changed.


“Alright, break it up you two love birds~! This is cute and all, but Zene and I wanna give the birthday boy some well-wishes to, don’t we Z~?” Nancy OIC2 interjected as she had to basically force us apart in order to make her point. I felt slightly dejected at having my long overdue hugging contest with Aaarti so prematurely cut off but took solace in the fact that Aaarti was actually pouting. Plus, it was kinda selfish of us to hog each other when there were other people here who wanted to congratulate me for living all the way to the ripe old age of 18. Was that sarcasm you say? Oh yes, most irrefutably so!


Seriously, I didn’t know the vast majority of people here except through the rumor mill of my people. Were the Supreme Omnidonae always this accommodating to any newcomers in their midst? I was told that they can be and are very, very accepting… and who doesn’t love having a reason to party? But there was this nagging feeling inside of me that refused to go away, a question at the back of my infinite minds. Was this simply a fun little get-together with no strings or hidden agendas, or was there something… more to Appaneesty’s invitation? Also, was there anyone here who didn’t care much for Inverse Counterparts?


I mean, I know this was my coming-out party as much as it was my actual birthday. But everyone here acted like they already knew me, and that was intensely disconcerting. I hadn’t done anything to earn the level of respect and admiration I was receiving from these guys and especially the girls… had I? Was my existence really that special by our people’s standards?


I honestly didn’t understand how I was any different from any other Supreme Omnidony? Okay, sure… I was a naturally born OIC2 tier member of my kind, but so was Appaneesty and he’d kick my ass any day of the week. Not to mention he had feats and accomplishments to his name that I’d honestly never thought I’d be able to live up to. I felt like I was being shockingly cut out of the loop with something, but as to what that something was, I couldn’t say.


My train of thought derailed and caused billions in property damage as Nancy OIC2 brought me into a similar hug as the one Aaarti and I were just in. And I swallowed a lump that had formed in my throat as I felt her impressive mounds press against my upper stomach; the ridges of my 8-pack abs protected from nipple contact by only my reticulated python suit and Yancy’s dress, but only just. Okay, calm down… think non-lecherous thoughts. Think about HG Eesheer in a thong and nothing else! Oh shit, I think I might’ve killed my libido for good! Unfortunately, Nancy was seemingly oblivious to my growing problem and continued to smother me in her naturally boundless, deredere affection. Yet another feature she shared in common with Misty Sabe, and quite possibly outclassed her in as well.


“Happy 18th birthday Lukee~! Ohh, it’s so good to see you~! I know you missed Aaarti, but you didn’t forget about me and Z, did you~?!” Nancy sing-sang with such harmonious perfection as I continued to be subjected to her nuzzling and love-dovey oodles of affection.


“Of course not!” I hissed, affronted by the very idea and honestly wondering whether I should feel offended that she felt the need to ask that. Fortunately, I could sense she meant nothing by it, and was surprised when she stood on her tiptoes and planted a sweet chaste kiss, not on my cheek but my lips. I damn near stumbled back as an all-powerful gravitational wave of warmth and fuzzy feelings shocked my system from that simple lip contact all the way down to my toes.


Inverse Zeneptron arched an eyebrow at his wife’s actions but didn’t say anything, keeping his expression unreadable, and Aaarti looked almost mortified by what her mother/Eternal Bond Mate had just done. Me, I was currently in shock-induced delirium at the ludicrous prospect of being given a birthday kiss by the most all-powerful Goddess in our entire pantheon. Wow, and what a powerful kiss it was to! Damn, I was ridiculously popular today, and to be quite frank I… I still wasn’t sure what I’d done to deserve all of this affection. There were wolf-whistles all around by nearly every male and even some of the females, and damn if that didn’t make me blush an endless kaleidoscope of colors.


