Reviews for Dance

BY : Phoenix Wolf

  • From rogueMeiko on September 22, 2014

    I really enjoyed it! And I liked how you did the "buffer zone" writing. I really would love to read more~

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  • From ANON - wolfmoonsshadow on November 04, 2012

    I liked it. It was so sweet :) i heard tohru's voice in nearly every line. The akward kyo part was spot on, but i think you made him a little too calm and sure of himself to really hit his character. But i realize that if you hadn't the story wouldn't really have had a happy ending. I'm still unsure of how they ended up together in the manga.

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  • From dawn on July 11, 2007

    this was very good thank you--i hope you do more in this genre it was (i hate to use the word but) sweet just what i was looking for tonite

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  • From on March 28, 2007

    I say, that was very sweet. I love the whole purring thing too, it's adorable..I wish I could make kyo-kun purrr......*dreamy face*

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