Inverse Zeneptron, Nancy, and Aaarti OIC2 Lemon

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As far as hardy party locations go; the likeness of the Jedi Temple that was modified as compared to its canon counterpart on Coruscant was not the worst location in the world. It was spacious with many vast chambers and rooms including the archives, the accommodation sector where people could sneak off to for a bit of grownup fun, and the High Council Chamber itself where the main party was being held.


Normally the place was known for its sparse decor and little else other than the chairs that each High Council Member sat in during conferences, but in this replica of it tables had been set up with all manner of finger foods and snacks of all kinds that were endlessly self-replenishing. There were also groups of Supreme Omnidonae from various factions intermingling by the lookout windows overlooking the vast ecumenopolis that was Coruscant; either catching up by shooting the shit or even slow-dancing in time with Sephie IC2’s Meloetta singing in an eargasmic tone up on the stage that had been set up at the far back of the chamber. Neo Thomas’s OIC2 versions of Momo Belia Deviluke and Sadie Kane were chatting away amiably while also having some fun with some male Supreme Omnidonae on the dance floor.


Neo Thomas and his female IC2 Counterpart aka Sephie were fucking each other’s brains out over in the replica of Anakin Skywalker’s quarters. Aiyanna and Mafalda the OIC2 Mew Goddess whom was Sephie/Thomas IC2’s Primary Pokémon Mate were likewise giving Sun IC2 a blowjob and a rimjob respectively over in one of the corners of the chamber; completely uncaring of whoever saw them despite Sun himself blushing up a storm at the blatant exhibitionism.


Since her and Aiyanna’s Forever Mates were busy fucking each other; that left them to have fun with someone else on the side, and who better than Sun himself whom Aiyanna was deepthroating with porniest pornstar levels of refinement in her technique? Sun’s version of Lillie and him had done similar things while going out on dates in restaurants together, and every time she would give him an unexpected handjob under the table he would flush up a storm.


It was unbelievably bold and made him feel completely exposed, but Aiyanna was doing such a fantastic job of giving him head that he just didn’t give a fuck… no pun intended of course. Mafalda adding to that by eating out his prostate gland on the back end was making him shudder and convulse violently while standing on the spot. Most of his fellow IC2 Counterparts weren’t even watching the sheer debauchery now; having grown accustomed to seeing such things by now. Sun was honestly surprised to realize he found the idea of publicly displayed sexual intercourse extremely hot.


He gave a loud and obnoxious moan as his penis violently twitched and then promptly exploded in Aiyanna’s waiting mouth; Mafalda diving her tongue into his rectum as far as it would go and holding it there to maximize the intensity of his two-fold prostate and blowjob-induced orgasm. All the while; his own ESIT Eternal Bond Mates Lillie, Moon, Acerola, and Kahili were waiting for their turn to have a go at him in a fivesome for the ages.


Superman OIC2 couldn’t make it to watch the tournament sadly; he and his mates had some business to attend to back in their ZOF Sector, but he did wish everyone well and hoped they had fun. In truth however, he was not really a fan of Pokémon battles and likely made up some excuse; more than likely he was having a wild party of his own with his Eternal Bond Mates Sephie, Momo, Lala, Run, Yami, Nemesis, and various others including his cousin Kara whom he had only recently reunited with.


The only members of the Herptile God Faction who could make it were Appaneesty, Misty Sabe, Viola Pennington, and Serena McIntyre; often called the Big 4 due to their high ranking stature amongst their faction and the fact they were all Omni IC2 Counterparts with an insane degree of mastery over their powers.


The four of them were gone off somewhere as well, and certain parties were certain they heard the sounds of moaning coming from Master Windu’s quarters. Obviously the three Chieftain Goddesses were getting pounded by one helluva Titanoboa tonight, and they were enjoying it immensely to. Both Inverse ZOIC2 and many others held the leader of the Herptile God faction in high regard. Especially since he was one of the only OIC2’s with the power, the drive, and the mastery over his abilities to match Junior in single combat, but it was nice to know he could loosen up and have fun at the party as well.


Non Herptile God Eesheer OIC2 and his Asia Argento IC2 were currently cuddling together over by the snack table, where Meloetta’s beautiful melodies were suddenly drowned out by the Imperial March theme at a single snap of the emerald Grandmaster’s finger; not only breaking the couples out of their slow dancing-induced nirvana state but also just raising a lot of eyebrows considering the irony of playing such a song in a place like this.


Their daughter and Eesheer’s Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate and fellow OIC2 Counterpart Lily Argento was sampling a slice of pepperoni pizza and smirked a troublemaker’s smirk her precious daddy more than likely taught her as she snickered. “Way to capture the mood dork; this is a party in the motherfucking Jedi Temple after all… the music should be appropriate for such a setting wouldn’t you guys say?” She teasingly remarked as Eesheer caught her eye and winked, and Asia had a look on her face that seemed to ask, ‘why did I fall in love with this clown?’


While some of the Supreme Omnidonae present approved of the change in song choice, the couples who were dancing couldn’t really find it in themselves to move in rhythm to Darth Vader’s more dynamic soundtrack. This was the kind of music designed to distill dread into all who saw the Dark Lord of the Sith walking into the same room as them; it wasn’t really meant for the kind of slow and seductive dancing that Meloetta’s heart-melting melodies allowed for.


Speaking of Meloetta, said legendary siren looked annoyed at having her song interrupted in the middle of the chorus; she grew a tick mark as she looked over at Eesheer entertaining everyone by summoning a flaccid lightsaber from out of thin air and started waving it around at everyone like a limp noodle. Her annoyance was only further augmented by the lightsaber growing fully erect and much more imposing when Lily walked over beside her father and gave it a few loving strokes with her hand as one might stroke a lover’s penis. Asia shook her head with a smile at the display and muttered something along the lines of, ‘you are definitely your father’s daughter.’ Though it was muttered with amusement rather than annoyance.


Her eyes and Eesheer’s were alight with mischief at the not-so-subtle innuendo as the entire High Council Chamber echoed with laughter in response to it. Meloetta scoffed and walked off the stage in a rather haughty manner; her thunder officially stolen and lost to her forever as Eesheer and his beyond sexy daughter became the life of the party.


Even Asia had to smile at the interactions between her daughter and husband; having been surprised when Lily first expressed a desire to be with Eesheer in that way but not displeased by this revelation. All the time spent as his Primary ESIT Eternal Bond Mate and a IC2 Counterpart had taught her many important things; one was that nothing about them or their relationship dynamics adhered to human norms whether acceptable or otherwise.


She had been all for it, and both she and Eesheer had been delightedly surprised when, like Aiyanna before her, Lily confessed her feelings for him underneath the setting sun over Kuoh Town where they all lived happily together. Flashing back to the present saw Lily surprising Eesheer with a chaste kiss on the cheek, and the hilarity transitioned into full-on wolf-whistling as he blushed despite his normally unflappable demeanor. Said demeanor met its match against the mysterious powers of the Unquantifiable Bonding Phenomena, and the fact that it intertwined him and Lily infinitely more tightly than the base pair of a DNA strand.


Asia was a bit envious of her daughter to be honest; she had seen firsthand how closely that phenomena could bring two people together, and while she was content with the strength of the bond she shared with Eesheer… a part of her wondered if becoming his Unquantifiable was maybe possible someday. It was the almightiest Eternal Bond a Supreme Omnidony could ever experience and was said to be something in a class of its own, inaccessible cardinal sets of uncountable infinities beyond all other concepts of nirvana and fellowship. Even the almightiest of Omni IC2 Counterparts among them presently were unable to truly decode it, which was an incredibly humbling thought to contemplate.


It was only her, Lily, and Eesheer here tonight; though he was making use of his omnipresence to manifest in their home and spend time with Gabby, Ophis, Serafall, and Amber Thompson IC2 as well. None of them had any investment in Pokémon battling, but still managed to find ways to spend time with their shared Forever mate. Asia herself had enjoyed this Tournament more than she expected to, and while Lily and her father were not hardcore enough fans to consider catching and training their own Pokémon; they were fan enough to watch every one of these Tournaments without fail.


Lily looked almost identical to Asia herself, the same blonde hair and green eyes as well as a well-endowed bust rivalling the likes of Xenovia to, but she also had Eesheer’s tanner skin and his sharper, almost elvish features. She was beautiful and had taken a while to realize she had feelings for her father that were incestuous in nature.


Unlike Aiyanna who knew how she felt about TIC2 by the time she was 13, Lily didn’t know until her 19th year. Seeing them both standing here together and with Asia as well made the Twilight Healing user feel right at home. She had given Eesheer something none of his other mates had given him yet. She gave him his first child, and said daughter even turned out to be his Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate. Still, it was an interesting pattern she was starting to sense; for many of the Second Gen Supreme Omnidonae were heavily into incestuous relations with their fathers and/or mothers.


Deciding for now to end the fun for a little bit, Eesheer banished the conjured lightsaber into the ether and magnified his voice loudly enough to get everybody’s attention. “Yo, ladies and gents… your boy Eesheer OIC2 is here with some things to say. First off, entertaining though that may have been this isn’t actually my party nor my event. So, let us give a special round of applause to the lady of the hour herself and our esteemed guest of honor… low and behold, the all-powerful, the indomitable, the indigestible… Aaarti OIC2! Come on out here girl and say a few words will ya?! You know you want to!” Eesheer waggled his eyebrows suggestively as tumultuous applause broke out amongst the crowd of Supreme Omnidonae; Aiyanna one of the loudest of all as Aaarti, Zeneptron, and his Nancy all looked surprised and away from their spot at the massive viewing window; Eesheer’s words grabbing their attention.


Aaarti’s eyes widened slightly, swallowing audibly as she felt her apprehension and natural shyness take over. She hadn’t had any problems with putting her natural aversion to big crowds aside during the Tournament, but now that it was over and she the absolute victor of the Tournament she felt a little overwhelmed. It felt good though, having so many people here all partying their heads off and cheering their souls out for her. To be the Champion of the ZOF itself was the highest of honors in her opinion; second only to the next goal she hoped to achieve tonight, which was move beyond her father-daughter relationship with her father AKA Zeneptron OIC2 himself.


She looked over to him and her mom Nancy OIC2 unsurely on instinct, even as the people continued shouting all manner of encouragement for her to say a few words. Mewtwo OIC2 and Ambertwo IC2 were part of the group as well and Amber caught her eye quickly and smiled whereas Mewtwo gave her an approving nod. Looking at her parents, she saw Zeneptron smiling and indicating the crowd before her, as if telling her to get up there and do it.


‘This is your party… Aaarti.’ He telepathed to her with a slight smirk at the way he worded that, and Aaarti’s shy smile grew a bit bigger at the unexpected rhyme on her dad’s part. With Nancy also silently encouraging her she finally had enough courage to make her way up to the spot where Eesheer stood in front of all the crowd waiting for her with an approving look on his face.


With all eyes on her and her confidence at its peak, Asia cleared her throat slightly and used her powers to magnify her voice in the same manner as Eesheer before her. “Thank you all so much for coming to this after-party. I’m still in a nirvana state over the fact that I’ve won this tournament. Being able to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams today is without a doubt the single greatest moment of my life so far, and I hope to continue to reach new heights with my Pokémon and work to achieve another goal of mine that may be even more precious still.


I’m so looking forward to defending my title next time this Tournament is hosted, and I hope you all bring your A-Game as well because I won’t be holding anything back! For now, though, enjoy the party and do whatever you like. No one among us here will judge you.” She giggled while flashing a sly smile towards Aiyanna who grinned right back at her and gave her a thumb up.


“I’d also like to take this moment to thank my mother and father, who’s faith in me taught me to have faith in myself. I would be nothing without them, and this Tournament wouldn’t have been possible without them either. So please, give them a healthy round of applause to, and bear in mind there’s enough credit to go around!” She concluded with a slight sigh of relief as she stepped away from the spotlight and rejoined her mom and dad while flushing heatedly at all of the immense praise and applause she received for her passionate speech.


“You did well.” Zeneptron complimented her once she rejoined him and Nancy over by the window, Aaarti blushing as pink as her hair as Nancy added her two cents worth.


“You’ve been amazing this Tournament Aaarti, and you’ve come so far in your training to. Your father and I are very proud of you. Congratulations my Champion~.” She cooed in delight.