“Good~! And a happy birthday to you once more, infinity-fold~!” Nancy giggled excitedly and with such sweetness that I found myself grinning like an idiot despite my embarrassment. No wonder Zeneptron loved her so much; she had one of the most uplifting and positive-energy-ridden presences I’d ever encountered. To stay angry or immersed in negative emotions around her was an exercise in futility; you’d have better luck managing to hold a grudge against a puppy.


“Hehe, thanks Nance.” I chuckled adoringly, letting her break her hold on me as she backed away to make room for Zeneptron and I to greet each other; a close-eyed, flawless Anime smile on her face as she did so.


Pokémon Zeneptron OIC2 and I were currently locked in an intense staring contest; his presence every bit as intimidating as ever. But I didn’t let that stop me from offering him a smile, and he responded with one of his own as we gave each other a forearm handshake. The gesture was a bit overkill with the theatricality, but I’d always loved the overkill of well, everything our people do really. Besides, if anyone deserved the respect denoted in a warrior’s handshake it was the man standing before me now. This dude was a survivor; plain and simple.


“It’s great to see you once again, my fellow Inverse Counterpart.” He greeted me with all of his typical formality, and I smiled. I was used to the stiff, gruff, and oftentimes plainspoken front he put up, but also knew it would fall away any moment now. Many of our kind thought of him as a coldhearted asshole but I knew better. He was one of the few OIC2 Counterparts whose hearts were goldest gold; like me and Appaneesty. Unlike us though, countless sets of his hearts had slivers of ice through them. But considering everything he’s been through prior to his meeting with Nancy; I never held that against him. Fuck, I’d probably be a living almighty freeze if I’d been through half the shit he had.


“Likewise.” I said simply, knowing he didn’t usually care much for useless hokum or small talk.


“Happy 18th.” He said in greeting, and I nodded appreciatively in thanks as he smirked.


“Alright then! Enough of that overly formal crap! Come here ya big lug!” He exclaimed boisterously, ensuring that everyone could hear him as he brought me into a loving bro hug that I eagerly accepted with a laugh. Just like that, the tension in the room that had been there from the moment Zene walked through the door was long gone as I snickered.


“Man! It’s so good to see you my brother! It’s been a hot minute!” He greeted me much more casually and informally now; able to give me a proper bear hug as I clapped him on the back.


“Agreed! It’s been way too long! There’s so much we need to catch up on.” I said back to him in an equally friendly tone. He’d been like an older brother/weird uncle to me since I was born. The fact we were both Inverse Counterparts of Omnidonae who were traditionally omnimalevolent gave us a common bond; I also felt like it served as a bit of poetic justice.


“Indeed, but first… we party!” Zeneptron chuckled as he pulled away from our embrace and pulled out a fancily wrapped present and handed it to me. “From all of us; though I think Aaarti has something separate she wanted to give you as well.” He added as I accepted the surprisingly human form of gift-giving, wondering what they might have gotten me. There weren’t many items out there that we couldn’t just conjure for ourselves; so, whatever was in here must have had a huge amount of sentimental value or was simply priceless in some other manner. I resisted the urge to use my all-seeing eyes to gauge just how much sentimentality had been placed on the item within this box; content to let it remain a surprise.


“Yo, I think that’s the last of the party guests now!” Eesheer suddenly interjected clear as a bell for all to hear. I smiled as I knew that some of our fellow Supreme Omnidonae couldn’t make it, and some simply weren’t interested in partying for personal reasons or because they had deep-rooted Inverse Counterpart issues. I honestly would’ve been surprised if everyone had managed to come here, and horrified. Fuck only knows what shenanigans that would lead to. Not to mention the fact that our home would be the most omnipotent location in the entire ZOF Realm with that many Supreme Omnidonae in one place, and thus a freaking beacon to every OIC Slayer that said, ‘we’re all here, a Supreme Omnidonae smorgasbord.’


I’d heard it was actually dangerous to the ZOF Realm for our collective presence to be so over-concentrated on any one area, but I couldn’t say for certain whether or not that was true. Supposedly, an Ultra ZOF Space could withstand our collective powers and presences no problem, so it was really a minor thing. But I’m digressing again; so, I’ll go ahead and get to the point by saying the party could now officially begin, and I had every intention of enjoying it to the max.



