My boyfriends a Moomin

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It was raining in the Moomin valley on the first day of spring. The snow was on its way out. Leaving the beautiful baby green grass to push its way up towards the sun. Moomin was awake befor everyone else. He had not slept well during the winter like always. His thoughts are always with his best friend. Moomin was busy trying to make breakfast for himself. He lit the stove and it was geting hot enough for the pan. He placed some grits and a good amount of water. Perhaps too much water. Better add more grits. 

When he was satisfied with it he poured the sloppy mess into a bowl and went to sit on the porch. 


I wonder where Snufkin is right now. He might be safely inside of his tent. Warming himself with the wool blanket he had. Thoughts of Snufkin's sleeping face ran through Moomins mind as he shoved spoonfuls of grits into his mouth. 


"I bet," said Moomin out loud, "He has gone on so many great adventures over the winter." 


Moomin looked out at the heavy rain.


"He will be home soon and then we can sit together and I will show him all the recipes I learned over the winter,"


It would take a full week till everyone else woke up from hibernation. The house still seemed sleepy as all the dirt covers were being removed. Moomin Papa was telling anyone who would listen about his dreams and Moomin Mama was digging her garden out. She had been given a bunch of new seeds in exchange for her homemade jam. Little My even had a spring time hobby. She had read about casting nets in a book and was attempting to tie one herself. Siff and Snorkmaiden were trying to help her.


"Tie it tighter! It needs to.... oh! look what you did!!" 


"I'm sorry Little My. Why can't you just go fishing like Snufkin?" 


"because! I want the maximum amount of fish!"


Now when all of this was going on Moomin was nowhere to be found in the house. He was out walking in the forest looking for his friend. 


Moomin had waited long enough and was sure Snufkin would be coming down the mountain path any day now. Since it had rained the flowers were in bloom and the trees had even begun to flower. Moomin paused to watch some birds as he headed down the path towards the clearing. Two birds of prey met in the air and smashed together violently. Moomin knew they were mating.

What must that be like to smash together for a brief moment of ecstasy? 


Moomin climbed over a bit of rocks then slid down to a lower path. 


"Hi ya Moomin!" 




Moomin looked around. He did not see anyone. 


"Over here!" Moomin turned and came face to face with a large Black bird. He swatted at the thing in anger.


"I'm not looking for you!" He shouted. 


The tricky black bird laughed and flew away. 


"what an awful trick," 


Moomin looked up at the sky releasing just how late it was. He sighed. It was another Snufkinless day. 


He walked home slowly as tears tempted his eyes. This was a hard walk. He sighed. 



"Oh your home!" Said Little MY.


"Did you get your net ready?" 


"yeah! It worked for a whole three minutes then burst when a fish got in it," 


"I'm sorry to hear that," Moomin could help but smile a bit. 


"Even if it didn't work it was still fun. Mama has food for you," 




Out in the deep forest. In the place where all the wild animals roam freely, A tiny yellow tent was set up near a spring. Snufkin had taken a dip in it already. The cold water washed his skin and gave him a brief moment of clarity. His thoughts had been on Moomin a lot as the days began to get brighter. He knew what was expected of him and that thought nagged his brain. Being with Moomin sometimes gave him anxiety. It was not Moomins fault he just did not understand that too many loud voices and trying to act normally around others tired the man out. 


He was packing his things. 


"I hope I get to spend time with just Moomin,"


The mountain path was not long from where he was. He took out his mouth organ and began to play as walked. 


He bet the moomin house was already full of guests by now. Lots of pale beach tourists who often complain about the heat and sometimes ask stupid questions like. "Can you make the beach closer?" or "Can you make the house quieter. The shifting floor boards keep me awake at night," 


Snufkin laughed. 


He hated tourists. 


He did however love Moomin. His little round body was always ready for some new adventure. 


Snufkin dropped his mouth organ back into his pocket as the sudden urge to run went through his body. 


He would get home around midnight he guessed. Then he would set his tent up and take a nap. 




The sunlight came in thru Moomins' window. He rolled over putting arm out and was woken up with a start. 


"Snorkmaiden! I thought you said you would not sleep with me ever again," He started to say as he realized he had been cuddling a pillow. 


He layed back down. Moomin was not ready to get up yet. He needed to pee but the bed was so warm. 


He slid his hand down in between his legs to shift some of the fur there. He gently played with cock a bit. His legs seized up as he pulled on it.


Moomins where growers not show'rs. 


He moaned into his pillow. It did not even feel all that good. He just needed to pee. 


He sighed and got up. 


When he was finished he stepped outside on the porch. He watched the morning wind rippling the grass. 


Then he turned his head and saw the little yellow tent. 


Snufkin was home. 


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