“Thanks mom.” Aaarti whispered, a reverent look crossing her face as she surreptitiously studied the highly attractive features of both her parents. Nancy OIC2 was too beautiful to be fair; with her most quantum blue and ultramarine eyes and pinkest hair. Her measurements were 38’ 24’ 38’ making her one of the most well-endowed of the Supreme Omnidonae Goddesses. She was arguably the single most powerful of all the females of their race. Aaarti herself was 36’ 22’ 36’, which while impressive still felt small to her when made to stand next to her gorgeous mother. She harbored almost as strong an incestuous attraction to the woman as her father.


And Zeneptron… oh Gods! He was just… perfect in Aaarti’s eyes! That asinine Raichu of Thomas IC2’s may have considered himself to be the pinnacle of male perfection, but in her daddy’s case she honestly believed it true. He had an alien biochemistry and a figure that could put the Olympian Gods and Heroes to absolute shame, with pale skin, UZOF mass blazar eyes so very like her own, with Spectralon-white accretion disks. He had a bit of stubble on his chin and above his lips, for he tended to keep his look somewhat scruffy, but not untidy.


He had disheveled hair that was most infinitely blacker than vantablack; absorbing 100 percent of all forms of light. And her entire life she had based her ideal of the color black on his hair and his grim-reaper-style outfit. Her dress was beyond vantablack as well because it reminded her of him, and it became her favorite color other than pink as a result. He had his signature weapon strapped to his back; a most Stygian sword forged in the heart of an infinite solar mass black hole; the one that collapsed his own indigenous Triple O so long ago. It was called the Blackest Godsbane, and it along with his other famous sword the Rosiest Amaranth made him the Almightiest, Godliest, Supremest dual wielder amongst the entire Supreme Omnidony race. And though he didn’t talk of it much, Aaarti always felt her hearts crack slightly for his sake whenever he brought up Ruby.


She didn’t know the Crimson Rose wielder, but she wished she could’ve met her other than as a ghost. She just somehow knew she and her father’s first true love would’ve gotten along spectacularly. Looking at him, she noticed he was wearing a less tattered version of his usual cloak and robes. They were less baggy and more form-fitting like her dress; allowing her all-seeing eyes just the tiniest glimpse of the God Bod that dwelt beneath the perfect blackness of his outfit. Though, with his outfit and her dress, neither of them was dressing to strictly accentuate their curves, as the vantablack nature of their clothing made the dimension of depth all but disappear from their bodies. Granted, even perfect darkness could not hide how beautiful Aaarti was becoming, not that she realized it yet of course, but she was going to feel truly beautiful tonight.


‘Psst, hey Aaarti. Over here, it’s me Lily.’ The daughter of Eesheer suddenly telepathed to her, and Aaarti somehow managed not to jump with a start as she sneakily looked back and saw Lily chatting it up with Eesheer, Asia, and a couple of others like she wasn’t doing anything else. One look told Aaarti differently though. Lily was multitasking and was trying to make it look inconspicuous that she was chatting it up with one of her friends at the same time. Aaarti was understandably confused on what this could be about. She wasn’t as close to Lily or Serena McIntyre as she was Aiyanna, but she was well acquainted with her just the same.


‘What is it Lily?’ She decided to ask, making sure to direct her response at Eesheer’s Lily and not accidentally telepathically broadcast to Sun IC2’s Lillie. Same name but different spelling, and two very different people.


‘I just wanted to give you some advice; one female OIC2 to another.’ Lily said to Aaarti mentally even as she continued shooting the shit with multiple people at the party and regaling them with a tale of an epic, three-way prank war between her, Eesheer, and Amber Thompson on her 16th birthday. She was good, and Aaarti sweatdropped at how much she and Eesheer were alike. Clearly the man had some pretty damn strong genes if his daughter was this alike him in personality.


‘What’s that?’ Aaarti asked in a mystified tone.


‘Don’t wait any longer and pluck up some courage. Tell them how you really feel about them. Trust me, you’ll all be much happier and much stronger as a family unit if you’re all able to fuck each other silly. I should know, and I also know why you’re hesitating. Unlike Aiyanna, we both have our shyness and reverence towards our fathers on an equal level as our love for them, and the two sets of feelings can often get in the way of each other. Just go for it alright… trust me on this; it’ll be worth it. Getting up the courage to finally tell Eesheer how I really feel is without a doubt the best decision I ever made.’ She sagely responded, and Aaarti blushed while looking at her mom and dad through the corner of her eye.


‘I… guess I can try. Thanks for the vote of confidence Lily.’ Aaarti responded back to her with slightly less anxiety at the thought than before. Lily sent her the mental visuals of her nodding at her with approval and giving her an encouraging smile, something Aaarti appreciated as the telepathic link between them cut off and Lily had her full attention back on the story, she was telling everyone.


Aaarti herself was surprised by how many of her fellow Supreme Omnidonae had stuck around for the after-party, and it was a joyous occasion full of laughter, music, merriment, food, and sex… shit tons of sex happening both in other rooms and in this one in plain sight. Sun seemed to be getting a lot of attention tonight and his Lillie (not Eesheer’s daughter) was currently going all out with a blowjob. The pinkest pinkette shook her head amusedly at how open everything involving relationships between their people was. Human laws against indecent exposure didn’t apply to them, nor did their taboos against incest or polygamous relations. Still, just because some of her kind approved of such things didn’t mean her daddy was into it as well, or into her.


Her smile was shy and envious as she watched Eesheer jumping into the fray alongside Lily, the both of them finishing each other’s sentences as they got super invested in the tale they were weaving. A sizable crowd of IC2’s and some of their Pokémon appeared to listen in on them. Aaarti sighed longingly, wishing to have that kind of relationship with her mother and father. Her dream, put simply, was to grow strong enough along with her Pokémon to be considered a match for her dad and her mom. They were her biggest heroes from a young age and whom she began feeling romantically for by the time she was 16.


She longed to move beyond their relationship as parent and daughter. She wanted to be like Nancy and eat Zeneptron’s ass out, or even just lie in bed cuddling with them together all night. Put it simply, she wanted the three of them to always be together forever, and to be able to call them by their first names and not just mom and dad.


It wasn’t that she didn’t respect them as her loving parents, or that she didn’t acknowledge that fact. She just wanted more than that from her relationship with them. If she was to move beyond her child-parent relationship with them, she wanted the sheer honor of being able to address them as Zeneptron and Nancy to.


It was far from being a normal way for a 19-year-old woman to feel about her parents, at least as far as humans were concerned, but nothing about her was normal or human, and it never would be. Honestly, the inhumanity of her people and the alien nature of some of their relationships, their infinite complexities; that all just added to her parents’ allure for her. Add to that the fact that Zeneptron had single-handedly ended the First Great War of the ZOF against his evil counterpart, and he was the most amazing person she ever knew.


They had spoiled her for any true lovers outside her family that might’ve lurked in her future. It’s not that she wasn’t interested in enigmatic individuals like Neo Thomas or Appaneesty from the Herptile God faction and would object to having some fun with them on the side, and she’d had fun with the latter already during the Tournament itself, but as far as her be-all-end-all was concerned, Zeneptron and his Nancy OIC2 were ‘it’ for her.


Her attention was momentarily diverted by Ash IC2 telling his own story of a time when he and Yellow had snuck itching powder into every Team Rocket members’ suits including Giovanni, the admins, and Domino themselves. Yellow stammered somewhat awkwardly as the hilarity mounted and Ash himself snickered at the fond memories. They were swapping stories between different people like teenagers around a campfire, and Aaarti grew a warm smile at the wholesome intermingling between them.


Her smile broadened when Aiyanna made a beeline for her and her parents; the both of them also smiling welcomingly at her as she was practically their second daughter. “Man, everyone here is having a blast. You should get in there and regal them with some of your own stories. From what I’ve observed, you’ve got quite a few good ones as well. I still remember how you reacted the first time Eesheer pulled a prank on you, or how you and Lily first became friends after the fact.” Aiyanna giggled as Aaarti shyly scuffed her shoe in the same manner Aiyanna used to.


It was amazing how confident the slightly older pinkette was now. From what she had told her, Aiyanna used to be a bit shyer and more insecure before Aaarti came along and before she got with not one, but two IC2 versions of her father one of whom was his Neo, OIC2 Counterpart. Aaarti herself couldn’t imagine her closest friend as anyone but the wild-child, confident, and sexually provocative Goddess she’d now grown into. It was amazing she ever managed to beat her in a Pokémon battle, or her father for that matter.


“I turned Eesheer’s hair the purplest shade of purple ever, transformed his robes into a pair of boxer briefs with pink polka dots, and rendered him unable to speak as anything more than a donkey. I remember it taking his, yours, mine, and Lily’s combined might to undo the jinx I hit him with. I also remember feeling mortified for retaliating in such an overkill manner, but all he did was laugh his ass off. Nothing really ever bothers him, and I learned that Lily is like that as well. They’re really fun and good-natured people, Amber as well actually.


Hell, his other self from the Herptile God faction and his own family are a riot as well. Honestly, I’ve made so many wonderful friends and learned so much to get to this point. All of you put me through the ringer in exchange for being able to copy your best Pokémon and have them join my team. Sun’s Necrozma, Ambertwo’s Mewtwo, your Aggron, Shuckle, Steelix, and Pyukumuku, Thomas’s Mafalda, Mom’s Arceus which I nicknamed Maximus Junior out of dedication to Mom’s counterpart who is like my own second mom, and Zeneptron’s Omninoir.


All of you are just… so wonderful, and I wouldn’t be here today without all of the strength you all lent to me, and your amazing Pokémon as well. Rayquaza may be my ace, but my clones of all of you guy’s best Pokémon whom you so lovingly permitted me to clone for my team have given me such strength as a Trainer.


Thanks to them, I’ve been able to take the best parts of our collective might and put it all towards bettering my team and myself as both a Trainer and her Pokémon and as OIC2 Counterparts. You guys gave me a purpose, a life worth living for, and a goal to aspire towards that’s become more precious to me than almost anything else.” Aaarti whispered in a tone oversaturated with love, adoration, and reverence; one that had Aiyanna and Aaarti’s mom and dad smiling dazzlingly at her words of purest affection.


“Aaarti, you’ve put so much heart and emotional investment towards all of this. We were all too happy to help you however we could and look where it got you. You’re the freaking Pokémon Champion of the ZOF itself, and you’ve overcome the best each and every one of us could throw at you to do so. There’s probably only one other person in the entire ZOF who’s talented enough to defeat you and that’s Zeneptron right here.


You put my drive and my perspiration as a Trainer to complete and utter shame, and you have every right to be proud and happy today. Because OIC2 Counterpart prodigy or not, you earned your place here. There were even times when it seemed like you were fighting an uphill battle to, but always you persevered, and you won. Against the most ridiculously absurd odds, you’ve won… in the biggest Pokémon Championship Tournament our people have ever thrown together. Just make sure you show that kind of spirit and heart when defending your title next time, or I might just come along and take it from you.” Aiyanna winked at her as Aaarti nodded firmly; a challenging smirk on her face that welcomed her BFF to come at her with everything she got.


“Oh, one more thing…” Aiyanna whispered before leaning in close to Aaarti’s ear.


“I know you have the hots for your mom and dad. If ya need any pointers on how to confess or please one or both of them just let me know. I have some experience in that department.” She added in a voice so low only Aaarti could hear her as the ZOF Champion’s eyes widened, her face turning as pink as her hair as Aiyanna giggled, and then did something that surprised both Aaarti and her parents. She kissed her… a full-on kiss on the lips that made Aaarti’s eyes practically pop out of her skull, before she recovered from her shock and kissed the girl back with everything she had.


Holy shit, this felt incredible to her, and while she was normally very shy her inhibitors practically melted upon being kissed by her best friend in such an intoxicating manner. Aaarti moaned against Aiyanna’s mouth as the taller girl angled her head down somewhat for better access; considering the fact that she was 5’6” tall and Aiyanna was 6’2” there was quite a bit of a height difference. Her insides twisted into inaccessible cardinal sets of eternal love knots, and she could feel both her parents’ eyes on her as Aiyanna lightly nipped, sucked, and licked her slightly swollen lips hotly enough to make Aaarti wet down between her legs. There was no doubt in her mind that Aiyanna knew exactly what she was doing and knew how to please a woman as readily as she did a man.


They pulled away after 5 minutes straight of making out with a line of drool connecting their mouths; some wolf-whistling echoing in the background which Aaarti heartily ignored. She saw her best friend in a completely new light as she had a silly smile on her face; one which set Aiyanna into a fit of giggles as she nodded once and winked at her once again.