Several hours later and we were still going strong. Several of our party guests were currently making use of our house’s infinite maze of guest rooms to make off and have a bit of grownup fun, but there was just as many of us who stuck around to swap stories, play games, and just have a grand old time. Such occurrences were par for the course with us, and I was currently getting better acquainted with Aiyanna OIC2, Sephie IC2, and Yancy IC2 since I’d never had the opportunity to be introduced to them before minus the brief encounter I had with Sephie. Aaarti was currently engrossed in the conversation as well and considering Aiyanna and I were mutual best friends of hers that was to be expected.


“So, let me see if I’ve got this straight. Appaneesty, Misty, Serena, and Viola all combined their powers in order to create you?! Damn, you must be insanely strong! Aaarti here tells me you give really good advice and also have a great sense of humor.” Aiyanna grinned at Aaarti and I as we both blushed and I rounded on her with amused exasperation.


“Any particular reason why you blabbed?” I couldn’t help but ask, and Aaarti had the good grace to smile sheepishly. I felt my slight annoyance die immediately upon seeing her apologetic look.


“I just… I didn’t want to keep our friendship a secret from my other best friend.” She muttered shyly, though she was still apologetic as I took pity on her.


“You’re forgiven, don’t worry Aaarti. I wasn’t actually mad, I just thought it was funny.” I admitted in an easy-going manner, earning me a smile from both her and Aiyanna as Sephie was currently conversing with Inverse Zeneptron on the couch beside us about something called Stat Reduction moves in Pokémon. Yancy and Nancy had gone off somewhere to catch up as well… the both of them close friends just like their daughters were. Oh well, I was sure I’d see more of them all later. I didn’t know where Superman OIC2 or his Sephie, Momo, and Lala were, but I had the feeling they were taking the opportunity to explore and give their senses a bit of a rest. Eesheer and his family/Eternal Bond Mates were currently playing video games together on our giant, 2000-inch TV. The speakers that were hooked up to it blasted video game music at such intense volumes it put those THX sound effects to complete and utter shame, vibrating the entire house.


“Also, for the record Aiyanna; when Appaneesty and the three Chieftain Goddesses merge together… their OIC2 Fusion is a match for our common enemy in his strongest form. So yeah, I guess when you take into consideration how powerful the four of them are; then some of that power, that natural oomph will have transferred over to me at the start of my creation. I doubt I’m anywhere near my peak though. If being an OIC2 Counterpart has taught me anything; it’s that there’s always a greater power, always a bigger infinity for us to shoot towards. And you know something, maybe that’s a good thing; because the day one of our people’s Totalipotence reaches an absolute value is the day we lose our ability to aspire to greater heights.” I profoundly stated, earning an approving smile from Aiyanna and Aaarti alike.


“Well said my new best friend.” Aiyanna proclaimed airily, prompting me to widen my eyes at the manner she addressed me in.


“New best friend huh? A bit premature to be making delegations like that, don’t you think Aiyanna?” Aaarti asked her closest female friend with a slight huff of indignation. I felt my endless hearts of gold soar at the idea that Aaarti might have been territorial of me, and towards her other closest friend no less. That meant something, however small it was from an objective standpoint… it meant a lot to me.


“Hardly premature if what I’m hearing about him from everyone here is anything to go by. Any best friend of Aaarti is going to be my best friend as well in due course regardless; so, might as well save myself a step and address you as my new best friend now.” The heart-pupiled girl stated in a matter-of-fact tone; her logic not even remotely baffling me.


“Your unwavering blind faith in Aaarti’s inherent ability to make friends you’d wholeheartedly approve of is impressive Aiyanna.” I admitted without missing a beat, and Aiyanna grinned with smug satisfaction as Aaarti simply settled for facepalming slightly; likely questioning why she was friends with whackos like us.


