Reviews for Slivers of Moonlight

BY : Pantherrose

  • From ANON - !!!!!!! on December 20, 2007

    This was an amazing chapter. I really don't know what else to say. Well done.

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  • From KrystalChronicals on May 21, 2007

    Really good story!

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  • From Danielle Anderson on April 04, 2007

    Oh, my, that was wonderful, deliciously sensual!

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  • From Aquarius Dragon on March 15, 2007

    One of the best I've read in a while, what can I say I just love L uke and seme Raito parinings and detest it when it's the other way around but I've alas I've greatly enjoyed afew great fics with such pairings. Keep up the good work. ^-^

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  • From ANON - rin on February 07, 2007

    you write so amazingly. the only reason you wouldnt be my number one favorite author is because im a bloody romance addict, and hardly read anything that isnt pathetically romantic and happy endingy. considering this, its insane how much i love your stories. do a DN romance, damn you. the genre could use your awesome skill in writing.

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  • From ANON - Priscila on January 14, 2007

    it's brilliant. totally real...

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  • From ANON - ivy2005 on December 30, 2006

    That`s really beautiful.. and sad. I like the way, you portrait L`s feelings and his inner struggle. I have only watched the anime up to episode 12, and i don`t know the manga, but I can imagine that L and Light fit each other perfectly. Like L says in you fanfic, they continue to challenge each other and I think for people as intelligent as those two, it`s hard to find competition.

    Unfortunetly for L, Light doesn┤t love him for real. Light`s actions left this impression on me. I would like to read this from Light`s point of view to see his motives, although I can imaagine them very well.

    This was damn hot, too, by the way XD I can`t believe how hard it is to find good Death Note fanfiction. You definitely succeeded! Light and L are very well in character.

    A grat job! My regards,


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  • From ANON - teacupprincess on December 26, 2006

    mmmmm that was HOT. ;) good job!

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  • From ANON - Gloom on December 26, 2006

    Beautifully written and very angsty! Just the way I like my smut fics XP

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  • From ANON - cat on December 24, 2006

    very pretty, very hot, but now I feel emo XDDD

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  • From ANON - abeastofprey on December 23, 2006

    Yay! Very well done!! I like L's conflict. It's an interesting take on the situation. Welcome to AFF ^^

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