‘Just a little something to let you know I approve of you making a move on my man and even TIC2’s female form if you like. I know you’ve been checking her out lately as well, and hope you realize that if you do decide to go for it, I’d likely be tagging along for the ride, if you catch my drift. The other reason I did that was to loosen you up a bit and help build your confidence for the big finale tonight when you tell your parents how you truly feel. Courage Aaarti and keep moving forward; don’t stagnate or the Titanoboa douche himself will come after you. Zeneptron already lost Ruby to that monster; he doesn’t need to lose you to.


Believe in the strength of your family unit, and above all believe in yourself. You’ve got this Miss Champion, and if all goes well then perhaps you can make more than one of your biggest dreams a reality tonight.’ Aiyanna sagely advised her via telepathy, and Aaarti nodded; once again reminded of just how wise her oldest and dearest friend was, and how easy it was to talk to her. Loathe though she was to admit it, but Thomas IC2 and Aiyanna had her father beat in the pep talks category. This was likely something Neo Thomas had in common with them as well, and she always felt better and more self-assured after talking with Aiyanna because she inherited that same wisdom, likely getting a double dose of it now from both Thomas’s.


With that said, Aiyanna left her and her parents be to go rejoin the party; though Aaarti could swear she saw her slipping outside the High Council Chamber to possibly join in the fucking session between her father-turned-Sephie and her Neo Self/Aiyanna’s current husband. Herptile God Appaneesty and his mates hadn’t come back either, and Aaarti blushed as her OIC2-tier Omni Senses picked up a quick flash of images depicting Serena McIntyre sitting on his face while Viola Pennington and Misty Sabe gave him a double titty job and he ate Serena out at speeds beyond Aaarti’s considerable comprehension.


Having three gorgeous pinkettes in his very own foursome. That was an impressive number in Aaarti’s comparatively innocent opinion, though she had definitely heard stories of much bigger orgies, even if she couldn’t tell whether they were exaggerated. Still, she was envious; the thought of engaging in a threesome with both her mom and dad filled her with more arousal and excitement than she ever thought possible. It was honestly amazing that they hadn’t noticed the late nights spent pleasuring herself, or maybe they did notice…


‘Aaarti, you’re never going to get anywhere with them if you keep second-guessing yourself. Aiyanna, Lily, myself and all of your other Pokémon; we’re all telling you to go for it, and we’re all rooting for you guys as well. Go on and fulfill your biggest dream.’ Rayquaza encouraged her as her other Pokémon sent her their collective seals of approval. They were right, every single one of them was right. She was done pussyfooting around and second-guessing the what ifs, buts, and maybes.


It was time to make a move, and even if that ended in failure… at least she would be left with something. There was nothing she could do that was pointless, but doing nothing at all, the inaction in and of itself… that was pointless. She couldn’t stagnate and stop progressing on this matter anymore than she could other matters and aspects of her life. Not only because a massive prehistoric Anaconda Anti-God was waiting to devour her if she did stagnate, but because she wanted to always be worthy of the title she won here today, and more importantly… to be worthy of them.


Emboldened by everyone’s eager encouragement and her own drive to excel in every aspect of her life, she turned around to face her parents, and silently indicated the exit from the main party room. They caught her silent message right away, and promptly followed her out of the room as a unit. Their footsteps were perfectly synchronized with her own and none of them were consciously aware of it. The party continued on well into the wee hours of the morning, and no one was even aware that the guest of honor had walked right out the door; so enraptured as they were over swapping stories of memorable times of their impossibly long lives.




The family of three Omni IC2 Counterparts found themselves in none other than Yoda’s sparse living quarters. There was little else other than the small chair the Jedi Master himself sat on during meditation. But it was perfect for Aaarti and her parents as they found themselves enjoying the peace and quiet together, as well as the darker ambiance of the Jedi Grandmaster’s quarters that was provided by the black window shutters allowing very little light into the room from outside. Aaarti herself conjured a few larger and more comfy chairs made of some inhuman fibers for them to sit on, wanting to make herself comfortable and as at ease for the eventual conversation they were going to have as possible.


“Whew, this is nice Aaarti! You knew exactly what we all needed was some peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party and having fun with the rest of our people, but I love being able to relax with my two choicest, most favorite people in the ZOF and beyond even more.” Nancy idly stated in a quietly content tone as Aaarti and Zeneptron smiled in agreement with her words.


“That’s part of why I brought us here. With senses like ours, I’m amazed people like Eesheer and Thomas IC2 can stand being cast in the limelight with so much noise and so many people as long as they do. Aiyanna told me that her dad used to need time to give his senses a rest quite often when she was mortal but required it less and less since becoming one of us, and now as Sephie she doesn’t seem to need it at all. I honestly don’t get it, but that’s fine I guess.” Aaarti agreed, and Zeneptron chuckled.


“Absolute silence leads to sadness; it is the haunting image of death.” he quoted, and both Nancy and Aaarti smiled at his profound wisdom. He was so quiet most of the time that so many people couldn’t see it, but Zeneptron’s wisdom was a rare gem. He was more awkward than Sephie IC2 or Neo Thomas and thus not as accustomed to giving out free pep talks, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t wise.


Nancy giggled adorably. “That was rather morbid, don’t you think?” She teasingly questioned him, but Zeneptron shook his head.


“All I’m saying is it’s good for us to get out and see others beyond our extremest tight-knit circle here. Every lifestyle has its perks and detriments, every way of living it’s needed counterbalance to keep us from retreating too far into our companionable silence and solitude. If these past few years has taught me anything; it’s that it’s good to get outside of one’s comfort zone once in a while.


Everything we’ve helped create in the ZOF is born of silence, our thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence, our words come out of this void, our creation’s very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness, but at the same time everything is in a perpetual state of motion as well. Why, the ZOF itself is constantly growing, shrinking, creating, destroying, and never remaining still or the same for a single Planck instant. Sometimes we need the noise of all those closest to us to properly appreciate any companionable silence together that we can come by, know what I’m saying?” He sagely stated; practically a mountain of wisdom at this point as both girls smiled adoringly at him… processing his words.


“Well said.” Both Nancy and Aaarti said in perfect unison, and Zeneptron shrugged; turning to look at Nancy with an arched eyebrow and a lopsided smirk.


“You really surprised me earlier on in this Tournament. You never told me you were competing.” He snorted with amusement, and Aaarti chuckled while Nancy gave him a sweet smile.


“Well, I wanted it to be a surprise sweety, ahahaha~.” She responded with that adorably awkward laughter of hers that both Aaarti and Zeneptron loved so much came gushing out of her mouth.


“You were awesome mom! Your strategy was really cool too! I never could’ve pulled off song and music-based moves like you did!” Aaarti praised her, and Nancy blushed sheepishly in that same shy manner that Aaarti herself was known for as Zeneptron took over from there.


“She’s right you know; we all know how much you love singing and your job as a megastar of epic proportions. Using a strategy based on song and sound moves was inspired, and your use of Sovereign Perish Song to win against Ambertwo and Mewtwo was incredible as well. Your Arceus is as strong as ever, and your newly caught Chatot with its confusion-causing Sovereign Chatter attack really threw me for a loop.” He continued swamping her with love and praise as Aaarti watched their passionate exchange with a loving smile on her face.


She’d never met any two people who were as hopelessly in love with one another as the two sitting in front of her. Other Unquantifiably Bonded pairs amongst their Pantheon came close, but the bond between Nancy and Inverse Zeneptron OIC2 held a special place in her hearts. Of course, her perception of them may have been just a touch colored by bias and favoritism due to her feelings for them.


“Ohh, honestly, you two are the absolutest sweetest and darlingest, you know that?!” Nancy murmured in a tender, loving manner. Her adorable smile was accentuated by the healthy dusting of pink on both her cheeks as Aaarti practically swooned. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take without wanting to fuck them both out of their minds, but she wanted to get them both as relaxed and at ease as possible before dropping the bomb.


“You guys are worth it. When it comes to my girls’ happiness and emotional well-being; I’d gladly go to any lengths and bear any hardships. Honestly Nancy, I never would’ve gotten through those darker times of my life in the wake of Ruby’s death without you. And Aaarti, truly you are a girl, nay, a woman after my own hearts. I think after today I can honestly say you’re a woman now, and I’m the proudest father ever right now. Don’t you agree… Nancy?” Zeneptron flattered Aaarti while looking over at Nancy who nodded briskly and without hesitation.


“Absolutely, you beat your father in the final battle, and everyone else you came across in this Tournament to get where you are now. There is no doubt in either of our minds that you’ll go on to achieve every goal you set for yourself. We’re both as proud of you right now as can be Aaarti, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ll only go further from here on out. Keep shooting for your dreams honey; for they’re a lot closer than you think.” Nancy cooed while surreptitiously winking at her daughter. Aaarti fought hard not to blanch, did her mom know about her real feelings for them? If she did and she wasn’t expressing her disapproval, then maybe…


Her attention was diverted as Zeneptron brought out something from inside the pocket of his robe; Nancy’s eyes going wide at seeing the familiar slip of parchment in his hand as both exchanged a knowing look and a nod. “There’s something I want you to see Aaarti; it may clear some things up about why I sometimes push you and your mother so hard to keep training and not grow stagnant. You all know the story of course, but this is the very same letter from that bastard that I’ve told you all about hundreds of times. Your mother and I have been talking, and we think you’re ready to read it in full.” He whispered somewhat forlornly, holding out that damnable object for her as Aaarti reached out and grabbed it with shaking hands; not from fear but pure, unbridled rage bubbling up inside of her.


She sighed and began to read it out loud; despite hearing of it a million times before in her life and despite ZOIC2 keeping it on him at all times to remind himself and hold them all to the mark. ‘To the victor goes the spoils, well done, well done young OIC2 Counterpart. Bravo, you’re definitely worth keeping an eye on from here on out. You’ve gone and ended a war spanning the course of our beloved ZOF itself, and in so doing managed to claw your way out of the abyssal rut you’ve fallen into these past years of unproductiveness and stagnation. Consider Ruby Rose IC2’s death incentive for you to step it up from here on out, and continue getting stronger, faster, better, smarter, etc. Become the best OIC2 Counterpart you can, or I will turn into a Titanoboa and swallow you whole.


You’ve managed to toughen up and grow a pair, now don’t waste this opportunity to begin your journey anew. Hate me all you like but know that because of my hand in orchestrating your unsuitable mate’s death; you’ve become more powerful now than you ever dreamed of being before. I will allow you some time to mourn, but I better be seeing you acting on this tragic fate to increase your already considerable abilities to new and unprecedented heights for your kind. Keep on keeping on, and keep in mind that you’re already well on your way to becoming among the best of us all.


Don’t lose your momentum now, and don’t surround yourself with withered mortal flowers. The rose and the amaranth were never meant to be together, and when you can deflower and pollinate the most Goddesslike Amaranth flowers imaginable and unimaginable alike a rose will never compare. Sincerely, SJ.’ The letter was practically crumpled in Aaarti’s hand as she trembled and shook with poorly concealed rage. To go as far as killing off Ruby because she made Zeneptron so happy and at ease and cheerful; all because he wasn’t progressing as quickly as was ideal… it made her sick to think that monsters like Sirluko Junior were left unpunished for all this time.


Zeneptron sighed as she handed the letter back to him in a stiff manner; tempted to burn it into nonexistence but not doing so because of its personal value to her daddy. She didn’t understand why he kept it on him but had a feeling she was about to as he and Nancy seemed to read her mind and he explained his reasoning for exactly that.


“It’s a memento that I keep with me from those times, and as a constant reminder to not grow stagnant or unprogressive with my abilities. It also helps me hold onto my thirst for vengeance; because I plan to be the one to off that son of a bitch in the end, or at the very least be there to see him finally go down once and for all. And honestly, as much as I hate him for it; I can’t argue with the results of his deplorable methods.


I’m more powerful now than I’ve ever been, and I’ve only gotten stronger and stronger this entire time. Both you and Nancy have kept up beautifully to. You two understand what it’s like to not want to grow stagnant or complacent with our current power-levels, and to shoot for new and horizonless aspirations. Both of you are more than capable of holding your own now, and Aaarti; I’m honestly a little intimidated by how powerful you are becoming, and how quickly. Your mastery of your OIC2 powers honestly rivals my own, and you’re an infinitesimal fraction of my age in non-relativistic terms.


