Reviews for Femininity

BY : Artemis

  • From Fuzzy Eared on July 20, 2007

    Lol, I loved that. Absolutely hilarious and quite original. I can actually picture that conversation having taken place in the manga - you know how they sometimes do those goofy epilogues to some volumes? That's exactly what this story reminded me of ^^

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  • From KrystalChronicals on May 17, 2007

    Great story!

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on April 27, 2007

    hahahah too funny; L is sometimes sick in the head! XD

    really love how you put both of the character in such a situation! Really made my day and well done

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  • From maudite on January 27, 2007

    HA! I can totally see L pulling something like this! And you wrote it well, too... Excellent story.

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  • From Uncle_Bert_9731 on January 17, 2007


    THAT WAS PERFECT!!! not only did it amuze me, it caught my interest cuz i'm trans XD (gay guy trapped in a girls body) i didn't know if i could see L as a girl >.> ..... actually that worked too XD then i didn't have to worry cuz he was still a guy but it still worked XD WOW XD holy crap that was magical XD and O_O i can't...... beleive...... you kept the characters so true in the fic O_O .... mazing.... ok i'm done rambling XD loved it luv :3

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  • From ANON - ShadowGM on January 10, 2007

    yup, that was very OOC and very random... but very cute too! ^_^ I loved it! do you plan to do a sequel? It would be interesting ^^ L-kun is so playful *snicker* poor Raito-kun is all confused ^^ but at least he found the perfect 'girlfriend'

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  • From ANON - Gawain on December 14, 2006

    xD Well, shoot. L's tricky and no mistake. xD Have you ever read the book What Happened to Lani Garver? ^^ Lani plays with people's minds in exactly that way.

    "It wouldn't be socially acceptable" xD Geez, Raito. And killing people is? Or is this set during the part he doesn't remember all that?

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  • From ANON - You Know Who! on December 11, 2006

    LOL! You always come up with the most interesting situations. This one.. was damn quite interesting! :D I needed to keep myself sane since you know.. not being sleepy at almost 6 in the morning is kind of odd @@ But yeah, more crack stories and interesting situations are always good coming from you!

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  • From ANON - Aureawolf on December 06, 2006

    Very nice. ^_^ I loved it. I like that its full of dialogue, considering how thats really all there is in the actual series. L and Raito were very well characterized, the antagonizing was perfect. ^_^ Rock on!

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  • From ANON - rara on November 30, 2006

    aww :P

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  • From ANON - Carola-chan on November 28, 2006

    That was so funny! The 'Lauren' part had me laughing out loud! XD
    They say a lot of speech can make things dull... Well, this certainly wasn't! *laughs* Truly great! X3
    Also, thanks for reviewing my RaitoxL smut! Yeah... Showersex is the best... *drools*

    Keep up the good work!

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  • From ANON - Chys on November 11, 2006

    LOL! That was funny.

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  • From ANON - elict on November 10, 2006

    ah, lol! L is evil, i tell yoou, evil! ...and that's what i love so much about him. that and that he's incredibly sexy ^^ even Light can't deny that, which is obvious in this fic. thank you!

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  • From ANON - teacupprincess14 on October 16, 2006

    hah hah! genderbendy L. gotta love it

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  • From ANON - l on October 11, 2006


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