Reviews for Yakuza

BY : mokie

  • From cocoke5 on April 11, 2008

    oh i am glad that you are bck and now the story is on . love it and cnnt wait for more of the story. i hope that he know what he is doing by taking in soka and now he have the leader come after him... welcome back . miss you. your fan cocoke5

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  • From Goldphish on March 24, 2008

    Omg, this was an amazing story! I completely loved it! You are an amazing Author with a real knack for word play! I am looking forward to the next chapter! please update soon!!

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  • From Robin on March 06, 2008

    love and hope there will be more soon.

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  • From FenrisWolfbane on January 07, 2008

    w00t! Thanks for the update! I was starting to think you disappeared! Yay! Disaterous break down because fic wasn't updated for a very long time has been adverted! Don't feel bad though, I haven't updated my fic for a long time too, most of the same reasons. Just that I have a kid and a boyfriend, keeps me extremely busy!

    Anyways, Good chapter, could be a tad longer though. Just a tad! It's so great the Tsuzuki is so protective over Hisoka! It's absolutely adorable!

    Thanks again and hopefully you'll get you next chappie up fast!

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  • From isilya on December 19, 2007

    At least a chapter ^_^ I thought you had stopped writing...
    thanks for the chapter, I'm looking forward to have the next one, good luck.
    You can handle a boyfriend AND a girlfriend at the same time !!?? O_O
    must be difficult, good luck for that too...
    Do they know each other and all the connections between you?
    If I am too indiscrete, don't bother to answer. ^_^


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  • From DemonLadySesshomaru on December 16, 2007

    I feel really badly for Hisoka- but if Muraki knew where Tszuki lives, why wasn't he followed home? Ahhhh the suspense!

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  • From Russia on December 14, 2007

    its been a while since u updated ^^ but this chapter worth it
    i agree that lives are important but please don't abandon us to wait too long... i do willing though hahahahaha since this story really worth the wait!!!

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  • From OnceUponADream on December 14, 2007

    I enjoyed this story tremendously. It was very well written and the main charactors were all painted with their own personality. I wonder if you would send me an email when you update. Hope we don't have to wait for months, take your time... and hurry up! ^ ^

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  • From FenrisWolfbane on June 22, 2007

    Thank you so much for the update! I was getting antsy, checking every day, disappointing for sure. BUT now that you have updated I can resume my happy life!

    Anyways, onto my review! This chapter was good! I surely though Muraki was going to still play with Hisoka from afar. Then again I did forget his very sadistic nature. Bad me. You always leave off in a good place to, keep the readers wondering wtf is going to happen next. I hate it when that happens but I love it at the same time. It makes me want to read more! SO WRITE MORE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA

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  • From isilya on June 21, 2007

    Hello !! I'm a great fan of your story !! I hope you will quickly continue it, pleeeaaaaassssee !! ^_^ I 'm looking forward to read the next chapter.

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  • From cocoke5 on June 20, 2007

    will hi mokie i was happy to see that you post the next chapter of yakuza up and i was happy and love the chapter and now that taszka know that hoska know mr muski and what will muski do now that he meet taszka go after him. up date soon and the story is real good this is the 3 time that i read it. up date soon with more chapter of the story.

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  • From Voluptas on June 19, 2007

    Awesome job! This story continues to rock and Muraki is just so evil :)

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  • From FenrisWolfbane on June 16, 2007

    Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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  • From Voluptas on May 01, 2007

    Aw, who can blame Tsuzuki for thinking Hisoka is so cute. He is too cute for his own good. What a cliffhanger to end this chapter with! I'll be checking this site often to check for the next chapter. Great work on this chapter.

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  • From cocoke5 on May 01, 2007

    yes that chapter is real good and i love it and i can not wait for the next chapter. where muski see soka and tuszki and i hope that they get out be fore he see them. or he fell for tuszki. can not wait up date soon. love ya

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