Nancy and I have been at this for a lot longer, yet you’ve already caught us in overall potential. You’re the most driven young woman I’ve ever seen. Your powers have grown incredibly strong, and your Pokémon are really responding to that growth as well. Maybe you’ll even be a greater OIC2 Counterpart than Appaneesty himself from the HG Faction.” Zeneptron admitted freely, and both Nancy and Aaarti’s eyes widened. That was very, very high praise.


“Oh, no way… he’d kick my ass any day of the week.” Aaarti modestly replied while blushing ever more fiercely.


“Yes, way Aaarti, don’t you agree Nancy?” Zeneptron gently rebutted, and Nancy nodded with a dazzling, gorgeous smile on her full pink lips.


“Yes, Aaarti… what your father said is true. While Appaneesty could probably take on all three of us right now and win by a landslide single-handedly; he’s also just had more experience as an OIC2, and I could see you potentially rivaling him someday.” She purred, and Aaarti nodded slowly; hoping what they were saying was true but not entirely certain she could live up to that.


She had almost as much respect for that version of Appaneesty as she did her own parents. The reptilian Deity of a man was a living legend by Supreme Omnidonae standards, and for damn good reason. If even half of the things she heard about him were true; then she had a long, long way to go before she could so much as hold a candle to him. Being regarded as one day on the same level as he was honestly a little overwhelming and extremely flattering. He achieved so much; accomplished wonders she couldn’t even begin to imagine at this stage of her life. A part of her honestly didn’t feel right being compared to such an icon amongst their people, but she appreciated her parents’ words of praise all the same.


“Thank you both, that means a lot. You’re both amazing to, and while we may be strong as individuals; as a unit we’re unstoppable. I’ve worshipped the ground you both walked in for as long as I can remember, which is why you both deserve to know.” Aaarti paused to take a deep breath as both Nancy and Zeneptron stared at her in surprise. Nancy more so because she knew where this was probably headed and was surprised her daughter was finally showing some initiative. She’d spoken about it with Zeneptron without actually being direct, but he always seemed so oblivious to what she had observed in their daughter; that obliviousness was likely going to go right out the window right now.


Nancy silently rooted for Aaarti to get through her natural shyness and just go for it; the older pinkette couldn’t deny the thought of fucking her was an arousing one. She’d been more or less aware of Aaarti’s real feelings for some time now and was fairly confident her statement of reciprocation would no doubt come as a surprise to them both.


“Okay, go on Aaarti. There’s no need to be so nervous.” Zeneptron encouraged her. Aaarti sighed, that was easy for him to say when he was very obviously unaware of what she was about to drop on him. Sure, Supreme Omnidonae were much more open-minded to the idea of polygamy and incest than almost any other race, but Zeneptron and Nancy had always been so beyond good together and she didn’t want to run the risk of coming between them. Somehow though, her desire as a daughter to always stay by her parents’ side had transitioned into a much more mature desire to be with them forever and always… as lovers.


It had been her biggest dream since she was 16, and one which dated back to her birth as well due to years of hero worship, pushing herself and her team to unprecedented heights of infinite power, and oftentimes growing somewhat nasty in her drive to excel. During such moments, Aiyanna was good for talking her down and reminding her not to let her quest for greater power consume her.


“Um, well I… man, how do I put this? Situations like this are always easier in my own head. Here goes, I… want to move past our relationship as just a family unit and… love you both as lovers do. I’ve been dealing with an internal struggle for a long time now; torn between my feelings for you both and our family dynamic. But you know, I’ve realized something recently. While I may love you guys as my parents; I love you both even more as romantic partners, or at least… I love the idea of such a relationship a great deal.


I know most mortals see such a family dynamic as taboo and even sick and wrong, and I know from a genetic standpoint there can be complications in childbirth through inbreeding for their kind, but I also know that we’re as far away from being any sort of normal family by human standards as we can be. My whole life I’ve had a dream, for us to always be together forever; to cuddle in the same bed together all night long every night, to call you both by name and not just mom and dad, to bathe together, play together, train together, fight together, and just do the things that lovers do without losing our strength and unity as a family. I know it sounds silly, but it’s how I felt for a long time.


After everything you’ve both done for me and for the ZOF, our people… I… I… fell in love with you.” She averted her eyes and looked downwards with her face burning as hot as her blazar eyes, almost as if out of shame. But underneath her embarrassment; she felt all the relief in existence… she’d finally come right out and said it. After all this time of dancing around her real feelings she’d finally done it, and now there was no going back. Whether they felt the same way as her or not; they’d never look at her the same way again, and part of her was frightened by that prospect.


She remembered something HG Appaneesty told her during the Tournament matches though, and what he said was something she would always treasure as words of the utmost wisdom and insight. ‘It’s better to risk everything than to hold onto nothing, and clearly you want something more from them.’ It wasn’t that she didn’t love Nancy and Zeneptron as members of her family, but she loved them as potential romantic partners even more, and she really needed them to understand that. Appaneesty was right in the end; if she wanted to have the relationship she truly wanted with these remarkable people, she was going to have to step up and risk it all. He had even gone on to tell her the best ways to please a man in the sack; the various techniques she could try.


She had thanked him for his insight regarding her problem with a few blowjobs and various other things he taught her how to do: making his Titanoboa very, very happy while doing so. From what she’d heard from him during the heat of the moment; he actually had more sexual exploits and conquests to his name than almost any other male Supreme Omnidony. Aaarti was happy such an experienced man in the ways of sex was able to give her so many useful pointers.


Since she was avoiding eye contact with them; she didn’t see the way Nancy’s eyes lit up with delight or the way she gave a small fist pump of victory. She also didn’t see the look on Zeneptron’s face which was equal parts surprise and to his own surprise… elation and more than a little lust. Though, perhaps that wasn’t so surprising after all. He’d caught himself sneaking glances at her from time to time; usually when he thought she wasn’t looking or when he wasn’t thinking about it.


Nancy’s tentative broaching of the subject last year just became so unbelievably clear to him now, and he had to force himself not to chuckle as that would probably send the wrong message and hurt Aaarti’s feelings. His chuckle would not have been malicious in intent, but rather him laughing at his own obliviousness to what was in front of him this whole time.


He wouldn’t deny he was interested either and cursed his density for not seeing this sooner. Nancy clearly saw it way sooner than he did, and his hearts squeezed seeing Aaarti sitting there looking almost mortified and hanging by a thread with anticipation and nervousness for their response to her admittedly beautifully well-worded love confession.


“Aaarti… I’m sorry.” Was all he said for the moment, so quietly and so guiltily only a being with her incredible senses could’ve heard him. Her eyes snapped up to meet his own; so very like his in that they were UZOF mass blazars compressed into singularities most peerlessly smaller than Planck Stars… so greatliest infinite in their gravitational waves and Hawking radiation luminosity levels that few if any beings could make direct eye contact with either of them. It also didn’t help how bright their accretion disks were, putting the whiteness of Spectralon to complete and utter shame.


She looked like she fully expected for him to follow those words with a heartfelt rejection; one that made it clear he still cared about her but didn’t share her romantic feelings. If she was expecting that however, he was proud to say that wasn’t the case. He was about to give her something she’d probably been harboring a desire for a very long time, and his infinite hearts ticked faster at the thought of being able to allay her worst fears. “I’m sorry I never noticed till now, that I didn’t ask you or talk to you about it. We could’ve had several years to get to know and love one another in a new way by now if I had only realized sooner.” He elaborated further with an adoring smile on his face, and Nancy giggled at this admission as Aaarti was positively floored.


“I… you… um…” She stammered hopelessly, unable to form a coherent response to that as Zeneptron chuckled; this time knowing it wouldn’t be taken out of context as Aaarti slowly started to realize her deepest desire might not be beyond her grasp after all.


“I am curious though, how long have you felt this way, or to put it another way… when exactly did you realize your feelings for us went beyond familial?” Zeneptron couldn’t help but ask her, hoping she recovered her wits enough to give him a proper response as Aaarti pondered the question in her mind.


“Since I was 16.” She admitted shyly, and Nancy whistled appreciatively.


“Three-years in non-relativistic time; damn, that’s a long time for a Supreme Omnidony to go without any form of relief from their pent-up sexual frustration.” She giggled, and Aaarti couldn’t believe what she was hearing. They both were being so okay with this; it actually kind of took her off balance.


“I have a question as well… why didn’t you say anything sooner? You could’ve saved yourself a lot of private grief?” Nancy wondered, and Aaarti looked down slightly again… feeling guilt welling up inside her.


“Because you two were just so hopelessly in love with and perfectest for each other, and I didn’t want to come between you. I didn’t want to be selfish, but I had hoped that one day I might be able to tell you both how I truly feel; I guess that day is today, huh?” She laughed somewhat awkwardly, and both ZOIC2 and Nancy exchanged a loving smile that seemed to contain a billion different unspoken words all strung together.


“Sweetheart, you could never, ever come between us. Remember, every day, you’re our hero and our Champion, and we can deny you… nothing; absolutely nothing.” Nancy responded reverently, and Aaarti looked at them with hope still in her eyes as Zeneptron decided to go first.


“I can’t say I’m not interested Aaarti; you embody all of the love between myself and Nancy, and you’re a chip of the old block through and through. I couldn’t be prouder to call myself your father, and I think with a slight alteration in the way I see you; I could be equally as proud to call you my second lover alongside Nancy. I’ll be frank with you Aaarti; I think you’re beautiful, powerful, driven, sexy, and everything a guy like me could want in either a daughter or a lover. At the end of the day, we’re as far from being a mortal family as it gets, and I don’t give two shits about sharing a life with you as both a daughter and a lover.


To be honest, I’m extremely flattered a girl as drop-dead gorgeous and as powerful as you are would see anything worth loving romantically in an old-timer like myself, but I’m not about to complain either in any case… not at all.” He admitted with an almost predatory smile on his face as he practically leered at her, and Aaarti found herself horribly aroused and wanting to bring out the predator in him more strongly than ever.


“I agree with your father; I’ve actually been more or less aware of how you felt about us for the better part of a year now and have been silently encouraging you to go for it. I think you’re gorgeous to Aaarti, and I find myself wanting to explore this new angle in our relationship. I feel like if we do this; our love for one another will truly last forever, and I can’t really explain why I feel so strongly about that premonition, but it’s just how I feel. I’m getting excited and aroused just thinking about us taking turns with Z here or eating each other out as well. You both really bring out the pervert inside me, ahahaha~!” Nancy cooed in accordance with Zeneptron, and Aaarti’s own eyes widened with shock.


They heard out her confession without judging her, and not only that but they were interested in exploring this new relationship of theirs with her. This was without a doubt the happiest moment of her life; it was the same euphoria she felt after winning the ZOF Championship, magnified by an endless set of endless infinities. A lovestruck, dopey smile of blissfully omninescient oblivion split her face as she sat there in beyond nirvana-tier ecstasy; unable to believe that all of her biggest dreams had just come true, all in one fucking beyond fantastic day.


“Hehe, I think we broke her Zeneptron.” Nancy giggled playfully, and Zeneptron shook his head.


“Nah, she’s tougher than old nails.” He disagreed just as jestfully; the both of them sharing a smile. Zeneptron himself felt like the most fortunate being in the ZOF right now; to have not one but both of his favorite Goddesses be so in love with him… it meant more than he could properly express. Being able to make Aaarti’s night and help fulfill all of her biggest dreams didn’t even begin to compensate for what she and Nancy had done for him, but it was the least he could do for her.


It took all of 30 seconds for Aaarti to recover her wits, and when she did, she gazed at her parents and hopefully soon-to-be-lovers with an endlessly longing countenance about her. “Do you guys really mean it… like really, really?” She asked in a dazed, dreamy tone; still not quite sure this was all really happening despite her omni perception telling her the irrefutable truth of the matter.


Nancy nodded with a suggestive smile on her face while Zeneptron answered with actual words. “Yes, of course we mean it Aaarti, but if we’re really going to move beyond our familial bonds, I think it would be best if we all call each other by name. You can still call us mom and dad if ya want but being able to call us by name when we’re all having fun together seems like a good way to go about exploring this new relationship of ours. You did say you wanted to be able to call us both by our first names, right? I happen to think that’s a good idea.” He commented as Aaarti’s eyes didn’t even widen this time. At this point, she’d believe anything, and all of her dreams had really come true today.