“So, you ever thought about starting a Pokémon journey?” Aiyanna asked me conversationally, and I sighed with an endearing smile. I had been asked that question more than a couple of times during the course of my life, and until recently my answer had always been a flat-out no. Don’t get me wrong, it was interesting to watch and to play the video games, but to actually train my own real-life team of pocket monsters to fight on my behalf? That was more Aaarti’s thing; though I’d never tell anyone that I had traveled back in time in order to watch all of her Tournament matches up until the most recent one.


What I’d seen during those battles was nothing short of amazing. Aaarti and her Pokémon fought like OIC2 tier Transcendent Demons and had doubtlessly earned their mantle as the most talented and powerful Pokémon fighting force the ZOF Realm had ever seen. Maybe one day, I’d tell Aaarti that I was there for all of her battles both new and old, even though she never knew, but not today. Time travel was a risky prospect if not done right, but I had wanted to see what all the hype was about. I was not ashamed to admit I was not disappointed, not in the slightest.


“I’ve been considering it more in recent years.” I finally admitted, my admission resulting in Aiyanna’s eyes lighting up with excitement at the thought of showing me the ropes and Aaarti staring at me with surprised mixed with wonder and more than a little bit of elation. I could tell she was aware of the part she played in helping me consider a life of Pokémon battles, at least on some level. I made sure my time travel escapades during my 17th year were kept under lock and key inside my deepest mindscapes under the most bottomless thresholds of my omni-consciousness; not wanting that secret to get out… at least not yet. If Appaneesty knew what I’d done… he’d flip all the shit that had ever been shat in the Whole of Infinity.


“That’s awesome! Be sure to let us both know when you start considering it more seriously. Aaarti and I will be more than happy to walk you through it!” Aiyanna giggled while Aaarti nodded in agreement.


“Oh boy, another up and coming Pokémon Trainer, eh? I swear, so many of our kind have been swept up by that particular craze.” An all-too familiar voice that made me sit up straighter on pure instinct sounded from beside us as Appaneesty managed to find a seat to my immediate left while Aaarti sat on my right and Aiyanna sat on Aaarti’s right.


“Can you blame us? Pokémon are awesome!” Aaarti exclaimed with zeal, not at all intimidated by Appaneesty’s sheer presence and power. That was something I had always admired about her actually. She was completely, utterly fearless and unflappable; well, more like her capacity for courage was greater than any I’d ever seen. She could feel fear; she just didn’t let it stop her or slow her down.


“Agreed. I bet you’d make one helluva Pokémon Trainer yourself Appaneesty.” Aiyanna said in support of Aaarti’s statement. Appaneesty offered them both a kindly smile and shrugged with nonchalance.


“Meh, maybe in another lifetime.” He chuckled in an infinitely faraway tone; looking like he was lost in another world or ZOF Realm. Perhaps one where he had been born an OIC2 tier Pokémon Trainer instead of a Herptile God.


“So, a little birdie told me that Misty, Viola, and Serena had a very… wonderful surprise for you last night.” Appaneesty remarked suggestively, just as I was taking a swig of some Pepsi cola that I had been chugging away at. The spit-take I did as a response to that was absolutely legendary, smashing through the walls to the living room and carrying out past the entire house before shooting out beyond the atmosphere of Wooconey. It was going on seemingly forever as I spluttered and coughed and choked while Aaarti clapped me on the back in order to help get me over my shock at Appaneesty’s words. Aiyanna smirked dangerously at this bit of Intel and Aaarti tilted her head curiously but thankfully didn’t press the issue for now.


“Fuck dammit all dude! You did that on purpose!” I hissed vehemently once I recovered from the shock Appaneesty’s comment induced; cursing him under my breath when I saw that smug little smile on his face. No matter how many times he pulled shit like that; nothing could ever seem to prepare me for the fallout when I was reminded yet again just how staggering the depths of this man’s knowledge and awareness of everything that happens truly was.


