Reviews for 'Tis the Season

BY : RaceUlfson

  • From Bojack727 on December 03, 2007

    Why did you post that on aff? The innuendo was funny, but this could have been like a pg-13 story. Oh well, you still wrote it well.

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  • From ANON - momiji_k on December 12, 2006

    That was terrific!! Not at all what I was expecting (since a lot of what I read on FFN doesn't quite do the characters justice).

    You have the feel and actions of the characters down to a sicence! Everything was perfect and I could easily see this being one of the short stories in one of the novels (since only the novels or the manga ever delt with Christmas).

    Bravo!! I do hope you will write more FMP stories, and soon!! :)

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