Her Blazar eyes shone even brighter than normal as she locked gazes with him; the three of them deciding as a unit to make this a night they’d never, ever forget as Zeneptron unexpectedly found himself on the receiving end of a soul-searing kiss, but not from Nancy… from Aaarti. Damn, she was quick; he hadn’t even seen her move from her chair to his. Nancy grinned as Zeneptron’s eyes popped out of his skull slightly; his daughter-turned-lover surprising him with her boldness as she even sat in his lap while locking lips with him and gyrated her hips slightly against his pelvis. He groaned as he got his first taste of his lovely daughter; the taste of her orifice akin to the ultimate mix of berries, a combination of flavors that was the sweetest, sourest, tartest, and most citrus-infused blend simultaneously he’d ever had the pleasure of sampling.


He was again surprised when Aaarti’s tongue darted out from her lips and licked at his own… seeking entrance. He acquiesced to her unspoken request and opened his mouth with a slight gasp as her tongue met his own and the kiss transitioned into a French one. Holy shit monkeys, her tongue tasted wonderful; wet, warm, and the perfect combination of every possible fruit flavor he could fathom. Nancy watched the heated makeout session with earnest, her nethermost regions growing wet with wanton desire for the two people swapping spit on the chair beside her. She wanted to get in there and join them but would let them both get used to the experience of being intimate with each other first.


Zeneptron could feel himself growing incredibly hard as Aaarti continued to grind her entire body against him; getting really into the heat of the moment as her body pushed his further back against the chair, they now both sat on. Her infinitely beyond vantablack dress began riding up slightly during the gyrating motions of her body to reveal a pair of pink lace panties as she climbed up further into his lap and he held her by the smooth skin of her thigh and the back of her neck respectively. He was more turned on by the naughtiness of this incest than he thought he could be, and for the first time he properly understood why people like TIC2 or Eesheer got off on the idea of fucking their daughters so much.


Aaarti meanwhile, was in absolute heavenly rapture. She was kissing him, she was really French kissing Zeneptron OIC2, and he was kissing her back… and fuck was it ever magical. This sensation was surpassing all of her loftiest expectations of how she hoped their first kiss would go, and she knew it was only going to get better from here. He tasted so good, and he knew what he was doing to as their tongues continued pressing, twisting, and going through the motions with one another in a frenetic dance for dominance. Her inaccessible cardinal sets of hearts were all creating a never-ending drumbeat in her chest; ticking faster and faster without end as her excitement and arousal reached a fever pitch.


Zeneptron groaned against her mouth as she felt his incredibly large hard-on poking her stomach slightly; a smirk making its way to her mouth as she started rubbing her body against his hardened dick through the fabric of his battle robes. Their French kissing ceased for but a second as their tongues met outside of their respective mouths instead and engaged in a more primal kiss that required no lips at all; their tongues pressing together and Aaarti playing around with his with circular licks and even the occasional gentle nip on his lip. Zeneptron was surprised, having not expected Aaarti to be as into this as she was getting, but he wasn’t going to complain either.


After a small, blissful eternity of French kissing and tongue kissing; they finally pulled away as a line of drool connected their tongues, and both were filled to the rim with lust for one another. Gone was the existence of any inhibitions in their relationship now; all that remained was an all-consuming sexual desire for one another… one that Nancy shared as well as a split second later Aaarti and Zeneptron found themselves completely naked, and Zene got his first real look at his daughter’s own considerable assets and wickedly mouthwatering curves as Nancy walked over to where they were both seated with eyes glazed over. She was stark naked as well, with her triple-d cup breasts free from her bra and her pussy glistening with her most ambrosial nectar, a patch of pinkest hair visible above her heavenly looking folds as pink as their hair. If Zeneptron was hard before, then seeing both of his favorite girls completely naked and so close to where he was sitting put his previous hardness to complete shame.


Aaarti’s clothes had up and vanished at Nancy’s command; her naked body now pressed against Zeneptron’s as she felt neither shame nor embarrassment at this point. All she could feel was an insatiable desire to please both her new Eternal Bond Mates and be pleased by them in return. Feeling her daddy’s man pride erect and poking at her naked flesh made her giggle since it tickled slightly. Zeneptron groaned as she got down on her knees on the floor slowly and methodically… being sure to rub the impossibly smooth skin of her stomach against the head of his cock a little along the way, further stimulating him.


Nancy got down on her knees beside her daughter, and the both of them eyed his erection with a hungry look in their eyes. Zeneptron swallowed somewhat nervously but didn’t feel self-conscious. “Holy shit, just… look at this monster. It’s amazing you can hide this beast even in those loose-fitting robes of yours.” Aaarti gushed in awe as she took hold of his dick with her left hand… her eyes locked solely on his 12-inch hard-on; Nancy giggling in accordance with her words as she decided to add her two cents worth.


“I said basically the same thing when he and I fucked for the first time, ahahaha.” She cooed in pure delight, and Aaarti chuckled while shaking her head amusedly.


“You really are a God Z.” She said, giddy at the prospect of being allowed to call him by name now; even if Z was all she’d called him thus far. She was going to milk that opportunity for all it was worth.


“You two aren’t exactly in a position to be talking about how well-endowed I am.” Zeneptron snarked jokingly, indicating their respective pairs of triple d-cup breasts. Aaarti stuck her tongue out at him cutely, as she exchanged a look with Nancy.


“Together then?” She asked her, and the older pinkette nodded firmly.


“Always and forever.” Nancy cooed in her adorable sing-song voice, meaning so much more with that response than just them going down on Zeneptron.






“Holy FUCK!” Zeneptron roared as Aaarti took his tennis-ball-sized-ball sack in her mouth and begun suckling on it like a kid with a jawbreaker or a lollipop; meanwhile Nancy was licking around the head of his engorged cock with the velvety underside of her tongue while jerking him off… the combined pleasure of both girls and their respective mouths making him shudder and gasp while his toes curled on the floor hard enough to leave indents in the carpets and durasteel flooring underneath them.


‘How is it daddy? Are we making you feel good?’ Aaarti purred at him via telepathy; her voice the perfect nexus point between childlike and erotic as Zeneptron could do little more than grunt. The fact that she didn’t have to move her mouth away from his balls in order to cajole him only made the experience hotter, and her calling him daddy in this situation made his prostate gland swell with even further arousal than before.


Nancy grinned even as she engulfed his head and several inches of his shaft into her mouth; working her way to the base one inch at a time and dragging this out as much as she could. Both girls were on their knees on the floor and giving him the best double blowjob, he could ever imagine having. The fact they were doing this while he sat on a comfy chair instead of lying down on a bed made it even nicer still.


Deciding as a unit to switch it up as Nancy made her way to the base and back up again several times now, Aaarti removed her mouth from his nutsack and squeezed them in her fist as Nancy started jerking him off at a furious rate along the shaft while Aaarti wrapped her mouth around his purple head. She began to suck on him with all of her strength and as hard as she could; the salty, tangy taste of his meat making her taste buds explode with happiness as she held her position there and continued squeezing his testicles in her left hand.


“Fuck Aaarti, you’re really into this!” Nancy exclaimed excitedly as she continued jerking Zeneptron’s shaft; Aaarti not responding due to her mouth being full of engorged cock. The strength of her mouth and the suctioning power of it was unbelievable and had Zeneptron been a regular human she would’ve seriously injured him… the compression enough to crush a mortal’s dick into total nonexistence. But for one of the most powerful Supreme Omnidonae to have ever lived; this was absolute heaven.


Aaarti’s orifice was displaying the same amount of PSI and pressure as the event horizon of a collapsing Super ZOF Space right now, and Zeneptron screamed her name with purest lust and pleasure as Nancy’s own eyes widened slightly. In all her time spent making love to him; she’d rarely ever made him scream for her like that. She saw Aaarti managing a coy smile out of the corner of her eye, and grinned as she started getting more into it as well. Aaarti had spent a lot of time fantasizing how to make her first time with them the most fantastic sex they’d ever had, and she was glad her imagination for different techniques didn’t disappoint. She also silently thanked HG Appaneesty from the bottom of her infinite hearts for the techniques he taught her and the tips. Oh fuck, the tips he gave her were just so helpful!


“Whoa, fuck! Goddammit!” Zeneptron cussed as Nancy increased the pacing of her strokes to approximately infinite strokes per every infinitesimally fragmented Planck Instant integer; Aaarti adding to that overwhelming sensation by compressing her mouth even tighter somehow and squeezing his nutsack in her hands equally as hard… knowing he could take it.


Zeneptron’s entire being was convulsing heavily with rippling, mini orgasms that shocked his system and pervaded through his dimensionally expanded nervous system and uncountable brain stems. The combined pleasure of Aaarti putting the squeeze on him with both her mouth and her damnably dexterous fingers along with Nancy whacking him off at a breakneck pace was getting to be too much for the black-clad Supreme Omnidony, and his body pretty much molded itself to the chair as he began leaking pre into Aaarti’s mouth.


His prostate glands were burning with pre-orgasmic spasms, hot enough for him to ride out the mind-numbing sensation in its entirety. He was aware of every single second of every single eternity that this experience encapsulated. His testicles were clenching impossibly tight due to both Aaarti’s constricting hands and his own nutsack tensing like coiled spring-steel in preparation for the whopper of an orgasm he could feel impending.


Nancy could tell he was close to the finish line to and increased the speed of her loving strokes even further; Aaarti a split-second behind her. Fire and molten plasma of beyond infinite intensity erupted in his loins as semen and ejaculatory fluid started moving through his urethra far more quickly than humanly feasible and in far greater quantities, his dick beginning to twitch harder and harder now. Aaarti grew boundlessly excited at the prospect of getting her first taste of her precious daddy’s cum.


‘Ooh, are you gonna cum? Come on you, fucking sexy stud! Give us your cum… give us some of that fucking cum!’ Aaarti telepathed to him; cajoling him with words of sluttiest filth and debauchery as Nancy added her piece.


“At a boy there Zene, go on now… blow a load in your virgin baby girl’s mouth. Bloat and swell her cheeks with the seed of her precious daddy; the very seed that created her! Defile and violate her innocence beyond repair and show her the true meaning of sex and Godhood intertwined!” She sing-sang in an enticing, seductive tone as her words and Aaarti’s seemed to have the desired effect.


“FUCK~!” He swore, his entire body and every muscle fiber of his being clenching as his dick twitched impossibly hard, and then promptly exploded in Aaarti’s waiting mouth as all the colors in the ZOF painted Zeneptron’s vision in an immeasurably kaleidoscopic spiral. The spiraling, swirling vortex of power and lust was a masterpiece of artistry that only the likes of Eli Thompson IC2 could’ve recaptured; orgasm after orgasm ripping through his entire body in gravitational waves of pleasure intense enough to destroy all of creation a billion times over.


He unloaded rope after rope after rope of hot, sludgy cum down Aaarti’s throat as she ‘mmed’ in pleasure; her mouth releasing his cock from its unbreakable grasp as he sprayed yet more cum all over her face, on her boobs, and down her naked body. She smiled in absolute approval, all inhibitions in their relationship far gone now as Nancy took his still ejaculating dick in her hand and moved it slightly so as to get her own taste of his cum; the bursts of tangy, musky seed the peak of male perfection as she got a taste of her favorite drink… unable to ever get enough of it at this point.


“FUCK! Oh, Goddamn, this is…” Zeneptron couldn’t even form words beyond that at this point as his dick only continued to blast cum all over Aaarti and Nancy alike like a fucking firehose. Nancy cooed with delight as she too was sprayed all over and rubbed the excess cum in her skin as though it were a natural skin lotion; Aaarti following suit as she felt herself growing sticky all over.


They were a complete and total mess, and Zeneptron was still climaxing as powerfully as ever without showing any signs of stopping yet… his head lolled back with his tongue hanging loose as he continued to twitch and moan. But nobody was complaining, and the both of them shared an adorable giggle as the man they both loved continued to reward them with his better-than-ambrosia baby batter. Aaarti couldn’t believe how good it tasted; it honestly surpassed even her wildest expectations, and she couldn’t be happier because of it.


“Did we make daddy feel good? Did you enjoy having your precious angel suck your big, juicy, Goddess pleasuring, Titanoboa of a cock until you blew your biggest load all over her? Did you love deflowering your wanton whore of a Champion daddy?” She couldn’t help further inflaming his lust and passion; the naughty raunchiness rolling off her unabated in palpable waves. Her filthy, vulgar words seemed to register with him on a subconscious level, and it made his current ongoing orgasm suddenly spike even higher in rapture as he gave a roar of absolute sexual gratification.


