Reviews for Seductive Snake's Shop of Secrets

BY : Flaming Duck

  • From Vampi on October 16, 2004

    why arent there more reviews? i adore this story so much! please update! i'll cry if you dont... i really like the concept, and i even have an idea for a customer ^^ i think Kojiro from Pokemon should make an appearance, because he loves crossdressing and those two make a good crossover couple anyhow... they're both so cute and crazy, i just thought, "why not?" well anyway i look forward to seeing an update!

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  • From ANON - Sessysama on June 26, 2004

    "WooHoo, hilarious. Tomoyo and Ayame are too perfect together! So great! Shippo negotiating, beautiful."
    ::Ayame walks up:: "Sessy-sama, you are one of the authors."
    "I can review neechan's chapter. Beside no one else is! Go neechan!"

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