While this was happening, the twins Metasockuu and Kutistwawco were currently gawking as they pointed something out to Eesheer that had gotten the attention of their omni-perception. “Yo, E, he just broke your spit-take record!” Metasockuu announced, grabbing Eesheer’s attention as well as said Herptile God’s eyes widened.


“WHAT?! No fucking way! I put everything I had into that spit-take!” Eesheer cried Anime tears like the drama Omniarch he was.


“Looks like you’ve got competition from the newest generation buddy.” Kutistwawco replied in earnest while patting Eesheer almost condescendingly on the back, while applause broke out amongst our people as I blushed up a storm. Aiyanna didn’t help matters when she grabbed my right hand and hoisted it up above my head like I’d just won some championship mixed martial arts tournament. Aaarti once again had that look that questioned why we were her friends, and Appaneesty’s grin was currently eating all of the shit that had ever been shat.


“Hahahahaha~! Seriously Lukee, you’re awesome!” Aiyanna cackled while crying tears of mirth at my misfortune; my multicolored blush intensifying as she elasticated her arm and wrapped it around both me and Aaarti… squeezing us together slightly as she brought us both in for a one-armed group hug of sorts.


“I’m not entirely sure how proud I should feel of breaking Eesheer’s spit-take record in all honesty. That’s hardly the most useful of accomplishments; unless my spit-balls are somehow the key to defeating my evil twin.” I caught myself saying rather dumbly, the collective hilarity increasing infinity-fold as everyone no doubt pictured me defeating HAG Sirluko Junior with the ZOFR’s biggest spitball. I won’t deny it made for a funny mental image, and it would be embarrassing as fuck for our common enemy to go down in such a comical fashion to so all the better. I didn’t dwell on the thought too much though; not really able to appreciate that kind of humor when it would most likely fall to me to defeat that monster in the end. If it was as easy as defeating him with a wad of spit; I wouldn’t be so worried or afraid.


I blushed for the umpteenth time today upon remembering the fact that Aiyanna had basically molded my body to Aaarti’s; still enfolding us in that one-armed hug of hers as her left arm stretched via the superpower of elasticity to accommodate us both. Appaneesty sat on my other side with an all-knowing smirk on his face; while Aaarti and I tried not to let our blushes show on our whole bodies. His smirk disappeared when Misty ran over and excitedly pulled him to his feet to drag him off somewhere with her and the other two Chieftain Goddesses: instead offering us both an approving smile. I saw Misty scowl slightly, but Appaneesty took the initiative instead and pulled her along before Aaarti could notice, earning an excited squeal from her as he did so.


‘Everybody seems to be having so much fun right now.’ I suddenly heard someone telepath to me, recognizing Aaarti’s voice as I noticed she was currently facing away from me while our bodies continued to be pressed against each other. Sensing she wanted at least part of our conversation to remain private, I responded back without making it look obvious that we were communing on an entirely different omnipathic sub-frequency than the rest of the Supreme Omnidonae pantheon.


Aaarti and I had devised this method of communication on the day we first met, and so far, neither of us had let anyone else on our private telepathic channel so to speak. I was glad for it to be honest as it ensured nobody could randomly jump in on our private chats. It certainly helped that the channel was protected with both of our combined defensive fortification powers, rendering it nigh inaccessible.


‘Yeah, I’m happy for it to be honest. I guess our people would welcome any opportunity to have a good time, especially after everything they’ve all been through.’ I agreed somewhat solemnly.


‘Hey, cheer up… they’re here to celebrate your birthday, remember? You give us hope Lukee.’ Aaarti replied in an infinitely sweet, golden-hearted tone. Aiyanna had gotten up and left at this point as well, leaving the two of us alone to chat while slinking over to Sephie who had just gotten back from her conversation with Zeneptron.