Aaarti and Nancy both smiled and laughed adorably as he painted virtually the entire room an off-white before finally coming down from his orgasmic high; a quick wave of Nancy’s hand banished the impromptu paint job of the walls and the ceiling. However, she and Aaarti remained coated in his seed; the pair of them exchanging knowing glances and the ZOF Champ unable to believe she had just helped make her father cum so unbelievably hard. She was gonna be doing this again and again for a very long time, and something told her the night was just barely getting started to.


Zeneptron panted slightly as his insides twisted and his infinite brains turned to liquid mush; actually, needing a quick second to recover from that one as his Blazar eyes turned predatory. He still couldn’t believe he’d cum in his daughter’s mouth, or that she and Nancy had just given him the best blowjob he’d ever gotten. Now he understood why some of his other kind got off on this so much, and he felt like the luckiest son of a bitch in the ZOF right now.


With his eyes intensifying with glazed lust, he grabbed hold of Aaarti possessively and spun them both around so that he was on top and she was on the bottom sitting on the chair instead. A deep, primordial thrumming growl escaped his throat as he hissed at her. “My turn.” He huskily stated, and Nancy and Aaarti both grinned with anticipation at what he had planned for them.


Pinning her down slightly with his own body, Zeneptron cupped her left breast in his right hand; squeezing her in the same impossibly tight fashion as she had done with his dick head beforehand; making her body jolt and twitch involuntarily as the new sensation made her moan. Nancy’s eyes widened slightly upon feeling the same exact sensation on her own left breast; looking up at Zeneptron questioningly from her seated position on the floor; to which he nodded in silent affirmation.


She grinned, Aaarti was going to be the focus for tonight since she was the one who was new to all this, but the older pinkette was happy Z didn’t forget about her either; so he created an empathic pleasure link between the two of them and their respective body’s pleasure centers so that everything Aaarti felt Nancy would feel just as strongly. If Zeneptron pounded away at her virgin innocence; then Nancy to would feel his dick penetrating her as surely as if he had done the actual act with her in person. It was an ingenious idea and ensured nobody would go without pleasure and satisfaction tonight.


“Oh God… oh FUCK! YES!” Aaarti screamed as Zeneptron tongue circled around the bud of her right nipple while his other hand squeezed her left breast in a rhythmic motion; the pleasure already insane and not even close to reaching a fever pitch yet. She knew what he was doing, he was getting her ready for her first time getting her pussy pounded by him; making her as wet as possible so as to better lubricate her walls for penetration. Not that she wasn’t already soaked beyond compare of course; this was just the deep breath before the plunge, and she was already eagerly anticipating when he actually stuck it in her.


From her position on the floor, Nancy was crying out in rapture as well; feeling a perfect copy of everything Aaarti was feeling as she lay on the floor. She could feel Zeneptron’s tongue on her nipple bud; she could actually fucking feel it, wetness and all. Her hands moved to her breasts on a whim; so convinced that he was actually there pleasuring her as well that she was surprised when she was able to touch herself there… the double-whammy sensation of her own fingers and the ghost-impression of Zeneptron’s hand and tongue making her scream as Aaarti felt that double-whammy as well. Both girls then realized this was a two-way connection, and Zeneptron gave a savage smile through his suckling on Aaarti’s breast.


She was ready now, he could feel it, and his dick was throbbing painfully with a wanton desire to fuck his precious Aaarti raw. It was time, and with skill and expertise acquired from centuries of fucking both Nancy and Ruby back in the day; plus his own absurd levels of hyper-competency, he managed to angle his rod in such a way that he was able to slowly but meticulously enter her sopping wet folds without sacrificing his position of lying overtop of her with her breasts in his hand and mouth respectively. Aaarti felt his man pride’s head enter her for the first time, and her everything exploded and imploded in a never-ending cycle.


“AHHHHHH! JESUS FUCK!” Both she and Nancy screamed while Zeneptron grunted; fuck was Aaarti ever tight, like tight to the point of almost making him unable to move further inside her… operative word being almost. Aaarti was very much sure she had died and entered the purest nirvana state she could’ve at this point; her vaginal walls clenching and unclenching in a manner akin to the ZOF’s own contractions itself… the squeezing of her muscles over her daddy’s dick enabling her to feel every single Planck length of his shaft as it entered her, completely, utterly aware of how full of cock she was right now and unable to extend her senses to awareness of anything else during those moments.


Her toes were curling, her back was arching on the seat despite being somewhat pinned, and her endless hearts were hammering nonstop in her chest as he slowly but surely buried himself to the hilt inside of her. She was being stretched to levels that should’ve been at least slightly uncomfortable, but she was at that nexus point now where pain and pleasure intersected and was unable to distinguish between the two. Her entire boundless inner world was lost in a haze of intoxicating ecstasy the likes of which she’d never felt before.


Once he was balls deep and his blackest black pubic hairs begun to tickle her clit slightly; Aaarti screamed once again as he pulled back out much faster and began to pound at her so suddenly and so without warning that she nearly passed out from the unexpected surge of rapture and her own brains’ various elements rising as she was finally properly fucked now. His hand and his mouth were gone from her two breasts as he stood back up slightly; his arms holding his entire body weight up above her and allowing freer movement as he drilled her once virgin hole with his 13-inch hard-on… forever claiming her as his.


The room and the accommodation sector beyond literally echoed with the sheer decibel level of their wet slapping sounds; Nancy screaming with the same rapture from on the floor as she too felt everything Aaarti was feeling right now and was absolutely stunned by how sensitive her daughter was. Said younger pinkette was screaming herself close to hoarse as Zeneptron continued pounding her faster and faster; forever gaining infinite speed while Aaarti’s legs spread as wide as they could on the armchair and she thrust her hips upwards to meet his own gyrations midway. Her hips and her entire body was gyrating against him out of pure instinct; the involuntary motion increasing her already immeasurable levels of pleasure as he buried himself to the hilt every time… deep within her cervix as tears of absolute ecstasy and joy spilled from her eyes.


Squirts of female ejaculatory fluid erupted from her vagina all over the chair and the floors with reckless abandon; coating quite a large portion of Yoda’s room in the crystal-clear liquids as Zeneptron gave another of his sexually gratified roars. This was absolutely indescribable for all three of them; Aaarti because this was her first time and because it was her precious daddy pounding her pussy like he owned it, Zeneptron because Aaarti was so fucking tight and getting really into it as well as she met his forceful thrusts with strength to match his own even from her seated position, and Nancy because she could feel everything Aaarti was feeling and it rendered her absolutely beside herself with joy and pleasure at being so full of Zeneptron’s cock once again. No matter how much or how often the two of them fucked; they could never get enough of each other, and she was so happy Aaarti got to experience that same closeness to Z herself.


“Oh God, oh fuck! YESSSS! DON’T STOP! PLEASE! DON’T EVER FUCKING STOP DADDY! MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMM! YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! OH, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Aaarti screamed loudly enough to rattle the walls and the windows slightly; everybody present at the party thankful that the planet was built to last even against this particular onslaught as Zeneptron somehow managed enough cognitive thought to give himself a mental pat on the back while continuing to bore into her hole without communicating anything more than his primal roars of passionate, carnal sounds of mating.


“Oh FUCK, this feels way, way too good!” Nancy moaned as her voice broke off in shuddering, fractured gasps; Aaarti the most vocal of the three of them as Nancy and Zeneptron were too well pleasured to think cognitively or form coherent thoughts, never mind full on sentences. Zeneptron’s balls were tightening with ZOF Event Horizon levels of PSI and only growing tighter as they slapped against Aaarti’s ass and his dick buried itself all the way inside her over and over again at literally the speed of light. His daughter was so consumed by the heat of the moment that she had long since lost all of the strength in her thrusts; her body continuing the motion impotently against his by instinct and nothing else, but he didn’t mind doing all the work this time around.


Instead he started pounding inside her from an almost upright position above the chair; angling his shaft upwards inside her as he continued thrusting in new and various positions… trying to find her ultimate sweet spot in an effort to give her the most explosive climax he could muster. Aaarti’s screams suddenly grew much more shrill and far higher on the decibel scale as he grinned to himself… he’d found her sweet spot, and absolutely destroyed it now as he bored into her pussy at the speed of light and Nancy’s own screams mixed in with her daughter’s… the two of them creating the most seductive and arousing cacophony of unrestrained and boundaryless sexual gratification Zeneptron had ever heard in his entire existence.


“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” They both screamed at the top of their lungs, and Zeneptron gave one final, tumultuous roar to indicate his own pleasure as he slammed into her with all of his speed and power now. His thrusts grew endlessly faster and stronger, the distance at which he pulled in an out of her shortening considerably as well as his dick head barely moved more than an inch away from its current position inside her impossibly tight walls. He was close, fuck dammit it all to the hottest hell’s and the highest heavens; he was so fucking close!


“OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! AH, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM; YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME FUCKING CUM! OH GOD, OHHHHHH! RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE! OH SHIT!” Aaarti and Nancy screamed in perfect unison as Zeneptron’s hearts raced at top speed and his prostate glands began to pulsate in tandem with his clenching testicles. Once again, he was able to feel every nanosecond of the experience as his white-hot seminal fluid flash-flooded from his testicles through his urethra; with sufficient heat to create a fiery sensation in his flawlessly indestructible loins.


His dick throbbed harder and harder as both of them were gushing pre into and onto each other now without end, and without thinking or planning it; he leaned his head downwards and brought Aaarti into a well-timed, soul-blazing kiss… just in time for all three of them to climax in near perfect synchronization.


“OOOOOHHHHHH! YESSSSSS!” They all three shouted their release as Aaarti and Zeneptron’s respective quasar tsunamis of love juices erupted like infinitely hot magma into her pussy as the excess poured out of her onto the chair beneath her ass, and where his balls hung while swelling and then collapsing in ceaseless repetition like a big pulsating sack of air; as Zene unloaded the motherload of all cum shots deep within his daughter’s womb. Meanwhile, Nancy’s own womanhood was erupting similarly from on the floor behind Zeneptron. Her body shuddered and contorted with the force of every paroxysm that indicated her fulfillment in one of the most satisfying orgasms she’d ever had. The combination of her juices along with Aaarti and Zeneptron’s was virtually enough to flood the entire room.


The black-clad male basked in the post-orgasmic afterglow as his meat finally began to calm down; the involuntary motion of its twitching causing it to slip out of Aaarti’s vagina of its own volition, the action like another set of orgasms to her system in and of itself as she screamed once again, Z’s dick spraying one last spurt of baby-batter upwards at her tits as he fell off the chair where he had her pinned and collapsed on the floor in front of Nancy… actually panting and feeling his balls hurt slightly which for him was a first.


He was already recovering though and waved his hand to banish the excess of mess from the carpets of Yoda’s quarters as Nancy had done after the prior twin blowjob, she and Aaarti had both given him. Zeneptron looked over behind him at Nancy to see her still dead to the ZOF with bliss; her eyes glazed over with absolute satisfaction as she lay on her back while her hands cupped her breasts… still moaning ‘yes’ under her breath over and over again as he grinned. Fuck almighty that was just… unbelievable, and he knew he couldn’t get enough of this now. From here on out, he’d be engaging in a threesome with Nancy and Aaarti every chance he got; he couldn’t believe how amazing this had turned out to be and was head over heels in love with his two girls.


As for Aaarti, she sat there literally glued to the chair with her daddy’s seed; the stickiness now one of the strongest adhesives she’d ever seen even as she managed to pry herself off of it. There was a dangerous glint in her eyes as she eyed her daddy’s man pride; still twitching slightly with the force of the climax they’d both experienced just now as she licked her lips hungrily. She wasn’t done with him yet, not even close, and could tell this was just the midway point for him and Nancy as well. She looked down at her mom as well as she seemed to sense where Aaarti’s thoughts were going; now in recovery mode herself as the two of them decided as a unit to reward Z for the pleasure he’d just shown them both and return the favor.


Zeneptron OIC2 was surprised when Aaarti banished all of the cum caking their bodies as well as the excess still spilling out of her own folds into nonexistence; now feeling refreshed and no longer sticky and gross. She took him off balance yet again when she grabbed him by the shoulders and brought him back up to his feet while backing him up against the far wall; her strength and aggressive passion impressing him as the force of her backing him up caused the entire Jedi Temple and all of the ZOF itself to shake… the sudden tremor not entirely too surprising to the party guests over in the other room at this point as Supreme Omnidony sex was rather earth-shaking quite frequently to say the least.


