Reviews for Beautiful

BY : Ms. Kinnikufan

  • From siriuscanid on December 21, 2007

    nice fic

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  • From ANON - ShadowofLight on July 31, 2004

    I first read this on and honestly, I didn't think you wrote a lemon to go with it! (At elast I don't think you did). It's funny but when I first got hooked onto Ultimate Muscle it was enaring the end and now they don't show it anymore. That and I can find a decent site about the anime show, not teh manga. Okay, enough ranting.

    I don't know who Croe is but I know who Kevin is. I think this story is beautiful and romantic mixed with lemony goodness. I even giggled at the last art about Croe drooling slightly on Kevin. I'm glad I decided to come here today and I hope to see Southern Comfort up soon too. Laterz!

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  • From JennyRogue on May 13, 2004

    SQUEE!! Oh wow, that was so hot. And I loved the man next door too. He was hilarious. ^_^ I can't wait for Southern Comfort, uncut. ^_~

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