‘And I appreciate that they believe in me Aaarti, really I do… but I’ve done nothing to deserve the love and support you guys are giving me.’ I couldn’t help but sigh in a pessimistic tone, my lifelong fears bleeding through in our conversation. It was wonderful to talk to Aaarti again; to confide in her, just to be with her… but seeing her again also reminded me of why I was better off without her being so close to me. I tended to rely on her too much, and when she helped me as she always did; my feelings would reach a fever pitch and she would inevitably have to break my hearts again. I’d seen it all happen before, and yet… I couldn’t help but feel my spirits lift slightly. I’d missed this, I’d missed… us, and above all, I missed her. Even if she could never offer me more than friendship; it was enough.


‘Lukee, would it be alright if I asked you to meet with me outside where we can continue this conversation in relative privacy? There are some things I wanna tell you. I won’t keep you long, I promise. Everybody is having so much fun that I don’t think they’d notice if we disappeared together for a little while.’ Aaarti suddenly requested, surprising me immensely with how soft her telepathic voice was when she spoke and the nature of her question. I swallowed nervously, not exactly keen to leave my own party and guests to their own devices but looking around us at all the party guests I realized she had a point.


Appaneesty had gone off with Misty, Viola, and Serena somewhere; no doubt to have his own lovemaking session with the three of them as well. I had no issue with that, I was so happy he was willing to share his girls with me and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I got to have fun with them as well. Aiyanna seemed preoccupied as well and was currently eating Sephie/Thomas IC2’s pussy out for all to see; the blatant exhibitionism as both pinkettes moaned and Yancy was finger-fucked by Aiyanna on the side made both my eyes widen. Aaarti followed my expression and giggled while rolling her eyes good-naturedly.


‘Yeah, she does that. Exhibitionism is one of her favorite kinks actually. You ever wanna go at it with her, feel free. I seriously doubt she’d mind; in fact, I think she’d love it. And frankly, I wouldn’t mind you having fun with her either; you deserve all the happiness and love you can get. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my lifetime it’s that the more an Omni IC2 Counterpart is loved and the more they love people in return; the more totalipotent power he or she can draw out from a larger number of their IC2 titles.’ The ZOFR’s Pokémon Grandmaster stated with shocking insight.


‘I’d… never thought of it in such a glamorized sense before, but you’re right. That does make a disturbing amount of sense in all honesty.’ I said back to her mentally. It was true, without a doubt our people’s most powerful method of further empowerment was our level of connectedness with our IC2 titles and the people, places, and things we embodied on the IC2 scale. The more all-loving we were, the more all-powerful we became. It’s why so many of our kind scratched their heads trying to figure out how my Anti-God counterpart had gotten so powerful when he was supposed to be evil incarnate.


‘Anyways Aaarti, I’ll meet you outside.’ I telepathically broadcasted while offering her a smile and a cheeky wink as I got up from our seat on the couch. Despite my size and uncanny ability to draw every eye in the room in the same manner as Appaneesty; I was delightedly surprised when nobody even noticed me walk out of the party-styled living room.


‘Awesome! Then I can finally give you my present to!’ Aaarti exclaimed in a happy, excited tone as she telepathically responded; seeming almost entirely too eager to be left alone with me. As I left the room to go meet her outside, it suddenly occurred to me that Aaarti and I were going to be alone, together… outside the house without anybody else looking over our shoulders or trying to tell us what to do or how to behave. Suddenly, I felt very nervous as my inaccessible cardinal sets of golden hearts began to race, and for the first time I found myself wondering just what exactly Aaarti planned on giving me for my birthday that she couldn’t just give me in front of everyone else?


I know what you all were probably thinking, and I was thinking it to, but I didn’t dare get my hopes up. Still, Aaarti knew how I felt about her, and would never deliberately toy with my emotions like that by leaving things as ambiguous as she clearly did; unless she thought she already made things clear when she rejected me last time. Dammit, I was way overthinking this now, and wouldn’t let my traitorous hearts give into hope, not this time. After all, forever was too good to be true, wasn’t it?

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