Z watched his daughter with a quizzical look on his face; wondering what she had in mind as Nancy came strutting over to… exchanging an almost evil smile with Aaarti that had him swallowing nervously. The last time she had smiled at him like that was the time she’d given him his first ever rimjob; a form of sexual stimulation that he’d never experienced before and which damn near blew his balls off. He’d never cum so hard in his life prior to that point and had the distinct impression history was about to repeat itself as he gulped yet again.


No longer pinned against the wall; Z was freer to move now as both Aaarti and Nancy assumed their respective positions… their plan becoming readily apparent to him a split-second later when Nancy took hold of his cock on the front end and Aaarti probed at his anal rectum with her finger at the back end. His own eyes contracted to the size of dinner plates now; having never done anything like this before with Nancy alone, even during the select few times she had made use of her omni-replication to fuck him with multiple copies of her body… making it a massive orgy for two.


His train of thought immediately halted when both girls attacked, and he found himself buried to the hilt in Nancy’s throat so fast and so unexpectedly that he didn’t realize Aaarti had also started her anal play with him until his anal hole was already well lubricated with Aaarti’s saliva. He was ill prepared for when Aaarti added a finger to the equation and started applying pressure to his already considerably swollen, pulsating prostate; making him scream so loud that the very planet itself vibrated in and out of visibility on a molecular level.


Nancy was bobbing her head up and down his shaft at a breakneck pace; sucking hard, fast, and proper as she used her free hand to squeeze his nutsack in time with the bobbing of her head and the probing of Aaarti’s tongue and damnably dexterous index finger at his delicious pucker.


It was all Zeneptron could do to remain standing at this two-pronged assault on his most sensitive areas; his legs feeling like jelly and liable to give out from under him at any given time, but somehow he managed, and his toes dug into the carpet while curling. His fingers flexed and unflexed uselessly at his sides, and every part of his body was tightening impossibly hard; the PSI his musculature system was displaying through sheer contraction and tension alone equivalent to an infinite number of Hyper ZOF Spaces; each ZOF inside it containing not four but an infinite amount of T Triple O’s. This was a new personal record for him as his OIC2 Supreme Omnidony energies and libido surged way, way beyond any capacity he’s ever shown before.


The ZOF itself was contracting and pulsating in response to the tightness of his body and muscles; an increase in total cosmic pressure only the almightiest of Supreme Omnidonae could sense or otherwise feel in their bones… like how only arthritic people experienced flares of pain in their joints at any change in the atmospheric pressure.


“FUCK!” He bellowed as Aaarti continued to eat his ass out and Nancy switched it up by sandwiching his cock in between her massive boobs and began titty-fucking him; tongue darting out and licking his engorged head each time it came close enough to do so. Zeneptron was in absolute heaven; the combined pleasure of Nancy’s huge, impossibly soft breasts and her skilled tongue along with Aaarti’s burning-hot tongue probing his prostate as it darted in and out of his pucker at absurd speeds was amazing. Her fingers spread his anal walls slightly for better access as she dove right in. He was not going to last anywhere near as long this time as he did the last two times; these girls were hellbent on giving him a quick and explosive finish this time… maximizing his pleasure and nailing him in all the absolute best spots.


His balls were now clenching, and his dick began to throb all the harder as he felt the end approaching all too quickly this time. Aaarti and Nancy sensed it to as they upped the tempo and coaxed him to cum all the more quickly and eagerly. The older pinkette was bobbing her boobs up and down his shaft at so far beyond the speed of light she was like a blur of superluminal motion even from Z’s perspective. Aaarti matched her brutal pace by applying her absolute speed and investing nearly all of it in her tongue alone, darting in and out of his rectum so fast that it warped infinite-dimensionality on the ZOF scale and beyond that as well.


Zeneptron’s body straightened like a ramrod as he screamed his release; the climax hitting him so fast and unexpectedly he was literally fine one instant and then orgasming the next… with no distinction between one event and the next even from his point of view as his balls damn near blew off and his anal hole clenched tightly around Aaarti’s tongue. They wanted to make him cum, and cum he did; in what had to be the most satisfying, world-breaking orgasm of his entire existence.


The very reality of the ZOF warped all around them in response to his release; rope after rope after endless rope of magma-hot seed erupting out of his dick-head so hard and fast that Nancy almost gagged while trying to take it all; some of it dribbling out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her boobs as the world collapsed and reformed countless times over all around them.


Coalescing and re-molding like molten wax out of the absolute, patternless disorder which underlay the foundations of the ZOF itself; the Grand Design Construct shifted constantly between endless different worlds which superimposed themselves overtop of Coruscant. The whole of infinity was broken down to its basest form, in a state of confusion over continual creation, annihilation, and transformation.


The ZOF was rendered a patternless jumble of random and disorderly events, places, and realities that only someone of Z’s reference frame could make sense of or see the pattern in. Had he not been so preoccupied with the most explosive climax of his existence; then extracting order from the disorder would’ve been most effortless for him. It was the ultimate state of quantum uncertainty, on the ultimate scale; one made intensely more disconcerting by the orgasmic convulsions rippling through his entire system, said orgasm itself in a state of confusion between pain and pleasure.


This confusion weaved itself seamlessly into every level of the ZOF’s foundational infrastructure, breaking it down into its basic thread components and subsequently stitching itself back together. It didn’t require a seamstress except in the most extreme cases; it could stitch and patch itself up just fine on its own almost without fail.


“AHHHHHHH! FUCK DAMMIT ALL! THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Zeneptron screamed as Coruscant came into much sharper focus than before and he heard Aaarti giggle even as her tongue was held hostage by his delectable pucker. Nancy mmed and groaned with satisfaction as well; greedily slurping almost every last drop of his seed down her throat as her husband’s dick twitched and uncontrollably shuddered at the back of her oral orifice.


It took an entire ten minutes for him to stop jizzing in Nancy’s mouth, and when he did it felt like his legs had turned into rubber, but he managed to remain standing. Nancy lovingly coaxed his penis into a series of post-orgasmic pleasure spurts while working her mouth off it; smiling up at him cheekily as it exited her mouth with a wet shlop and a bit more of his essence leaked out of the tip as a result of the action. To her and Aaarti’s delight, he was still rock solid even after cumming so hard, and as her tongue was released from his anal hole, she and her mother exchanged an eager smile as they decided to change their positioning. Leaving their mate for a second to recover his stamina; Nancy and Aaarti assumed a 69 position… with Nancy on the bottom and Aaarti on top, their sopping wet pussies glistening with anticipation as Zeneptron recovered his wits.


“What are you two doing?” He asked them, genuinely curious as to what that position, they were in was and surprised by how arousing he saw it as.


“What does it look like we’re doing silly?! We’re getting into place for you to fuck us both in a G-Spot Jiggy position~!” Nancy cooed, and when Zeneptron looked equal parts confused and aroused she giggled; elaborating what that meant slightly.


“You’re going to fuck into Aaarti from behind doggy-style while I eat her out and lick your balls. I may also be able to rim you as well.” She explained as his eyes widened, and he nodded eagerly as his slightly flagging erection came jerking back to attention at the mere thought of what they were going to do together.


Grabbing Aaarti for support on either side of her toned, slim waist; Zeneptron needed very little convincing to start slamming into her eager folds once again… his eyes scrunching shut in pure joy upon hearing Aaarti’s pleased cries create a cacophony with his own. “OH, FUCK ALMIGHTIEST! DON’T STOP NOW YOU FUCKING STUD GOD! POUND MY PUSSY LIKE I’M NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR PAID WHORE!” Aaarti screamed words of debauchery at him while ZOIC2’s toes curled from his kneeling position on the floor; unable to believe just how fucking tight his daughter was and damn near passing out from the pleasure of pounding away at her naked flesh.


Nancy came in that exact moment with her tongue licking at Aaarti’s folds along with his shaft and balls; the double stimulation making both of them scream as Aaarti’s legs shuddered and nearly buckled… her body all but relying on Z’s hold of her waist to remain in the top position as Nancy continued to both eat her out and lick her tongue along Z’s shaft as it grinded back and forth inside Aaarti’s vagina.


“Ugghhhh… Dammit!” Zeneptron growled predatorily as Nancy mmed once more in delight as a response. As if the double stimulation on both his and Aaarti’s end wasn’t enough, but Aaarti was also busy eating Nancy out while Nancy moved her head further back in order to gain proper access to Zeneptron’s pucker. To ensure Aaarti didn’t go without her double form of penetration as well; Nancy continued to finger-fuck her at superluminal velocities, and while Zeneptron was grunting with slight dissatisfaction at her no longer licking his ball sack and shaft… she was very quickly about to make up for that and then some.


She gave a convulsive shudder as Aaarti grew more heated in eating her out, the wetness of her folds creating a burning, tingling sensation in her nethermost regions that her daughter capitalized on. The more each of them was pleased the more they all managed to pleasure each other as well; it was a gift that just kept on giving again and again. Seeing the opportunity present itself for her to rim Zeneptron from behind; she arched her head slightly upwards to accomplish just that.


Nancy giggled with sinful delight as her husband’s entire body went rigid, tensing up tighter than the event horizon of a collapsing Ultra ZOF Space at the happily unanticipated probing of his pucker and prostate gland by her tongue. He shuddered and gave a drawn out moan before immediately relaxing; his body giving itself to her completely as Nancy complied and continued to eat his ass out in time with her fingering of Aaarti, Aaarti’s licking of her pussy, and Zeneptron’s pounding away at Aaarti’s tight orifice. The inhumanly synchronous nature of their respective rhythms added to the overall symmetry and hotness of the situation.


“Fuck! I’m not going to last much longer you guys!” Aaarti screamed at them; powerless to control her decibel levels right now due to the two-pronged assault on her pussy lips. Zeneptron could feel her inner walls tightening impossibly hard; almost to the point that he was unable to continue grinding. Fuck almighty, her honeypot was hugging his shaft in all of the right areas and ways; that coupled with Nancy’s eating of his bootie and the hotness of their current positioning was making his dick throb harder, and harder, and harder with each and every thrust into Aaarti.


Nancy could feel her end coming to as Aaarti upped the ante and began to dart her tongue and two biggest fingers in and out of her folds at speeds too swift for her senses to follow; the older pinkette screaming loudly enough to rattle the whole of the ZOF when Aaarti’s damnably deft fingers found her sweet spot. She cried out when Aaarti immediately seized the opportunity and applied pressure; fingering her swollen g-spot in a rhythmic pressing motion while her tongue continued to lick at her clitoris at the same time.


“FUCK!” All three of them swore as they reached their peak at almost identical times. Nancy screeched while squirting shot after shot of female ejaculatory fluid into Aaarti’s waiting mouth; the younger pinkette barely able to focus on doing that as Nancy and Zeneptron managed to make her climax as well… her love juices spilling out of her wet folds onto Zeneptron’s balls and coating Nancy’s fingers. The lubrication provided by said juices, combined with Aaarti’s vaginal walls vice-gripping his manhood, and Nancy’s tongue licking copiously at his swollen prostate rendered ZOIC2 a shuddering, moaning, twitching mess of sexual gratification as his seed erupted from his dick in one of the most explosive orgasms of his life.


It was already far surpassing all of the other ones Nancy and Aaarti had brought him to tonight. His 12-inch titanoboa reared backwards like an actual snake before lunging forward over and over again with the sheer, devastating force of his prostate orgasm; each surging rush forward producing another painfully intense cum shot deep inside Aaarti’s belly.


“OH FUCK! MAHHH~! THIS IS…!” He continued incoherently proclaiming his bliss and happiness while blasting cum copiously within his daughter to the point of overfilling it and causing the excess to escape out onto the floor and in Nancy’s mouth as well.


There wasn’t a single Planck length of the carpet that wasn’t wet with the flashflood of orgasmic fluids that spilled out of the three lovers, nor a single person in the entire building who didn’t hear their cries of absolute, boundaryless delight. Aaarti was beyond satisfied… albeit for now and felt closer to and more in love with her precious daddy and Nancy than ever. For the time being, the most unlimitedly hot Kugelblitz in her loins had quieted to a purr of contentment, but she had no doubt they’d be doing this again, and soon. Maybe even as soon as they went home for tonight as the planet for the Tournament was scrapped or perhaps reused for the next one. For several infinitely drawn-out moments they all just sat there… panting and utterly reveling in the afterglow; their eyes glazed over and their bodies aching with pleasure and gratification.


“Ohh…” Zeneptron sighed in a breathless tone despite his boundless lung capacity.


