Reviews for The Closest Bonds

BY : Scramasax

  • From Goeleven on June 28, 2008

    Wow... This was really good. Not a PWP at all! Greeat! Please try to make a series out of this one.

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  • From ANON - Smeff on November 17, 2005

    Very good my friend! Far greater then i could have attempted. I'm pleased to see we had a very close idea of what was to happen between them, just the houses were different lol. You're very good at the erotica, i've written for a long time but never anything like this, i'm new to the waters of erotic writing but it's worth pursuing. If n' you want to read another one of mine it's called the Chronicles of Contessa: Ventroth's Tale, it's about a vampire who sets out to usurp the throne of a fair maiden, but the maiden is too fair lol, there is some sex but not until a few chapters in, it's mainly a fantasy story. Hope to hear a review soon, keep up the good writing! ^_^


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