The Big Bad Wolf

BY : Frazero-
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Disclaimer: No hate toward Fairy Tail which I do not own. 18+ No personal profit is made

Gray is the male protagonist. He is about as big and more muscular than Laxus and is quite abusive.

Lucy is the female protagonist. She is the victim for now. She also is brunette now.

When he was outside alone today, looking for some place with food, he saw someone. Out of the corner of his eyes, to the left, near the coffee shop, he saw her. She was a beautiful woman, probably in her early 20's. She had on a black crop top which showed of her flat belly and toned abs. She also had on some skinny jeans which showcased her long and beautiful legs and thighs. This along with some long brunette hair that flowed in the wind of the night. He thought the girl was really beautiful and since he had joined the gang he knew what to do. He walks over to the Coffee Shop, asking for a drink. While he's there he notices the girl stare at him. She while waiting for her drink, staring at him thinks, "Who is he? He seems like a nice guy and he's really hot... Lucy no! Don't think about this, you need to pass University and not think of love!" She sees a man in a tight white t-shirt which shows of his amazing muscular body. He is also wearing some skinny jeans that show his massive legs and a leather jacket to top it all off. He has spiky black hair, which was kinda messy but still looked good. When she got her drink she said to him, "Hey if you want you can sit at my table as its only me there." Gray nodded and on getting his drink he went and sat next to her. She introduced herself as Lucy and Gray introduced himself too. They realised that they have a similar like being working out and they both loved Pokemon as kids. After they had their drink they both got really affectionate toward one another. When they left, Gray went with her into an alley and she was curious why. They took a turn into a dead end. Then Gray pushed Lucy to the wall and she yelped. She said, "Why did you do that?" Gray not responding took some cloth out of his pocket and tied up her hands and mouth. She starts screaming but no one can hear her. As Gray started to take off his shirt, she realised that she can't escape. When Gray takes off his shirt, Lucy gasps at what she sees. She sees a bodybuilder physique with massive pecs, huge arms and an 8- pack! When she starts to get up, Gray takes off her shirt and bra, throwing them to side. Gray is excited to see some massive breasts for him to fondle. He starts to fondlle them, slowly increasing the aggression. Then he takes off her pants to reveal a very wide pussy. He then takes off his skinny jeans and boxers to reveal his 13- inch dick. He then lifts her up effortlessly and inserts it in. He begins pushing her up and down. She screams while Gray is in pleasure. He then proceeds to bring her closer and says, "I'll untie you now. Continue and if you report me, this happens again and worse. Only your hands." Lucy nods and Gray unties her  hands and immediately sees Lucy touching her body. She is getting wet from feeling his rock hard abs and arms. When she touches his pecs, he flexes them, which Lucy likes. She is then admiring his dick with its perfect length and girth. When she starts to reach her climax, Gray lifts her up and licks her pussy. He can taste her cum and enjoys it, while Lucy screams. When he's reaching his climax, he unties her mouth and cums inside her. She gladly drinks what feels like a litre of cum. He then throws her on the floor and tells her, "I'm sorry, but I have to do this to prove myself. I went through this myself and just so you know, you did well. You can join our gang if you want. We're called "The Reapers" and would appreciate some more female members. In our gang, we will protect you and fulfill any of your sexual desires. So you wanna join bitch?" Lucy says in an instant, "Yes! I do!".

To be continued....


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