Gray Fullbuster's True Passion

BY : Frazero-
Category: -Misc Anime > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: 18+, Not hate toward Fairy Tail

"Yaawwn!" said Gray when his phone alarm for the third time that day rang. He decided that it was time to get out of bed and start the day. It was a weekend and he had a day off from work. He works in a company called 'Froppy Co.' He realised that it was already 8:30 am and he had to go to meet Natsu and Lucy over at the park nearby at 8:45! He quickly got up to get ready and was done by 8:50 and then immediately drove there. Natsu called him on the way to ask where he was and Gray replied saying "I'm driving there rn!" Natsu says that he will question Gray later and cuts the call. Gray is still driving and by the time he gets there, Natsu and Lucy were mad at him, but there was someone else with them. She had bright blue hair and was wearing a little summer dress. It was down till her knees and was sleeveless with a nice deep v that really showed of her breasts. Gray walked over and asked Natsu, "Hey i'm here. Sorry i'm late, I had a bad toilet experience. Also who is that chick there?" Natsu responds saying, "That's Juvia, she was Luce's best friend in high school and they were both on the swimming team together." Gray hears that and walks over to Lucy and says hi to her and Juvia. When Juvia sees him, she immediately blushes and tries to hide her face. Gray notices, but pretends like nothing happened. After they finished meeting up and saying goodbye, everyone went their own way and Gray notices Juvia going in a red car. He gets into his car and is driving home. He realizes when he gets home that he has a new neighbour and that neighbour is Juvia. He is alarmed but gets in his house but then realizes that he doesn't have his keys! He must have left them inside! While Gray is panicking, Juvia is unlocking her door and looks over. She comes over to ask him what happened. Gray explains it all and Juvia decides to make a compromise. She says that Gray can come over today to her house foe the night as she has an extra room for her roommate who is moving in after 6 months. Gray is very thankful and realizes what chances he has now.

(Next chapter is when it gets interesting)


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