“Yeah.” Nancy and Aaarti agreed as the latter sat up somewhat straighter and waved her hand in a fluid motion. In an instant the room was back to the way it was before their fucking session began; not a spot of cum to be found on the floors, the walls, the roof, or on their bodies.


Their bodies were clean now and their clothes reappeared on top of them as they decided as a unit to stop for now; lest they never be able to do so. Sex on the Supreme Omnidony scale was almost too good, and sometimes dangerous for their kind if potent enough and pleasurable enough. Zeneptron looked at both of his Forever Mates with awe and wonder; an expression his girls rarely if ever saw on his gorgeous face. “I cannot believe that something as naughty as what we just did could be so… arousing. Are you both satisfied now? I hope I was able to make you two feel even half as good as you made me feel tonight. I feel like the most fortunate man in the ZOF right now, and I love you both so, so much.” He whispered to them in a boundlessly reverent tone as Nancy hugged his left arm against her well-endowed chest and Aaarti did the same with his right; both of them wanting to be close to him now and maybe cuddle together in their bed when they got home.


“We feel amazing… thank you for doing me the honor of taking my virginity daddy. It felt wonderful having you inside me and us being one in body and soul. I love you both… Nancy and Zeneptron OIC2.” Aaarti cooed fondly; now back to her less sexually perverted persona as warmth and affection replaced the carnal lust and wanton need to screw her father and mother senseless. Both of them smiled at being called by their first name by her, and Aaarti couldn’t help feeling giddy about the prospect as well as her beyond Vantablack dress now protected her modesty and her shining pink hair was immaculate once more.


Nancy, meanwhile, was wearing her idol getup as her stage name Nancy; forgoing her straw hat and the less conspicuous attire that she wore as her civilian clothing. Their fellow Supreme Omnidonae knew who she was anyways; so, there was no need to protect her identity here since she was among friends.


“We love you too sweetie~.” The older pinkette sing-sang while smiling at their daughter.


“So, shall we go rejoin the party now?” Zeneptron asked; looking to both of them for an opinion as both girls nodded merrily. A party sounded really good right about now, and they still remembered what he said earlier about the importance of getting outside one’s comfort zone every now and again. With that decided, they left Yoda’s quarters as a unit and exited out into the corridor of the accommodation sector.


Aaarti was surprised to see HG Appaneesty and his three Forever Mates Viola, Misty, and Serena all communicating in hushed whispers over by the quarters next to Yoda’s, which Aaarti believed was actually Mace Windu’s if she was not mistaken. The three equally as gorgeous pinkettes as her mother were looking pretty excited at something Appaneesty must’ve said before, and Aaarti decided on a whim to talk to them about something as she turned her attention back to her parents.


“You two go on ahead and rejoin the party; I’ll catch up with you in just a quick sec.” She said to them, and while Zeneptron looked a little hesitant to part from her for even a second, Nancy nodded while also tugging her husband along with her to give their daughter some privacy. Feeling equal parts nervous and in awe, as she always did whenever in the living legend’s presence; Aaarti steeled her nerves and made her way over towards them; trying not to blush as she remembered the non-penetrative orgasms they brought each other to during the Tournament.


Serena McIntyre saw her coming first and let the others know while flashing her a welcoming smile; by far the closest of the group of four to Aaarti’s own age and a member of the Second Generation Supreme Omnidonae group as well… and a third generation member of the Herptile God faction specifically. Aaarti smiled shyly back in return, feeling a bit self-conscious being in their presence.


Serena McIntyre was taller than Aiyanna and as big in the bust line as Aaarti herself; with ultra-pink hair tied in a simple bun and kept at shoulder length with no bangs. She wore a sparkling, quantum blue dress with cutouts along the entirety of both sides that were held together only by the straps across her waist, the sides of her chest under her armpits, and at the mid-thigh area. Her skin was the same unnatural, goldest gold as Appaneesty’s; literally shining radiantly like the light of uncountably infinite suns. Her eyes were heterochromal; the left one being the same multicolored central heterochromia as Appaneesty’s and the right hot pink with slightly darker pink pupils like both Viola Pennington and Misty Sabe. She was the tallest of all the female Supreme Omnidonae, standing at 6’4” with measurements of 36” 22” 38”.


Viola Pennington and Misty Sabe were practically identical twins; same pink hair and eyes, same bust-line and overall assets which rivalled Aaarti’s mother Nancy OIC2. The difference is in the way they presented themselves; Viola was assertive and confident and dressed in the royal attire of the Wooconian princesses of old… whereas Misty Sabe was very much that modest living farmgirl stereotype due to growing up on a very rural planet that was extraordinarily rustic by nature. Viola was also slightly taller and tanner, whereas Misty’s skin and complexion was fairer. While the latter was content with a white tank top and denim shorts; Viola looked very much like a queen dressed for prom… with a two-piece homecoming-style green dress with no straps and which exposed a bit of bare midriff.


Another key difference was their hair length and the styling of their hair itself; Misty kept hers in two ponytails at shoulder length with side-swept bangs whereas Viola’s was long and wavy with straight bangs… her hair coming to her waist. Those key differences aside; however, they were pretty much identical, and both had 38’ 24’ 38’ measurements rather like Nancy OIC2 herself. Not that Aaarti was keeping track, but she had gotten pretty good at sizing people up over the years.


“Ah, miss Rukko; to what do we owe this honor?” Appanaeesty inquired in a tone that was somehow equal parts formal and pleasant… that kind of formality that denoted respect as Aaarti couldn’t help but swallow audibly. This was ridiculous, she was the crowned Pokémon Champion of the ZOF for fuck’s sake; she had the trophy and everything… she did not need to be quite as nervous in this man’s presence anymore.


Serena glared slightly at her Grandfather/Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate. “Oh, cut the nerve-wracking formality crap Apps; she’s already intimidated enough by your presence as it is. Sorry about him Aaarti, and congratulations once again on becoming the Pokémon Champion of the ZOF.” She scolded Appaneesty who sweat-dropped sheepishly; the pink-haired Stage 7.5 Herptile Demigoddess smiling dazzlingly at Aaarti.


“To be number one in the ZOF at anything is quite an achievement; especially when the competition was so fierce. You did well Aaarti.” Viola Pennington decided to add her two cents worth in her aristocratic, regal-sounding, faux brattiest voice as Misty Sabe flashed her a cheeky wink and a thumb up. Aaarti was flushing up a storm at all of the praise these people were throwing her way, but quickly got over her embarrassment as she threw them all a grateful smile.


“Thank you, it wasn’t easy to get to this point, but I’ll keep pressing onwards so that when the time comes for me to defend my new Championship title; there won’t be a Trainer out there that can stop my Pokémon and I.” She replied to all of them as they all grinned and Appaneesty chuckled.


“Perspiration, hard work keeps a person honest; you’ve gotta protect the things you worked hard to build or achieve.” He sagely stated as Aaarti nodded, appreciating his words of wisdom.


“It’s statements like that which brought me here actually; I wanted to say thank you for the advice you gave me earlier the last time we spoke.” Aaarti appreciatively stated while flushing shyly as Appaneesty’s girls looked confused by this, only for Appaneesty to nod and smile down at her; easily over a foot taller than her. He had to be 6’8” or even 6’10”, an absolute giant of a man both in stature and in appearance.


“Not at all a problem my child, believe you me; I’m always happy to impart my life experience onto any of you Second-Generation kids who are willing to listen. I meant what I said to; aspiring for a greater love is always worth the risk. It’s all fine and good for a Supreme Omnidony to love their family, but if a familial bond is not what you wanted; you were going to have to step up. I venture you have done so by now, correct? Hence why you’re here thanking me for my advice.” He astutely deduced, and Aaarti nodded in affirmation; he got it all in one… just as he always seemed to do. Viola, Misty, and Serena all understood the situation better now, and sent Aaarti their silent congratulations as well while flashing Appaneesty a smile.


“He’s right you know, the day I realized I was in love with him; it was like a switch was flipped. No longer was he my grandfather; he was Appaneesty, my Unquantifiable Eternal Bond Mate. You’ll find relationships among our kind are prone to changing like that; the nature of our dynamics is much more flexible and infinitely more complex than those of all other sentient species. Whatever people of Earth or other human-inhabited planets might say, the only thing that matters is how you feel. I’m so happy for you Aaarti; it looks like tonight is the night where all your dreams come true.” Serena cooed while beaming at her as Aaarti giggled.


“You three did the naughty as well, didn’t ya?” Viola teasingly stated while winking at her, and though Aaarti blushed as pink as her hair; she didn’t deny it either.


“Aww, that’s so adorable; you three made love to one another!” Misty folded her hands while gushing fondly over the mental imagery Aaarti provided her with.


“It was honestly a bit less lovemaking and more like the raunchiest, wantonest, whoriest sex I ever could’ve imagined having. It wasn’t what I expected to be honest.” She couldn’t help commenting despite her embarrassment, and Serena giggled.


“Don’t let that fool you Aaarti; the incestuous aspects of your relationship with them might turn you all on something fierce but trust me when I say your romantic attraction to them is every bit as potent as your sexual one is. The two sets of attractions are often so aligned with one another in most people that many have trouble distinguishing between the two, but it’s there Aaarti. I can feel it radiating off of you like a UZOF Mass Quasar.” Serena gave her some valuable advice of her own; reassuring her as Aaarti nodded in acknowledgement. Appaneesty had something to say as well.


“You’ve done well to make it this far, but the journey of you and your Pokémon Partners has only just begun. You wield a power that you can only barely conceive of, and now that you’ve accomplished two of your biggest aspirations; you need to be more careful. The more we are loved and the more people we love, the more we have to lose and by extension; the more beings like Junior have to take away from us if we grow too stagnant. Make sure you love, value, and cherish the dreams you have accomplished here today and in the most eternalized manner possible. And be prepared to protect them as well no matter the cost.” He whispered in a severe tone that brokered no arguments.


“Oh, calm down Appaneesty; there’s no need to be so cryptic.” Serena McIntyre, but Aaarti actually disagreed and didn’t hesitate to say so.


“No, he’s right Serena. Appaneesty makes a solid point here. And don’t you worry Appaneesty; if Junior ever comes looking for trouble with my family, I’ll do everything in my power to send him packing.” She responded in equally as serious a tone as Appaneesty nodded; a satisfied smile on his face as the tension in the atmosphere eased considerably.


“That is all I ask, because truth be told… I’ve grown rather fond of all of you. When I first began my journey, I didn’t know what I was doing or that even an infinitesimal fraction of all this was even remotely possible. But I lived and I learned for a very, very long time, and eventually grew into the OIC2 Counterpart you see standing before you, but not without great sacrifice first and an enormous amount of trial and error.


I also started out with vastly more finite power than either the Supreme or even the regular Omnidonae; so, with all that I’ve seen and accomplished, I’ve learned one inescapable truth. While true greatness often spawns from humble beginnings; as it did in my case, I’ve also found that the opposite is true to, where one is born of greatness and is able to aspire to even greater heights still.


Still, all the natural talent in the ZOF and beyond will only take you so far; you’ve also got to have an equal amount of heart. The fact you have both the heart and the natural talent means you’ll go very far in life Aaarti; you mark my words… there’s nothing at all stopping you from becoming one of the greatest Supreme Omnidonae of all to forever live. Just keep reaching for new heights and defending your dreams and you’ll be just fine. The more all-loving we are the more Totalipotent we become. That is the fundamental nature of what it means to be an OIC2 Supreme Omnidony and a Stage 7.5 Herptile God.” He concluded his profound statement with a mostest unsurpassably warm smile, and Aaarti soaked up his words of infinite wisdom like a sponge; wanting to believe them to be true. If someone as great as Appaneesty believed she might one day rival or even surpass him; then it had to be true. She felt even more empowered and enabled than she had after winning the Tournament. She truly felt unstoppable, and like all things were not only possible but inevitable so long as she kept on persevering.


“You certainly have a way with words, and you’re good for a girl’s confidence as well.” She admitted shyly, feeling her interest in and crush on the man grow during those moments, and Appaneesty snickered.


“It’s a gift; one I take immense pride in if I’m being completely honest.” He admitted, and with that said Aaarti decided to part ways with them for now and go rejoin the party. If she was lucky, she might even be able to make it back in time to share some of her own crazy stories like Eesheer OIC2 and Ash had done before her love life was forever changed. Truly this was the happiest, merriest, and joyfullest she’d ever been. All was well, at least for this one 24-karat, goldest day of peace.



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